"Beyond the veil" guided meditation

Submitted by Trinity on Fri, 08/31/2007 - 05:53

Guided meditation can be a powerful tool to move beyond the veil of illusion. Here is a powerful meditation that can help us to taste that. It also serves as a good grounding technique as we are invited to fully return to the third dimension whilst infusing higher consciousness into every day existence...

With Love Trin

Beyond the veil meditation Inhale deeply Focus on the rhythmic rise and fall of each breath. Feel the air as it fills your body. Cleansing. Releasing anything that no longer serves you. Imagine that the space around you is a fine mist. As if you are floating in a cloud. The clouds represent the gateway to realms beyond this world. Below represents the three dimensional world. You are invited on a journey beyond. Draw your attention to your crown chakra. See a golden light pulsating there. See the light from your crown expand beginning to dissolve the mist that surrounds you. The mist around your crown is beginning to clear. Allow the golden light to softly expand to the third eye. Allow the light to expand outwards. Notice that the mist in line and above the third eye dissipates, clearing, unveiling a vast infinite field of light. We are beginning to rise through the mist, the veil, one chakra at a time. Allow the golden light to softly expand throughout each chakra, one by one. As the mist in line with that chakra dissipates allow the light to expand into the next chakra. When you reach the base chakra allow all things to fall away and find that your entire being has risen beyond the veil of clouds and into an infinite field of light. Bathe in the light as every cell of your being is immersed in the lightness of divine unity. You are infused in rememberance of your higher self. When you are ready it is time to return. As a body of light, allow yourself to gently descend back through the mist one chakra at a time. As you bring full awareness back into the body you are invited to retain the memory of universal life energy. You are invited to remain connected to the source as you infuse back into life.

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