New Openhand Base, La Palma: "Love Lift us Up"

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I'm heading back to the UK now, to begin a five week World Tour taking in Avalon, Australia, Hawaii and North West USA. In my final few days here on La Palma, I've been given an extraordinary run around by "Grey" Opposing Consciousness. It seems they'd found their way out here via some form of channel. And so I was finding it extremely hard to secure a new base for Openhand to work here - every property I looked at, was being snapped up, right in front of my nose. Yet it was clear in my heart I was meant to be here. So, an extraordinary situation required extraordinary measures to nullify the intervention: something I'm given to call the "Top Gun". This sharing is quite deep, multidimenisonal, and 'out-there'. But I felt to share it so as to encourage others to open your channels further to multidimensional creativity. With that in mind, here goes...

Etheric space travel

When you're beyond the confines of a physical body, then movement through the ether can be extremely fast and direct. In 1973, the psychic Ingo Swann 'traveled' to Jupiter and reported it had rings around it like Saturn, only to be ridiculed by the mainstream science community. That was until the space probe Voyager traveled there 6yrs later in 1979 and actually photographed them! Those who were a part of the experiment when he did it, said it took only a matter of minutes to travel there. And so it is, when you're able to open such a channel. Space is no distance at all.

La Palma is a very special place, of that there is no doubt. The vibe is clear and high. The Basalt rock, of which most of the island is made - the remnants of an ancient Volcano - is an extremely good harnessor and conductor of energy. La Palma is quite removed from the matrix, and has been hardly ravaged by it at all - probably due to its extreme volcanic topography, difficulty on which to build, and it's challenging accessibility; not to mention it’s black beaches - apparently tourists only like golden ones (stereo-typicality has its advantages!). Not to mention that you can grow food here all the year round, and the skies are so clear, it's become one of the prominent star observatories on the planet.

Although stunning in its beauty, I had no intention to stay here; it has all just happened in the flow. Literally following the steps moment by moment, as I'm frequently speaking of here on Openhandweb, beingness led me to this magical “La Isla Bonita”, which I've now fallen completely in love with. But yes, if I was to stay, something had to be done about that pesky intervention.

The Top Gun

The last property I visited, with the serious feeling of securing, felt really great, especially when, as I approached, there was a ubiquitous Kestrel hovering right over the building. Yet all didn't feel so well as I pulled up to the gates. There was a definite buzzing in my head, which I have come to associate with the presence of Greys in the field around me.

Synchronistically, the number of the villa was 16, which jumped right out at me and spiked in my consciousness. 16 is the mythological number of Osiris, the Egyptian God, whom you can witness in the night sky as 'the hunter', his belt encompassing the constellation of Orion. The Greys were definitely in play. But I was thinking 'what about the kestrel?'. And then I got it: in the landing of a higher mind knowing, coming from benevolent higher guidance - I needed to shake off my malevolent etheric tail by the application of a "Top Gun” manouvre. Okay, so it's a light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek name, but there's nothing wrong with some fun and passion in the creative process - why should spirituality have to be boring! I’ll be teaching the technique on the Facilitator Program (together with the "Crazy Ivan" and the "Googlie") as means to nullify the interfering effects of OC. Basically, OC doesn't like spontaneity - only controlled predictability. It likes to shape and control the flow for everyone (hence the matrix). So in this manouvre, put simply: you're flowing with authentic creative action, but when you get the sense something is purposefully preventing you from manifesting, the "Top Gun" is where you 'jam on the air brakes’ in mid flight - you suddenly stop creating and OC flies right past you (yes it's taken from the film of the same name!).

In the days that followed, a couple more properties showed up, which I was given to show only passing interest to. The play was confirmed in the very next Villa, no 7 (a number which tends to feel good) but called "La Era", which jumped out to me as "The Error" (an intentional one). Each of which was also snapped up pretty much immediately. Even though I’d pulled the Top Gun, I can tell you I was getting a touch concerned - I felt to secure something before disappearing on tour, because it would be important to the creation of future projects. Time was running out - what to do next?

