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11/11/11: "Today's the day for the greatest romance of your life..."

Let the dream become reality
So it's 11/11/11 - I awake early, realise the date and feel deeply inspired to write. I'm having an amazing Twin Flame experience, and to me, that's the synchronistic significance of the date. Souls that notionally divide into two and are then experienced through the 'Holy Trinity': the father, the son and the holy ghost - meaning The Absolute, subdividing into off-spring, which are eternally connected through the divine ether of unity consciousness - unconditional love. Are you embracing fully your Twin Flame experience yet? Are you finding self love as a continually evolving experience within you? Are you having the greatest romance of your life on a day by day basis? If not, today might be the day to let the dream become reality...

1+1+1+1+2+0+1+1 = 8
As we've written about before here on Openhandweb, when a soul comes into being, it notionally subdivides into two. One part stays close to the source, the other incarnates. To the incarnated partner, the Twin Flame is the uniting polarity constantly whispering in your ear, singing into the depths of your heart, reminding you of who you are, why you are here and guiding you home.

    There will never be a love more powerful than the Twin Flame.
    It's like the infinite no 8, an infinity of experience,
    caused by the apparent separation of the two parts.

Your Twin Flame has an eternal affinity with you. No one nor nothing will ever know you as well. No other soul outside of this heavenly interplay will ever understand you in the way your Twin Flame does. No one can empathise that deeply, not another soul can cause you to melt into your own being in the same way.

Melting into one
Yet here's the heavenly paradox - our 'purpose' is to experience this infinite sense of unity THROUGH the separation. Otherwise the pull back to unity would be so strong and so rapid the universe would disappear for you in an instant. The apparent separation would no longer exist, the relativity would no longer be relative - duality would instantly disappear, as two lovers drawn deeply into one another and then melting into one.

So your Twin Flame expresses in and through all things. She's 'tempting' you into the chaos and disorder, to make sense of it. She's alluring you into the deepest intimate love with another soul, yet inviting you to always remember and taste unity with your very own self.

It takes unfathomable depths of completeness to fully experience the Twin Flame in day-to-day life, but that is where 'he' is to be found. He is out there, hiding beyond every smile, through ever twinkle of a shining eye, in the melody of the bird's dawn call, in the rustling sound of autumn leaves crushed tenderly under foot.

    "Tis not through envy of thy happy lot,
    But being too happy in thine happiness,—
    That thou, light-winged Dryad of the trees,
    In some melodious plot
    Of beechen green, and shadows numberless,
    Singest of summer in full-throated ease."

    John Keats (Ode to a Knightingale)

Breaking the heart... back into one
Have you begun experiencing this yet? How might we begin? It's all about being thoroughly in the experience of separation but not of it. Beware all you "non-dualists" out there - you simply don't get this experience at all if you're denying the separation between one thing and another.

You have to be totally immersed in life, not resisting a drop of it - the pleasure, the pain, the joy and the tears. It's not at all about denying one drop of this human experience....BUT.... it's learning to master not being lost in it either.

It's about totally immersing yourself in the whole of it. Allowing your heart to be trampled under foot by your own attachment to life, allowing it to be broken again and again, mercilessly torn apart, until you keep finding that unifying spirit that was attaching you to the experience in the first place. Yes the heart must be broken again and again through every attached experience, until you break yourself back into the absolute fullness of one...

    "But if in your fear you would seek only love's peace and love's pleasure,
    then it is better for you that you cover your nakedness and pass out of love's threshing-floor
    into the seasonless world where you shall laugh,
    but not all of your laughter,
    and weep, but not all of your tears."

    Khalil Gibran

The greatest romance of your life
So how would you like to take part in the greatest romance of your life? As this day - of all days - begins, shake away the sleepiness of dulled separation, drink in the moment's fullness and reflect on the greatest loving partner experience of your life. Recall the images, let the dream rejuvenate weary eyes and summon the feelings, let them well up and wash through you.

