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    ‘How do the geese know when to fly to the sun?
    Who tells them the seasons?
    How do we, humans, know when it is time to move on?
    As with the migrant birds, so surely with us,
    there is a voice within,
    if only we would listen to it,
    that tells us so certainly when to go forth into the unknown.’

    Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

The thing I love about this quote is the reminder that in our world, all sentient beings know the way. They know when it is time to move onwards, time to rest, time to flower, or time to shed our leaves...

Knowing from a place beyond the mind

By knowing, I am talking about something beyond the intellect of course. It’s not like a flower sits there and reasons it all out ahead of time about what he is going to do or say...
“Ooh oh oh.... quick - the sun’s shining! Time to throw out my petals”.
There is just a flow. Some call it instinct, some call it nature. I am sure there are lots of different things to call it. To me, it’s all the same flowing force of the universe guiding us back to the source. It’s that same guiding force that ensures we are in exactly the right place at the right time. It’s the same energy that shows us the mirror right at the most ‘inconvenient’ moment, so that we have the opportunity to address the darkest aspects of ourselves. It's this guiding energy that ensures we keep shedding our layers, evolving, remembering who we are, touching ever deeper layers of beingness.

What the animals can teach us

One of our guests on the latest ‘Walking the Path’ course had a rather profound robin experience. Landing right before her, the sweetest little robin red-breast sang and chatted. She got the message she was looking for... she said from that moment onwards, whenever in doubt, she’ll ask herself ‘what would robin do right now?' What a priceless gift. For Sarah, the bird was singing with all its heart. Sarah has an amazing voice and sings too. She noticed that the robin wasn’t ‘thinking about what anyone else thought’ or ‘contemplating at his schedule’. He sang just for the love of it. Her sharing moved me so deeply.

The robin knows. The robin just flows and Sarah felt it. That is exactly the way it works.

Whilst it may be reflected in the outer world, the guiding energy of the soul comes from within. It is at the heart of us all, without exception. Sarah heard the message that the robin brought her because in that moment she'd found stillness within and listened to her soul. The guidance spoke through something she could relate to in the natural world.

It doesn’t have to be any more complicated than that. When we truly feel it, it’s incredible. Nature offers us so many great metaphors when contemplating what it really means to walk the path of the soul.

'Walking the path of the soul'

    Walking the Path to me means transcending the busyness of mental and emotional chatter enough to find that place of inner stillness where we can hear the soul speak.

    Walking the Path is the shift from mind led living to soul led living.

    Walking the Path is about realigning with the flow of higher consciousness, until every moment is a conscious soul-led choice.

    Walking the Path is not about always getting it right. We realise that there is no right and wrong - but instead experiences that can take us deeper and deeper into authentic beingness.

    Walking the Path only really begins once we’ve stepped out of our comfort zone.

The journey

You don't need to know where you are going. In fact, it's usually better to surrender any preconceived ideas altogether if you can. Just take the next step. And then the next one. Without even realising you'll soon find that you are on your way, because each step of the journey soon adds up.

Soul to Soul

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Nature can make things seem so simple! I love the article Trinity.

Our big willow tree came into blossom a few weeks ago and was literally swarming with bees for days. It was beautiful to see and to know that even though as a species they are under threat, here in our little haven of a garden they were in heaven.
Standing under the tree and watching them buzz about, hopping from one brimming blossom head to the other, was a heartwarming experience.
What I noticed was that they didn't just gather all the pollen from one blossom and then move onto the next. They gathered a bit here, and gathered a bit there. Not a bee mind in sight thinking logically about getting every last bit before moving on. They were working as a free flowing team, dancing, flowing, completely in union with the divine.
Watching this spectacle was a beautiful reminder of what it is to be aligned with the flow. I can tend to be quite logical in my thinking and approach to life, and here the humble bee was reminding me that it's not about collecting every last bit of pollen, rather aligning with the flow of the moment and watching how the pollen seems to collect itself.


Hello all!
What a lovely way to start the day. As I watch my own garden birds blowing in the wind & rain, trying eat their food, I'll never forget the sheer thrill of having such a tiny wild bird (& my favourite kind!) in such close proximity. The robin was a very clear reminder to me that the Divine is all around us, in every moment & every thing. I have often heard friends say; 'I just wish the Universe would give me a sign..!' I know I have done the same. The danger is that sometimes we are so busy looking for The Big Sign, that we miss the butterfly that has been hovering at our shoulder or the reassuring caress of a warm breeze on our cheek. We may walk down the street thinking; 'But I feel so alone right now' & not realise that the sound of the wind blowing through the trees is the Universe reminding us that we are never alone. The Robin was saying to me; 'Hey, it's me, the Divine & I'm with you in every moment. Sometimes you just forget to see me. Open your eyes & you'll realise what's right in front of you.'

