Deception on the Spiritual Path

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It's so easy to create illusionary realities on the path. Subtle essences of ego know how the soul is likely to act in particular circumstances. We've 'seen' what 'Enlightenment' looks like and a part of the soul might want to copy that. It's kind of like an echo of the real thing. These are the shadow identities that can be so deceptive. We're in a place of bliss perhaps, but is that where the soul is meant to be? It's not helped by the persistence of an "Opposing Consciousness" in the field, a purposeful energy with an underlying agenda to limit mankind's evolution. But if we can be honest with ourselves, there'll be an unease with any false dawns. We'll find the true light...

The danger of identity

For some its hard to imagine I know, that in the 'Matrix' field all around us, there are deceptive energies that are collectively called an Opposing Consciousness. When you expand into the fourth dimension, if you truly question the nature of what you find, then you're bound to experience it. It's a formless energy with many guises that can slip into the psyche of the unaware.

    It's purpose is to create fixed eddy currents of limiting behaviour, attachments that generate filters: such as thoughts, feelings and emotions, that play through our field, which we then create realities around. Often these deceptions - like false love and light - feel so close to the truth, we're happy to dwell in them. What happens is they create a polarity in your field, through which you bleed energy.
    It is this which helps perpetuate the Matrix in which we live.

The soul doesn't need fixed identities - especially spiritual ones. It is boundless, unlimited, it will happily explore the density of a heavy place just as a light one. It's purpose is spiritual growth through ever expanding personal integrity of knowing - knowing the truth of reality as experienced through your being.

The Matrix - a complex weave of frequencies

In society we've become so used to the 'Matrix'. It's a word that's glibly cast around and mostly referring to an intellect-based, subconscious collection of human generated thought forms that shape society. But actually it goes much deeper than that. It is a complex weave of vibrational frequencies sustained from the fourth density. It's like white noise, that we've become so accustomed to, it's slipped in sureptitiously and now sits silently in our subconscious.

    There are two key frequencies that it 'plays': one some call 'false love and light' and the other, I call 'the raptor consciousness'. The first is a frequency which effectively draws the higher soul out of the bodymind. If you're in that aspect of the soul, it will feel like bliss - probably something you've heard good things about and want to stay in. Yet it prevents the higher soul from integrating down into the bodymind. We become spaced out and ungrounded, not really fully 'here'. I've seen it happen to spiritual seekers who've experienced at least a partial kundalini activation; they're now 'up in the clouds' struggling to embody again.

The 'raptor consciousness' is all about consumption. It's a dense frequency that revels in the physical nature of life. Of course there is nothing at all wrong with enjoying the pleasure of materiality: sumptuous food, loving sexual intercourse, the joy of being in a physical body, yet it's so easy to become attached to these things, to become engrossed in them until the lower soul is distorted and 'owned' by them. It's seems like additives in our food, pornography, and execessive attention to glamour are purposefully propogated to accentuate these behaviours. They desensitise us to the higher soul, separating us from our ultimate destiny. It is particularly these frequencies which we need to watch for, uncover and unwind.

Hidden Agendas

In my perception, these frequencies are part of a complex deception by the Opposing Consciousness to lead humanity astray from alignment with the divine design for our reality and our planet. They're the truly hidden agendas, ones that go even deeper than most of the surface level conspiracy theories.

They're propagated surreptitiously through thought implantation and stimulation of emotion.
Here's just a few of them:

