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The nature of wealth

I was just pondering on what wealth really means to me. I feel really rich, even though I've never had a lot of money. The largest annual income I have ever earned in my life was £6000 and that was during one year in the army around 1992. I've spent most of my adult life volunteering, in full time parenting/home schooling whilst always earning a very modest wage. All the while, I have been living a fulfilling life where I have always given a lot. There have only ever been the very occasional, healthy moments of insecurity. It's been a blessing that I was always allured by what felt right in my heart, rather than what society deemed was best. For me that meant little money and an incredible gift of creativity when it comes to resourcefulness. For another person it might mean lots of money...

I have never borrowed money. Never owned a credit card. Never been in debt. Basically, if I couldn't afford it (or a miracle didn't happen) I went without. So great is my trust in benevolence, that I know I get exactly what I need. It's incredibly liberating, freeing and makes me feel so rich. It's not rich with material, but rich in soul.

So here is my challenge to you...

    Imagine that you have no money.

    Imagine that you have no home or material possessions.

    What is left when you take everything away?

    Who would you be with out it?

I believe that when we truly peel away these layers and let go, we can all find that we are all incredibly valuable, beyond measure. Some times it might take a bit of digging first.

And, of course, in this world money and possessions are absolutely fine too. It's just defining our personal worth by them or being attached to them that keeps our true selves limited.



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Hi Trinity,

I just finished writing my answer to Chris and then I found this:-)

I can barely sit on my chair! I laugh so loudly!!
How great!

Thank you so much!!
It is like every second synchronisity happens Smile

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Money is a subject that comes up time and again in the work that we do. Everyone we've come across has been challenged in some way around money, including (and especially) those who have plenty.

It's no surprise really when you consider mankind's history and karma. To me, the central theme for mankind right now is trust in the divine - such that we don't have to control or manipulate in order to be fulfilled. It's clear to me that for various reasons we've lacked that trust and therefore been seduced into trying to manipulate and control resources to gain greater sense of security. It's this that has ultimately fueled the runaway industrial consumer machine which has been devouring the surface of the earth. And it's our confrontation of sense of lack which will provide the ideal circumstances to regain trust in the divine and ultimately fuel our Ascension. The two are inextricably interlinked.

    And by the way, did you realise that if your income is above $34,000 per year
    (26,000 Euro or £21,000), that makes you a part of the 1%?

So when someone truly steps onto the path, my observation is that practically everyone I've come into contact with is challenged to live on less (much less), to become more resourceful and above all else, trusting in the Right Action of the divine.

We will always get the resources and funding we need to do the things we're meant to do. Always. We only find ourselves truly struggling when we're not doing the things we're supposed to be doing. Or otherwise, there are the resources which we can exchange - the deposit on the house or the car we don't really need for example.

When I was tested in this way, the universe took me practically down to the shirt on my back. I'd come from a well off life style but correspondingly, I had high perceived requirements and a typical way of controlling life to yield the money I thought I really needed.

When I discovered my true spiritual calling in life, it meant that I had to strip away all those things I thought I needed but didn't - I simply knew in my heart that my work would only generate a quite low level of income. So I had to discover how to live inexpensively and resourcefully - in actual fact the journey to that point has been a joy. The more I shed, it seemed the happier I became.

I've also encountered a number of people wanting to walk the spiritual path who have lots of money - and how this can be a tremendous hindrance because it means they don't have to really put themselves on the line. It's when you have absolutely nothing that you discover the true meaning of trust.

    "You have to go out on a limb
    to pick the best fruit in Life"

So money and resource is likely to be a big testing and learning ground for all wanting to walk the path. But remember...

    Money is simply energy and we'll always have enough energy to be who we're meant to be and to do what we're meant to do. That's the inevitable flow of the universe.

Chris Wink

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I don't know much, but this came up: one doesn't have to lose it all down to shirt in order to feel like he has nothing, and vice versa, not always those who have nothing will have the trust in the divine order. It is the feeling that matters, in my view.

I believe that the universe has its ways to challenge us, and sometimes having a feeling of lack might be enough. We all have our own path, our challenges and stuff to work with.