Creating a relieving Energy Portal

A trip up to the Volcano came strongly into my consciousness, where we shot Openhand's latest film: Expanding Your Consciousness in the Great 5D Shift. As I wove my way up the winding approach road, I could feel all was not well. Usually its vibration is completely expansive, readily opening you up to peaceful higher vibes. This time however, as I got closer to the summit, my head was getting ever tighter until tightening pains were shooting across my forehead and pressurising my temples. At times I found myself almost driving off the road, the intensity was that strong. It became obvious: the whole area was occupied by a fleet of greys. It's clear, that's why the pull had taken me there - to connect, open a channel, and create a higher dimensional portal to remove them. So upon arrival, I quickly located the right spot and went into deep meditation. It wasn't long before the channel had been opened that I could communicate with this particular group. Once they'd realised my consciousness was beyond their controlling influence, then I was able to talk back to them, and suggest it would in their better interests to surrender back to the usual cycle of reincarnation. I had to travel with them; show them images of their tragic past; reflect to them what they'd now become; and above all, forgive them for the traumatic intervention they'd been responsible for.

I could feel them softening. So i went into my heart, and opened a channel up into the angelic realm. Slowly but surely they began to move across the bridge, shedding their limiting 'energy suits' in the process (see Liberation of the Greys). Synchronistically, when I opened my eyes about an hour later, grey mist was ascending up the mountain, engulfing the whole of it, before disappearing higher up in the skies above. I always look for some physical confirmation of the etheric work before being sure it is complete - I'm seldom, if ever, not answered.

In the days that followed the work, strong winds swept over the island, which most definitely felt very cleansing. But what about a base?

Sum of Our Parts

On the very last day, out following the pull (as always), I was guided back to the villa above which I'd seen the kestrel hovering. I was thinking...'But what about the number 16?’. It's never been a number I particularly felt good about (for obvious reasons!). But as I arrived at the property, my ipod on shuffle just happened to select a song by Pink Floyd on their album "Endless River" and the words "Sum of our Parts" spiked so strong in my field, I almost swerved off the road.

"Sum of our Parts”, I knew, referred to the story of Osiris. Who suffered what might be termed 'a controlling intervention' by his brother Seth in ancient Egyptian Mythology. Separated onto 16 parts, his body was then spread to the many corners of the Kingdom. But Isis, his grieving goddess wife, set about finding the parts and reconstructing her divine partner. "Sum of the Parts” meant, to me, everything coming together. And if you add 1+6, you get of course 7, which also represents the ray 7 of divine magic, weaving the flow together to provide resource and support. These realisations all landed finally, as I arrived at the villa’s gate. And as I did so, the current tenant of the house stepped synchronistically into the yard.

We began a most lovely chat in German. A very heart-warming connection. I was reminded it is NEVER about the outcome, but always about how you're being in the creative process. The guy invited me in, and a lovely sharing took place about his path and the spiritual journey. Only after which, I discovered they were moving out at the end of March, and the villa would be available at the beginning of April, exactly when we needed it. The rest you can imagine is history. The "Top Gun" had worked, the intervention had passed right by, in a strategic place called, wait for it... "El Paso." You just couldn't make this stuff up!

Up where we Belong

So, Openhand has a new base in El Paso, La Palma. And when I return from the tour, Rich, the Openhand webmaster, will be joining me there to rebuild the website and develop the "Great 5D Shift Project”, to be released some time down the line. La Palma now feels like home. And in due course, we'll be inviting people from the Openhand community out to join us, to explore and raise their vibe here. Plus also, it’ll be the place, to which I know, I’m given to ground Openhand’s multidimensional bridge to support the Great Shift, which people will be able to tune into from all over the world. Indeed you can get a taster of that energy right now, on the upcoming World Tour I've mentioned:

Finally, this beautifully poignant song came to me on Spanish Radio as I departed for the airport. "Love lift us up where we belong”. Yes indeed...

See you down the line. Open *OK*

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Hi Open,

I'm truly delighted that you have found a base in beautiful La Palma, what a journey and a last minute synchronistic find too. What an inspiring experience that you have shared so wonderfully.

Great to hear about "Top Gun" :)

I wish you, Rich and Openhand all the best for wonderful unfoldings there and look forward to visiting again (f) It's such an awesome place and I don't doubt that a fantastic base is being and will be created there.

With love and blessings, Fiona

Dear Open,

What an incredible adventure - with plenty of challenge along the way!!! So happy to hear you have found a base in La Palma and have shaken off the interference.

