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The true nature of healing


Working with Universal Life Energy
There's a natural flow to life beyond judgement of good and bad. It creates circumstances for our optimal spiritual evolution. It’s what a soul yearns for at the deepest levels. It is here right now for every single one of us if we choose it. There are no mistakes on the spiritual journey, only experiences that invite us to discover the meaning of existence and to unveil the soul. Each time we feel constricted or out of sorts, is a powerful opportunity to learn something deeper. With each layer we peel away, inner peace unfolds as we realign more with the flow of higher consciousness. The more we peel away and let go, the more remember who we are from a place of wholeness beyond concepts...

Nothing on the journey happens by chance. Everything is part of a divine orchestration. So if healing is to be truly effective, then above all, we are invited to embrace the deeper meaning of our circumstance.

To me, spiritual healing is the return to wholeness at a soul level or in other words, the remembrance and integration of who we truly are. By ‘remembrance’ I mean at an energetic rather than an intellectual level. True spiritual healing takes us to the root cause, that will unravel our blockages at all other levels (physical, emotional, psychological). We fully heal an aspect of ourselves when it is healed on all levels from karmic through to physical.

How does healing happen?

In true healing - as I experience it - a vibration of pure soul resounds outwards, simply being true to its own nature. This frequency can resound from a person or other sentient life form (such a a tree or animal).

When a person is ready, this vibration will inspire the remembrance of the same depth of universal life energy within them. Once the frequency is remembered at a soul level, then ‘healing’ happens naturally from within. The person then vibrates a similar resonant frequency themselves, which unravels exactly what they are ready for.

As human beings we might feel that this is too simple or that we aren’t doing anything much at all. Our true power is veiled earlier in the journey. True power of energy is beyond concepts, beyond ‘doing’ and mind led intention. We can’t really underestimate the energy of the resounding soul, reminding us who we truly are and inspiring us back to wholeness.

Which camp?

I'd say there are main two camps in the spiritual healing world.

    1. The first is about empowering others to get up, awaken and open their eyes. It does not violate free will. It may at times be soft and gentle, it may be at other times be incredibly tough. Yet, it seeks only to remind us who we truly are and to inspire our own soul to animate our beingness in this world.

    2. The other camp owns benevolence for its self and thereby creates something it is not. It creates an alternative reality to escape from the world that we wish to leave behind. It may appear like evolution or spiritual healing. It just forms another illusionary bubble. Perhaps a more desirable one, but a bubble none-the-less, isolating us from full self realisation.

We have a choice and have to decide for ourselves which camp we are in and what serves us best. I’m not here to convince anybody. We can only see how we feel and resonate about what is presented for ourselves.

The law of karma

If we ‘take away’ the pain and suffering of another person, the karma that created it in the first place, will simply recreate it in another form.

That’s the same with anything. If we have a physical or emotional injury, that is notionally ‘healed’ and the original energetic source of disharmony is still there, then the injury will reform again somehow (if not physically then perhaps even emotionally or psychologically).

Nobody (no matter who they claim to be), can remove the actual karma that causes our suffering for us. To do that would defy the energy of existence itself. If we 'do' then we do so as an illusionary reality. Others can assist and inspire us in a way that might catalyse the most profound shifts, yet they cannot ‘remove’ the karma. An Energy Worker can help clear the debris once we have broken through the karma ourselves. They can help you to the gate and perhaps even greet you at the other side, but no-one can walk through it for you.

Freewill and non-violation

Benevolence will often inspire a shift in perception, an insightful break through or even a miracle. It does so by inspiration.
It does not interfere.
It does not manipulate.
It sends out a frequency that touches the same resonance in others who are ready to awaken those aspects of themselves.

Benevolence does not ‘effort’ to awaken higher consciousness in people. It just does so by resonating outwards, fulfilling itself by its very existence. It is like a trusting that it will go exactly where it is invited.

True spiritual healing is the same. It does not seek to disempower another by manipulating their energy field. It often awakens a life changing moment of realisation, igniting a recalibration at an energetic and then cellular level. It simply awakens that which was already in there waiting to be unleashed.

Co-creating together

It may already 'be in there’, but it’s important to remember that we co-create together. It can be invaluable to have the support of another on the journey... especially one who can dance with the benevolent spiritual energy of the universe.

