Feeling Lost? Finding the Courage and the Will to Find Yourself

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Here's a powerful video by Moby, an "essay" about the craziness of today's society and how it is failing people. We've been looking at becoming Hungry for Change. How committed are you? The challenge is the prevalent persistance of society, always beating people back down. But it won't last much longer. It can't. So do watch the video, then look in your heart and see how committed you feel for change. Because change is possible for all. A new world is coming, in the Fifth Density, which you can build for yourself right now. It only needs the courage and the will. Watch the video, then if you feel committed to change, connect with this link here...
Building Your 5D Reality Here and Now



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One of the things I notice in my travels is how generally hesitant people are about sharing their feelings. And yet expressing yourself is the most powerful engine for change. What are your thoughts on the state of society and how does it inspire you to change?



thank you for this powerful video Tulip and your comments Open...at the end of the video when the people were falling off the cliff without any awareness I heard a loud crash next to me and a woman's designer handbag had toppled to the floor and scattered money, electronics, cosmetics all over the floor! Inviting the questions...how do I feel about that...this physical reality and where I am attached to it?

Something I have noticed more strongly lately is that what I am seeing in the world is a direct reflection of how I am being. I witness how every expression of me into the world creates ripples, changes, closings, openings...I am seeing the power of that and that is the greatest inspiration for me to witness and feel the energy of this society as a mirror to my own unconsciousness and to dismantle the cage around aspects of my being. I have put tons of energy into efforting to manipulate the external world and it is only served to drain and limit. I know there is much much work for me to continue to move through this, but I am deeply encouraged but what I experience when I let this energy come through - this is what inspires me to change....seeing the positive effect of aligned expression. Yes, it has stired up anger, frustration, an aching sickness inside to witness the devaluing of life itself... I recognize that energy inside myself...the devaluing of the seat of our true power and the potential to be the change.

I think in one word, embarrassment is what I felt watching this video.

It made me feel really uncomfortable with the way it portrays current reality. And then I am wondering why do I feel disturbed? I can recognise the truth in it, but for some reason I feel embarrassed watching this video. Maybe because knowingly I am ignoring this situation, labelling it as 'normal' and hence 'acceptable'? Maybe I do not fully accept it?
I don't know.

I woke up today feeling such despair, rage, hopelessness, and disconnection from everyone and everything -- just like the little guy in the video, desperately trying to wake up all the checked out zombies lost in an hypnotic trance, beaten-down slaves to the system. I feel like I could explode into a million pieces. Gone, baby, gone.

Thoughts running thru my head today:

"What's the point?

I don't matter.

I'm not good enough to make a difference.

I've been climbing that damn mountain since the day I was born, and I'm tired as hell of the whole damn thing.

I want to pass on all of it.

Gonna find me a hideout where I can sink down into a hole and forget everything I know.

I know you're beating me down, OC, but I don't give a shit anymore.

Is ANYONE there?"

I long to morph into a wolf and howl out the pain loud enough to shake up the whole, fucking cosmos.


Living on a farm is a moment by moment connection to Nature, and in that connection I don't feel alone. The insanity of the world is far away, and unless I consciously tune into it, or a piece of karma arises, I feel the energies of stars and earth and the rest of it seems more like a distraction.

However, in a city, in a hotel, in an airport, a restaurant, or a crowded place I have to work very hard to be the observer,and sometimes I get sucked in, and then I feel very alone...until I find a tree or a bird or a weed growing through the pavement cracks and then I don't feel so alone anymore. I do find it challenging to live in Florida in the winter with so many people and noise and oppression and walls and security gates, squares and straight lines.

Cathy, your post shook me, particularly your words: "I don't matter" and "I'm not good enough to make a difference."
Not sure I understand this. I can't really speak to it because I've not felt that way. I am not here to change or wake up the world, simply to stand in my truth, in the light of the soul. Those that are sleepwalking, that are under the spell will wake up or not wake up and that is their path. Be the wolf, and be the light. My paw is here.

love, tigger

Hi Alexandros - so if you feel embarrassment, the key is to go right into the heart of the feeling and express it - to honour it. Maybe you know there's something you should be doing that you're not? Maybe in the embarrassment you'll find some anger too. If so, express it, but then breakthrough it by opening a doorway right through is as The One. Then you'll find something positive in it that you can integrate - the courage and the will to change perhaps?

Cathy - I feel for you. So "you don't give a shit anymore". But still you do - because there's energy in the "don't give a shit". There's an anger with it. In which case there isn't true surrender yet. That's okay. Work into it. What are you resisting? Who are you fighting - OC perhaps? In which case you just end up fighting. Work to become as nothing in the face of your 'enemies' - not needing them to go away. Then you become The One in it. Then you unleash aligned soul which will have a positive and effective response. Wolf is very tribal energy - take strength in knowing you are a part of a tribe and we are working together.

Wishing you guys well out there


Thank you for the friendly paw, Tigger, and for sharing your perspective on your purpose here. Standing in one's truth and shining the light of our souls without attachment to outcomes is all it takes to change the world!

Open, thank you for your take on my comments. I resonate with dropping the fight with my "enemies" and becoming as nothing. Not sure if I can do that, but I'm not ruling anything out. As far as being part of a tribe, I feel like a lone wolf right now. But I love y'all anyway.


Meditation and spiritual practice is one thing.
But if you truly want to change your life,
it's by getting into the nitty gritty of your own behaviourisms,
day in, day out.

It's in all the unglamorous stuff.
True spirituality is anything but glamorous.
Where do you get tight, frustrated, angry, worried, fearful?
Where do you blame the outer world for your own creation?
Where do you project your s*** onto others?

It's having the courage to stop and say..."this is all me!"
I am responsible for my life and everything I create in it.
I draw exactly what I need to feel what I need to experience.
Where do I lose myself?
Then work to soften soul into that place and find yourself again.

It's not easy....but it is straightforward.
And you do (metaphorically) have 'grow a set of balls' to take it on.
But you can do it. Everyone can do it. We are each seeded to do it.
You just have to act.
See everything as the potential for self-realisation.

In any given situation,
work to be clear about what your soul wants to be.
Deep down you really know.
Then give all of yourself,
all your softness, surrender, will and commitment,
to actualise that in the moment.
Then life will really be worth living,
because you can truly succeed in every moment.

So go for it.
The time is now.
There is no other time.

Open *OK*

hi Y'all. great thread. the beauty of group work is the acceleration of my own exploration through your shares. My nitty gritty includes getting lost in the ww web and then (hopefully) grabbing the thread of awareness when it penetrates the distaction. And then once free of my distractions feeling overwhelmed by people isolating in their cell phone bubble and my judgement of the entertainment trap even as i feel the net tightening. So i do my best to honor their and my free will by shining my own light, being the flower in the sidewalk, the butterfly in the sunshine, the cricket singing to the hush of nightfall, the baby owl learning to fly. I experience what I/we have brought forward and more. I'm glad to hold my part of the whole with all y'all holding yours it helps to lift the veils together.

Who am I when I wake up?
Ain't nobody, just some geeza sleeping in my bed.
Next to the empty streets I lie awake as the masses pass me by. Thousands upon thousands of humans busying around in their own bubbles. As our cities begin to glow like candles amongst the ever present stars.
I wonder who am I?
A single point of presence scared to share its thoughts, feelings and observations. Feeling sorry for all those that bare the pressure of being called our leaders; to hold the attention of millions. Scared of this I run away and hide in my own shell.