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New Openhand Community Coordinator - Aspasia

Openhand introduces today our new Community Coordinator "Aspasia", who takes over from Fiona. With a colourful and widely experienced background in soul facilitation, the new role will be to "dance" within the Openhand community "ether", to connect new threads of inquiry and help inspire flowing movement; to support the transcendence of the merely physical. She'll also be the initial point of contact with regard to event management in the busy Openhand calendar. We're blessed to have Aspasia on board, at a time when we're ready to shift through new gears and launch into a whole new phase of Openhand growth. Be inspired by Aspasia's energy here

Openhand's 5D Shift Launch Today...FREE eBook Offer

After much preparation and hard work behind the Openhand scenes, today, our "5D Shift Project" comes fully into being - yeah! It's a crystalisation of all our work here to date, a focusing of mission and purpose, to help facilitate YOUR shift into 5D Consciousness. You might consider it a 'framework for inquiry' encouraging you to find your own truth and walk your own path. To celebrate, we're offering everyone in the community a gift. The three books BREAKTHROUGH, 5GATEWAYS and DIVINICUS have been edited into one interconnected series to provide a foundation for exploration. We're offering them for one week, entirely FREE to download as eBooks. Come share in the excitement and expansion...

The Tenth Transfiguration!

Woohoo! It's here. Openhand's tenth annual "Transfiguration" begins today, here on the Isle of Avalon, a very special earth portal into higher dimensions of consciousness. As ever we have a wonderful group of lovely people flying in from all around the world. And because Openhand is a virtual community, and because you can touch the energy from anywhere on the planet, we're extending an open hand of invitation for you to come and join us. We're running a rolling journal through the course, sharing insight into what we're doing, so you may explore in your own way too. So come and connect up to the energy by opening your heart and mind to the sense of the space and what we're doing. It's sure to activate shifts in your consciousness too. You are most welcome...

Work Exchange with Openhand @ Avalon Rising

We have plenty of work exchange opportunities coming up at the Openhand Centre Avalon Rising. Do you have some basic skills and plenty of enthusiasm you can offer? If so, you might like to come and stay for free, in exchange for a few hours work a day. There's plenty to do in the garden, we've got the new strawbale studio to build and to cobb, and indoors there's often cleaning and decorating work going on. It's a great way to come and spend time in the Openhand energy, to experience Glastonbury and to take some time away for reflection. Here's what's involved...

*Important Openhand Event Date Changes 2016*

Openhand makes a point of listening to your feedback and the natural flow. Many of you told us you'd love to come to the 5GATEWAYS event in Seattle over Easter, but the airfares were too expensive. So we've moved the Seattle 5GATEWAYS to 18th-22nd April. We're merging the 5GATEWAYS at Avalon during that period with 5GATEWAYS in Belgium. And instead over Easter, at Avalon Rising, we'll be putting on a special 5day Personal Retreat. We trust that all makes sense! Here are the details...

Come join us!

Spiritual Wellness Massage at Avalon Rising

We're so thrilled that our Personal Retreat Service here at the Openhand Centre Avalon Rising has taken off so well. Whe're loving having visitors here, and it's clear participants are gaining a profound benefit too. Beside all the other services we offer, such as Reflexology with Fiona, Coaching with Pennie and Spiritual Catalysis with Open, we're now also providing "Spiritual Wellness Massage" with Trinity. She's integrated her varied skills and experience over the years, into a deeply soul activating bodywork, which visitors to Avalon Rising can now take full advantage of. Yeah!
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