Thank you for sharing guys.
I agree whole heartedly Sarah. It is often in the little things that we find the deepest insights.

I love listening to and noticing the bees too. More so now than ever. So purposeful. Not wasting a moment, yet being incredibly graceful in their busy-ness. A powerful animal totem.

I love this story that illustrates how the divine reflections of the soul flow through all things...
and how easy it is to miss.

    The child whispered, "God, speak to me"
    And a meadow lark sang.
    The child did not hear.

    So the child yelled, "God, speak to me!"
    And the thunder rolled across the sky
    But the child did not listen.

    The child looked around and said,
    "God let me see you" and a star shone brightly
    But the child did not notice.

    And the child shouted,
    "God show me a miracle!"
    And a life was born but the child did not know.

    So the child cried out in despair,
    "Touch me God, and let me know you are here!"
    Whereupon God reached down
    And touched the child.

    But the child brushed the butterfly away
    And walked away unknowingly.

    Ravindra Kumar Karnani
    (Old Hindu poem)

As often nice sychronicity, thank you. I was just speaking about that with Chris yesterday night.

I am a very intellectual person, with a very loud intellect. It is still very difficult for me to hear that silent voice. Sometimes I do, really consciously do, but the mind signal is so strong, that don't follow it. It is very frustrating and I tend to beat myself up a lot, if I realize I still do not listen.

Interesstingly for me the soul first spoke very loudly, the synchronicities were so big (sometimes billboard signs actually) that I could not overlook it. Now it is almost like it is gone - only it is not. It has just become very subtle, for whatever reason. It invites a level of sensitivity from me that I am somehow afraid of. Firstly because I have to feel so much and secondly because it feels like leaving everything tangible behind,- to navigate only on a very faint scent.

Another challenge has been my attachment to truth - or right and wrong. Especialy with decisions the question "what would you have me do?" or "should I do that?" always made a pressure in me that I could make a wrong choice. I was just yesterday when I realized that the question is not "what is right and what is wrong" (according to what anyway...), but "Is that me? Is that expressing my beingness?" Actually I had that realization many times now, I just tend to forget. "Is that me?" Feels very different than "should I do that" to me. Just the energy of it.

Thinking right or wrong seems to close me down in the third eye a lot. It seems any need "to know how, why, or what", or to "get it right" is closing my intuition down. Whereas if I emphazize expression, beingness, connection, the feeling of inspiration, it seems to open more easily.

How difficut that is, in front of mayor decisions, that almost scream at me, to decide, do, get it right...

Thank you

That feels so important. First perhaps form is necessary, to take a person to a deeper place, where the form falls away. Then simply to 'be' and then allow action to arise from our beingness.

I can't really put it better than Chuang Tzu when he said this:

    “The fish trap exists because of the fish.
    Once you've gotten the fish you can forget the trap.
    The rabbit snare exists because of the rabbit.
    Once you've gotten the rabbit, you can forget the snare. Words exist because of meaning.
    Once you've gotten the meaning, you can forget the words. Where can I find a man who has forgotten words so I can talk with him?”

Find me a man who has forgotten the words so I can talk with him... Yes please!

There is so much perpetuation of words and intellect. Yet, for me, the real conversation is happening beyond that. It may seem so subtle at first, but when we get it, when we really hear it... then there is nothing else to listen to.

It felt like your word came right out of my heart. Especially about having the same realization many times. I often wonder why ONE such realization is not enough? Why must I do it over and over?

The phrase "is that me" is so simple, and yet it really works.It kind of reminds me of the name(if I have the story right) that God told Moses the people of Isreal could call him. I just remember God's name being "I am that I am."

This didn't make much sense to me as a kid, but put into the context of mind-led action versus beingness, it clicks into place.

I also have this wanting to "get it right", and know that a mind-led solution just leads us in circles, so the phrase "is that me" helps since it throws the question out of the mind and into the self as a whole.

Thanks for your wonderful insight.

For me it's not so much a question of hearing the soul, which isn't very difficult for me. Personally I have a problem of doubt (or over questioning). I sense the same also in David Rotter and Yulia. It's a distortion of Ray 5 (realizing higher abstraction wisdom). The original purpose of the Ray is to understand the deeper meaning of things. But if we want certainty in life (in my case) then the Ray becomes distorted, it becomes over questioning because I wanted to make sure that I always do the right thing.

