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"You are Enough" ........... Mini movie

Imagine being totally accepted for who you are.
No need to be anything, or anyone more than you can be right now.
Imagine that there’s no judgement of anything you’ve ever done.
No blame for falling short of anyone else’s expectations.
Every moment is an opportunity to accept ourselves, exactly as we are, and to allow the consciousness of unconditional love to flow through our whole being...


Open's picture

This is an amazing video. You have great film creative talent Trinity!

Openhand is blessed Wink

Hi Trinity

Great to see this wonderful video restored to the site. Say it loud: I AM ENOUGH!

Becky x

Trinity's picture

Thanks Becky.
Hey - the New Year retreat is coming right up!
I look forward to connecting with you in person again.
Sending a heart full of Love

Réka's picture

Dear Trin,
I am so surprised there are only this many comments here... I keep revisiting this film of yours, it always fills me with happiness... one of my favourites form you!

Today I was working on a piece of writing of mine about self-acceptance, and was reminded of this one again...

And I wanted to share this little song with you, which to me talks about pretty much the same...

Hope you'll like it!
Love from my heart

David's picture

Beautiful song

Trinity's picture

Thank you Reka.
I am really really touched by your words and resonance with the video (and for expressing that). If I know that it touches another soul, it makes it so much more inviting to share :innocent:

Thank you for the beautiful song. Beautiful!
with Love

It sounds like there is a lot of this realization going on down under in beautiful Australian style.
I am enough, You are enough, We are enough, being is enough. Beautiful! Love.Mike