Maybe you're still together and the chemistry has changed somewhat now. Or maybe that romance has long ended. It matters not - feel the feelings, drop deeply into the sensations, let the dream unfold through you.

Once you've kindled the fire within, let it build inside a burning heart, eager to burst outwards to lovingly engulf your surrounding world. Let the love radiate out into the moment, into images, people, situations, into mother nature. Keep energising the flow, sending it out into everything you see and touch. Give unreservedly your love to the swirling skies, to the flowing streams, the rustling wind, but then.....

    take that love back inside yourself
    feel the infinite circle of the figure 8 complete itself within you,
    and squander not one precious drop.

Being deeply in it, but not of it
In the beginning, in some circumstances it will be easy, in others it will be hard. It's hardest when you're deeply in love with another, when they carry the closest vibration to your Twin Flame - the soul mate experience is so easily confused, because there's so much yearning to dive deeply into the joy of this heavenly separation.

It's almost as difficult when another is carrying the polar opposite of your vibration. They are so different, so dissonant, that they can irritate you with everything they do, every word and nuance uttered by them seems to tweak those deep inner buttons. Yet even these exchanges offer a powerful Twin Fame experience - if you can find your completeness in the depths of irritation, then you'll find the deepest sense of inner empathy.

    "Remember, the Twin Flame experience is all about non identification
    blended perfectly with non-denial.
    Deny the moment's delirious experience for an instant,
    and the heavenly separation is gone,
    but delve too deeply into it
    and the dream dissolves into a seduced delusion of reality.
    It's all about walking deftly along the blade-edged boundary,
    being deeply in it, but not of it."


Home bound
So on this day, 11/11/2011, if you're not yet having the Twin Flame experience, how about giving some energy to it? How about daring not to be owned by the drama at all today. Instead, how about looking deeply and intently through all experience and finding that joyful part of yourself that may have been buried under the sands of time.

How about letting your love return back to the source of itself. To me it feels like being home bound, like walking a thousand miles without complaint, just for a smile, a touch, a soft carress and allowing that always to be enough.

That's why this song does it for me. It melts me deeply back into the heart of my Twin Flame. What does it for you?



Cody's picture

Chris, thats exactly what I am beginning to find. Love to heal, love to forgive, love to let go, love to be me, love to those who broke my heart, love from within and outwards.

This is a perfect twin flame message, and perfect message of love.

This song actually reminds me of a movie where they all get in a car, put the song on and sing along in a very fun way.


Ben's picture

this is so beautiful. what a great article. this especially I felt...

"Once you've kindled the fire within, let it build inside a burning heart, eager to burst outwards to lovingly engulf your surrounding world. Let the love radiate out into the moment, into images, people, situations, into mother nature. Keep energising the flow, sending it out into everything you see and touch. Give unreservedly your love to the swirling skies, to the flowing streams, the rustling wind, but then.....

take that love back inside yourself
feel the infinite circle of the figure 8 complete itself within you,
and squander not one precious drop."

wow! awesome. :bigsmile:
a beautiful song too. a treat! thanks.

with love


someone's picture

I guess I am experiencing the pain of separation now mainly Biggrin
BUT! This feeling of separation and frustration make me feel such intense attraction back to myself!

So I believe this is how my Twin Flame is expressing his love for me today: "Come on, girl, go go go!!!"... through it all, closer and closer, deeper and deeper.

Here I resonated so strongly with these lines: To me it feels like being home bound, like walking a thousand miles without complaint, just for a smile, a touch, a soft carress and allowing that always to be enough.

I know it so well. There is so much doubt and questioning sometimes about what am I doing it all for? Where the hell am I going? There is nothing there, etc etc. All this can live exactly for a couple of minutes of weakness, and then... It's just calling! And when I hear that voice, I don't care anymore, even without a kiss, smile or caress. Just to hear the calling is enough for me to get up and keep going.