Wonderful David! "Is this me?"

As we sat together the other night, as you know, it was quite an intense conversation and it could have so easily gotten lost. But the energy of it so sang sweetly.

I've often observed (in myself too), that people with strong energies tend to engage that aspect of beingness which is 'the pull' first. And the pull takes us into circumstances of increasing synchronicity. It feels so magical we can get caught up in thinking there is a 'destined doingness' - I'm supposed to do this but not that. So being is subtly diverted into watching for doing.

Of course when we do engage beingness - the soul - Right Action wants to follow. But the stream has many paths by which it can reach the ocean.

"Is this me?" I love it. Some one should write a book about it!


Yes, I love that too.

'Is it me'.

Simplicity in its perfection.

It reminds me that when in doubt in the past I used to ask a similar question. Although I don't remember a tangible question as such. In fact, it was less of a verbal question, but more of a closing of my eyes to really focus on the core of my being, feeling it flooding through and then reminding myself that 'this is me'.

It happens, still now, although in a more integrated sort of way.

Such a simple thing 'Is it me'... is such a deep and profound realisation that could be so easily missed by the chattering mind.

Lei, I think you are quite right with what you said. Thank you.

And what Chris said about doing is also really important. I am very attached to doing because of a strong Ray 1. I have had a strong feeling all my life that I am "on a misson" here, I have to find my purpose. My mind translated that into "having to do a certain thing". Wich drove me mad, because I could not find that thing to do of course. I have put more and more stress on myself, and then I totally lost my soul in it.

Now I observe in my partner how she uses every single circumstance during the day to express her soul - with the bus driver, the waitress, tha woman on the street. And I get: That is it.

It is not about doing anything special or particular. It is just about living my soul. Be. To make life a vehicle for the expression of beingness. Like Chris uses to say: a constant concious choice.

Another realization I have had many times. Amazing how I can think myself out of it again and again.



Now I don't want to 'put the cat amongst the pigeons' so to speak, but I also feel to bring awareness to the Ray 4 - harmonising through right resolution (as I've termed it).

I observe we become aware of is the sense of rightness in every moment. So we perceive a 'Right Action'. At a higher level, we've agreed to co-create in order to explore beingness. So within interactions with people and in life, there will be the sense of 'what ought to happen'. 'What ought to happen is not a judgment, but how the flow seems to want to go in the moment in order to reveal distortions and beingness.

We can decide not to align with that. But then it would only be an ego doing so. Hence there is a call to action, and there can be a strong sense of 'Right Action', yet the purpose is always to explore and express beingness.


I think you are missing here another person who likes "Is that me?" thing.

I can relate to the struggle "to do things right" David is describing, only without beating myself up (anymore), it is more of frustration when I feel there is something going on and there is something I am supposed to do with it and not having the patience to find out what it is going to be.
So the mind goes hysterical till that moment comes, trying to figure it all out. Fighting the mind is useless too, so I let it run. If I don't let it rule, it calms down on its own very soon.

These days I am observing how people open for just a second, and then shutting back and building mental blocks to hide everything they experienced and felt behind it, everything that doesn't fit the frames and patterns they are used to. A spooky thing to see. And to me it is a great mirror - how I am myself hiding behind mental blocks.

I feel many times as if I have nothing to say and better stay silent, but then... it feels that it is not going to serve anybody, so I go into the empty chatters, only to find and feel how people open even when I do the blabla and actually we say nothing to each other, but still, there is a proximity and exchange that is happening on a deeper level, and a chatter is only an excuse. It is a very interesting and surprising thing to me.

Another thing is adaptation when communicating. I have to pick the right words, fit the environment. But then it is part of it - cooperating with the environment. So maybe, the right thing to do is "be me", but keep it to myself, know it and just stay there, keep the connection with it, while on the external it looks totally 'ordinary and normal'.

This is a great realisation for me. That I actually don't have to look, sound or be 'special', different, or say what I know, found, feel or think. I just don't. I can chat about shoes, it is allright. Is it something that stirs my soul? No. But if this is what is necessary to engage with a person I feel to engage with, then I do that. To me this is part of the real surrender. When I don't have to be 'authentic' either (as my mind imagines it to itself).

So possibly, there is a middle path between the two: the right one and the "me" one. Sometimes I feel that I should step out and get that "me" out of the way to allow the right thing to happen, if this makes any sense to anybody.