  • False love and light: we've perceived that its unevolved to judge. So now there's an acceptance of anything goes. We may have accessed the softness of the higher soul and attached to that. We're now less able to integrate within the body and influence the physicality of life in alignment with the divine.
  • The Raptor Consciousness: is about reveling in the false sense of abundance of materiality. 'Intentionally Manifesting' falls into this particular trap. It may feel like everything's clicking into place in a material sense, but is it because we're subtlely aligning with the matrix of excessive consumption and exploitation of natural resources? If spiritual success comes quickly, it's often a false dawn.
  • The eco-friendly bandwagon: its entirely natural to want to apply greener and more environmentally conscious ways to live. Yet so often, it's still about how we can shape a more sustainable future for mankind (and the entities we're hosting). Instead of aligning with the greater good of all sentient life on planet Earth. There's still the falsehood of wanting to control environments, rather than trusting Gaia to do what she does best.
  • "Free Energy": nothing is free! Every cause has an effect. Even if we magic energy from the Zero Point Field, we have to create the machines to do it and then widespread tools and gadgets to benefit from them. These all require resources of which Gaia has a finite capacity. It risks another false dawn, falling into the camp of continued earth exploitation, rather than needing less, and discovering that less is more.
  • The technology solution: to me, there is a very clear Opposing Consciousness agenda to accelerate the technology race to take humanity out into space, especially as the earth's surface becomes increasingly exploited. Or else to find cleaner ways of exploiting more. I do believe we can benefit from improved technology, but certainly not at the expense of planetary harmony with all life, nor our own destiny of self realisation. Technology has so often become a tool to distract and divert.
  • Spiritual possession: as unpleasant as it may sound, I've observed an accelerating agenda to tempt souls out of their body through false Ascension techniques and then trapping them in a false bubble within the fourth density. Opposing Consciousness then effectively possessess the largely vacant being. You witness it as an aloofness or vacancy in the eyes. You feel it as a density in their lower field.

Having hosted many spiritual workshops, time and again I've witnessed these underlying agendas 'hiding' within apparent truth. I recall one such experience...

    We were sitting in a highly energetic meditational space, working to infuse and embody higher soul. But clearly there was misunderstanding. We were not looking to bring light in from elsewhere, only from within our own field. Suddenly, we experienced higher dimensional apparitions appear, in the form of recognisable "Ascended Masters" that one of the group had been tuning into. They filled the space with the blissful sense of love and light. At first I was almost taken in by it, so alluring was the energy. But a warning light in my own inner guidance flickered. Tuning into other members of the group, I could feel a number of souls being drawn upwards, unable then to integrate higher beingness in their own bodies. At this point, I energetically insisted they leave. It was then much easier for people to ground and infuse higher soul.

What makes people susceptible?

  • Lack of self honesty: this is born out of attachment to the need for an outcome (like to be successful or accepted). You can hear the quiet voice, but deny or ignore it.
  • Spiritual glamour: you may think you've processed out much of the ego. Yet an imposter of the soul can easily hide behind the mask of 'expressing joy and uniqueness', 'helping lots of people', 'healing the planet' or 'spreading love and light'. But is it truly selfless?
  • Lack of trust: not trusting in the flow of the universe and how cosmic consciousness unravels disharmony or injustice. So there might still a latent desire to try to 'take things into your own hands' rather than aligning with this cosmic unraveling.
  • Hidden desires: there's an authentic soulful yearning to fulfill divine service. But so often, 'imposters of the soul' hide within these desires, because you may not be fully satisfied with the void of emptiness - the abode of the absolute.
  • Insensitivity: especially in internet social networks, the spiritual journey risks becoming more an intellectual exchange of ideas - 'research' - rather than deep realisation. There's a looking for surface level satisfaction rather than the persistence of going deeper.
  • Lack of patience: the universe takes its time to unfold in its fullness. But society has conditioned humanity to quick and expedient fixes. Ever greater depths of patience help the soul to fully embody, which then shapes reality authentically.

How might you overcome Spiritual Deception?

  • Become the Void: first and foremost is to explore ones own being ever deeper until you touch the Void of infinite potential. When you find peace and contentment just the way things are, without need of change, then you become less susceptible to the glamour of a quick fix.
  • Test the soul: keep aligning with, attuning to, and testing the soul in every single moment. How does your soul speak to you? How do you recognise its vibration? But always keep testing this alignment against the question "is there a deep sense of 'rightness' with this behaviour or action?"
  • Tune into synchronicity: synchronicity is the objective mother tongue of the universe. If you accept totally that you are the creator of our own reality, then the mirror you manifest will surely tell you if you're going astray - if what you create causes inner tightness and subtle contraction.
  • Watch for repetitive patterns: if you're running a distortion (a conditioned behaviour), but you're being profoundly honest with yourself, then patterns of conditioned behaviours will manifest themselves. By the Law of Attraction you'll draw appropriate situations and circumstances to confront your limitations. Openly embrace these gifts.
  • Seek to move beyond self judgment: we all may mistakes! Non of us is perfect (at least not in an evolving being sense). So if you see that you've been caught in some kind of deception, self forgiveness and acceptance is key to mastering it.