My curiousity is certainly piqued with your mention of maneuvers to outwit intervening energies.

Excited to see how the website and the work evolves with the 5D shift project and can't wait to make my way out there !!

Have a fantastic tour and we can't wait to welcome you to the US.

With love,

This is awesome news! So many powerful thing happening right now, echoed by such divine synchronicity - wow!!!
La Palma is one of my favourite places on this beautiful Earth too, a very special place to me. I am delighted to know you feel so at home there. I know it has energies that are very supportive of the 5D shift.

The vulnerability and real time events reflected in this sharing really feels so authentic and indicative of how we are all tuned to higher vibrational flows within the Universal language of the flow. I see and feel 5D within this ...shining, flowing,moving... breathing a new vibration. I felt a shift while absorbing the multidimensional landscape you danced across, it's not always graceful within the 3D realm but those are the trigger points affecting the human senses that really slow us down, heighten awareness thus creates the stage to remain open to see beyond human eyes, listen beyond human ears, feel beyond human shine celestial light through
Much love

Whooah! What a magical mystery tour you've been on, Open, James Bond maneuvers 'n all. You shine the light and lead the way in showing us the power of the unwavering spirit!

It's both moving and inspiring to read how you connected to the enslaved Grays -- with courage, acceptance, love, and compassion -- to open up a portal to free them from their tragic past. And facilitated this because your consciousness is beyond their control. I felt an inward shift feeling the merciful power of this. Thank you.

It sure does help to add up those numbers. 1+6=7! El Paso, the path of divine magic!

I'm thrilled to join in with all the Openhanders to celebrate your success in grounding a new home-base for Openhand on La Palma to support the Great 5D Shift, a home we can all tune into from anywhere in the world. Simply marvelous!

"Love lift us up where we belong
Where the eagles cry
On a mountain high..."

Yessss, indeed.

Wishing you well on your world tour, Open! Lucky folks who will be participating in your workshops and enjoying Trinity's scrumptious, conscious cuisine!

Much Love,


Nice Job Open, congratulations!!!

I can very much relate to this "Top Gun" strategy and just when I didn't think I could have more respect for you and your work. I had a profound moment whilst reading this article in thinking YES! That is it.. That is exactly what I do sometimes when I feel the energy around my area is sluggish. Ive been diverting attention, or just remain extremely silent in my walk of life. Then when the moment feels right, I tend to jump into quick action. Good grief I had no idea and now I am beginning to. So wow, thank you!


Hey Fiona, Trinity, Jen, Erica, Cathy, Wyndè and everyone tuning in - thank you so much. Sometimes I feel quite alone with all of this: being able to see, feel and perceive interdimensionally comes naturally as a matter of course - and yet in most arenas, what I share is not accepted or is considered strange; even though that intervention energy is affecting everyone!

I especially like this (from Wyndè)...

    That is exactly what I do sometimes when I feel the energy around my area is sluggish. Ive been diverting attention, or just remain extremely silent in my walk of life. Then when the moment feels right, I tend to jump into quick action.

You see that's the point: people feel very sluggish, dense, doubtful, conservative, fearful or anxious a lot of the time. But society has found ways to comfort this downgraded state: distraction, entertainment, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, nicotine. In fact the distractions are a part of the intervention in order to keep people subdued. So you have to find ways to break free of this - to break out of the density and the disruptive interference.

Deciding to do things differently is a massive step. Even if you just take a different route to work from usual; just turning the TV off one evening and making some of your own music; getting up in the morning and meditating, doing yoga, or going for a brisk walk in fresh air. Just changing the story like this can have a massive effect in beginning to break free of the intervention.

Let's go for it guys!

Open *OK*

Hi Open,

Thanks for sharing your adventures with OC while finding a base in La Palma with us! It reads like the script for a movie. So glad that the flow eventually manifested a place on the sunny side of the mountain. *wink* I look forward to visiting this gem of an island in the future again!