I know a couple of people who don't have any problem around money or trust. One day they belong to 1% and the other they are on the street and they don't mind. So what would they need to go through a strip for?

I also know personally the whole family earning a great deal of money (they are computer geniuses), I mean a lot of money! But they live in an empty apartment with their stuff in the boxes. They just don't care, they get the money because they love their jobs and because they are good at what they do.

So how I see it, if I may: "It's when you feel you have absolutely nothing that you discover the true meaning of trust." Smile

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Hi someone,
I agree.

And I don't. Smile Just a refining of what you are saying maybe:
I think, there are people for whom "feeling" of not having enough leads to divine trust. And there are others for whom "feeling" of not having enough leads to nowhere, or at most to frustration, rather than the recognition of natural abundance.

I like the very wealthy family living among boxes in an empty flat Smile
But I would say the knowledge that if I they have to have it, they do have it is not the same experience as if someone has to have it but he doesn't. For those with wealth the safety net is there.

Otherwise I agree, physically going through lack of something (not only money or material things) might not be necessary for some. But for most it is.

So maybe what we can say is that experiencing a state of lacking does not necessarily have to be of material nature. But as we know, money is a symbol for basically any type of energy exchange.

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But hey, who said that in this case the safety net is not divinely given to those who are not looking for it? Smile

I would say that artificially creating 'troubles' for ourselves and cutting the safety nets that are not necessarily meant to be cut is not what I am personally after. If this happens on my path - hallelujah! I will shake in fear and deal with it. But I don't feel it would be right to 'put someone else's shirt on me'. Maybe my way to process the fear of survival and a feeling of lack is meant to go in some other way. I am not going to design it, because "this is what most of us need", if you know what I mean.

I also see money as energy and give it respect as to such. It has several functions in my life, possibly the opposite of what Openhand is about, but this is what it is at the moment.

For me personally money is a way to see the inner balance. I can easily know when I consume more than I give by the state of my account and vice versa. Something to look at then and see what is not aligned, what I can change, what I really need and what I don't or where I give more than I should (it can also happen to us sometimes because we feel obliged or ashamed not to).

Most of my life I don't have any money at all and live on the edge literally, no matter how much I earn. It makes me consider and choose well what is really important to me and what is not.

And, sure, a great way to balance the exchange. I find that it is actually greatly seen in urban environment. It is harsh. If you don't work, i.e. don't serve, you are a parasite and you don't get anything. It is not like in the woods, where you can get your own food and feel like you can make it on your own. Here we all feel the interconnectedness very well, globally. You can't afford yourself to do whatever you want. You just do what is necessary. Period. And I like it. It pushes me, it forces me to go out, to interact, to exchange. So in my case money serves me well, and fear of not having it too. Otherwise I would hide in my cave and never go out, ever! Biggrin

So I can't even call it fear or mistrust, but more a driving potential. If you took it from me, I would just probably rot in the bubble of my own laziness in observation of life's pointlessness hhhhhh

So I am very grateful for my wish to have more money at the moment. It makes me work on my fears, insecurities and destructive habits, even that I resist it really hard.

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The original meaning was pointing to who we are 'beyond' all of the trappings of the world.

Material possessions are just one aspect that I have noticed hinder 'a lot' of people (if we are being REALLY honest anyway). Fear of loss is a big boulder to surmount.

Others may be even more hindered by other things, such as emotional attachment or mental thought processes.

So if you took it all away - all of the attachments (whether material, mental, emotional etc). What would be left? Who would you be?

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Heya, Trin Smile

Yes, yes, I got it, what you were saying, I was more referring to Chris's and Reka's comment.

I contemplated/meditated on the questions.
If I connect to myself really deeply and go beyond everything that has to do with this world, as if the body, the skin is not there anymore, there is only silence all around me, soft... emptiness and then... I feel something undefinable, but still, there is something, a clear awareness of existence, limitless, empty and full at the same time.

I don't feel that it is even possible to need anything for this something. It is a resting state, complete and absolutely imperturbable, untouchable by anything, and at the same time nothing is not in it.

When I have my eyes closed and only hear sounds around me and feel things on my skin - I can still stay there. When I bring attention to the body more, I become more restless, more weak and afraid... to get hurt. And when I open my eyes... I get confused. I see both the impossible beauty of these forms, and I still can touch this deep place, and at the same time... confusion, what am I supposed to do with it all, how to.

