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So, "Mr T" has finally been inaugurated as the President of the (not so) free world. If you were hoping it was all just the mist and smoke of a bad dream that would drift away with the early morning sun, wake up, it's truly happened! Where does it all go from here? How will it affect The Great 5D Shift? From this point, in terms of the 3D, it feels like just about anything could happen, especially when you look at some of the things he's said, and the team he's cobbled together to support him. It has all the hallmarks of a narcissistic dictatorship. But that doesn't have to unduly affect evolving people. In fact it can spur us on to new heights. It's time to switch allegiance to the new realm taking shape all around us. It's a place where YOU carve YOUR place in history. It's where YOU become Precedent...

Preceding the President

If you've woken up rubbing your eyes thinking "how on earth was this possible?", my heart goes out to you. If you're thinking the solidity of the reality you'd depended on has been shattered, allow me to help you pick up some pieces - just the ones that truly matter.

In one of his infamous 'tweets', Mr T misspelled the word 'President', writing is as 'Precedent'. Here then lies a clue as to how free and conscious people might approach the new presidency. Because there is always something that precedes the manifest. No matter how high and mighty some people may paint themselves, there's always the blank canvas upon which they're painted. Presence is the rock of authentic reality.

    This 'blank canvas' is a fascinating thing, because it's totally magical and has a mind all of its own. It's already creating a masterpiece for the universe. And here's the key - you are that blank canvas, you are that infinite potential that's already creating the flow. Anyone who tries to block the flow, or misappropriate it, ends up summoning the whole universe to wash them away. Just look at what's happened to every dictator on the planet.

    So, whatever fixes in the manifest,
    whoever tries to control the 3D,
    You are Precedent!

How do you apply this in a practical sense?

    It's time to switch allegiance now. The old 3D reality is well into its inexorable decline. We're at the bottom of the barrel, the shadow side of humanity has fully revealed itself, presenting the most superlative mirror.

    It's time to look into that mirror and clearly see what we are not.

    It's time to decide who we truly feel to be and to honour that.

    It's time to unfold within, and then express out into the world, your highest truth for who you feel to be.

    It's time to connect up to the flow into the New Paradigm, and bring all those around you who can also feel it, along for that magical mystical ride.

    It's time!

What do you need to do?

You already know. It's just time to truly apply it now - to tune in and follow the ascending flow that can steer you successfully and magically through life.

You have to let go of small "I" identification, where you get tight and controlling inside - that kind of fear that elects a narcissistic President!

We must work to unwind all the tightness and keep surrendering into the blank canvass of presence. Because from there, true majesty will unfold.

YOU must become Precedent now!...


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Thought provoking article - thanks, so sharing some reflections.
As a ‘liberation activist’ (well, holding to this identity as lightly as possible and believing that we are all ‘activists’ by the way we think, feel, act etc) who wants to change the world in this reality, I am in the process of feeling ‘right action’ in face of all the atrocities that are happening in the world to all sentient life and the foreseeable intensification of these atrocities under the T government.
I understand that what’s happening ‘out there’ is only a reflection of what is ‘in here’ at the individual and collective levels. As we allow our individual lives to be propelled by the energy of fear and avoidance of pain, our collective consciousness will reflect that. In this experience, we are hiding from facing the truth of our own distorted behaviour and become easier to control as our level of fear increases and the need to be guided towards security by governments like T’s increases. The pursuit of happiness and security at the individual level means that we try to control ourselves, others and our realities. It also makes us corruptible and prone to be exploited and used (e.g. all the people following Trump and others alike throughout history). So, the more we feel fear (emotions we are scared to feel/are unwanted), the more we share fear. The more we share it, the more we try to protect ourselves by controlling life, others, and ourselves (so not recognising the uniqueness in us and in others). The more we control life, the more we are individually controlled and therefore fear and pain increase (and so is the repression of individual expression), and so the cycle goes. Fear blocks our capacity to care about others and all sentient life outside our own ‘survival’, and therefore justifies disconnection, cruelty and corruption. We are trading integrity for control and creating a world that we are finding increasingly difficult to live in.
I understand that in our practice, we meet our fear and pain by tuning in as often as possible to who we already are: the pure, kind awareness – the ‘benevolent blank canvas’. When we get lost in fear-based wanting we believe that security, happiness and love are somewhere other than where we currently are. Being aware and renouncing the process of wanting, also means renouncing fear. We clearly see the truth of our functioning and we progressively release ourselves from the prison we have created. We think that this prison is the world out there which is limiting, but in fact it is the prison of our own perception.
I recently caught myself longing (craving) to return to the ’higher realms’ in face of feelings of loss that part of me was finding difficult to meet. I immediately separated myself from what is already here by wanting it! I found it very interesting. Every moment is a moment of realising the Divine Being in you/me/all right here in THIS reality! This is what the Openhand approach has offered my long-term practice, a missing piece of the puzzle in my ‘journey’: the ‘Giving hand’ part of the Openhandway and reinforcing the other parts. To meet the atrocities witnessed every day with the same intensity of pain! but with more freedom, trust and creative expression. So, still an activist but a more effective one!



