Breaking through Personal Limitation: "I can, I will, I must"

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Do you ever get the sense that it's not "SC" (spiritually correct) to express passionate will? In the 'New Age Movement', where 'acceptance' and 'surrender' are the big buzz words, is there still a place for passionate courage, commitment and determination? Certainly to me there is.

So how do these qualities relate to acceptance and surrender? Are they meant to be blended together in some way? How do you commit to something with your whole heart, but without attached struggling?...

The commitment and passion to get things done

Understandably the warrior characteristic has received pretty bad press in the spiritual mainstream over the years. That's because this inherent quality of the soul, has been horribly distorted to control and suppress others. But is that a reason to 'throw the baby out with the bath water': to meditate out the will, passion and commitment to get things done? Certainly not to me - these characteristics are invaluable essences of the soul - the masculine warrior energy of commitment.

I work with spiritual people all around the world, and generally I notice a common theme running throughout the evolving movement: a general suppression of the authentic arising of committed passion.
I sense it happens for these reasons:

  1. society has conditioned and suppressed people to limited lifestyles, with controlled expressive beingness
  2. even when people break free, there's a lot of advice about 'letting go' and 'acceptance' which gets misconstrued as giving up the individuality of committed self expression
  3. spiritual practices frequently seem to dissolve out individuality as they work to unravel the ego.

But true surrender is not 'acceptance of anything goes'. What do I mean by that?

Commit to the directive of the universe

There is a natural flow to the universe. As we know, everything is interconnected - that flow courses through us, when we open up and make space for it to flood in. Where does the flow then take a truly surrendered person? My observation is that the soul is yearning to be liberated, and so this is what it does...

    Manifests all the situations that would limit and constrain,
    in order that we can confront those barriers and break through.

How do you break through? You do it by accepting the path that unfolds before you, then intuiting what you're being invited to do - either by the heart-felt pull, or the landing of higher knowing. When you make internal space to pick up on these internal impulses, the soul will guide you into your own repressed tightness - fear for example, that identifies you with the illusion, rendering you less than who you truly are.

    For instance: we might live in fear of leaving a relationship because we're afraid of living alone; or leaving a job we don't feel satisfied with because we're afraid of not being supported; or not committing to that heart-felt dream, because of fear we'll fail.

All of these experiences will generate internal tightness - literally your energy field contracts down; your consciousness then becomes flooded with the energy of failure - the previous limiting pattern. The mind goes into negative overdrive; the body and breathing stiffen; and we close off to higher guidance - the creative soul can no longer flow in.

It is exactly these moments that we need to embrace and confront - because here is where the maximum soul growth is possible.

Feel the fear, do it anyway, then soften into the tightness

The fear is there for a reason - it tells you something important for your spiritual development is about to happen: that there's a priceless opportunity to expand beyond a previous limitation.

So here's what I invite you to do:

  1. feel the fear of the choice presenting itself (breaking up a limiting relationship for example)
  2. commit to what you know in your heart to be correct, irrespective of the fear
  3. then crucially, explore and feel the contractions within your body - the negative thinking, the heavy emotions, the tightness of the physical, the worrying mind
  4. know that all of these reactions are simply transient energetic experiences, they are not meant to define you
  5. Let go of the need for any kind of physical outcome - winning is the growth of soul
  6. soften into the contractions by feeling through them and find the Void of Silence inside, of calm stillness - it is that sense of infinite potential
  7. allow for the spontaneous arising of a new sense of beingness
  8. give yourself completely to outward expression of that beingness
  9. finally, watch for the Synchronistic Feedback Loop that shows the universe is supporting your growth.

I can, I will, I must

This is what surrender is all about. It's not the acceptance of 'anything goes'. You're surrendering to the universe, and its directive that you're become increasingly unbounded by the external drama by infusing your soul through it.

It's the constant confrontation of the internal limitation of the moment - this is true surrender to the universal flow.

