2012: A New Earth is Born!

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So it has truly happened. Trinity and myself have been feeling the build up of Gaia's energy for several months. We've been energetically empathising with her birthing process. I'd gone to sleep on the 20th, but only a short while later was awakened with a knowing that the shift had begun to take place around the turn of midnight CET. Gaia made it known to me that she was using the energy of Galactic Alignment to provide a boost for her to centre in the Fifth Density - for her to be reborn there. So I awakened the rest of the Openhand inner team, Trinity, David and Lesley to participate in the birthing...

Lighting up the sky

A higher knowing landed that we were to gather in a particular spot, that we'd be shown where and that from there, we would see a display of lights to symbolise what was taking place. Rather than the Tor though, we were strongly guided to another of Glastonbury's famous landmarks - Wearyall Hill - where Joseph of Aramathea was supposed to have landed in Avalon with the young Jesus, planting his staff thus giving rise to the myth of the Holy Thorn tree. I've always known not to head for the most obvious place - like the Tor - when you really want to see synchronicity at work...

    It's because the natural flow of the universe works beyond intention.
    You can't plan these things. You may have a general idea,
    but the path can only unfold step by step.

So as we made it up onto Wearyall Hill shortly after midnight, in the wee small hours of December 21st, Trinity was bearing the mirroring energies of child birth, reflecting to us all what Gaia was going through.

On top of the hill, I was caused to look across at the Tor. It was still dark and certainly with no lights above it. But then on the ground, not far from the Chalice Well, between us and the Tor, was a pattern of street lights that to us all was completely unmistakable. They showed a woman giving birth to a child!!!

From the ground, we could clearly make out the symbolic form of Gaia's 'legs' in the shape of the obvious 'V', and out from the apex - what to us symbolised the vagina - we could clearly see the shape of a child being born.

The Christed Child

A knowing came to me to make our way to the metaphoric location of the birth, which turned out to be the aptly named Rural Life Museum. It is an ancient barn, not too far from the Holy Chalice, and clearly the perfect metaphor for the birth of the "Christed Child". I felt like I was given to harness the Christ energy at this key point in the proceedings...

    Note I'm not saying "The Christ" in any religious sense, I'm saying the Christ Consciousness of heart felt non-judgmental discernment, activated on the earth at this time, which has helped catalyse the rebirth.

For me, symbolic synchronicity is my mother tongue. It makes far more sense than any words or thought ever could. When we learn to interpret signs not with the mind, but rather realisation of direct higher knowing, then multidimensional life truly comes alive. So at the Rural Life Museum, I simply knew we'd see something of metaphoric importance to the process taking place. And we were not disappointed.

    On the north facing wall, directly pointing towards the apex of the "V" - the vagina - was the symbolism shown in the picture: the mother at the top, new born underneath and four steps representing the dimensions leading to a new run of life in the Fifth Dimension (followed by higher realities too). Awesome!

A challenging birth

At this time we could all still very clearly feel Gaia and her process. It's like she had given birth to a new self in the higher paradigm. Yet all was not clear, all was not smooth. The new born was struggling somewhat, still being pulled back by ancient karma where she'd cleansed herself before. Back at home we sat together in circle and helped facilitate the process. We helped Gaia find self forgiveness and an acceptance of what she now has to do. Which is to let go of any attachment to the progress of her children and to steadily withdraw her energies into the Fifth Dimension over the coming years.

    Our intuitions leading up to this momentous event have been correct. She'd come dangerously close to destruction, the build up of negative energy - an unjust lower harmony - in the 3D/4D had become almost too much to bear. This is her solution and that of Higher Consciousness. Tipping points have been activated which will in time, cleanse the surface of the 3D earth leaving a core 'seed', from which 3D life can begin again at some point in the distant future. This seed will provide the 'anchor' for the new reality in the Fifth Dimension to be centred around.

Although Trinity and myself had had strong intuitions of this leading up to today, the landing of a deep inner knowing was no less spectacular. We were all tired, yet overjoyed that Gaia had finally completed this phase of her process, something we'd prophecised for some considerable time. There was a deep sense of relief.

Discernment Days

And what now for Humanity? As I was caused to ponder this, the inappropriate and scripture distorted words "Judgement Days" came into my mind, which my soul quickly corrected to "Discernment Days".

    In the years ahead, the old world will come to an end. There is now a well defined window of opportunity for those responding to the inner compulsion to ascend. But no one will do the work for you. There will be no mass ascensions activated by some great guru or Messiah. The real leader is inside of yourself. And Ascension can only happen by walking the path of the constant consciousness choice.

