Openhand meets the Chalice Well

Submitted by Trinity on Fri, 03/30/2012 - 06:34

Avalon rising
I awoke today with great excitement because today is the day that we are taking the Openhand 'Walking the Path' level 2 residential course to the Chalice Well Garden Retreat Centre for the first time. The energy at the Well is truly special and I've been keen to take the Openhand work there ever since we moved to Glastonbury. Finally, we are doing just that!...

The Chalice Well is nestled in what I consider to be the heart of Avalon, in stepping distance of Glastonbury Tor. Avalon has a deeply special energetic significance for me, inspiring much of my own personal journey. The energy holds a space of inspiration, that feels a perfect companion to the work we do. It feels totally right at this time to bring this life changing course to the Chalice Well Gardens.

The energy in the gardens here is considered to be deeply healing as the sacred waters flow through. To me, the 'red', iron rich waters symbolise the sacred feminine within us all, providing a resounding reminder to honour the gifts of surrender and unity at our core. These are key aspects of the soul that are harnessed when learning to truly walk the path of the soul.

'Walking the Path' is a course dedicated to unveiling and attuning to the soul, whilst following the inner guidance that ensures we walk our true path in life. We are each blessed with a unique journey of evolution, so during our work we invite the honouring of your unique soul configuration. When we align with who we truly are at a soul level, we find that the universe rises to meet us in the most miraculous and magical ways. On 'Walking the Path', we provide a Spiritual Compass called "openway" that serves to empower your journey.

The Spiritual Compass helps you to break through restricting personal limitations, unveiling our own profound gifts of beingness. We don't tell you where to go, instead we do help you to find YOUR path: the path yearning to be unveiled from within.

So, beaming with enthusiasm and joy, I look forward to warmly welcoming our guests today. For those who aren't able to join us there, but would have liked to have been, please do tune in and feel the energy permeating outwards and allow it to inspire your journey at this time. And maybe you'll join us there in the future.

With Love

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Yes I'm excited about it too.

The Chalice Well has a very special Magdalene energy, very nurturing, peaceful but transformative.

Should be great for everyone involved. And I'm very much looking forwards to the other events we've already planned there in the months ahead.

Stay tuned!

Chris :smile:

The energies are flowing already with a beautiful beautiful start to the course. So many smiling faces! Unwinding and letting go, ready to delve inwards.

The retreat house, surrounded by its magical gardens, feels so warmly welcoming for us all, with the feeling that everything has been done with Love. The meditation studio is providing the perfect space to embark upon this journey and unravel.

Let's see what awaits us today.

Yes indeed - it's been a great start.
The energies have channeled strongly.
Already a major breakthrough has been had.
A life changing transformation at a cellular level.

Awesome to experience!


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that's ALL I wanted to say :-)

"Down from the water
She crowns her head
Down from the water
She grows

Down from the water
She casts a spell
Down to the water
She goes"

Im sure its going to be a great course.

Walking the path was one of the best experiences of my life.
Thank you Trinity and Chris for that. What you do is wonderful and i will always be grateful for all the amazing experiences i have with Openhand. <3


So much moving, shifting, delving, uplifting it is difficult to summarise this morning. For everyone, something unique and personal.

To me personally (and for all those who are guardians of the sacred chalice at the heart of the divine feminine), an unexpected deeply revelation union yesterday. :innocent:

That is all my words can muster. For now some beautiful images to enjoy. I took these when the sun first rose above the pool. More photo's to follow...

What an amazing course. I can hardly believe that it has been five days since I began this journal!

It was a beautiful, transformational time, filled with deeply shifting energies for all involved. The energies were deep, yet nurturing. Chris and I feel deeply thankful to all who joined us there finding the courage and commitment to go inwards.

Sarah, Elizabeth and Jan being radiant as ever...

Pennie walking through another Gateway!

Fred entertaining the group with his profound sharing...

Sandra and Oliver strolling the magical gardens at Chalice Well...

Beautiful people on the course
(awaiting incredibly patiently whilst I figure out how to work my camera)...

David 'a man on a mission'...

Dear All,
I just wanted to repeat my deep & heartfelt thanks for a truly beautiful & magical weekend! The Chalice Well gardens & retreat centre certainly delivered an abundance of deep, nurturing tranquility & beauty. I think we all felt we were even more supported than usual by the energetic resonance of the environment. As usual, I am humbled by the bravery of the beautiful people I share this journey with. We should never underestimate the collective power of the work we do & the impact it has in the field. I salute you all! Until I see you all again (very soon! :)) I send you all my love & deepest gratitude! XXXXX


thank you all for this very inspiring and uplifting Weekend. Thank you for beeing you and encouraging me to be truly me.

I am really looking forward to see you soon again!

I like to share a Song with you, which came to my mind sitting in the Plane, waiting for lift off:

So true what they say... a picture speak a thousand words, not only words but a vast ocean of beautiful and magical energy. Thank you Trinity, they help share what we were lucky enough to be a part of.
As the course came to a close yesterday I was really overwhelmed with joy in having been a part in such a wonderful gathering, I can still feel the energy bubbling away in my heart.

With a heartful of love


What a truly magical weekend!

This was by far the most powerful and amazing experience I have had with Chris and Trinity and the wonderful people who are drawn to the work of Openhand. I would like to thank all the brave and loving people who were there for their love, support and compassion, which made it such a magical experience for me.

As for Chalice Well - more please, I can't imagine a more inspiring place to be.

Thank you so much Chris and Trinity (not forgetting David) - 'thank you' feels inadequate, but I can't find a word to express my gratitude for everything you are and do.

From my heart to yours


Friends, Avalonians, Openhanders, lend me your ears!

Do yourself a favour and listen to Sarah's wonderful debut song "You Fire up my Soul" that she's dedicated to our Gathering at the Chalice Well. It's melted my heart...

You Fire up my Soul

Thank you all my friends for the few magical days in Chalice Well and being such inspiration to me. I was deeply moved when at last we all held hands, I saw such maturity of souls reflected in your presence and felt deeply honored to be in your embrace.

Much Love and hope to cross paths with you all again soon!

I feel like to share this song which truly connected me to the deepest yearning of my soul when I first watched it. I then decided to search for the lyric and guess where it led me to - the Openhand site where Trinity had already posted a thread on its lyric.

You are amazing!
All of you :innocent:
Thank you for the beautiful beautiful sharings...