So, even if we have to walk through the gate ourselves, we need not be alone.

Soul to Soul


Hi Trinity

Thank you for sharing this - clear, understandable, eloquent. It has helped me make sense of this issue. You say, "As human beings we might feel that this is too simple or that we aren’t doing anything much at all." We do seem to overcomplicate things, when just being is enough!


Thank you Trinity, I needed to read these words today. Sometimes I think I'm not really 'doing' anything, and don't feel urged to, just being seems to undo the knots - but I do tend to question - shouldn't there be some more action around this? Thank you for the reminder to just be.

Thanks Trinity for a wonderful article - it's been a 'hot topic' on Openhandweb recently and I imagine the ripples of contemplation and realisation will start spreading further afield.

It reminds me of a situation in an Organic food store once. The lady in front of me was being served and I couldn't help but hear her conversation with the assistant. It went something like this...

    Lady: "I've been having problems with grinding my teeth, but I've sorted it out now"

    Assistant: "Really? How so?"

    Lady: "I went to a hypnotherapist who programmed me to stop grinding my teeth"

    Me: (by now there's a strong Ray 1 impulse welling up inside which I just can't suppress :wink:)
    "May I ask why you were grinding your teeth in the first place?"

    Lady: "Yes of course. It's because I hate my job!"

Upon which, I let the conversation pass. The point being that all internal disorder is caused by some lack of realisation. The lady was doing something which her soul was strongly rejecting and speaking clearly through the teeth-grinding. Now we can either over-ride that or listen, unveil and evolve though it, in which case, healing will happen.

As you say Trin, true healing really is the return to wholeness.


When it comes to healing, ourself concerned or another, we get mainly due to resistance of any kind,there is much resistance to letting go of the story Once we have an experience, good or bad , we are knitting a story to it, before we 'descend' to the experience itself, maturing, by feeling what the true nature of it is and even if we do ,we become easily attached to the story This ease over time,
wears uncomfortable We are so accustomed to it, to verbalize and intellectualize, we continue hypnotize ourselves as if we have to do with the truth and this can be found back in many teachers, healers and masters of this and that
Really, how many are there on this planet, who know the universe on the inside out? Is it so hard to be humble ?
For me this time has a lot to do, to be absolutely real with yourself, not with the knowledge of the workings of the universe, that is not up to me Really being present, does'nt need much text or explanation, that you will experience immediately! We can't talk ourselves in or out our existence, let alone logical statements and concepts about it Without the accompanying story,we can flow freely, we are more naked, more open, more vulnerable, but so much more real And the more, we all show, our bare nakedness, without something to pretend, the brighter it gets The spontaneous sharing of your heart can do wonders Love has its own magical knitting

Trinity and Chris it seems to me that you both are true love knitters Smile

Etheric Faerie's picture

It is great to read your posts Trinity and Chris!

I try and read/watch something from the site everyday but have not posted for a while. I was moved to do so by this article and the similar article Chris has posted on light workers.

For me, I feel encouraged to share with others my vibrations towards the universal source energy and encourage them to resonate and connect at a deep level, and in so doing find their own oneness and being that will light them from within to find their path towards their own awakening. My problem is of course in trying to connect with like-minded people or those that want to resonate in a similar fashion and how therefore to project into my own community 'what' I am trying to achieve. I find I am restricted within my society unless I call it (this energy healing or light work) something!

The vocabulary within popular culture lends towards 'healing' as a construct within which others drawn to awaken but needing some form of signposting can relate.

By saying that I offer healing I am not looking to deceive people as I openly acknowledge that 'I' cannot heal but I allow myself to be a vessel for channelling of the source energy; but I am trying to facilitate an environment/arena in which I can support and guide someone who feels lost or disconnected with their own source energy to make that reconnection.

You are both so right when you say we can only heal ourselves and discover enlightenment and pure flow of source energy within ourselves, and not have that connection through someone else. I also believe that type of 'healing' is then a false projection or experience. An ego forcing it's view on another soul for its own satisfaction or self-gratification. Sadly, Chris is right to point out that a lot of 'healers' have taken this route because they have lost their way and been controlled by their ego.