The walls of the Matrix are Fragmenting

Fortunately, a growing number of evolving people are beginning to test the illusions, including the spiritual ones, that the Opposing Consciousness has helped us create. Energetically we've been working behind the scenes sending out vibrations that question the ligitimacy of the system. To me, it's this that caused the credit crunch for example in 2008; it's this that's challenging and fracturing the inequity and injustice we see all around us. When people challenge the deception within their own being, it's then that they send the Opposing Consciousness packing.

The matrix we live in is so much more than a collation of humanity's mental control and manipulation dramas. It's been purposefully created as entwined vibrational frequencies to limit and suppress. Well now I can literally feel that fourth density web unraveling and beginning to break apart.

As above so below: thus we can rightly expect to see the unraveling affect here in the 3D. And I do believe we are seeing the early signs: growing financial instability; ever more people challenging the unseen powers; accelerating spiritual liberation. But this is only the beginning, we must keep on pushing through, being absolutely honest within the Core of our own Being.

Then surely, one day, the deceptive walls of this unjust Jericho will topple!


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first of all, thanks for your services and writing, there is much resonance within me from what you are writing about and I am learning from you now and then.

I have been studying the James Mahu material at (and at least five other web sites that he is creating) since a year back. Have you had time to look at the material? There is a interview with James at Project Camelot, that are discussing the "matrix" and what you are calling opposing consciousness. Very interesting, and if you have the time, its worth reading.

He talks about the matrix as "The Human Mind system" set up by several subsystems, one of them "polarity system". I would be very interested to hear your comments on what he is writing.

All the best wishes from Johny

Thanks for your support for the article Johny - much appreciated.

At this stage Trinity and myself are not really given to delve much into other work. We are higher dimensional messengers and are given to share directly from that source through this Openhand Approach.

From what you describe, it does seem to resonate.

Well then I have to rely on myself, and that I suppose is what you are telling us to do. The one tip you had today about "testing my soul" was a very good one, I will for sure do that.

Anyway the opposing consciousness are out htere for sure, and for sure not so pleasant. But I am doing my work I think and maybe it is of worth, hard to know.

I will do some post as well later in in the thread regarding implants, of wich I have had and/or has.... hard to know that as well. But I will post in the right thread my questions about that!

all the best wishes,


This resonates for me VERY DEEPLY at this time, almost completely WORD FOR WORD, to the TEE... except the Bliss part... Ive been here before, and I know that any attachment, seemingly happy or sad is at least for me a conditioned part(THE GLUE)to holding on to that attachment...whatever it is, lost in the FEEL...(hope that makes sense) So for myself I wouldnt say a feeling of bliss, or happiness, or anything like that.. but for me its more like a deep grateful relief. A thankfulness I cannot explain. Now my attention is put on dealing with healing, from some of the physical disease/ailments Ive adopted over this last yr... even if I do lose my feet, I will take that life over the owned false one that I have had... I dont see anything really as a beginning and ending, to me it just keeps moving...

Thank you for listening...

Hi Chris,
I remember you once wrote about a shadow identity that questions...that's certainly my experience a lot of the time. Working in isolation means following my soul to the beat of my own drummer and I am often left wondering about the beat...I've been able to formulate a question...How do I know what's real/authentic and what's not? Some days I just know...others I question everything including my own sincerity...

Yes indeed, in fact if you look at each of the characteristics of the soul (The Seven Rays of Divine Impulse) each of these will have a shadow to deal with at some point; and what's more likely, several interrelated ones. The ray 3, can indeed become the questioner. Although this is unlikely to lead to some of the deceptions I've spoken of above.

In fact, you've found the solution to spiritual deception, but perhaps don't fully realise it yet. You asked this question:

    "How do I know what's real/authentic and what's not?"

It may seem obvious, but this is exactly the question to ask. And most importantly, to hold that question actively and always in your consciousness.

It's a question you cannot answer fully until you are in the moment with it. The mind wants the answer now, but if we can just hold the space with the question and watch the interplay, the universe will speak and show us through synchronicity where we're being authentic and when not.

Lack of authenticity is felt as a tightness, a lack of comfort, non acceptance. It often speaks through ones own body language.

Authenticity is often felt as expansiveness, directness, clarity.

I have been feeling into this for a while now, not completely understanding what I was experiencing. So much of what was going on around me felt forced and uncomfortable for me. I have understood that I must listen to my own guidance for a long time, but didn't become aware how rare that is until recently. I don't think as humans we have really ever been responsible for our own destiny at any point in our history. This is very new for us, and will take some patience and awareness to bring it to fruition. As more of us become conscious that LaLa land is not the destination, but a distraction, albeit a lovely one, it will become easier for others to open to the real possibilities. In the meantime, I'm patient with myself and others as we expand and grow.

