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16/11/11: "Occupy Ourselves!..."

So the protesters have been evicted from Liberty Plaza
In a surprise pre-dawn raid by the New York Police, tents and banners were swept mercilessly up into huge dump trucks, some protesters were arrested and the rest moved on. It had all the hallmarks of a 'well-executed' military drill. But will the authorities ambush turn out to be a monumental own goal? It seems the Occupy Movement is here to stay, with new protests spawning around America. So what can this new development spark next? For me, I tend to always read between the lines and see metaphoric movements of energy. I see in this event an opportunity, an invitation: let us occupy the one space we cannot be evicted from - ourselves!...

My original support for the Occupy Movement has been tempered with the feeling that whilst protest is a valuable vocal act of gaining attention, the real work must emanate from a shift of consciousness within awakening people. For me it's all about how we live our lives from day-to-day. Blaming the 'other side' is not really going to achieve anything, the risk is to disempower ourselves by taking on a victim mentality... "we are the people being poorly done to".

    Let's be clear about this: WE have the power to change society by internally shifting to a higher consciousness AND THEN, choosing to make all our choices from that higher harmony. So if you don't like corporate greed, we can stop feeding it by our own consumption. Let's choose instead to shop and buy as much as possible from local, small business sources. Let's fuel local economies that stop bleeding the local resources to the boards and shareholders of large corporations who have no real interest in the equality of community.

For me, the positive side of the Occupy Movement is that it's causing people to contemplate this higher consciousness way. Most importantly it's showing the world that people are no longer 'content' for society to continue in its inequitable ways and that increasingly people are prepared to do something about it. It's causing the awakening movement to be more proactive. And to me, that's exactly what these latest developments in New York could inspire...

    The irony is, this is actually not about occupying one particular physical space at all. It simply doesn't matter if it's Wall Street or Wall Mart. It's all about energy. The outer world is simply a metaphor for the inner. No one can occupy your inner thoughts and feelings but you. So perhaps the time has come to evict the old consciousness from your world and take in a new tenant?

Personally, I feel the energy of the Renewed World like a vast ocean of consciousness above my crown. It has a softer, lighter, more vibrant and connected feel. I get the sense of deep peace and liberation with it. If my attention is on it, then I can draw it down through my body and into my world. I notice it begins to have a positive effect on all those who are open to it.

I also notice that if I spend too much attention directed into the old consciousness and the old 'Matrixy' ways of living and doing things, then that bubble of energy starts to dissipate...

    I have to keep softening internally
    and bringing attention to that sense of lightness.
    This then must inspire every thought and action.

Of course it is not easy. The Matrix has its preprogrammed ways geared to pull us out of this vibration - or perhaps more appropriately... pull this vibration out of us! That's why we each have a choice as to where we place our consciousness, our attention. The Matrix cannot own our inner world if we don't let it. We can choose to soften internally and allow the new consciousness to be a daily part of our lives.

    But it is a choice. The new more equitable harmony doesn't happen simply of its own accord. And it won't happen just by protesting or allowing others to do that for us. It's going to happen when we truly occupy the one space that really matters: our own internal one.

So we can each be inspired by the Occupy Movement. We can first occupy ourselves and then watch that new consciousness flow outwards until it occupies everywhere!


PS: Thanks to an Openhander (David Rotter in Germany), I came across this wonderful interview which captures what for me is the 'very best' of what the Occupy Movement is all about. Be inspired...


Trinity's picture

Thank you for sharing. The choice certainly lies within each of us, to live by example.

Beautiful video too. Such a serene and heart felt energy.

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...it is so much easier to fight the windmills and even die for that than to go into the self, Chris. Smile And even harder than that is to stay there, 'occupy' this new found inner space.

I have tasted the challenge of it fully lately. How absurd it is that an average person feels responsibility to visit parents, friends, be there for them, etc, but doesn't go to visit his own self and be there for himself.