But often people are so dampened down or inhibited by the environment in which they live/work/exist that they need some support to clear the path for them to start to reconnect and understand the karma they must work through. That is why I personally use the term healing, as I feel it attracts those that lack the vocabulary to search for what it is they truly seek.

Sometimes we need to accept that within this paradigm we must engage with the mainstream culture and utilise the tools available for our own ends, until such a time as those tools no longer serve, not only us but all mankind.

I also feel that at present being able to facilitate energy healing gives me an outlet for my own frustrations at the state of the earth and the people surviving on it, as I fear we are failing to thrive and will self-destruct. Perhaps this is indeed a karma I must heal from within!

However, healing in this way does allow me to operate within a 'safe zone', a zone I can manifest around me, where I feel less exposed to the harshness of a society that is blinded by its waywardness. Hopefully, more and more will awaken to the light and pure source and such a zone will not be necessary but for now it serves me and I believe it serves those that seek to heal themselves within its space too.

Love and light, Tracy xx

I understand you're intentions Tracy
Lately I ask myself regularly as it feels for me as an important issue, how to deal with the mainstream culture of spirituality I also asked myself the question if it's indeed a karma I must heal from within! At the "state" of the earth and the people surviving on it, that's karma we all have to deal with as mankind The question for me is how I stand with my personal 'karma' in the larger whole, because it is inextricably linked Until now I had a certain firmness in it
Recent years, dramatically changed the big picture, feel it vibrating and shaking under my feet, just to be expressed and that there are many people who really need guidance, support to clear to reconnect and understand, myself not excluded For me this became increasingly important, how willing is one to commit to themselves? Recognize the necessity of it, how important do they find it themselves? My importance is not decisive How willing is one .....to go as a human being on earth? If this is not really clear, not really understood, not really rooted, you can not do much When you have driven strong passion yourself, it is sometimes difficult to see that there is a great lack of passion in the mainstream , no drive?
Sometimes it seems more important to teach someone how to drive and fuel the passion, to take responsibility themselves behind the steering wheel, the road is open, we can not complete the picture for others
If one has learned to drive, it gives freedom to determine the way Some people like a planned group tour and others prefer to go on their own adventure The journey continues on this earth and I think we should really learn to fuel, love and enjoy ourselves in the journey, cloudy or sunny

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Your comment 'Return to Wholeness' exemplifies what I deal with every week in my chiropractic practice. Many of my patient's musculoskeletal disorders are related to mental stress. When I try to tell them this they either deny they are stressed or admit they are stressed but feel helpless to do anything about it. I do my best to give them relief from their discomfort, but I know that if the deeper cause of their problem is not resolved their physical maladies will just return or manifest in a different area.

This is one of the reasons I wrote a book called "Conquer Neck Pain with Thought Power". I am not claiming it is the definitive guide to mentally caused aches and pains, but I think it is a good start for most people. Unfortunately, most of the people I interact with don't want to hear that their problems are caused by thought. Many of them aren't even aware that they are under stress. The lady you encountered at the food market is way ahead of many of my patients.

Perhaps it is the nature of the beast. I am offering people relief from their physical aches and pains with physical intervention. I suppose they would have gone to a psychologist or hypnotist if they realized that their physical pains had a mental origin.

All this to say, I am trying to modify my approach to treating people's physical problems, but I seem to be hitting a brick wall.

Currently, I employ a combination of physical and mental intervention to the level of a patient's ability to accept and integrate the information. I believe the information from Openhand will help me to incorporate a more spiritual aspect of healing.


Well this is an interesting thread - thanks for all the contributions guys Ok

Etheric Faerie you said this...

    " My problem is of course in trying to connect with like-minded people or those that want to resonate in a similar fashion and how therefore to project into my own community 'what' I am trying to achieve. I find I am restricted within my society unless I call it (this energy healing or light work) something!

I recognise this totally. That's why on the Openhand Facilitator's Program , we actively encourage people to develop skills such as energy healing, massage, yoga etc. But if you're skilled and prepared to facilitate with intuitive, empowering questions, then more often than not, such practices lead into facilitated self realisation. In fact having this 'differentiator', means that 'clients' (I don't like that word!) will have a much more complete healing experiences and you're much more likely to build a strong reputation. This type of beingness tends to draw people of its own accord.

Bruce you said you're hitting a brick wall and then said this...

