From Absolute Freedom 'rightness' happens

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For me, the only place to begin any moment is from the place of absolute freedom. By that I mean to drop into the void of pure presence. I experience it as total liberation from all. It has no sense of obligation, no worry, fear or tightness. Close your eyes.

Imagine meditating on top of a mountain, clear skies above you, the earth down below, brilliant orange sunshine, its rays piercing whitened clouds then caressing your face, the faintest cool breeze enlivening your skin...

From this place of absolute freedom, I find all else that is simply 'right' just flows. I don't have to effort, shape or manifest. Divine manifestation happens through me. Engagements with people then either amplify mine and their souls or else bring filtering layers closer into view. To me this is what I mean by 'rightness' - I observe it ultimately brings the situation to greater harmony or at least it is the only thing that has the potential to do that. To bring lasting peace.

So in the past, if ever I've found I wasn't truly in that space, there came a point when I realised there was nothing else to do, no where else to begin, other than finding that space once more. And how did I do that?

I discovered that wherever I got frustrated, tight, fearful, worried or in need of some kind of outcome in the external drama, that if I stopped in that very moment and explored the tightness inside, then I could soften the effects of it by surrendering into it. If I stayed open and receptive to the benevolent messages of the universe, I'd get an insight into why I was tight and what it was I thought I needed.

    Then I could deeply question whether I truly did need that outcome. Whether I could live without it. What was the worst that could happen by not getting it? What was the situation revealing to me about how I could become more complete and whole?

I discovered I could truly penetrate the tightness and with my consciousness, let go through it. This would cause the tightness to unwind and unravel. I discovered this as true alchemy, something that could truly change who I was for the better. I'd open into the Void of Infinite Potential, then rightness would simply happen.

It did require inordinate levels of trust (which I built over time) because people in the world tend not to work from that place. They tend to have goals and agendas which conflict with the natural flow, people who are being needy. But there came a point when I realised that if I placated these false agendas, then I was not offering the possibility for them to find truth. I was simply perpetuating the falsehood. So I stopped doing it.

It leads to the most incredible sense of freedom. Expansiveness. Emptiness. Crystal clear clarity. There is nothing like it. Nowhere else to begin. It's an enlightened state, put simply, you feel like you've arrived...

It's there inside every single one of us. All you have to do is look deeply into what you're doing, loose the need to complete it, and then just drop into this presence. Then from this absolute freedom, rightness will simply happen. What I then find is, it makes everything that flows from it worthwhile. I encourage all to explore that.


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Yesterday I had a day full of tightnesses, and had a feeling I am a bit tripping from the openness, trust and freedom of flowing with the moment. In the end of the day, before falling asleep I asked how to approach this and got exactly the message you put here into words.

I just love these things! :)

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Beginning of emptiness through clarity light radiates

Just unwinding a perceived tightness as well, enjoying the beautiful unwinding journey. Love to you Yulia as yours unfolds naturally as well.

"the only place to begin any moment is from the place of absolute freedom.It has no sense of obligation, no worry, fear or tightness.

These two lines stick out for me in this article. I feel they have no opposite, the truth is as it is and you can't argue....
Love is like that, when you live it love becomes a diffusing force that has no enemies, no opposites, it stands alone.
Absolute freedom is the essence of life the place where the creative light pours in and the most amazing thing about it is that you know when you are not there. You can simply feel it. The gift of feeling acts as your guide it nudges, reminds, nurtures. There is no judgement but rather an openhand patiently awaiting to escort one back to absolute freedom; we choose to choose it. "What would you have me do now?" "What am I being invited to unveil?" These lines leave me in silent pause because they precede wonder and wonder sits inside the gates of absolute freedom with rightness as glowing sunshine.
What am I being today? Feelings of love. Mike

"there came a point when I realized there was nothing else to do, no where else to begin, other than finding that space once more"

This is becoming more and more real for me. Working with the trust to let go and surrender. Knowing that is all there is and living it merging into one...slowly.