Now is the time my friends. Time to leave the old ways and the old behaviours behind, whatever distorted darkness the external drama creates and tries to pull you into. Time to centre in the heart and allow non-judgmental discernment to direct you on the path of Ascension.

It's time to Rise UP!

Rise of the Divine Human from Openhand on Vimeo.

The Openhand Team

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To me that piece says it all ♥ For me the energy started building up all day yesterday. My heart was beating very fast and I couldnt sit still without feeling a huge amount of energy dwelling up from the inside. I was quite emotional. At 10 pm it shifted to feeling full of love and content. And then I found this piece and I was in heaven. And then the title...LoveDeathBirth :-)
I hope you enjoy it


Love to you all

I too, interestingly, was pulled outside, at just after 12 midnight last night, to witness what was happening energetically, under the stars.

Many blessings and love.

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I had a gradual build-up of energies in the last couple of days, or rather over a week actually -- my usual a sensitivity even more enhanced probably by the "WombWork" we've been doing here 12 of us women for the past 10 days...
Then the whole of my day yesterday was about being on the verge of exploding into some happiness beyond me. I was so much in the flow, being very much at ease and at one with the field in-around me.

Then, I spent last night celebrating in the circle of amazing (earth-healing) women, the whole evening was very peaceful, personal, but full of meaning and healing.

Then walking home at around 2.30 am CET in crispy chilly Budapest I was filled with the most amazing bubbling joy and love for all. My heart, and womb, and my whole being literally wanted to explode into something like a macrocosmic throb...

This feeling is still overwhelming and flowing in-through me...

And today, meeting another wise woman in the streets by chance, I caught myself wording the following. "I really feel like after a long labour, I am reborn at last..."

Well, guys, these are just words, but all this is beyond "words", really...
I love you all.

That was a truly special night, momentous in fact.
It started for me by a knock on my door, to which, boom! I was back in this plane, I felt like I had traveled light years, in a cosmic blip of time.
Chris was gathering us all up, for what was set to be a mission extravaganza.
As we all came together, I wondered if I was going to make it anywhere, as I was feeling very nauseous. I could feel that something big was happening, and even if I had to crawl, I wasn't going to miss this for the world.
As we headed out into the night, it became clear what was taking place and Gaia was clearly talking to us.
Chris, Trinity and Lesley were all having deeply profound and moving experiences, and in each of there individual ways, gave expression to different dimensions and aspects of what appeared to be Gaia's re-birthing process.
The signs and synchronicities were lighting up the night sky, talking to us in a language that could not be denied.
As we were guided around Glastonbury, each energetic spot we came to, seemed to add another piece of the jigsaw, and evoked energies and feelings that gave a multi-dimensional picture of what was taking place.
It wasn't until we got back home, sitting round the fire sharing tea and toast, that the last push came, and Trinity, in a strong connection with Gaia, confronted and shed some key areas of karma. With Lesley and I supporting, Chris helped her unravel what felt like the last few ties that were holding her back, and once released, I felt as though the old world was let go of and the new paradigm was embraced.
Welcome to the new world.

Much love

It's extraordinary, isn't it? And it's still going on... The energies are so extraordinarily beautiful - I have been sitting in meditation for most of the afternoon and just sinking deeper and deeper into them, re-aligning, tweaking my focus, and surrendering deeper. A beautiful process.

And as I move through this evening of celebration with others I will continue to sink into this divine moment and continue the process.

Blessed be.


I can't say what exactly, but today is different!

I didn't have any spectacular things during these days. What was really striking is the peace of just being here in this world, something I never felt.
I went through all kinds of pains, which I know were not only my stuff, so I had a lot of work with the field and some rigid knots, that's for sure, but all was beyond what mental plane could define and put a finger on. And I just loved it, not knowing. Felt so right and pure and knew for me.

I also did't have any ceremonies last night. I just was crying and crying and crying... The kind of relieving tears, you know... when your heart is just cracking open and there is some softness and innocence. I couldn't sleep so well, well, cuz looks like my job was to cry most of the night hhhhh But I did fell asleep after a while and then I woke up to another ordinary day. Only that something was clearly different.

I can't put it into words. It's just the energy is something else. Beautiful. Or as if my eyes are something else. It's just that everything looks/feels so magical, sparkling and... like some amazing dream.

The old stuff is still here, but the overall field is something else.

I don't know why, but there is also a feeling of redemption and joy, as if I've been waiting for these moments all my life and finally this is happening!