    Currently, I employ a combination of physical and mental intervention to the level of a patient's ability to accept and integrate the information.

I wonder what it is that you're doing exactly? Perhaps you could clarify a bit more.

In the Openhand Approach to Facilitation, we use a process called "SEER". We begin by asking the 'client' to share their situation ("S"). We then explore ("E") with them, all the time watching for 'spiking' words from the soul. We play back the spiking words and get the person to entrain to the energy of the word ("E") - where do they feel the impact of the word? We then help apply Right Action ("R") which is about feeling deeply into the feeling, then empowering them to unravel any tightness in relation to the feeling.

In terms of energy healing/activation, we work at being both empathic and catalytic. So by feeling into the client's field, we start to sense and intuit any blockages. We're already raising the issue up into the field. By focussing directive entrainment of the energy, we then help catalyse the shift.

This is the general approach.

Bruce King's picture


Thanks for the question.

Since I am a doctor of chiropractic I am adjusting (mobilizing) people's vertebra to alleviate musculoskeletal symptoms; mostly back and neck pain. This is essentially what people are coming to me for, but I find that the main cause of their chronic neck and back pain is often a psychological one. Oftentimes the psychological issue is below the patient's awareness; they don't even realize they are subconsciously creating their own pain. People tend to find the idea that they are creating their own pain objectionable. This is why I now broach the subject either delicately or not at all depending on what I sense the person is able to handle. This is what I mean by "patient's ability to integrate the information".

For a short time I explained in detail the psychological aspect of back and neck pain to my patients and gave them techniques to help themselves based on my book. However, a combination of patient resistance and my wife (who practices chiropractic with me in the same office) acting like I was chasing customers away or betraying the model of chiropractic that says that structural problems are the cause of pain, dissuaded me from continuing to give the full explanation to every patient that I felt needed to hear it.

Even though chiropractic adjustment can offer significant relief for neck and back pain it's only a temporary fix for the many people that have a deeper psychological cause for their problem.

I believe your SEER technique would help my patients. However, I would have to change my title from doctor of chiropractic to spiritual healer. Not because of any legal issue, but because then people would know what to expect when they come to see me. As it is now, people come to me for a chiropractic adjustment not psychological or spiritual help.

I know I will eventually turn to teaching the spiritual ways of healing as I believe this will create deeper healing for many people.

See why I wanted you to coach me.

It is an interesting conundrum Bruce. I empathise with you.

The first thing I would say is that whenever we face a conundrum like this, it's always because we've reached a road junction in the path where something is being invited of us - a change of being.

Perhaps it's about you 'coming out' a bit more? (I mean in a spiritual way of course).

Maybe you don't have to change your title completely, but just 'mould' it into something slightly different that encompasses a new way of being that wants to come through?

Something to explore perhaps.

Bruce King's picture

Good idea.

The more I think about it the more I can see the opportunities to move myself into a deeper way of caring for others. Maybe call myself a spiritual chiropractor?

Thanks for the help.

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Or maybe call yourself a holistic chiropractor?
(Characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental, spiritual and social factors, rather than just the physical symptoms of a disease.)

Bruce King's picture

Thanks for the comment on my post Ambrosius.

Yea, we are actually trained in somewhat of a holistic fashion (i.e., nutrition, mental factors, etc.) However, the reality is a business has to provide a service that people actually want to spend money on. And, what people want is pain relief. It's really a reach for many just to forgo the medical "pill" or knife solution and come to the chiropractor.

Open's example of the lady in line at the food store helps illustrate this. She "solved" her problem with hypnosis despite the fact that she knew it was the dislike of her job that created her jaw problem in the first place.

Like the lady in the food store, people choose health solutions based on the way they think. So, the core issue seems to be mental/spiritual.

Openway seems to have gotten to the foundation of humanities thought problems. This is one of the reasons it interest me so much.

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lately I have been integrating what this article speaks of, I am not sure if it is just at the Intellectual level, at times naturally I flow and do not judge a situation as bad or good...or as Positive or negative, I simply naturally just see it as another situation to self realize.

There are other times I am still judging the situations and as the observer catch myself in the act, then I self realize and slap my hand! Smile

Thank-you for bringing this article back at this Perfect time Trinity Smile