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What a rabbit taught me about being an empath


Insight and gifts come to us in many shapes and forms. When I spend time in nature a multi-dimensional dialogue always happens, much in the way that two people would speak with words; except in nature it is more of a a telepathic conversation. To reach that space where the ‘real conversation’ happens, we have to let go of everything else and find a space within, beyond judgement; beyond expectations; surrendering into the moment. That’s where the real conversation happens. You become at one with nature. You weave and dance together in a place of unity consciousness, where all souls unite. It’s divine.

As an empath, I am often happily reclusive; spending time on my own or with my very close loved ones; or spending time in nature in communion with my animal friends as far away from people as I can get. The other day I was walking in the countryside around Glastonbury. My walk was naturally semi-meditative. As I felt and worked with the energies of the land, I found a large colony of rabbits on the hill.

Rabbits are super sensitive empaths

Rabbits are highly sensitive beings, picking up every flutter, every ripple, every whisper in the air - upon their radar-like whiskers. Rabbits are the perfect animal-spirit-guide for empathic people. They are natural born empaths, darting and hiding at the slightest ruffle. They feel particularly threatened by clunky 'out-of-natural-alignment-ness' of human beings - which to be honest, is most of us!

"Please don't run away"

Upon finding these rabbits, my initial feeling was one of absolute awe; awe at the divinity of these little creatures. A whole bunch of them darted down their rabbit holes, white tufts bounding through the air. I froze still. I’d interrupted their world; their games; their opportunity to bask in the sun and forage in peace. ‘No, no, no, please don’t run away', 'what have I done' - I thought to myself.

Quickly attuning to the energy of the rabbits, I felt how my humanness had barged into their space. As gentle as I was being, as much as I love nature, my energy field was causing a foreign ripple to their otherwise harmonious world. I immediately knew; I just knew how they felt. I’d felt this invasive feeling my whole life. The chaotic ripples that tumbled and tossed through my field whenever I was in any social space, any strange place, with people or man's unnatural creations. As an empath, I’ve felt other peoples energy as if it were my own. It’s an invasion of the senses. I knew exactly how these rabbits felt.

What the rabbit showed me

I opened to divine guidance, asking the rabbits to show me. Through the ether I offered them my humility, my willingness learn. Then one rabbit - one who’d stayed behind when all of his friends fled away - looked me in the eyes with an ancient wisdom and showed me…

    “Be light, like a blade of grass in the breeze. Surrender, let go and feel your etheric beingness moving you. With each step, each movement allow the light of your soul carry you forwards. Be divine.”

The rabbit communed with me from a few meters away, then carried on to clean his fur before nibbling the grass again - comfortable, unthreatened, giving me the space to be in his wild presence. Didn’t need to scarper off. Coming from this space of absolute serenity meant that he could feel my energy, the divine being in me, unhindered by my human clunky-ness. He could feel that I wasn’t a threat. He felt everything. It a the space where we could meet and communicate soul to soul, together as one. Heaven on Earth. If only the world could be like this all the time. Ahhhhh!

Helping me thrive as a highly sensitive person

I find life in this world difficult at times. Not that most people could ever tell. I wear it well! But being a highly sensitive empath, when you can feel all the crazy outside-world inside of you, is a hell of a lot to bare. I know why I need to be sensitive. I know my origins and that I am not best suited to be incarnated as a human. I am much more etheric in nature, much more suited to feeling everything without the hindrance of an emotional body. That's my gift - although putting that through a human body, with all it's clunky-ness, makes it a really challenging gift to integrate.

Being an empath or highly sensitive person, isn't a disease that needs a cure. I was told in my younger day 'you are far too sensitive', like it was some sort of disorder. My life changed and those people who saw it as a curse, fell away. It’s a gift, that needs to be embraced and supported. Us sensitives just need to learn how to become at one with our gifts, step by step. I am not saying that integration is easy. First you have to want to. You have to acknowledge the gift in it. The rest will the flow to help the process.

How I can embrace what rabbit showed me to help me be OK in a crazy world?

The message from the rabbit was a powerful gift. It would be totally overlooked by most, I am sure. Both the rabbit and I are highly empathic. I was shown that this same gift (the way of being that allowed me to share the space with the rabbit) would help me exist in this world of chaos, feeling everything outside of me, within. The same ‘beingness’ that allowed the rabbit to be OK with me, that same beingness, allows me to be OK with the world outside. I was shown that when the crazy world is too much; when I want to close down, hide away - it is that same surrendered openness, feather-light, allowing each movement to come from my soul - it is that same beingness, that which enables me to be OK with everything out there, everything I feel.

Suurendered, openness is the opposite to what a lot of people do. Most people build shields and barriers as protection. Barriers create fear. They create a target for negative energies. Barriers disconnect us from the divine flow. Barriers cut us off from who we truly are, from our gifts of beingness. That’s why ultimately, nothing but divine, surrendered openness to the flow of higher consciousness, really works.

I see a world beyond this one, where there is mutual respect for all sentient life. No need for disconnection; where we can embrace one another, with the deepest love.

Soul to Soul

I wrote an article called 'Being an Empath' here that may be of interest to fellow empaths: http://www.openhandweb.org/being_empath


.Jen's picture

This is a beautiful article Trin and I deeply resonate with all that you share here. I am learning to be like the butterfly even as I allow myself to come into the places that feel very heavy.

You said..."The same ‘beingness’ that allowed the rabbit to be OK with me, that same beingness, allows me to be OK with the world outside. I was shown that when the crazy world is too much; when I want to close down, hide away - it is that same surrendered openness, feather-light, allowing each movement to come from my soul - it is that same beingness, that which enables me to be OK with everything out there, everything I feel." This I will carry with me!!

Thank you for this lovely sharing <3 Jen

Trinity's picture

That's amazing Jen. It feels quite divine to leave these reminders for myself too. I wrote this one last year (although I think it got lost with the website shift)... and the words you quote - I can't tell you how much I needed to hear them again today Smile Beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing too Jen.

neilmacd's picture

I enjoyed reading the article especially because in the last couple of years rabbits have become my favourite creatures to see on my many walking excursions, I always look out for them and go to places where they are. They are so beautiful, delicate and rugged, adorable. The oddest thing happened on Good Friday when I discovered a big white bunny foraging in the undergrowth out of town. I think it may have been an escaped pet. I decided to do nothing, the owner may be missing it but it appeared perfectly happy. To see it on Good Friday of all days made me wonder? I still love Watership Down Wink What a lovely encounter you must have had Trinity with your rabbit.

Trinity's picture

A warm welcome to the forum here Neil Smile Thank you for sharing about your wonderful connection with rabbits and your good friday white rabbit encounter.

They do often seem to escape (hardly surprising ha ha)... I used to see one during our Glastonbury walk. He was obviously domesticated although a little partial to straying out onto the local walk. He was adorable. Another time we found a rabbit wandering the streets (clearly not happy) and took him in and shared our home with him becoming the best of buddies!

Oh I'd forgotten about that movie. Oh how the years pass.