Chris' article is very informative and important about how we get deceived and deceive ourselves..all be it in innocence.My eyes were opened a little wider in 2011 and so relatively new to the awakening.I was left a little bewildered at the amount of sites and people on the web channeling information mostly from The Ascended Masters and other Dieties and Entities.I'm not saying these people are wrong as I'm sure it comes from a beautiful intent(maybe the higher self in some cases)but a little too Utopian realistically.
So I feel that the likes of advertising a channeling with AA Michael on Friday nights at 7.30pm is maybe deceiving oneself and confusing others somewhat.

    "So I feel that the likes of advertising a channeling with AA Michael on Friday nights at 7.30pm is maybe deceiving oneself and confusing others somewhat."

Ah, the Friday night special with Mikey! Think I'll just stick to movies LOL!

After reading this article my first reaction was a stabbing pain in the back of my head followed by nausea.

I've always questioned the realities that temporary presented themselves in my life, hoping that the truth existed behind the next veil. Now I feel that the glimpses of truth could have been just mere projections. Perhaps the focus should be on the now only.

Chris, while your article is extremely important, it feels a bit like a bad news....if that is what we are against it seems like a never-ending mountain. Too late to go back though. I'd rather be overwhelmed that turn back into a mass media created automaton.

You're doing an awesome work. Thank you.


Chris, thank you for this article. It speaks to so much of what I've been working through lately - just the things I spoke of in our coaching work. In fact you address here points I was unable to articulate in that forum ... amazing. Amazingly wonderful.

I don't think this is "bad news" at all - quite the opposite. The bottom line here, the bottom line always, is that the answers, the truth, everything -lie within you. No further, no more complicated than that. Trust.

It may seem obvious but Trinity's recent article on authenticity is the perfect compliment to this thread here. Thanks to you both - your presence and love is deeply felt.


much has been said here, thanks first of all to you Chris for this article, and for all comments too.

How important it is, Chris, that this (message) is sent out - again and again and again... there is so much self-deception, self-delusion! And most saddening: with so much good-will, and good intention behind it --- what a waste, i'd say...

One little comment:

At this particular time i feel it is especially important to watch our energy leaks... there is some strong explosive tension (as i sense) bubbling under the surface of visible things, and by now: with a great amount of suppression (delay of spring this year is just a beautifully synchronistic representation of this, but: "rebirth" will happen no doubt...). It will push its way through for sure but the channels created by the flow of these energy leaks of ours might become detouring pathways of manifestation (and not in accordance with benevolent consciousness, i'd say).

There was a huge beautiful opening of consciousness after the 21/12/12, which did send a good number of us out to seventh heaven... But beware.

The Buddhists have a practice: ;)

When the disciple has been opened and sensitised to a certain degree, they go for the balanced approach: and they send him out and make him do some gardening.

I like that: in fact, this is what i am doing at the moment. Gardening both outside - and inside. Dig a little in the ground of the subconsious, prepare the ground for what is coming, grounding myself continuously (hard as it can be sometimes) and I am pruning (continuously) all the shoots which might waste the energy supposed to be channelled in a better way. Among others by looking at my energy leaks. And don't we all have those.

Sometimes it is good (liberatingt) to be aware of the forces behind (it does away with a great part of debilitating guilt) but of course the importance of personal responsibility can never be emphasised enough.

Love, R

That's a beautiful reminder, Reka, thank you. Spring is really springing here in Boston ... time to go get my hands dirty ... and smell the flowers


Thank you for the link at WingMakers. I have been searching this site lately and so much resonates.


Chris, a great article and very helpful. It explains so much clearly, and had a profound effect on me and helped me with somethings I have been struggling with lately.

Reka, good timing with your comment about gardening, as this evening I felt a need to get out into my garden and dig over my raised beds. It was a symbolic as well as a practical step, and then to read your post really made me smile. Thank you both.

With love, Mark

I only really read the first few sentences of this article, and 2 mins later
there it was, that same scenario being described. haahahah


So funny!

I am exploring this whole thingy recently, with illusions, delusions, self-deceptions and traps, and the essence of true living.