So probably getting this awareness into the body and let it operate in this world are a challenge.

It is still impossible for me to take this feeling into most of the forms and actions in the physical world. At this point the only things that connect me to this feeling is music, free movements, like yoga or dancing and nature (including the wind in the middle of the noisy city).

I don't know if I am doing the right thing now, it feels like I am, but after rejecting what people around me do in order to live down here for years, I am now learning from everybody around, what feels right.

Nothing was important for me, everything was pointless. I couldn't understand any of the values in this society. But now it seems like I am finally digging my way down here. It is very grounding and stabilizing for me at the moment. I found that many rules I was breaking in rebellion caused nothing but harm to me and others. I live right here, in this system, and for me, I feel, the way is to finally accept some of the rules/laws down here and live in harmony with what is and not with what I would want it to be, or with what it will be some day. Maybe as the first step.

With much love,

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Wow!! Once again, synchronicity have left me baffled and amazed! I was spending the better half of my day rewording this phrase in my mind only to stumble upon this thread, eventually.. Thank you for sharing Trinity! Smile

    ‎"Are you a rich man? Do you have a lot of possesions?"
    "Possessions make you rich? then I don't want that type of richness..
    My richness is L-I-F-E"
    -- Bob Marley
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Love that one Vinny.
Am pleased that you found it as part of your flow today.


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    Someone wrote:"If I connect to myself really deeply and go beyond everything that has to do with this world, as if the body, the skin is not there anymore, there is only silence all around me, soft... emptiness and then... I feel something undefinable, but still, there is something, a clear awareness of existence, limitless, empty and full at the same time.

That sounds profound Yulia. I see this in you too! For me this experience can inspire my every waking moment.

Like, you, I have had various challenges at being here and incarnated, so I can really empathise you in so many ways. Perhaps the rebel in you is just speaking in a different way these days, not wishing to be confined to anything at all (which is understandable), it is like a rebelious sub-personality arises.

Be careful that you don't let the 'rebel' within confine your soul either.

with Love

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I came across this video on the BBC website about a guy, Daniel Suelo, living in America who has chosen to live without money. What a powerful message and reminder about the fragility and unsustainable way in which our financial system is run.
Although living in a cave might not be on everyones path, it certainly inspires in me a deeper exploration of how I can live without being so reliant on the system and more in harmony with mother earth. I can feel the love in my heart and increased connection with Gaia with just the contemplation.

With love


Trinity's picture

That is really inspirational!
It really shows us something incredible.
Thank you for sharing that here David.
A really welcomed addition to this thread.

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Hi Trin

Yes. This is why now I soften with things that I can clearly see I am brought to accept. Even if they are spiritually incorrect.

I might even say that I learn to bend.

It feels like the first step was being bent without having a choice. Then there was a prolonged rebellion against it. And it felt as if the universe itself was bending me. Just like gravitational field is holding our bodies on the surface of the earth. Then I had spiritual identity, dissolved a lot and got caught in the all flowing bubble.

So now I got to the point where I am feeling out what is coming: a rebel (an empowering but still soft wave) or a 'soft Yulia' hhh (ability to bend and adopt and cooperate! which was always an enormous problem for me).

It's always the balance, ha? The new one, every moment...

I have to write the word "money" here, so it still belongs to the topic somehow. I just did Biggrin

Hmmm Letting the money flow, in and out, on its own. Interesting how it would be...

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That's important to me too. I don't do 'spiritual correctness' either. There is a gift in all experience. However, our gift in it noone else can determine other than ourselves.

It can be surprising (or even offensive) to some who expect me to be a certain way... but I don't need to be spiritual correct, because I have nothing to prove to anyone.

For me, when I share, it's like....
Here's something that inspires me; here's something I've realised; here's something I have come to know; if it works for you or inspires you, then great; if it reflects back to you your soul, then awesome; if not, then there will be something, somewhere else that does and that is awesomely fine by me.

The topic isn't just about money Wink it is an exploration of wealth.

When we truly know ourselves and find peace with that - we are wealthy beyond measure.