Thank you Open for sharing your guidance in this article. Your words speak deeply to me as I am one of those thinking this was a bad dream, wondering how on earth did this happen, and hoping that somehow the inauguration wouldn't actually occur. Yet, and maybe only for today, I find myself in gratitude that he won. Today my attention was drawn to the most beautiful reflection of people all over the world gathering in peace, solidarity and love. There were almost 75,000 marches in 73 countries and those are just the official ones. What a powerful catalyst Mr T is. The light was always there but it is because of him that it grew from little pin holes of scattered light into a gorgeous, massive stream. More people showed up in Washington D.C. today for the march than did yesterday for the inauguration. Where I live organizers were hoping for a 100 people and it ended up being the largest march in the history of the city. I've seen pictures from marches all over with people carrying signs with beautiful, heart warming, high vibrational messages. As dark of an energy that Mr T represents the reflection I saw today was how much bright light there is trying to break through the darkness and it gave me hope.



It's a beautiful exploration Aspa...

    "To meet the atrocities witnessed every day with the same intensity of pain! but with more freedom, trust and creative expression. So, still an activist but a more effective one!"

    Yes! *OK*

    Allowing oneself to feel into these situations, without contracting or retracting, brings deep consciousness through it. If we can apply this divinely feminine energy of sensitivity, but still with the will and commitment of the masculine warrior, then we'll truly change the dynamic over time.

    Open :-)

Ann, (and women everywhere) - I hear you, and feel you, through the ether. I feel your souls wanting to rise up! Yes!

See the reflection that Mr T represents, of everything that is horribly distorted about the divine masculine - we sensitive guys disown you Mr T!
(until you find some loving compassion for all).

I'm totally fired up by the way women are responding to this - 2.5 million marched in Washington, far out-numbering the inauguration attendance. For me, Alicia Keys summed it up perfectly here below. A powerful woman, who invoked the warrior in me with this speech, but oozing compassion and divinely feminine sensitivity too.

    Rise divine feminine, Rise! You are strong, you are beautiful, you are compassionate, you are loving, you are sensitive, you are caring. And you roar like a lion! The Divine Masculine needs you right now....Rise Divine Feminine, Rise!

Way to go Alicia! *OK*

Open and All,

I see the need for movements for equality and justice.. But. What differerence this change of regime has made is not clear to me. I always feel the disease of inequality and injustice is there inherently in this system and each one of us, The new regime is not any different than the previous ones or the alternatives being presented. The wolf in wolf in wolf clothing is much better than wolf in sheep clothing, which has been the trend of politics and government all over the world. The rise of all these movements now is giving the masses reason to blame a external entity and not look inwards and say we created all this.

I believe this is in fact distracting attention from real wolves hiding behind the scenes who brought the world and system to this point. People and society is highly divided right now and any coming crisis/events will be blamed on one group vs the other instead of intropecting and going to the depth of issues and holding the real culprits responsible who are fueling all the sides of this struggle.

