Superflares and the Power of Embracing Change

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It's a paradox isn't it: we cling to life so desperately because somehow we think it makes us secure and happy. But actually all that happens, is we squeeze the juice out of life itself. Society tries to 'insure' our existence by working to control the resources and climate of the planet, but all it does, is drive society ever close to oblivion. We are on the edge. There are so many ways that life could be wiped out here. But by a simple switch of perspective, that doesn't have to be something to fear. Quite the reverse. It could fuel the freedom to approach life in a way you've perhaps never before done...

The Miracle of Change

Scientists are now talking about how superflares from our sun could 'cleanse' all life on the planet. That this already probably happened to our closest relative in the solar system - Mars. Which is why the planet is devoid of life. As people go about their lives, the supermarket, the school, the gas station or the mall, to me it all seems so unreal. I actually find the phenomenon that it could all change in an instant refreshing -


    Because there's a realness to it. Life IS like that. It is all relativistic - it comes and goes. It was never meant to be fixed in one particular state - one system of one never-ending, fixed relationship. The problem for most of humanity, is that in clinging to the way he would like things to be, he actually loses one of his greatest freedoms and gifts - the miracle of change.

Change is the carrier to new life, new emergence, new vibrancy. Change breaks down the old and clears the energetic space so something new can arise. And that's the problem for humanity - most people live life today, expecting it to be just like it was yesterday.

    Even if they would like it to change into something more successful, they actually approach the day with the same mind set as yesterday.

The problem of the fixed mind set

It's all to do with expectancy. Society wants to control people, and does so by causing them to expect it will all be a certain way, based on how they've always known it to be.

    So an actual mindset starves life of the oxygen it needs to flow with constant change. Such embedded, unconscious expectancy, actually limits life to something lesser.

If you expect it to be a certain way, if you approach your life and relationships in the same way you did yesterday - then that's what you'll create. But because life is continually moving on, you're building a false eddy current in the flow. Sooner or later, your false-eddy-current-reality must come crashing.

It's all just a question of time.

Inspiration for liberation

So if I share a truth with you - the one about the highly possible solar cleansing of the Earth - perhaps instead of being in fear about what that might mean, we could use it as inspiration for liberation?

If you knew that we really are living on the edge, that it could all end today, or in the near future, how would that cause you to live your life differently?

How would you change your approach to life right now?

Open to the realness of the moment

For me, it means approaching the moment with an active openness. I try to see the fullness of the moment as it really is. What is that person actually saying - beyond the words? Why is that situation shaping in the way it is? How is it inviting me to be now?

In so doing, it means you can be constantly open to the flow. You find alignment more easily, the truth more easily. And coming from such truth, actually harnesses the flow through you. You create incredible capacity for evolutionary growth - miracles abound.

If your liberated soul would be all that could survive such transition, all that could grow and prosper through it, how would your emphasis change in daily life?

To me, this is the true nature of letting go...

How will you approach life differently?

So when you get up today and get going, how will you approach life differently? What will your attitude to the moment be? What might my sharing actually change within you?

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I’ve been meaning to post my reflections about change on the Openhand site for about a week. While pondering change I experienced Phoenix synchronicities and the picture of the Sun you posted reminded me of this stunning creature yet again. What a powerful message it carries! Something must die for its more pure/powerful expression to emerge! When I think of it, this process is just a transmutation of one energy into another.

I feel I'm experiencing this process right now. Something inside wants to die and I feel like allowing it to do so. I've been sensing a strong current of change all year now. I observed people being pulled into it, myself included. During Level 3 seminar in Glastonbury my empowering word was "unknown", because it carries the limitless possibilities, the surprise of the new experience. I see change as a gateway to the unknown and even if I feel slightly apprehensive at times, the curiosity and the passion for life eventually override it. I feel this powerful surge of energy inviting me to let go. I'm getting lighter as the fire consumes more delusions and identities, although there is still plenty to go... I feel the moment is closer and I will soon burn into ashes to rise up with my wings outstretched to infinity. I just need to allow it. How simple and difficult that is!