Thank you for this wonderful article! for reminding to bring more attention to what I already feel... blessed. Scared to death, but at the same time fearless in my fear, so loved and taken care of...

Happy 11/11/11 to everybody.
Feels like some special holiday, something to celebrate...

Note: there is also this funny thing happening to me today.
Since I am going to be in the UK during my birthday, my mom suggested we celebrate my 30 years and 11 months today. 30 and 11 - the funny numbers. So I am definitely going to celebrate, on the inside and on the outside Biggrin

Réka's picture

Thank you for this beautiful article Chris,

and also for making a somewhat "overmarketised" (sorry for the irony here) event into personal and intimate again..

Because what else is "The Aquarian Age" about if not precisely your own and unique, intimate relationship to Source, (and how much of it you actually ALLOW yourself to feel), your intimacy with that one-and-only, particular tone in the cosmic orchestration of Life that calls only to your uniqueness, and when we attune ourselves to it, Life comes rushing in and out through us...

it is total merging - and more

for whatever reason I feel like sharing this song with you
with love Wink

Is It Love by WAH!

How far down the road am I, still searching
Same soul, same calling
I look for love in the unassuming
I look for love, I look high and low
Who feels it knows it Lord… is it love?
Do you have a lover,
sitting in the car on the passenger side
Do you love your lover,
love her through to the other side
Do we love forever? Some things never change
Do we love forever? Your kindness
brought me home again
Who feels it knows it Lord…
Love…. underneath everything…

Chris Bourne's picture

So 11/11/11 has come and gone. Did the earth move for you? I guess that would depend on how you approached the day.

I do get this sense of course that there is expectation out there around key dates such as these. You hear people speaking of 'portals opening' and great 'worldwide shifts' simply BECAUSE it's such-and-such a date. Of course the 'really big one' so many people are looking forwards to is 21/12/2012. Whatever you believe in, a whole manner of things are then supposed to happen from the end of the world to a global human ascension, and infinite possibilities in between - take your pick!

Personally I feel such expectations can be a gross distraction. And if we over fuel them in this way, are actually quite detrimental to walking the path. The problem I pick up is the idea that something is going to be 'done for us', we just have to lay back and enjoy the ride. For me it's very similar with the mass meditations that tend to be organised around such events.

Personally I'll be really glad when 2012 has come and gone. I believe many of those 'make-believe-bubbles' will have burst and the real work can begin.

Yes such numerology is important, but (in my view at least) they're really all about metaphor and symbology. The universe will not be restricted to action around key dates. How could that work? It would mean there'd have to be intention, and if there's intention, there'd have to be a 'big someone' (God perhaps?) planning what's going to happen when. In my book there is no such thing. If there was a God shaping and planning the entire universe, who created such a God?

No, to me, God is pure presence, which in itself is so mystical and magical as to be practically beyond human intellect and imagination. The mind can barely grasp a wafer thin edge of its profound significance.

And out of this presence arises infinite possibility. And there is consistency with this arising flow, just as with a stream flowing down the mountain. It bobs and weaves according to the landscape, but it does have a general direction - back to the ocean, the source.

So how is is that such synchronistic symbology around dates works? Why is it that people notice key numbers like 11:11 so often? To me it's quite simple really. We've been living in a 'time warp'. We've bought into the idea that everything in the universe is separate and that there is no underlying directional flow (for me 11:11 represents the interconnection of four key soul centres: the human soul, Gaia, the solar logos and the Galactic soul centre).

When we wake up and connect with the pull back to the source, we see and connect with the beauty in all things. We attune to the flow of our soul. In so doing, we're aligning with the co-creative flow of the universe back to the source. So the separate pieces of the jigsaw will start reconnecting again. Hey presto, voila, everything magically clicks into place.