Comments appreciated.


I hear you MB - however I don't believe we're comparing regime with regime here. I'm certainly not saying the previous regime was all shining light! I think many will agree how corrupt and unjust it was. In many ways, to me, it was much more divisive and disreputable by its doubled tongued deception - like you, I'd rather be presented with a wolf in wolf's clothing rather than one masquerading as a sheep!

I believe the point is that this new regime has been very directly vocal in it's inequality toward ethnicity in the US and pretty downright debasing toward women. Actually I think it's pretty amazing how restrained and measured the general response has been. To me, generally speaking, it hasn't seemed that projectional (in terms of what it might have been) - but if the above video is only partially representative (and I've seen several like it), then it would seem it's causing a general uprising of feminine power - of divine feminine energy.

Now of course there's going to be varying degrees of distortion in that, as with all passionate expression. But certainly for me, I'm very positive about it. The shadow side of humanity has revealed itself clearly, and people are responding accordingly. That's my take on it anyway (and yes, it's a very generalised viewpoint).


Open :-)

Thanks a lot for your response Open. I value your response and expression a lot and it helps me correct my course and lets me self reflect to avoid wandering in alleys, really accelerates the process by constantly helping keeping an eye on myself before I go too deep in an alley with my small "i". Sincere gratitude.

But I still foresee this whole change of regime a part of "drama" to distract from the really culprits before they create the next problem reaction solution crisis. They let the right actor in place so that they can try to enact the next chapter on their ongoing battle for control. By being more cohesive in society we can spend more energy on rooting out real disease instead of protesting and wasting energy on distractions.

Thanks and best,

I'm glad it helps MB - I'm not saying I'm "right" by the way. Just like you, I'm working to find more rightness.

In that regard, I do have a different opinion than you in relation between Mr T and the powers-that-be (the real ones). My sense is that they were caught off guard by his election (just as they were caught off guard by Brexit). Mr T is a loose cannon, and fairly anti-establishment in some ways. I'd say they're already looking for a way to impeach him - pay attention to what Soros is saying.

I think the only real way to 'root out the real disease', is by an elevation of consciousness. That in itself is clearly going to happen - by the planet shifting to 5D. The question is, how many people will move with that? And yes, I totally agree, the drama is being the distraction - shuffling the deck chairs as the ship sinks. But then, if a part of you is still invested in shuffling the deck chairs, or even denying that subconsciously you are, then you've still got to shuffle away until it falls away.


Open *OK*

Thanks Open.

I have another perspective. I van't comment on Brexit. But Mr. T was very obvious to me. I live in US and drove 10000 miles across the country in 2015, saw the inner cites and the situation in the country people are suffering and economy in the streets is in shambles. People were tired of same messages from career politicians and no actual change but in fact situation getting worse economically everyday. If a "average joe" like me could figure out that people of tired of establishment, and any anti-establishment message will resonate and that candidate will win. TPTB will surely know with all the tools and analytics and data and web data available to them.

They just let a person with similar populist tones win and created the big divide in the society and got the tinder box ready. The press created the impression that he is not going to win to further that divide when he wins. They just let the "populist" take over before pulling the carpet under the financial and economical System which was anyway going to crash under its own weight. So when the crisis comes people will be distracted and will blame the "populist" in fact suffering people themselves will be blamed. And the divide and rule will keep the masses distracted from the real perpetrators, so that they can come back with a solution which will tighten the noose on people further. People will beg for a solution and a solution will be provided to further tighten the control.

So pass the baton to "populist" before pulling the plug on the life support of a dead system, so the blame goes somewhere else and TPTB are in a position to provide "new solution"...

I kind of try to read between the lines in press and TPTB statements and it points towards the above game...

Please do let me know what you think.