“El amor nos eleva a donde pertenecemos”, sounds good also in Spanish :) Had to get the dictionary out for some of it but a great opportunity to revive and enhance my limited Spanish language skills.
An extra-ordinary dance with the Greys culminating into divine revelation. May the light of love shine always onto Openhand’s path. My heartfelt wishes and blessings Rich for your new beginnings too.
I am fascinated by the extra-ordinary dance with the Greys: the aesthetic (felt sense) interdimensional communication! All I can say is: how do I do that!?
I looked up Ingo Swann’s work on remote viewing etc and I like the sociological angle he adopts in explaining some of his experiences/perspectives. I am currently exploring his work. I remember the first well known scientist who was ahead of his time and actually talked about interdimensional contact, his name was Carl Sagan. I was so in love with his work as a teenager that I pursued becoming an astronomer/cosmologist! Well, obviously that didn’t happen but it feels like I am returning to those aesthetic sensibilities. :)

Once again - thanks so much for the support guys - it feels very loving :-)

"Interdimensional Communication" - how do I do that? Good question!

To this kind of communication, with OC, there are several elements to it:

- your life has to be completely in the flow, moment by moment.
- in which case, you start to notice where external influences come in.
- you see and feel if somehow the influence is trying to control or derail.
- such interference comes in through your thoughts and emotions: conscious energy is intentional projected at you. If you're unaware of this happening, then it simply becomes a part of your own conscious channel. It's like the interference is condensed into ones mind and emotions. It literally becomes a part of you. This is the Homo Sapiens general condition.
- the OC energy assumes the channel is one way. This is how control is imposed. It's generally not done through words, but the projection of thought and imagery (although sometimes people tell me they do hear it in words too).
- once you see it happening, and know what aspect isn't you, because of the vibration raising work that you do, then you can start to reflect back the spurious incoming info.
- it becomes a language: an image or thought is projected to you, and you project back the counter to it. So you're made to feel tight and anxious in your emotions. Lets say they project you falling off a cliff. Instead you see yourself taking a grip of a hold point, feeling relaxed and confident, then climbing right back up.
- the incoming energy is usually very strong, because it's a collective consciousness: a hive consciousness. Which is why the matrix is so prevalent.
- however, control is based on lack of sel-realisation and misalignment with the universe. Therefore it is inherently brittle.
- once you reflect back that you're not prepared to be controlled in this way, and that you can still harness the flow, it sends them into disarray. Which influences the entire hive. It cascades through them as a chain reaction (the crack in the castle of glass).
- at which point, you can begin to 'speak' through imagery. For example you can point the way back to the source, and let them feel, in you, what it's like to be liberated and free. Which at this point, in my experience, is generally successful.

That's a kind of basic snapshot of how it works for me. It all hinges on being completely present and inquiring of the feelings, emotions and thoughts that come through your consciousness. And asking benevolence for help - "Show me! where am I misaligned?" Trust in the synchronicity. Watch how it interplays with your feelings.

This language can also be expanded to work with friendlies in the field too. Which has many more dynamics to it. For me, it's usually based on 'spiking' feelings which interrelate with signs and synchronicity. If I know I'm working with friendlies, then I allow them into my consciousness to spike words, feelings and emotions. I allow my consciousness to be directed around me - then I consciously project back to the source what I see and feel. It becomes a joyful dialogue.

Can OC get into that channel? Yes! But generally OC is clunky and slow - and you'll sense it's trying to control you, to get you to do something. It builds up the ego. Whereas the friendly language is spontaneous and in the moment - like having a synchronistic chat, that warms and expands you. And it's much more "well how do you feel about that?" It doesn't tell you what to do. It simply helps you explore your feelings in relation to things - like a good empathic friend.

Yes, it takes a life time of practice. But then we've got all the time in the world!

Open *give_rose*

I echo the other's sentiments and very happy to hear you have devinely found your new Home! (However was there really any other way this could have turned out! ;) ).

I am Flabergasted :) on how you can Tap in and connect with Higher Energies, I appreciate you sharing with us "TOP GUN"! and how you work with Your Present moment and how you can so Eloquently work with the Different Energies!

This very much brings me back to My favourite Book of yours......DIVINICUS! :)


Thanks for the kind words Steve.

I just felt to make clear to all reading, the only reason I felt to share what was a very personal experience so openly, is so as to provide a reflection in how others reading might also create more effectively in your lives by recognising intervention may be happening, a way to nullify it, then a possibility in how to align yourselves more accurately with the flow.

It's certainly never about any kind of 'bravado', which in itself only ever leads to a fall. It's simply my yearning to help others overcome the same thing in their own lives.