Change transmutes inertia and generates the force of life. Our bodies are a great expression of that force with billions of cells dying and being recreated continuously. When I'm in the state of being where I accept change I feel I'm no longer at war with myself. I become the proverbial drop aware of the ocean. In this ocean I dance, make love, eat, walk, get angry, feel small… nothing is excluded, everything floats in wholeness. I live both as finite human and infinite awareness. I do not feel the need to argue against life as it is. Polarities are no longer at odds, the war ends. Everything in the periphery relates to the center, and from there, life radiates to the infinity to then come back to the center. I do not live in this awareness, but connect to it spontaneously. The more I connect to it, the easier it is to find it again :-)

Here is another beautiful video with Alan Watts lecture. It grips my heart every time:

"The meaning of the fact you see that everything is dissolving constantly, that we are all falling apart, we all in the process of constant death...that's the great assistance to you. That fact that everything is in decay, is your helper, that is allowing you, that you don’t have to let go, because there is nothing to hold on to. It’s achieved for you in other words, by the process of nature."

With love :-)


"In a universe of constant change, change is the only constant". Ah yes, I can feel you embracing this empowering truth wonderfully Margaret. It's going to radically transform everything within. So keep right on going.

Burn a fire for the Pheonix!

Open *OK*

Thank you for your feedback, Open.

It seems now this process/energy became more intense and focused after you reflected it back at me. It feels like I spontaneously let go of some more control. I had a laughter "attack" today as I reflected back at myself clinging to some situations and people in the past. How utterly comical! My GOD, how great it feels to laugh at this! There is more getting ready to resurface. I think I'll just make some popcorn and enjoy the fireworks.

With love and heartfelt laughter :-)


Funny you say about the possibility of superflares that would make our civilization a bit shellshocked, because yesterday the Solar winds dropped down (according to our satellites) and this caused some abnormal space weather, and I fell ill. I'm sure there's a correlation between the solar winds dropping in intensity and me falling ill!

Anyways, think I'm always living on the edge. Think it's a necessary condition for life: flexible but yet a solid object. Every cell membrane exhibits this quality. If the membrane collapses then all the inner material gets completely mixed with outer materials with no line to define the cell, however if it is too solid then the inner materials cannot be exchanged with outer world ie. the cell can't eat or poop. In both cases it dies, but when the knife edge balance is struck; it lives.

Constantly battered by the flow, manipulating it as I climb my way, knowing I don't want to swim against it. But support is given when you forget to bring your equipment & food, because our bodies naturally float with no effort. But with no effort exerted you can feel them dragging you down, down so you can't breathe. Not that I want to breathe the toxic fumes and see the heartless amputation of tree limbs and run over pigeons, millions of insects massacred on windshields. No. But you can only walk forward hoping that some will hear the voices of our modern crisis, as I stare at the endless onslaught of numbers, colours & shapes. Beautiful little eddy currents intertwining amidst the chaos of broken noises and unsymmetrical straight lines. What does that face tell you when you look at it? Sadness, pain and sorrow with a happy smile and shimmering eyes glimmering full of laughter, I see everywhere. The drunk masses, gazing at the pretty ones whilst the unsightly shy away in a corner.

Dunoo how I'd live my life differently; coz I always think I'm going to collapse, right before I fall and miss my bed. hahahahah, jokes! I don't actually miss my bed :)
But to answer your question I don't think it is possible to know how one would change their life if certain conditions come in to being, because I always have to figure out those conditions due their unpredictability. Aren't they fun? I just hope I don't lose bowel control at somepoint...... especially if this superflare hits! That's a jokey not joke!


So I had an experience and along with my observation I think it randomly fits here.
Every year at Christmas there's a Physics tradition here at Exeter Uni to run from the bottom of the physics building to the top, it's 9 floors, and get timed to see how quickly you can do it. Just a friendly competion to see people collapse at the top...
I did it this year and last year aswell. In both cases I didn't train prior and had similiar levels of physical fitness. However, the first time I knew I wouldn't be able to run up the entire staircase at 100%, so I ran at around 80%. I was able to keep a constant pace the entire way through and didn't really feel like my legs gave up at any point. I however felt like I could of pushed myself more though. Thus this year I decided to run at 100% from the begining. Around 3/4th of the way my legs died and they said: 'You are not getting us to move any quicker than this Rayko!', and my legs were in pain.
You can probably guess on which year I finished in a quicker time (by about 2secs); the first year where I ran at 80% the entire way through. The physical reason for this is because my mindset starved my legs of the oxygen they needed to move so they couldn't move. The constantly trying to achieve mindset limited me.