Hi MB,
Thank you for initiating this interesting inquiry. I would like to share my thoughts about the dilemmas you expressed from the viewpoint of ‘social movements’ and the people in them, since I suppose I am one of these people. I agree with you that inequality and injustice are inherent in systems because greed, hatred and ignorance are part of the human condition (in Buddhist terms) or are the ‘shadow side of humanity’. Yes, the new regime is no different from any other regime that supports and perpetuates racism, homophobia, sexism, classism, speciesism, ethnocentrism etc etc. And these forms of discrimination have existed throughout historical times represented and reinforced by various leaders, presidents, ‘those’ hiding behind the scenes etc etc. But so have social movements of peace, justice and equality. The women’s liberation movement, the LGBT movement, the black lives matter movement, the animal rights movement and so on. These movements (groups/s of people who take a stand) have made a difference throughout historical times in the lives of marginalised and discriminated individuals. These movements have been here for ever, as long as discrimination has existed.
We live in this 3D reality where we perceive separation, neoliberal individuality, disconnection and division. On the individual level we feel separate from ourselves (bodies, minds, spirits), each other, nature, animals and the divine. Even spiritual groups and cultures embody discrimination, divisiveness and separation (I speak from my experience). Well, this is how it is. But in face of it we are called to align and to feel our interconnectedness with everything. We are called to align to the Source through truly loving ourselves (feeling through the tightness etc) and all others. We are also called to wise loving action. Within the 3D reality, every event is an opportunity to raise our consciousness. Being in a social movement like the women’s movement for example, is an opportunity to take a stand by aligning with our divine nature and all that it represents – love, compassion, community (oneness), peace, etc etc – we take a stand. Of course hatred, division and separation also gets internalised in these groups, it can’t be ‘perfect’ in this reality – it will never be. And personally I’m making peace with that as best as possible and navigate myself to where the light is but at the same time riding the waves of darkness!
There is beautiful work taking place in modern Buddhism that integrates spiritual and reflective practices into social movements. For example, I am in the middle of a yearlong facilitators’ course for activists based on Joanna Macy’s Engaged Buddhism work. Engaged Buddhism represented by Thich Nhat Hanh, a vegan Vietnamese Buddhist Zen Master, poet, scholar, and human rights activist who embodies, teaches and shares the following: Loving Speech and Deep Listening, we must be “determined not to spread news that [we] do not know to be certain and not to utter words that can cause division or discord … to make daily efforts, in [our] speaking and listening, to nourish [our] capacity for understanding, love, joy, and inclusiveness, and gradually transform anger, violence, and fear that lie deep in [our] consciousness.”
He embodies and encourages deep listening (active listening through the heart) and compassion in creating true peace BUT not only from the comfort of our own homes. But by being present and taking a stand anyway we can, including the streets. So, I don’t see this as a distraction but as an opportunity for learning, for individual and collective awakening and for alignment. It is part of the process of ‘rooting out the real disease’ and in my view, it’s not wasting energy (as long as one is selective what to engage in!). So, for me, it comes down to how we act, how we protest, how we take that stand. In my own activist work which involves street stalls, teaching courses and some protests (selective!), I have learnt to meet people where they are, to feel the connection and to reflect their true loving nature – as best as I can! Of course, I have gone through multiple internal processes of transformation myself and continuously evolving!
Hope this gives an impression of the potential of movements and the power of this vehicle for individual and collective transformation.
Thanks for reading.
Much love,


I fully agree with you and importance of movements and expression. But the point I was making was the timing to coincide with the change of regime and mostly the target of people right now is "new regime". I was trying to say it will distract the massses from the real issue and possible let the real culprits pass unnoticed...

But I am also learning and these interactions will surely give me new perspective and chance to evolve ..


Thank you MB,

Its great we agree on the 'movement' side :) I felt i needed to clarify this in the discussion. Still, for me, the time is now and every moment is now. I don't see it as a distraction, although I can see how it might be - so I am open. I think though that its been boiling up for years! Its just finding expression now because its in our faces more - well, inevitably and fortunately.

Likewise, its great to chat and learn from each other's perspectives. Also, great to share the grief in all its expressions, so very much appreciate your presence.

Warm wishes,