So increased synchronicity comes from increased perception of the unifying energy. To me it's as simple as that. We witness more synchronicity not because synchronicity is increasing, but because WE'VE moved from a place of greater separation consciousness.

To feel this Unity Consciousness strengthening and increasing, is to pay attention to it, moment by moment. It's certainly not about just tuning in on key dates and expecting something to ultimately change. That's the spiritual equivalent of church on Sundays!

Indeed there is no substitute for walking the path, moment by moment.


someone's picture

I did feel some upliftment yesterday and more joyous and openhearted, while feeling challenged not less than during all the other days.

I do believe that there are certain 'energy universal waves' happening (it's an illusion, but very real and happening in our time and space). And if attuning to them, then people might experience some collective state each in his own unique way.

But these states are happening all the time, every day. So even feeling the upliftment was something rather usual for me, as I experience all kinds of waves coming and going.

There might be something special about these dates, but, at least to me, only to make it more fun, like "Look! It's 11/11/11 11:11:11! Wow!", maybe inspire more, remind more, but again, I see numbers all around me all the time. It's always fun.

So rather than mystifying the numbers and put them on the pedestal, for me it is just another funny reminder and also another joke about our world here and how really funny and playful all this is.

I say:

These dates and days are as special as all the other days, built from billions of very special moments. Smile

Cody's picture

To me there is something significant about the date, or this special time. As for the first time in a long while, something has arisen out of what seems nowhere. It goes away. but it comes back once again out of nowhere. And because I have been feeling authentically sad, what arises is an authentic peace, and an authentic happiness (just out of nowhere).

What I was expecting with 11/11/11 was a burst of happiness and spirits all at once, and permanently. But yes, the journey is not instant, which is one of those impatient tendencies that I hope for. But yes, if it was instant, there would be no point!!!!

What I noticed on Saturday was that, a few moments, I was just sort of "there". And I wasn't controlling it, it just happened. And then suddenly I would think woah, "where did the sadness go? where did the thoughts go? Where did this headache above my right eye go?"

Sadness would arrive later in the evening. As would the headache. And Sunday became a mixed day of sadness, with brief moments of happiness. Then during Sunday night, as I lay in bed, out of nowhere, I felt happy, and out of nowhere (maybe its just because of what I was reading) I felt and saw a blue and pink flame light up and intertwine in my heart centre, and I heard a woman's voice saying "how did you find it???" And she laughed a happy joyous laugh "hahahahahaha". It was interesting because I saw, heard, and felt this quite clearly and I was not asleep.

Wow, it just came out of what seems nowhere! It wasn't quite as powerful as another heart explosion bliss that I had at one time. It was different. A small and subtle taste.

And yes, as I awoke some thoughts arose, and I feel a little sad again. Its okay though as this journey is not instant or overnight!

As usual Chris, you have expressed conscious unity in a beautiful way. The universe does not recognise time or dates but it does recognise a state of being. When we connect with the inner self the experiences life throws at us, but carry no burden from the experience,the path has a clarity that enhances the journey.

Wendy369's picture

Friday was pretty much a normal day for me, although I noted that I felt quite chilled. At the weekend, this 'chilledness' was tested. On Saturday morning I stood in the kitchen and felt water drops on my head from a leak in the bathroom pumbing above. I was able to observe my feelings of frustration that the landlord had not rectified an old probem previously, call the plumber, then move on.
On Sunday, I had to take my youngest son to A and E with what could potentially have been a very serious symptom. He had lost the use of and feeling in his arm, athough as it was incredibly busy we had to wait until 9.30pm for the ward doctor to tell us we could go home and just wait and see if his symptoms improved. I remained philosophical.
Two days into this week finds me with the usual stressy triggers from work, two teenage sons and an overdrawn bank account....still chilled :o)
So now I'm wondering if I'm just enjoying a 'between PMT cycle' (hahaha) and that my angst will return in a week or so...or have I actually made a lasting change to the way I react?
Only time will tell......