Well, that's it :)

So I've just returned from a wonderful walk around Avalon, drawn to a favourite meditation spot at the back of the Tor and what should I see there? A mother suckling a young baby and flying over head, a hovering Kestrel. I kid you not, how magical can this life get?

This magical: we have 'people' to share these inspiring, uplifting and moving experiences with and to connect together in this wonderful time :)

I wrote a poem in my early twenties, 'The Day The Light Won on Earth' (I'll dig it out sometime). I realise that today has been that day for me. Everything is shining and filled with light!

We are truly blessed to have witnessed this.

Blessings to each and every one of you.

I have been feeling an energy build up for the last week or so, peaking on the 20th at night. Vibration lowering urges (attraction to unhealthy food, inability to sleep, feeling frozen, frustration) began to appear and ... I gave in. In a sense I feel like I've failed to experience something wonderful. On the other hand: perhaps the purpose of this experience was to show me the strength of all the attachments I have been fostering for years. A gift of awareness of the work that needs to be done. :-) I feel a relief this morning with most tension gone. A sense of a new beginning and hope is certainly in the air.

“The greatest of all the truly wonderful gifts that life gives us is freedom in each new moment.”

Sending warm cheers from the cold Canada!


How awesome to see such beautiful replies here. All tuning in in unique and wonderful ways.

The experience for me during the early hours of Dec 21st was truly phenomenal. I have been fully tuning into Mother Earth and the divine feminine energies for quite some time now, of which there was an intense climax yesterday. For me often the words do not come for some time :) I am speechless at the incredible enormity at what has happened.

Here is a a 12 minute video and amazing conclusion to the journey of human evolution from 5Gateways, created by Smiling Dragonfly.

The New Earth is here - now. Let's embrace this gift together...

5GATEWAYS (Part 7 of 7): Conclusion from Openhand on Vimeo.

A new Earth was born today
Have you noticed
She’s shining like the Sun?
And all I want to do is
Bask in her radiance
Melt deeper into her purity and her light

I’ve fallen so deeply in love
That all I can do is sit, alone
And meditate
And as I do
I fall through layer upon layer
Sink more deeply into
Greater and greater light

What a gift this is
To be here at this time
To witness the rebirth
Of Mother Earth

So join hands with me
Wherever you are
Let’s celebrate
And give thanks for what we’re being given
If we can only open ourselves to receive
At this precious moment in time…

Chris and Trinity,

I totally resonate with your words, I feel so at home with you all at openhand. I also agree with Lesley in that I wont be giving my ascention up for anything I am totally commited to walking the path not matter what.

this has just found me...
not my own poetry, but i feel somehow it belongs here...
my feeling of freedom is so overwhelming it's absolutely beautiful,
softly full of strength...

some words by Gotye and his song...
i don't even care if it strictly belongs here or not...
because to ME it does...
thanx for your understanding... :-)

"Calm down now baby
The end of the journey's in sight
You've travelled so far love
Now all of the stars are aligned

Say goodbye (I don't want to)
Don't you fight (I don't want to)
Leaving your life's no easy ride

All the grief you gave
All the love you made
All your yesterdays
Everything you were
Will fade
This is the only way

All the things you thought you came here for
Everything you thought you knew for sure
No meandering
No more wondering
Everything is true

All the things you thought you had to say
Everyone you left along the way
So you gather how
Nothing matters now
that your time is through
This is the only way"


Closely aligned with Openhand for many years now, my path constantly takes me out into the matrix, seeing the challenges experienced by people from diverse backgrounds, meeting them in their own surroundings, and offering them companionship on their journey of ascension. Yet at the “right time” I am drawn back to the home team, Wednesday’s phone call from Chris lasted just a few seconds before the network connection was lost, but a Solstice invitation was enough to instigate new travel plans at a moments notice.

I arrived just before midnight on the eve of the 2012 winter solstice, and slipped quietly into bed in a cabin in the garden. My head had barely been on the pillow for 50 minutes when Chris knocked at the door. Though slightly confused, I quickly grabbed some clothes and headed out into the darkness as the rain started to fall.

As I walked up Wearyall Hill, slip-sliding in the mud, I was clutching my stomach as pain filled my lower abdomen. At the top of the hill, Trinity, the most empathic person I have ever met, appeared to be receiving direct experience of the energetic process of Gaia. I was deeply moved to witness a reflection of Mother Earth's process.

Looking into the distance, Chris pointed out the lines drawn in the inky blackness by the glow of street lights symbolising the birth of the new earth. I can see it clearly and note that one line exactly echoes the position of the pain I experienced, confirming the experience as fully tangible and real to me. The process moves along and we walk on down to the Rural Life Museum. Chris has a very deep experience here and again, as with Trinity, I am honoured to witness the authentic way in which he handles the strong energies. He points out the physical clues written for all to see, yet becoming visible to me for the first time on this special day.

