Sacred Garden Musings...Gaia in Full Bloom (video)

Submitted by Open on Thu, 06/22/2017 - 06:37

Isn't it amazing when summer arrives and the garden swings into full bloom. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping their merry song, and the wild fruit appears in abundance. I recall the Openhand garden when we first took it on, unloved, full of concrete and waste building materials. It reminded us somewhat of Gaia. And so we set about liberating a postage stamp part of Mother Earth. What does she want to do? How does she want to be? And with some keen and eager hands, what a bounteous fruit she has delivered. So shall it be everywhere, when the rubbish and the waste of the 3D have been cleared away. Come join Trinity in the garden...

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Wow - the garden looks so vibrant. All those endless hours we put in, bearing incredible fruit. What a joy!

A heart-warming snapshot Trin - thankyou.

Open *give_rose*

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Thanks Open - I am really touched that you posted my video blog here. I snapped it really quickly during a brief break from editing that I had a couple of days ago. Always so nurturing and restorative to be out there. I hope that it inspires others to plant a fruit bush or two also. Eating fruit right off the tree is one of life most gorgeous gifts! Something for which I feel incredibly appreciative.

Yes indeed, it took a lot of work to transform this little sanctuary, but it sure does shine back some gorgeous appreciation for our efforts (at the moment, by showering me with fruits!!!).

Shining out some of those high vibes from the sacred garden here in Avalon.
with love

Hi Trinity,

Wow the garden looks amazing and brings joy and warmth to my heart. So many precious moments spent in that garden (f)

I'm looking forward to tasting some of your delicious sweet treats containing those fruits from the garden at the Facilitator Summer School. My mouth waters with anticipation. There is such a joy in eating food when I know where it has come from and that it has been grown and cared for with love.

Thanks for creating such a paradise and for sharing here so we can all enjoy it and feel inspired!

With love and gratitude,


I smiled all the way through this delightful video, Trinity. Your radiant joy, love, and appreciation for the beauty, sweetness, and bountiful goodness of Mother Earth are infectious! I've fallen in love with Mother Earth all over again! Thank you! I'm in full bloom!

Lotsa Love,

Cathy :)