I wish all well

Open *give_rose*

Open I can only speak for myself however I am sure most will agree, anyone that knows you just a bit knows and can feel how Authentic and Real you are.

Your Post Did EXACTLY as you intended...for me anyhow.

" to provide a reflection in how others reading might also create more effectively in your lives by recognising intervention may be happening, a way to nullify it, then a possibility in how to align yourselves more accurately with the flow."

I feel it came at a very Synchronistic time for me, I am feeling that I am in a rut or in a dense state with my flow and Meditation and I am inspired to have learned about these new Tools and the different approaches (at what efficiency I can actually use them is another story However I need to start somewhere) and I am now invigorated to continue! :)

Much thanks


I second that Steve and very much appreciate open sharing of personal experience. This is inspiring and helpful on many different levels. Many thanks Open for your generous sharing of energy.

So, currently processing the info, finding how it connects to my experience (also need to do some 'translating' into the way I have been practicing...), find reference points, prompts, what is missing in my practice and what is present and inquiring further.

Yes, a lifetime of practice indeed, hopefully not too many more lifetimes though because I am fcuk....g tired!! :) The time is NOW! ha ha!

Yes I get it, I know it's fuc***g tiring! I feel for you all. I often feel the same way myself. But it is worth it. A powerful mastering of the spiritual path is right there before us. Only in intense times like these, is that truly possible.

One thing I felt to add, is that this interdimensional language is very subtle in the beginning and easily missed or overridden in such density. A huge overriding factor is intention - when we're coming at life with subconscious intentions to do something or get somewhere. Even, and especially, within spiritual practice.

If a spiritual practice becomes too dogmatic - I always do this at a particular hour, in a particular way, and it cannot vary - then I've observed how it overrides the subtle awareness of flow of which I speak.

But when you start to notice and pay attention to the subtle spiking experiences, then they grow stronger and become more prevalent. Then after some time, you find you're no longer relating just to the reality you see with 3D eyes stretched out before you, but you're looking at it more metaphorically, as a message, from which, you start to build a multidimenisonal landscape all around you.

Then it becomes easier to pick up the subtleties and nuances.

Open *OK*

All the explorations on the threads at the moment have been massively helpful for me.
Having begun to recognise the energy then realising that every single thought and impulse felt as if it was enmeshed - just looping back.. yet supported by synchronities despite myself - like driving up the motorway, at sea, but seeing motorway maintenance vehicles over and over and over again. Like a reassurance - We are with you - trust this process.
Then you posted this
" it becomes a language: an image or thought is projected to you, and you project back the counter to it"
What an extraordinary other way! Not denial, not just love and light, not more busy mind labarynth. Just a block.
And move on - omg Warrior Energy! Clean, concise, uncomplicated - so refreshing to my feminine system.
Another synchronicity ive been seeing beautiful blue cars everywhere. One just parked right outside my house - like a guard.
And my daughter, out of the blue ;) sent a picture of 'her constellation'. Her name is Maia - the youngest and most beautiful of the Pleiades. I'm going to send the photo to Open to see if he will publish it so you can feel it too.
Such a gift x
Thank you l

Hi Jane,

Thanks so much for sharing - this is so relevant, very simple, but highly relevant to the higher dimensional language...

    "Another synchronicity ive been seeing beautiful blue cars everywhere. One just parked right outside my house - like a guard."

This is what I mean by 'spiking'. But rather than putting it through the intellect, or doubting it, simply acknowledge how it makes you feel (as you did). Your acknowledgment becomes like an act of prayer - in an aligned way. Your harnessing and expressing the meaning of what you see multidimensionally.

AND.... in so doing, you make a statement out into the Universe about what is true for you. This is actually how the Opposing Consciousness works, except it's not aligned with the flow - it's a separate intention; but if that's not challenged, it creates and holds energy.

So when we energy workers do the same, but aligned with the flow as experienced through authentic feeling, then the energy through the field is harnessed and grows - it nullifies the intervention.

And it works on the benevolent side too. When I was working to help Pleaidian energies come here more strongly by the work we were doing in Avebury in the summer, I too would see blue cars literally everywhere and often with a "P" on the number plate. By witnessing and embracing these signs in your landscape, increases the connection and prevalence.


Open *OK*