Easy Walnut Energy Truffles Recipe by Trinity

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High Vibes in a Flash!

The simple art of making raw food energy truffles is something that brings me great joy. It's my meditation! I can’t think of a more versatile, satisfying, scrumptious and nutritious sweet treat. Of course, the final product does depend on what you put in them in the first place. How the flavours excite your tastebuds is determined by the unique blend of ingredients that you choose. For me it’s pretty much an intuitive experience, encouraged by whatever I have available in my kitchen at the time.


Some truffle essentials

My truffles always involve healthy fats (in the form of either nuts, seeds or coconut) along with sweet dried fruits (such as dates, figs or raisins). And then there’s a vast plethora of additions that we might like to add, such as warming spices, cacao, superfood powders, lemon zest or vanilla. The limit is your imagination.

Sometimes less is more

Today’s recipe is a favourite blend of mine. It involves only four ingredients, because, let’s face it, sometimes, less is more. Be sure that your dates are soft-ish (they don’t have to be super soft, a little firmness is fine, as long as they are soft enough to blend). Walnuts are one of the softer nuts, which means, instant ease of blending. This is the sort of recipe that I might whip up on the spur of the moment if I fancy something sweet and delicious, with little time to spare. You can enjoy them right away, although they firm up to perfection if you have time to pop them into the fridge for a few hours, or overnight. In the video I am using a food processor, which literally takes a few seconds to grind everything down and then blend everything together. If you don’t have one, then a regular blender or a high-powered hand blender will easily do the trick (with a little more scraping down the sides of the jug or unclogging the blade).

OK let’s get ready for some Walnut Truffles

I’ve created a quick video to show you how easy they are to make. Check it out here…

Trinity's Walnut Energy Truffles

Ingredients: 150g pitted dates (1½ cups approx) 150g walnuts (1½ cups approx) 75g desiccated coconut (1 cup approx) 1 teaspoon vanilla extract Check out my quick video above to see how easily they are made. (Just remember that you can eat them as soon as you’ve made them, but with this blend, popping them into the fridge for a few hours first, will firm them up to perfection.)

I do hope that you enjoy these as much as we do here.

with love


This recipe originally appeared on my website here: Easy Walnut Truffles by Trinity Bourne

21 years ago Trinity had a profound spiritual awakening that interconnected her with the deeper consciousness of life. What followed was a journey of compassion for all sentient beings, and a passion to share conscious eating for the benefit of all. Trinity is an integral part of the Openhand Core Team, supporting with the philosophy development, energy processing, publication of book and film, and is also the Openhand retreat chef. Trinity recently published two recipe books with Openhand Press: Trinity's Conscious Kitchen & Angelicious - Food for a New Paradigm. Find Trinity here on www.Openhandweb.org, and here: Trinity's Conscious Kitchen Website

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These are definitely one of my favourites from Trinity's Kitchen.

Ridiculously easy to make, and just the right thing when you're in a bit of a hurry and at a low energy ebb.


Open *OK*

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Delighted to hear that Open.

And sharing them with others is even better... this is exactly the sort of thing that makes a quick appearance on the Openhand retreat. Making food like this is my way of sharing uplifiting, light energy for our beautiful guests as they delve deep into the spiritual plunge pool.

Hi Trinity,

This recipe popped up at just the perfect moment. (Of course.) I'd started craving sweet treats but didn't want anything containing sugar, so what to do? I read this and got really excited, because with just four ingredients I ought to be able to do it. So I went shopping yesterday morning and all but bounced into my kitchen when I came home last night, and I had so much fun making them, I wasn't even craving sweets anymore. :D I all but glowed when they were done, so yummy, and so much fun making them.

The best thing, though? When I get home tonight, there will be more, waiting for me in the fridge. :D

A very successfull experiment. It will need to be repeated for optimum joy.

Thank you!

Oh how delightful Heike....
*dance4* doing a happy dance around my kitchen to hear that. The simple joy of culinary alchemy always brings a smile to me.
Big Love