For this level of confrontation, it takes enormous levels of commitment and will. There aren't many out there at the moment who're embracing this, but if you're drawn to what I've written, and you're still reading, you're almost certainly one of those warriors: the kind of person who feels - "I can, I will, I must".

This is not a classically spiritual video, you might not consider it 'spiritually correct', but it certainly sends shivers up the warrior's spine. I can feel the soul in it. The guy calls himself "ET" - go for it dude...

from my heart to yours


    Oh Divine Being that you are,
    the time has come,
    time to stir the soul,
    time to rise out of the Darkness.

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Thank you for this Open! I am so feeling this article right now. Over the last 6 -12 months I have been creeping my way out of a cocoon it feels and now I really feel new aspects of myself emerging and expressing. Believing that I needed to "protect my inner peace" i cut myself off from interacting very much with the world... Even though I felt very lonely And frustrated in this state... So yes Over the last couple months I am feeling passion arise AND not dissolving it- I am finding myself making connections with people, resources, ventures and experiencing synchronicities that support these expressions. I suddenly feel more alive and like there is more of me... I feel a pull to get involved.... To engage with the world and as I do I keep finding myself in just the right place to hear something, to meet someone etc. I feel my fire and will and commitment and drive and it feels AMAZING!!!! Connecting to this fire helps me to hold my own space more and brings the determination and will to keep confronting and softening through any challenges.

After reading your post on another article... I can see that cutting off my engagement with the world was about cutting off engagement with aspects of myself. The passion for and drive toward connecting outside is just a reflection of the inner state. Ok it's super late here so not sure if I am communicating that clearly =)!!

I find all the time me having a certain need for an outcome and asking myself will i make through all this distortions and blockages? I certainly can . We all can! Thanks for the inspiring article. :)

Thankyou for yet another thought provoking and inspiring article Open, I grapple with this whole thing about surrender, non attachment, or am I just accepting anything goes (? ) daily. Sometimes I grapple with it so much my head hurts and I just want to give up. The guy in the clip was certainly an inspiration to never give up. Loved it.

More to say...this confusion on letting go and surrendering equating to taking no action at all is a place I have been in! There is so much energy put toward acceptance and then no action... Just letting everything pass through me and dropping any urges to change the outside. I realized that this was not enough not totally aligned. I was so afraid of acting out of ego that I was not allowing any action or expression and suppressing any pull to change the outside whatsoever. It's so tricky because at this point for me it's not always clear what the universe would have me be or do in any moment, but I have found I just have to accept the moment and life as it is unfolding and then take action as I feel it even if I am not 100% certain... Once I do this I see the synchronicity or I don't... I see in the mirror of the external if that is in the flow or not. This has been very transformational for me!

I know this one's challenging guys. Especially since the spiritual mainstream keeps teaching people to move to the 'place of non-duality' - which often seems to be an excuse for not doing anything at all. Which is still ego!

It has to come to the place where there is seamless spontaneity - no resistance, no matter what the universe is inviting you to do. This is true Enlightenment - none attachment through the full-on experience. Like jumping across the cliff in the film - a great metaphor. Perhaps you could die in the action - how do you feel about that?

So how do you know when you're being called to do something and when it's only the ego?

That's exactly the question we need to learn to hold without the answer being immediately available. The ego wants the answer now, is doubtful, and terrified of either making a decision; or making a mistake.

You have to let go of the idea of 'making a mistake'.

Making a mistake only happens in relation to some objective or outcome you thought you needed.

If however, your 'objective' is to learn, evolve and grow, there are no mistakes. In fact what I've always found is, that when you make a 'mistake' (in the classic sense of the word), actually that's when you always learn most.

So to truly advance quickly, we need to keep pushing the envelope:

    Open the space into the moment,
    let go of the need for any kind of outcome,
    take a chance that what you feel is the right thing to do - is the right thing to do,
    then jump of the cliff edge, into the choice,
    "breathe life into it".

