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19/03/10: "Taking back our full power in life..."

Following our Joy
Here at Openhand we've spoken a good deal recently about the amazing power of the Five Gateways routemap - something we feel is destined to become a global standard for Spiritual Evolution. Sometimes I'm asked by those who haven't experienced it yet "Sounds a great philosophy Chris, but how can it help me in day-to-day life?" Well my answer is... "That's where it works best!!!" You see it's all about taking back our power by expressing our highest truth. It's about finding the joy and pure beauty of self expression and then allowing that to radiate into our outer world to shape the lives we were always meant to live...

15/03/10: "Five Gateways, a renewed global standard..."

Greetings friends of Openhand
We've just completed our first "Five Gateways" workshop with a full house of participants from many varied spiritual backgrounds. It was without doubt the most enlightening Openhand course to date. Five Gateways is a profound model of Spiritual Evolution that spans back through the history of mankind. It is a route map which has been coded into the lives of countless spiritual masters from the Buddha to Jesus. It is a hidden code which has been misunderstood and misinterpreted by humanity for thousands of years. Well now we're dusting off the pages of history and bringing the teachings into a new light. We know in our hearts, Five Gateways will ultimately take its place as a global standard for Spiritual Evolution...

08/03/10: "Greening the once barren..."

Hi friends of Openhand
We're often speaking of how Industrial Agriculture is damaging our planet and our top soils especially. We speak of the need for the old, unsustainable systems within society to collapse so that we can become more aligned and in-tune with Mother Earth once more. Not only is it good for the planet, but its amazing for our sense of self and our unfolding spirituality. That's what I find so amazing about this video. It shows how even the most hostile, barren and poisoned landscape can be quickly reclaimed to make it fertile, productive and abundant. Take a look, I found it deeply inspirational...

03/03/10: Does your search engine help conserve natural resources?

Has anyone else here discovered Ecosia? It's an eco-friendly search engine. I've been using it recently and recommend it. Check out the short video below. Fascinating!

Ecosia in a nutshell

    "Ecosia is an eco-friendly Internet search engine backed by Yahoo, Bing and the World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF). It basically works like any other search engine but, unlike others, Ecosia gives at least 80% of its advertising revenue to a rainforest protection program run by the WWF.

2/2/10: "New Gateway Seminars, South West England, February 2010..."

Join the new evolution...
We've just been invited to speak at three new venues in South West England in February and March. The interest in "Gateways of Light" is growing strongly. People everywhere are beginning to understand its enormous potential in connecting people across many diverse backgrounds and spiritual approaches. It's a unifying 'route map' that brings our Journey of Enlightenment and Ascension into much clearer perspective. It's helping make sense of the monumental global transitions that are taking place across the world and why our lives are taking the twists and turns they are. We feel sanctioned by Higher Consciousness to share the vital message of the Five Gateways and we're deeply passionate about it. Come share the energy with us. We'd love to see you there...

25/01/10: "The future of food?..."

Interesting BBC video documentary
Here at Openhand, we've been talking about global lack of resilience in the food chain - that most countries depend too much on an ever dwindling supply of oil and the enormous risks that poses. Here is an interesting BBC documentary about Cuba and what happened to it when their supply of oil from the Soviet Union was switched off overnight in the nineties. They're now the ONLY completely self-sustaining country in food and energy on the planet. It's a thoroughly interesting documentary although you'll have to overlook some slightly judgmental comments by the narrator about what is an acceptable diet! Of course it's difficult sometimes to see through the veils of the typical western illusion! Enjoy...

20/01/10: "Creating for... creating"

Unleashing creative flow through our lives
Here at Openhand I tend to do a good deal of one-on-one coaching. Many people have similar challenges balancing their spiritual impulses with our day-to-day lives. It seems frequently, we know the higher altruistic message, yet society pulls us against what we so often feel in our hearts. The tendency can be to dim our inner light. However, there is one way in particular to keep our light shining brightly. In a word it is 'creativity'...

01/01/10: "Three Big Years..."

Out with the old, in with the new
So a New Year has just begun and of course many are speculating as to what 2010 will bring? At Openhand we don't believe in prophecy because the moment shapes according to the thoughts, emotions and choices we each express in the moment. However, we can look at movements of energy and see where the trend appears to be taking us. Tuning in during meditation yesterday, I was given the knowing "Three Big Years". I have the strong feeling that 2010, 2011 and 2012 are going to be monumental in terms of the shift of planetary and human consciousness. I believe strongly that there are no better times than these to really tune in, peel back the layers of limitation and truly expand our consciousness...

27/12/09: "Exciting courses for the NewYear..."

Hi friends of Openhand!

Looking forwards to the NewYear yet? Had enough of the old and waiting to unveil the new? Well here at Openhand the drum is well and truly sounding to welcome in the NewYear. We've posted all of our planned courses for the first half of 2010. Both Trinity and myself are positively brimming at the prospect of seeing you and working with you in this new exciting year. Whether you're a seasoned Openhander, or looking to dip your toe in the Openhand stream for the first time, we await in eager anticipation of new and bright unfoldings. Here's what the Openhand calendar has in store...

24/12/09: "A Christmas Prayer..."

Season's Greetings Openhanders!

Assuming you celebrate Christmas or are simply just enjoying the beauty and majesty of Mother Nature at this special time of year, the Openhand Team would like to wish you boundless joy, love and inner peace. We're sending a special vibration of openness and expandedness. So if you can find a little stillness in the hectic holiday season, then we feel sure you'll pick up on it. And here is a beautiful video for you all to catch that magical vibe...