I can't blame anybody now for choosing not to. It IS challenging to see yourself as the source of everything what's going on with you and look at the world as your own mirror. It IS challenging to know what you can do and see yourself not doing it because of some armor or disguise I've put on myself.

For me what helps is realisation that the hardest thing here is to go past the avoidance and fear. And then it's really crazy and wonderful adventure. No matter if it's sad or happy, pretty or scary. Whatever I see in myself - it is another face of creation, another taste, another funny part of the game, piece of the puzzle.

I too feel the 'ocean of consciousness'. Highly inviting and intimidating at the same time. Smile I feel a great resistance in myself, because then I feel myself breaking. So here I found that being gentle and not too demanding, like "I am fully in the lightness TOMORROW! NO! TODAY!" is rather vital. It takes time. I kind of try to keep the balance between allowing the old 'toolkit' to fall apart and the new abilities, perception and way of existence to arise, gradually. I caught myself cheating a bit on that one too.

So it is easily said, hard to be done, it demands focus, commitment, honesty, courage, inner strength and also some degree of adventurousness and ability to turn mmm... well not so nice things into gold.

And here comes the question that I am asking lately: all those who can't or won't take this task upon themselves, should they just go on with their lives and do nothing, suppress their impulses to go out the streets and do anything at all about it? At least they are expressing their unhappiness about what's going on and inspiring people around to question all this 'lifestyle'. I don't know...

PS: I also felt the energy of the guy on the video, Trin. He's the only one I feel somehow resonating with on this level, of all the projectional 'angry' or 'the rosy bubbly' movements happening around. Really inspiring... to go inwards Biggrin

Chris Bourne's picture

Hi Yulia,

You ask the question...

    "all those who can't or won't take this task upon themselves (of going inwards), should they just go on with their lives and do nothing, suppress their impulses to go out (into) the streets and do anything at all about it? At least they are expressing their unhappiness about what's going on and inspiring people around to question all this 'lifestyle'. I don't know..."

If I might be so bold (and at the risk of pushing any 'spiritually correct' buttons - not that you have them of course :smile:), I don't believe it is about what others should or shouldn't do. Some people will suppress and deny anything is going on at all, if it risks their precious lifestyles.

Others will observe the changes taking place but choose to make it about an external drama..."How can we get our slice of the pie?"

A very small percentage will see the true cause of it and the true opportunity. They will see that every moment is offering an inner realisation - that the ONLY authentic reality is created by making these realisations moment-by-moment, day by day. It is really a very small percentage who are doing this - even of those who think they are truly awake.

The point is, it need not matter to you what anyone else does or does not do. As you walk the inner path, where is your truth? What authentic steps are YOU being invited to take? I observe that when I do this, I notice others that are doing similar. I notice that these people truly ARE creating the new reality and I feel an increasing part of it - it's no longer a dream, no longer a goal that I have to strive, effort and protest for. IT IS ALREADY HERE!

    If one doesn't already feel that,
    it's not because it doesn't yet exist,
    it's because you don't yet exist in it!

So there's the goal. Be a part of it first and let it radiate through your being. Anything else is simply window dressing.

And as you quite rightly say...

    "So it is easily said, hard to be done, it demands focus, commitment, honesty, courage, inner strength and also some degree of adventurousness and ability to turn mmm... well not so nice things into gold."

The point is we are ALL seeded to do this. We just have to keep making that choice.


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It feels like this whole business has to do with egocentricity, being concentrated on myself and how I feel the whole time. Moreover, the concept of being alone is bad also completely collapses. That's a bit not fitting the morality and ideals of our society.

Only that this egocentricity is taking everything and everybody inside, so now everything is part of me. And what is more altruistic than that? Smile

Alexej's picture

just walking throught the denseness of the concreteness of the city it
came to me why this "occupy"-business feels odd to me:
it's so dense.

i'd rather not occupy, cram in even more but

ROOM for
energy to MOVE!