So sometimes it is not "me", but still, it is 'right'. :D

I can really relate to what your talking about Yulia, I have had similar contemplations myself.
I am generally quiet by nature but I have noticed recently that it feels more authentic and more a natural expression of me to engage with people I meet on a level that perhaps my identity felt wasn't authentic. So it may appear more chit chatty, but within that I can keep finding deeper levels of expression.
I don't think it is enough to watch the puddle of mud, you have to get in and splash around a bit to find the hidden gems of soul, at least thats what I am feeling to do, it feels a bit boring to walk around with clean clothes.

Even though I raised the "is that me?" question, I have a different view on the authtenticity thing. It seems to me that in a phase where we easily fall back into old habits, we try to compensate that with behaving "super-authentic" - often to a degree where totally miss the moment and other people. And wich of course is just another way of control.

I feel in the flow there is a "truth of the moment".

Whenever two people meet, something third is created - the truth of this beings meeting. It does not alter the truth of them individually, it is more where these truths overlap. Beings can only meet at a level... well where they can both meet ;-) What is the point in adressing people on a level or with a vocabulary they cant be in relation to?

To me the truth of the moment will almost always reveal a way for me to stay in my beingness and still meet people where they are. I have had very heart-connected conversations with people in a bakery, wich had zero relevant content.

This, of course, is different to lowering my consciouness, or behaving in old patterns. It is more like "how can I be myself - in this? How does my beingness express here, with these people? Where is the flow in here?" And there is of course always a possibility that the truth of the moment is that you can't meet and just leave. But I noticed we can meet more often then we might think.

A thing that helped me for a while is "seeing the buddha". If you look at people a certain way, you can see the soul in them, the radiation. It is almost like you can have a conversation on that level, that runs paralell to the outer one.


In reply to by The Other David

I agree with what your saying David.

What I have experienced personally, is that in my "old" ways or habits as you call them, there is an authentic soul expression which passes through whatever filters and distortions that I may have, and consequently comes out in a conditioned type matrixy way.
What I observed in myself was that there was a tendency for me to come from an identity that recognised my distortions and inner child and teenage identities and so I was coming from yet another identity this time a "spiritually correct one".
All these identities, enough to do your head in!
So what I am exploring now feels like letting the brakes of a bit with expression. There may be a tendency to slip back into old ways, but it is a moment by moment alignment and exploration to find what is my true expression. It is as though you have to get into the old ways to find the truth within them, you can't do it from the sidelines.

Yes David & David, I'd say you're touching something profoundly important within the field of spiritual evolution. Often people in spiritual circles speak of 'letting go', but what does that mean and how do we do it?

You can realise an attachment, but each attachment forms a web of fixed neural pathways in the brain - distorted behaviour patterns.

So as the soul flows into the bodymind, it gets channeled into the distorted behaviours. And personally I've found the only effective way of breaking them, is to interrupt the behaviours as they happen. Then they break down and dissolve.

Breaking the patterns happens by bringing attention to them and opening into them so that the new authentic behaviours can emerge.

To me, this is what 'letting go' truly means.

I like the idea of seeing the 'Buddha' in people. For me, for a while, it was the Christ. But of course we do have to be careful this doesn't become a doctrine in itself (which is what happened to me). Otherwise it just becomes a spiritual identity.


Thanks, everybody...

I like the idea of the mud puddle, David! And I absolutely agree - walking in clean clothes doesn't feel like what I came here for ;)

As a matter of fact, this world is kinda muddy - I find this is the beauty of separation, of relativity and then emerging into the oneness from there. Sometimes it also works vice versa - you find that authentic something and then go out with it and jump into the mud to 'test' it down to earth now. In any case, to me, personally, the mud is totally necessary and it makes it all so real and fun, and not some virtual imaginative 'spiritually correct' game.

I also find that even if I don't feel any deep connection with a person I am interacting with, there is always something to see there for me. Something to learn about or for myself. It is just beautiful.

I also don't see any problem to experience old identities. After all they are there as long as they serve something in me. At this point I feel that it is not the identities that are the problem, but more fears that they are sitting on. Somehow usually there is some fear in there and the identity and the mechanisms serve to protect me from this something I am afraid of.

So I now don't relate to the identities at all. I am digging deeper, to the root, to feel these subtle in the beginning and then so intense and challenging sensations. Once I stop resisting them and am liberated from trying to prevent them to happen, the identities and the mechanisms are no longer necessary, and it is just the matter of time until they fall away on their own.

All this process became very spontaneous. I don't think about it, don't plan it, don't find special time and place to sit and deal with it. It became just integral part of my everyday simple human life. Very simple. I am not doing anything at all, including going into anything.