Yesterday I felt like writing something about patience and ability to wait for things to shapeshift and happen on their own (in a way), so an element of surprise is always there, or a degree of not knowing what is going to happen.

Over the last couple of days I run into people caught in all kinds of 'bubbles', and, naturally, started exploring myself, why I am seeing this and what it tells me about myself and my process.

And just a moment ago I've ran into a quote that says (in Russian):

"When walls fall, horizons emerge"

My nature is very mmmm self-doubting and I always question reality, my experiences, perceptions and choices. And what I found for myself is that it often takes me away from living.

So one of the many answers I got recently is that because I know somewhere deep inside that all this can't be real and is ultimately an illusion, this knowing prevented me from what I am here for: experiencing things.

So I ran into somebody in the gym who told me that she has to create an illusion for herself in order to function in this world.

And I wondered what message it brings to me... And the answer was LIVE. Live the illusion as if it is the most real and true thing in the world.

Because there is no truth. There is an instantaneous, temporary one, and so you can never trust it. But you can live it. So I liberated myself from this burden, and sinked deeper into this world, which is the best, most amazing, magical and incredible thing in the whole universe - really feeling and seeing this world, feeling the impossible, nothing turning into something, every moment, and I can experience all this, I can touch it!!! For real! With my own hands! Wow!

So, my conclusion for myself at this point, is that often it is better not to think, doubt, question and try too much, but rather live, learn and find out. Otherwise, it just takes out of raw experience, which necessarily includes mistakes, and bumping into walls, and going off the road and having some extra adventures on the way... and it also includes constant disillusionment. So one should accept that all illusions are doomed to be broken. I was sad about this understanding in the beginning. Because I got to really taste the illusion, and then some part of me wanted to keep it, because it is so amazing. But now I am not sad anymore. I am grateful and curious, and ready for whatever... my part is to make sure that I move and feel and... am, you know :)

This is the choice I make because for me, personally, the most important thing is to live, as life appears.

And I feel that when I try to protect myself from anything, including myself, it takes something away, it takes life away.

The great thing for me in this article was that just by simply living and following my intuition, very simple, without separating myself from anything I am observing, without trying to cure anything or anybody, or to make things happen or move in a certain direction... I am not against or pro anything. I am just living. And, somehow, I am having all the bullets used :D How amazing. As if the universe says: you're doing ok, keep going.

I am really glad that I get another proof that I can trust myself, and I do, more and more, every day.


Just today I was thinking about this very topic so I was delighted by this synchronicity, even though there's clearly a strong message for me to 'feel' about. I'm saying feel rather than think in resonance with Yulia's comments about living, learning and finding out. That's exactly where I am right now so thank you both Open and Yulia for the prompt. With LOVE, Bethan

Hello open,

I am becoming more spiritually aware of my surroundings and of myslef. I had a car accident 5 years ago and fractured my spine in many places.The accident pulled me into a viscous downwad spiralling tornado, it seemed like there was no way out. I hit rock bottom, gave up and decided to end it all. so my awakening began. Synchronising events led me to find the man of my dreams. He showed me love, trust, honesty,courage and a side of myself I never knew existed. Before my wakening my mind would always terririse me and make me parraniod and fearful of everything and everyone around me, but since awakening I have managed to work with the densities, understand them and trust in myself for the very first time. Though through my ovservations I have come to realise how deeply consumed by the densities my partner and the wide majority of people I come across. I am moving forward by myself, bit by bit, unwinding my blockages. The reason why I am writing this to you open is I have come to a brick wall. I am getting pressured into finding work from my partner, and my family. "Working in any place is better than no place at all" they say, but I dont want to waste my time running around in circles. My soul doesnt want me to become consumed by the working life. I have asked my higher self to show me where I go from here. It has asked me to surround myself with nature, to plant as many trees as I can everyday, to trust in myslef, unwind the limitations and to help others awaken to their higher self. I am studying administration which does not serve my soul but how can I get out of this? I work as a service cashier but this makes my soul ache for freedom. I dont want to spend every weekday I have making money I want to spend it planting trees and saving souls, I feel time is running out to spread the word and to save nature. I want to explain this to my partner, but how can I? Im not great at communication and when its about an important subject like this one, I tend to get uptight and rush my words and go back to my old ego self looking for approval, my ego takes over and repies for me. Then im back where I started. How do I explain how I am feeling to him open?

With love,