The Seagull's picture

Hi Chris:

Spot on with your assessment there. Yesterday we had a huge student protest here in Dublin - I stood on the side and cheered them on for a while. Later, I started to talk to about 6 or so young students (guys) and I was incredibly encouraged by there innate understanding of the nature of the current changes "this is just the beginning" said one. I began to talk to them about similar things as you Chris - non-violence and focus on maintenance of an expanded awareness/consciousness to help dismantle the system.

They kind of listened politely and nodded and very quietly gave me the feeling that they knew intuitively exactly what they are here for. There is a new energy, just as you outlined Chris, I'm amazed at the moment the number of people who are suffering unusual physical symptoms for example and I for one am sensing this energy and the way it flows and moves. Those young guys just continued to kind of look knowingly at me and then said simply thanks for your encouragement and off they went. I felt inspired by them....they seemed to me like incredibly old souls on a mission!
Love, peace Seagull

Chris Bourne's picture

Thanks for the sharing Seagull - nice that you landed on our shores once again Wink

What I feel is needed (whether we get it or not) is a delicate balance. Yes we need to keep raising awareness, but the moment we give the 'powers that be' something to oppose, then they'll work to tighten the noose. It's like giving them a target and a reason to attack.

I sense a society of greater control is coming, exposing greater darkness. We must learn to thrive in this environment just like 'Ghosts in the Machine'. And one day, when the darkness has been swept away, we'll look around us and suddenly see the New World. We'll realise it has been taking shape all along.

So in many ways, I'd say it is better that awakening people are 'below the radar screen' so to speak. Then the growth of the new ways can simply happen without too much external interference.

It's kind of like how the Special Air Service (SAS) was formed. We bring energetic focus to a point of conflict with positive action, but then soften and fade away just as quickly into the desert. You become as nothing again. That way you can't be found or targeted. There's no way to control you.

Perhaps the time has come for a new SAS? The Special Angel Service perhaps?!


lei's picture

So in many ways, I'd say it is better that awakening people are 'below the radar screen' so to speak. Then the growth of the new ways can simply happen without too much external interference.

I really love what you express here Chris. This again affirms the importance of focusing on working on ourselves and not getting distracted by all the external dramas unfolding around us. Something just doesn't feel right in me when I see a crowd of people getting too passionate about something. Recently we have started a new vegan society at the university, many ideas were raised in our meetings, such as lobbying the university to be more vegan/vegetarian friendly and ways of raising vegan awareness on campus. Initially I felt a desire to get more involved and then a question arose in me: Am I still trying to shape the external drama?

The Seagull's picture

Special Angel Service LOL ....I love that!! Yes, there are plenty of angels around and they are usually very quiet and unassuming, but passionate too in their own way....it's good to be reminded not to fuel the current system with producing more dark energy, but to allow it to dissipate in Angel Light! I still believe it's fine to "Do" whatever is joyful/energizing towards change, but from an aware/expanded state of Being though! So good for you Lei in your efforts! With blessings, Seagull

Chris Bourne's picture

Yes Seagull, I agree, this is the careful balance we need to achieve. I am not saying we shouldn't express ourselves - far from it. In the metaphor I used, do not the SAS express themselves?!

Yes, when we feel the passion, let that well up from within and take authentic action. So if you feel to express veganism Lei, then go for it.

But getting attached to it and letting the mind own it, will stifle the life out of it. Plus, as I said, it risks creating a target, and the Opposing Consciousness right now has much greater 'firepower' (at least in terms of control and resources).

In such an engagement, we need to master flexibility, adaptability, flowing movement and surprise.


Just felt like saying Thanks for this forum.. It feels like a big support and also something which keeps on helping to align whenever darkness strikes or feel lost.

I know I am a quite reader.. but accepting myself that way as of now...


The Seagull's picture

Hi Chris et al

I agree with you MB - a nice forum! Smile

I wonder what you feel about the following - it is somewhat esoteric, but I believe does have a practical bearing on current world events.