I feel a strong pull to enter the grounds, there is something I must do. I climb over the fence, a driving force propelling me quickly: over one, two, three hurdles, being drawn by a strong light, I feel like I am reclaiming our birthright, for those that choose it, we are going home. The fourth fence I come to is white. I push the gate with a sense of purpose and it opens before me. I am confronted with a long passageway, it seems dark and uninviting, a wave of emotion breaks over me and I cup my face in my hands, I see an image, it seems to be Mary holding the baby Jesus and yet as I look more deeply, I see its a white mountain cradling a blue pool, it feels like Mother Earth cradling her fifth dimensional newly birthed self. Opening my eyes, golden light has illuminated the passageway and I stride across the long open space. At the end is an expanse of white railings (the fifth fence). An inner smile unfurls like a rapidly blooming flower as I see the wide open gate. Passing through, I raise my arms in celebration.

We walk onwards and a short ceremony spontaneously plays out between myself and Trinity at the Chalice Well as I take 8 gulps of the sacred waters before we head home and light a log fire.

It seems all is not yet finished. Trinity has another spontaneous connection with Mother Earth as Gaia is coping with overwhelming energies. I act instinctively though I am still processing my earlier experiences and not entirely in tune nor completely comprehending what is transpiring. David and Chris are immediately "with it" subtly working with the energies, and I observe the reflection of Gaia shedding layers of Karma, moving into a new state of equilibrium on a somewhat climactic journey.

Three and a half hours have passed since we were roused from our beds, a good sleep beckons. When I awaken to welcoming bright sunshine, there is a sense of “business as usual” as we all move on with the practicalities of life for physical residents of the 3rd density, and there is much for me to do before I return to London.

Before I was guided on my symbolic walk into the fifth dimension in the grounds of
the Rural Life Museum, two words on the notice board stood out to me “Admission Free” .

They “said” three things to me (or, with the true wit of benevolence, I could relate that they said free fings to me ;-))

“open to all”
“the admission fee is to free yourself of attachment”
“on admission, you become free (of the need to reincarnate on the physical plane)

With much love,


Thanks for sharing, Lesley! I like what you had to say.

I was just thinking about the free choice... If you have already awakened, and can be aware of what is relay going on, then it is given you will ascend.
On the other hand, if you are in the Matrix, you are trapped. Even if you want to choose to ascend - you will not know what to do, your intuition will not work, you will not see the singes, etc.
And also there is this special case of mentally sick people. I was wondering do they have a choice?
Do we relay have a free choice? Or is it all have been pre-determined already? Can it be too late for somebody?
And is the "admission free", or is there a price to pay?

Hi Babamy,

Glad you connected and thanks for your questions. :-)

I really resonate with what Chris said in his blog:

"In the years ahead, the old world will come to an end. There is now a well defined window of
opportunity for those responding to the inner compulsion to ascend. But no one will do the work for you. There will be no mass ascensions activated by some great guru or Messiah. The real leader is inside of yourself. And Ascension can only happen by walking the path of the constant consciousness choice."

So I don't feel it is given that if you are awake you will ascend, (nor that is it predetermined who will ascend) I see lots of awake people who shy away from making difficult choices. I had been awake a long time when I first discovered the notion of releasing attachments. As I started to put it into practice, I could feel the incredible sense of expansion that came with confronting the moment and letting go, (doing something different, or allowing a different outcome, rather than trying to make something be what I wanted). I was so excited by such an effective process, I couldn't wait to exchange my new found understandings with someone who I regarded as quite a scholar of spiritual matters. Imagine how stunned I was when she replied, "The trouble with releasing attachments is that they're always things you don't want to let go of." By studying something with the mind she hadn't walked the path, so she could possibly be said to see releasing attachment as "a price to pay". When you walk the path, every single attachment released feels like an infinite blessing. But I can see that without the experience of the sense of expansion and perspective shifts, it could seem a little daunting to someone starting out.

I don't believe that if you are in the matrix you are trapped, I was as much in the matrix as any average Brit. :-)

I have accepted that not everyone will ascend, though I recall it being a shocking idea when I first realised it. I accepted also that I might not ascend and ceased struggling on my path and became absolutely OK with whatever my soul's destiny was to be. It's funny, but the more you stop pushing too hard, the more your consciousness expands and your path kind of accelerates. That said, I would encourage anyone to really apply themselves, it doesn't happen without having focus on the path, I think that's key actually, that your focus is on the path, then you take it one step at a time, whereas if you see ascension as a kind of goal it generates a kind of rush or need for it to happen, which isn't actually going to make your progress so productive.