It's just when I feel this subtle avoidance, 'running away', this 'scared rabbit' thread, I dive in, when I feel to. If I don't feel like it then it is ok to also distract myself a bit. It is also important to wait for the right moment to go into these things. Then it all goes on its own. I am just keeping diving in. It is quite fun, and I find all kinds of fascinating things in myself, sometimes funny, sometimes dark, sometimes I can't believe it was there... But 'I' am full of surprises, that's for sure :D

The authenticity itself is not an issue anymore too. Because I am not after it. I just notice when I am real and when I am not. That's all. Without judging or preferring any of this states. The only difference is that I know that if I noticed some 'barrier', most probably I am going to experience it now for a while until I am brought to face the root of it at some point. So I am lying now, so what? I can see it now and it is ok.

Easy, much more easy than I used to think.

Dearest Trinity,

the gentleness through your words feels wonderful to be immersed in.

Thank you, please keep spreading your vibes, they resonate strongly,

Full respect to ya Mike.
It feels as if you will never rest until every moment is a soul led choice.
Bring it on!

I would like to share my recebt experience while walking the soul path.

I had been volunteering at an aged care home for a month and I was trying to get my head around how terrible they treat all the people in there. If you didnt think twice aboit the way they did things you would think its okay because society blinds you from the truth. All the residents in there complain everything is done too fast and that they have no energy to do anything. Some of them have been told by a doctor that they will NEVER get their energy back. The more I discovered the more shocked I became. The food they eat is another thing, and the medication they are given. On top of all this i see everyone of them deteriorating faster than a weed grows. I had all this on my mind and felt overwhelmed, I knew exactly what everyone of those people in there needed to feel fit and healthy again. How can I help them, how can I express my opinion to my supervisor, is it a waste of time?

I sat in the bathroom in tears. I centred myself and let go of the madness. I then felt the urge to walk down to the park at lunch time.

I was walking through the park and let my soul lead the way. I walked alomg the path until I came across an opening which had a dirt path leading off the one I was on. When I saw it I felt excited but I had no idea why.

I soon realized it was someones property but the fence had been torn down. Everything looked untoched. I saw two old pine trees resting next to a dried up gully. I floated towards the wise trees and noticed so many butterflies on my way. When I got to tge trees the sun came out (middle of winter) and I layed down next to them. Basking in the ambiance. I felt like I was getting pulled gently by this warm ocean of wind. The air was freezing but the sun was enough to feel like it was spring. Then I heard fluttering wings and opened my eyes to see two beautiful monarch butterflies dancing around one another. They looked so effortless, graceful and free. I wondered if I was a butterfly how I would feel the world, gliding through the wind letting it take you wherever it goes. After this breath taking experience I decided it was time to get back to the nursing home. I walked back alomg the path and as I was looking around feeling every moment I saw hundreds of monarch butterflies dancing around three milk weed plants. I was in complete awe with what I was seeing. I couldnt take my eyes off of the beauty. I walked down to one of the plants and said hello to all the butterflies. I looked closer to see that they were laying thwir eggs on the plants. I became overwhelmed with excitement because I knew the monarch butterfly is almost endangered and I was here seeing this many of them. I stood there for a while longer in utter harmony with these incredible creatures. Then I felt my heart drop as I realised all the milkweed trees where highly infested with aphids! I broke down in tears as I knew from researching them before that a monarch caterpillars only eat milkweed and that the monarch butterfly will never lay its eggs on an aphid infested plant. The butterflies were calling out to me as I am their only hope!

The next day I decided not to go to work. I packed some scissors and a spray bottle filled with nettle tea. I picked the tree with the least amount of aphids and gave the tree some love. I pruned it, pulled its old seed pods off, sprayed it with nettle and put bannana peel around the base.

A few weeks later I checked to see how they were all going. The plant i tried to save was green and had minimal aphids on it. The two other plants stems had black streaks down them and looked like they were dying. I found two caterpillars on the dying plants and put them on the plant I saved. I cut off 9 branches off a milkweed I found on the side of the road and have now dedicated my life to saving these beautiful butterflies whatever it takes. Im not sure if this is a sign to build up the courage to explain my concerns to my supervisor at work, what does everyone else think?

From my heart to yours,


Hi Jess,

Thank you for sharing your beautiful experience.

I have noticed that we often answer our own questions and it sounds like an exploration of expressing your concerns may be one of your keys as you say - "Im not sure if this is a sign to build up the courage to explain my concerns to my supervisor at work".

I love how when you followed what felt right you made a huge difference to the milkweed and butterflies. I don't doubt that your presence will make a difference to the people in the nursing home too, as you follow what feels right one step at a time.

Thank you for shining and making a difference in the world.

With blessings, Fiona