Obviously, we are all unique, but in my knowing there are families of consciousness that have different characteristics...some might be more action-orientated, some more contemplative/meditative (the latter may appear to be more 'spiritual' in some ways, but the action-orientated consciousness families are equally spiritual in there own way).

Individual entities (oversouls if you like) would incarnate into a given time and place in order to evolve/gain experience but also to contribute towards human development/evolution en masse.

So, this is I think why it is important to accept our own place/roles in the current struggles. So, some of us will be classic lightworker types whose role is to support the more active souls on the front line as it were (the ones in their tents and on the barricades) by holding energy of love and peace...those energy fields (comprised of consciousness) will then help de-stablise the current control based system, thereby crystallising a new collective reality from the field of possible realities (miracles will happen). The collective reality we as a society/planet experience is the sum effect of all individual realities crystallised by individual consiousness.

I won't go into details here, but I have been gaining through dreams, meditation, synchronicities and intuition information about an incarnation of mine during the time of the Russian revolution - it seems that that personality had a role in the Russian revolution. My feeling is that there are a lot of people who were engaged in that violent struggle who are here now exploring alternative ways of knowing through breaking down barriers through a peaceful revolution of consciousness instead.

I just thought this might be some interesting stuff to consider as part of this thread.

I guess what I'm saying is that, while I totally agree that violence is not the way forward with the new energies and will only fuel the old energies, there is a role for direct action/peaceful protest from those that feel aligned with this approach (maybe they are incarnating from a particular family of action-orientated consciousness), but that this is supported by the new energies of consciousness arriving here now and the morphogenic fields at societal levels created by the lightworkers (from a different family of consciousness) holding, spreading and linking up the light.

Would be interested in thoughts/feedback on this.

In love and light,
Seagull !!

Chris Bourne's picture

Hi Seagull,

I think we have to be a bit careful of coming from the intellect here Wink
As we well know, what appears on the surface is often only a mild reflection of what's going on underneath.

I don't see the Occupy Movement as being on the front line of the awakening movement at all. I see that certain people have picked up on various threads of the underlying mainstream shift of consciousness. But they are certainly not on the front line of transmuting the density that's being invoked (at least the Occupy Movement itself is not doing this).

The Occupy Movement seems to contain many threads of energy, with the main theme around equality - getting my slice of the pie. So it would confuse things to wrap this into the awakening movement. Sure there are some good people with good intentions who are feeling the underlying consciousness shift. But I for one don't feel Occupy is truly about spiritual awakening and the shift of consciousness of Gaia. It feels more like a spin-off of that to me.

In many ways, I would say they are actually causing harm to the shift rather than really helping it. I see greater control about to be imposed, not less. They'll cause greater clamp downs on the internet for example - which the American congress is actually trying to push through right at this moment. Before all this came to the surface, the awakening movement was doing extremely well without the unnecessary 'publicity'.

To me, the real evolutionary work is being done by the 'unsung heroes' out there. Those who are below the radar, working quietly on their stuff, going deep into their darkness. They're not blaming others at all for the society we've created. They're having the courage to look in the mirror and see themselves: the 'good', the 'bad' and the 'ugly'.

I think it's important we don't get confused in spiritual glamor. The real movement is anything but glamorous right now.


someone's picture

I really liked your comment on SAS, Chris.

I feel exactly the same.

Probably, it is part of the surrender and getting it quiet and undercover I am going through now. Before that I was all with this spiritual facade. I am DIFFERENT from you all! Biggrin

I ain't up to fighting this system at all now and even not trying to make it go away or change. I am watching the movie and adapting as a protagonist.

Also I feel it is for me about working WITH it all, not against it by no means. Any type of solution, method, recipe, etc is just another rigid patch to block myself from from looking inwards, being aligned and free. This is how it feels to me now.

It feels like being more 'tricky', turn from a barbarian ax to something more thin, fluid and light... maybe Hattori Hanzo's sword? Biggrin