Hope that helps. :-)


In reply to by Lesley Lord

Thank you Lesley,
I always look forward to your posts but this came at the "right" time... surprise, surprise...
yes, I would say before "the release" it might feel like "paying a price" - but then in the process and after the release it is clearly liberation...

so to me it does feel a bit like waxing and waning, or how else to put it, i mean that i do go through feelings of difficulty releasing but then again there's the fresh air and i can "breathe" again... the only thing i learned was to recognise the special flavour of tension right before the release... it's a funny one...

so to me it often feels like contraction and expansion but this is only from the point of view of the insider... inside the process i mean... because of course if i look at the same process form a bird's eye view it clearly shows the general tendency of ever more expansion... it's just within this step by step process, we go thru rhythmic contractions-expansions...
well i do, anyway... :-)

one more, in a similar vein...
the efforting..
yes, i experience it similarly,
as a doula, as so often, i am reminded of what i see in labour: at the bearing down phase (the moments before the actual birth) women tend to push as well as let go, not at the same time, but in alternation...

i feel this is true for my path: there are periods when action, even a kind efforting makes sense and feels right, and to be proactive is in the current of the flow, and at other times surrender and letting myself be overwhelmed is the right repsonse to the specific situation...

so simply to add to Lesley's wise words I'd emphasise the flexibility of the process...

in the end there is noone else on the face of this planet better than YOU to know...

this is how is see it..

I watched the sun rise on solstice. It was wondrous, as its first touch of gold flickered on the horizon, then it gradually emerged in its full glory. and light poured over the land. It felt like the first sunrise I'd ever seen. and a new day!

I can really relate to these feelings of contraction and expansion.It feels that the energy is still very heavy and drained at the moment (similarly to how one feels after giving birth), aat the same time immense joy, liberation- a real feeling of exposure.Completeness, like a purpose has been fulfilled. I also see this time as an opportunity to hold these energies in immense gratitude and celebration of our 'humaneness'.When spirit fully incarnated ,totally conscious, alive and embodied. This is something I have to get use to. My experience feels one of acceptance, complete surrender to how things are, not needing to change anything and feeling okay even in this drained feeling. I see two overlapping earths, to be here ,totally human, but not of it. A few days before all this I had feelings of no longer wanting to stay here,it was total self honesty and sense of not being able to face humaness, when i see the eyes of my child-it keeps me here.Now I feel maybe I can see a future unfold, because total exposure has happened.Total transparency.I also had all so much ophysical birth cellular memory . I do feel a shift has taken place.There is no need to run, or hide. Everything is as it needs to be right now.All is working it's way through it feels. I don't think it matters about some making it and others not. There is just isness , that will work it's way through.

But peace in our hearts is what is required more than anything.

as well as the world feeling a very different place since the solstice, I feel my connection to Gaia has changed dramatically. Its difficult to describe exactly, but when I 'look' for Her she's not in the same 'place' as She used to be, is how it seems. anyone resonate? obviously it makes some sense considering what Chris talked about. It feels a bit destabilising! I was wondering if anyone else has been noticing this? and how are you working with it?


Not entirely relating Gaia, or not only to her "place", but i've been feeling a sense of some kind of an "END". The words "end" or "this was the last of these/those things" keep popping up all over the place for me, in all kinds of situations. It evokes different reactions in me... interesting to watch them...

Including myself, I know of other energetically sensitive people too here in Hungary who as a result feel kind of "lost", or out of "place"...
Where are you, Ben? ;-)

yes definitely resonate with feeling 'lost' and sense of 'endings'. but also there feels a rightness, alignment of it. I feel some sadness too. and the earth is different.
I feel perhaps I was looking outside of myself for that connection? and that's an interesting mirror too.

sending you a big hug...

i haven't even got to the point of sadness, i'm still at the stage of agitation and feeling outa position...
but yes, there's a feeling of gradual alignement too...
all part of The Process :-)

yes, and big HUG to you too (I remember your hugs;-))! :-D

this songs been playing in my head...

"One of these days the sky's gonna break and everything will escape and I'll know
One of these days the mountains are gonna fall into the sea and they'll know
That you and I were made for this
I was made to taste your kiss
We were made to never fall away
Never fall away..."


powerful huh.

beautiful clip. touched my heart
could only watch it under this link (Hungary still not part of the world apparently, certain links are not allowed here...)
<3 R