Do You have what it takes to Ascend?

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It's a bit like falling off a log
To some embarking the Spiritual Path, contemplating Ascension into the Higher Paradigm, I know it can seem like a tall order, other-worldly, out-of-sight. People often ask me 'do I have what it takes to Ascend?' The very fact that you're asking the question suggests 'Yes indeed!' Anyone can ascend - specifically: continually evolve on an ascending vibration back to the Source. Every soul is seeded to do this. In fact Ascension is a bit like falling off a log. You just have to let go. Then anyone can do it (in fact it's more like 'undoing'). Although falling off that proverbial log can sometimes seem like a monumental leap of faith...

The monumental leap of faith

This great leap, of course, is not that simple is it?
If it was, everyone would be doing it!

You have to know what to let go of and where is the attachment felt inside?

If you have the courage, and the commitment to be "all-in", then all you really need is one open statement to the universe...

"show me!"

The universe will respond. It is configured to respond. That's its purpose - to reveal the One to itself through the streaming experiences of your soul.

There is literally nothing else going on in the universe...ever!

Pandora's Box

So if you're ready for that level of commitment, just make the statement... "show me!" Then situations will configure to reveal your attachments felt as resistance to the path and tightness.

You just have to get into the tightness and figure out what you're hanging on for - why do you need it to be a particular way?

    But be really sure before you make the statement. Because once you do, it's like taking the lid off Pandora's Box: there's no going back - there's no 'blue pill'!

Having lifted the lid, you can try to deny what you're seeing, but the pull through the heart gets ever louder. When you can let go into your resistance, progressively you'll fall off the log and into centre stream. Then you're simply riding the flow - it feels like heaven!

Take a Chance - Choosing Ascension

I felt to share this video below which we produced here at Openhand. It's called "Ascension into the New Paradigm" - and choosing it. It describes the Ascension process and the fact that it really is a choice, that we make in every moment.

Letting go and flowing with the ascending stream is indeed like falling off a log initially. But we do have to keep on confronting what is holding us and letting go into it. We have to keep on keeping on!

from my heart to yours


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This article is so encouraging and it brings up joy in me. I’m happy for all committed to this journey. :-)

I’m also excited about the ones that are gathering strength for that first great leap of faith. Please do get to know this experience! I find many believe their next step is to work themselves up into a “higher” state of consciousness and have an explosive magical awakening. What if the Magic is right at your doorstep wanting you to simply reach out, as you are right here, right now?

Enjoy your journeys, Everyone.