    Watch the outer world's reaction to your choice:
    especially notice if it pushes other people's buttons -
    then you know you're in some degree of truth.
    Watch were it pushes your buttons - then you're definitely in truth.
    Now here's the gem: here's what you've been waiting for; here's why you created the moment....

    Feel the tightness, soften into it, peel away the density, reclaim that lost aspect of soul gold buried there,
    feel the integration of a new beingness,
    then step positively forwards into a new world.
    Now watch the supportive signs of synchronicity.

    This is true alchemy,
    this is how you change reality with your consciousness.
    Change that is, in alignment with the natural flow.

That's all there is to it.

Open *OK*

PS - it does take a lifetime of practice!
Better get to it...

For me it is about not giving up. It is about keeping on regardless of how lost I can get. I keep coming back to creating the bridge between this reality I see with my physical senses and the brief glimpses of the unseen. Today I read something by Carl Jung that brought tears to my eyes...a reminder for me of what is truly important. This was his dream that showed him the importance of consciousness:
"It was night in some unknown place and I was making slow and painful headway against a mighty wind. Dense fog was flying along everywhere. I had my hands cupped around a tiny light which threatened to go out at any moment. Everything depended on my keeping this little light alive....This little light was my consciousness, the only light I have. My own understanding is the sole treasure I possess, and the greatest. Though infinitely small and fragile in comparison with the powers of darkness, it is still a light, my only light."

Thank you Open! What you wrote here is so helpful.

"Open the space into the moment, let go of the need for any kind of outcome, take a chance that what you feel is the right thing to do - then jump of the cliff edge, into the choice, "breathe life into it". Watch the outer world's reaction to your choice: especially notice if it pushes other people's buttons - then you know you're in some degree of truth. Watch were it pushes your buttons - then you're definitely in truth."

I love how you say to breathe life into what you feel is the right thing to do and then watch the outer worlds reaction... This approach has taken my sense of forward movement and passion off of ice and I can see it more as a sort of trial and error... Just going for it and seeing how that feels... Especially in circumstances that feel low impact to others but give me some experience... Some practice.

I experience periods of tightness and expansion as coming in waves. There will be periods of time where I seem to be in constant conflict and working through the tightness and resistance. At other times I experience periods of time where I am just engaging in what brings me joy and I notice that things are all clicking into place with regard to connections to people, resources, events and this has a feeling of rightness to it as well... I experience the connectivity, expressiveness and joy in being. For me it seems that the expansiveness is not something I immediately recognize when moving through the tightness.. It is more something I notice in how there is a change in how I perceive, how I am received...also there seems to be more of me to express and more freedom in that expression.

I've watched the above film clip from "Mission Impossible" several times since it is utterly compelling to feel into the situation and the character's fearless leap from the cliff into the unknown. I've gone into the contraction of my fear of death and expanded into it with the light of my soul. I caught a glimpse of how completely liberating it would be to make the jump with complete abandon -- free from fear as to whether I live or die. Either way, it simply would not matter. That feeling arises from absolute non-identification with the body. "I am not the body." And from the feeling that I am an eternal soul, One With All That Is. This is different from choosing to die because I am attached to pain and suffering and seek death to escape from it. I accept that I am here to realize myself as the non-identified Seer, the Absolute in all experiences, identified with none. I am feeling that it isn't possible to dissolve attachment to any experiences -- abandonment, betrayal, whatever -- without releasing identification with the body and the fear of dying. When I dissolve this fear, I dissolve all fears. Then I can fearlessly leap from any cliff to anywhere. On to more practice. x Catherine

I'm glad other people felt that too Catherine *OK*

For me, it stirred up the feeling of being right on the blade edge of life, yet calm and collected in the face of death.

When he was hanging on, I could feel the balance most acutely then. It's like it didn't matter if he let go or continued.

I find that in this non attached state, it's when you can perform most authentically in life. Without fear of loss, you're compelled to give the fullness of yourself.

Thanks for the feedback loop

Open *OK*

I am lost for words...Unreal, beautiful, exasperatingly wonderful...Thank-you Open