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Openhand level 3: The Transfiguration


Unveiling your Divine Being

Humanity has entered the crucible of profound change. A wave of transformation is sweeping through our lives. There will be many who resist, for a while, but the only viable solution is evolution into the next plane of consciousness - into the next evolution of humanity. How do we finally make this transition? We must venture deep within and confront the final karmic attachments - the unconscious hooks that keep us locked into the old reality. We require a deep internal penetration of the old density. In so doing, we dissolve away the karmic ballast, unleash kundalini, then activate the spirit-light-body. This will be our vehicle of Ascension into the higher paradigm. On this Openhand level 3 course - "The Transfiguration" - we'll be performing this profound alchemy...

Course highlights

  • confronting, healing and dissolving inner child identities
  • undertaking 'radical forgiveness' both for ourselves and others
  • activating and integrating kundalini, uniting higher and lower self
  • confronting humanity's past life karma and unwinding the intervention
  • discovering, unveiling and radiating your profound, authentic beingness

Your profound birthright

An Interdimensional Intervention has derailed the natural evolutionary path of humanity and the planet. A synthetic reality has been created with humanity enslaved within it. But now a huge influx of cosmic consciousness is infusing to bring about realignment with the Source. We are blessed with the opportunity to finally realign with that wave and become the divine beings that we were always meant to be.

    In creating a safe, energetic and highly revelatory space, we're able to take you deeply through the limiting layers that might still remain in your field. If you're prepared to go there, we can take you down the 'rabbit hole' as deep as you wish to go.

If you have the courage and commitment, then we can help unveil the full magic and splendour of your divine being. We can help you peel away the vestiges of this intervention and transform into the newly divine, human beingness. It's your profound birthright: at-one-ment and interconnectivity with the source; you become a divine child of the universe. What else is there?

The Work: Openhand level 3

When we're truly walking the spiritual path, it's going to take us into all the areas of ego and false identity - conditioning that has built up through our childhood, teenage years, the controlling influence of society and also our past lives. It is these false self and karmic filters which mask our full majesty of being. During this Openhand level 3 course, we'll be taking you into this density, deep into the convoluted story of humanity's past, stirring up life's sediment and helping you cleanse it from your field.

After this deep consciousness cleansing process, well then resonate energetic keys to unlock the doorways to your higher self so that you may fully embody it, here and now, thus experiencing a profound shift in consciousness.

We’ll use the Openhand Meditation techniques to reactivate the lost fragments of "soul gold" and to fully integrate them.

    "We’ll be using beautiful and powerful
    heart-stirring ceremony
    to truly move you to the core of your being"

The environment for our work: "Openhand Centre"

From the food we eat, to the clothes we wear and houses we live in, our society seems perfectly configured to lower our vibration removing us from the experience of divine union. Electrical gadgets and appliances, newspapers, TVs, and mobile phones are but a few things, which together, generate so much internal activity, that our consciousness - our soul - is sucked into the whirlwind of activity. It is fragmented and swallowed up like water into a sponge. In fact the distractive influence of society is so effective, it's hard to imagine it wasn't designed that way!
That’s why we’ve purposefully created a centre right in the heart of Glastonbury, a mystical destination of spiritual pilgrimage. From the outside, our centre looks like a typical house in society. We felt that was utterly important. It's no use working at a retreat centre far removed from the matrix if you can't replicate that in your own life. From the inside though, it is very different indeed. It's purposefully designed to inspire people to transcend the matrix in their own lives.

We've created a heavenly oasis, an island in the storm, with minimalised electronic gadgetry and maximum attention to clear energy. It offers environmentally friendly, comfortable and energetically clear accommodation. The food will be healthy, vegan and made with love. You'll be right in the heart of converging energetic lay lines that pervade the mystical Avalon. The Tor and other highly spiritual sites are just a short walk away - sites that spiritual aspirants travel from all across the world to experience.

    "In this clear and nurturing environment,
    we will detoxify mind, body and spirit
    thereby tasting the sweetness of divine union,
    we'll embody the fullness of our being
    so that it may ripple benevolently through our lives
    and out into the wider world."

Course Facilitators

Open will be leading the main self realisation/meditational work supported by Lesley. Meanwhile Trinity will be lovingly preparing our food from her Conscious Kitchen and supporting you all energetically inbetween sessions. As usual, we'll be connecting with people through multiple planes of reality, using intuitive and incisive guidance to help people drop through blocking layers. Holding a steady vibration, we'll help catalyse an activation of consciousness within, support the integration of your new realisations and also help remove releasing denser energy.

"It will be our pleasure to host you"

Rise Up - the universal shift is here

"The Transfiguration" will be a life changing experience, of that there is no doubt. The catalytic energy can take you deep into the fullness of who you are, help you integrate it and thus radiate this profound beingness through your daily life.

    Since reality is shaped by what we are being,
    life can begin to shape a new harmony around you,
    one that is more aligned with who you truly are.

Nothing in life can surpass the integration of your profound beingness. As the old world, fear-based reality steadily crumbles and falls away, it will align you with a new, heavenly paradigm of being, which is beginning to unfold all around. That's what we'll work to achieve on this course with you.

It's time to Rise Up! The universal shift is here. Let this video from a previous course inspire you...

Next Transfiguration course?

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