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Hello friends of Openhand, it's that crazy time of year again! So much expectation, so much hype, so much busy consumerism. Everyone running this way and that with their not-so-smart-phones! But it can be a magical time of year too. It needn't be so hectic. We could make a conscious decision to step outside the mayhem a while and just breathe; to connect with nature and breathe it inside of you. As I write this, I felt the pull to take a day out in one of my favourite places of the world - Dartmoor, where the energy is pure and rugged. The breeze seems to blow off any cobwebs in my energy field and I can literally feel my lungs expanding with uplifting consciousness. What does it for you?...

Finding the rightness of your soul

The real key is to be wary of expectation.

    How are you expected to behave?
    How should you be spending your time?
    What ought you be giving?

Remember always there is a rightness to your soul - it's the internal space where everything just feels right, attuned, inline. It's that magical "aha" space where it all just clicks internally. It feels spacious, effortless, expanded, timeless.

Giving of yourself

In this place, you're making space for your soul to flood in. And it will guide you more strongly. It'll yearn to break down some of the conditioned "should be behaviour", some of the must does "because it's Christmas".

Yes, Christmas is a time for giving. But what can you really give if not yourself? Surely the best possible present is for us to be authentic, to be real in who we are? Surely any true gift is but a direct manifestation of that energy?

    Be true to yourself and it must follow as night the day,
    thou canst not then be false to any person.

What gets you in that Sacred Space?

So contemplate it deeply. What gets you in that sacred space? Maybe it's time in nature, connecting with the bounteous love of Gaia, that can be witnessed and felt everywhere. Maybe it's your favourite bodywork such as yoga, dance or tai chi? Maybe it's quiet meditation. Whatever it is, go deep, open up, feel the lightness, let it pour into you.

    From this place, the light will shine in your eyes and your smile. Those around you will literally feel the peace exuding from your field. Then you can give bounteously of your peace, your joy, your love. And to feel it yourself, to have it reciprocated, is simply to let it flow.

It's highly likely you'll have your challenges at this time. Like all of us, especially in these times of great change, where even the sense of the bedrock you're standing on feels to be shifting. That's okay. The consciousness of Gaia is moving strongly now, as she yearns to reclaim her light for the higher paradigm.

Let the veils fall. Be You.

Be a part of that great movement. Be a part of that shift, and the energy in you will amplify. The illusionary veils will steadily fall. That's not easy, especially when those around you have been used to you a certain way. But ultimately you realise there's no choice but to be you. And it's exactly that which encourages others to be them.

    So let us give bounteously of ourselves this festive,
    our true, authentic selves that is.
    Let's connect up and be all that we can be.

I've attached this Breakthrough Meditation which I believe can really help you find that awesome place of centredness and peace. And I also invite you to contemplate deeply what else does it for you?

Wishing you a great break.
Sending loving vibes your way.

Open *give_rose*

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