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27/12/09: "Exciting courses for the NewYear..."

Hi friends of Openhand!

Looking forwards to the NewYear yet? Had enough of the old and waiting to unveil the new? Well here at Openhand the drum is well and truly sounding to welcome in the NewYear. We've posted all of our planned courses for the first half of 2010. Both Trinity and myself are positively brimming at the prospect of seeing you and working with you in this new exciting year. Whether you're a seasoned Openhander, or looking to dip your toe in the Openhand stream for the first time, we await in eager anticipation of new and bright unfoldings. Here's what the Openhand calendar has in store...

24/12/09: "A Christmas Prayer..."

Season's Greetings Openhanders!

Assuming you celebrate Christmas or are simply just enjoying the beauty and majesty of Mother Nature at this special time of year, the Openhand Team would like to wish you boundless joy, love and inner peace. We're sending a special vibration of openness and expandedness. So if you can find a little stillness in the hectic holiday season, then we feel sure you'll pick up on it. And here is a beautiful video for you all to catch that magical vibe...

18/12/09: "18th December... the day of planetary alignment"

Hi Openhanders!
I find it mildly amusing that people seem to be constantly talking about planetary alignment with the Galactic Centre at the winter solstice in 2012 and what that means. But did you know that every year our planet aligns with the sun and the Galactic Centre? And in actual fact, it happens around the 18th December not the 21st. I should know, because it happens to be my birthday! So why not take a few moments of stillness today, tune in, let lightness sweep you up on her soft wings, and download some uplifting vibes to carry you through Christmas and the coming year. Enjoy!

27/10/09: "Flying on the wings of Vulnerability..."

Do you sometimes find doubt difficult to overcome?
Quite frequently in the coaching I do the question of doubt arises. Doubt in ourselves, doubt in our work, relationships and spiritual path. Doubt in the benevolent redeeming hand of the universe. It seems that when we first realise the benevolent presence of a unifying energy, we believe, hope or expect, everything "will turn out just fine. It'll all be just as we want it to be". And if it doesn't, WHEN it doesn't turn out that way, we're led back down the ladder of doubt back to the lower rung we began from. So what's happening here? How do we break out of the repeating cycle of snakes and ladders? In a word the answer is vulnerability...

23/09/09: "Mutant message part 3 - Gaia is calling..."

Homeward bound
There's an old arabic proverb: "if it happens once it will never happen again, but if it happens twice, it's sure to happen a third time!" So here it is then, the third part of my 'mutant message from down under'. Last night we had a wonderful parting gathering of conscious souls, conscious food and conscious banter all blessed with authentic aborigine music thanks to "Doug the Didge"...

20/09/09: "Mutant message Part 2: Into the Brave New World..."

Hi Openhanders,
My trip down under is fast drawing to a close. It has for me been a truly monumental experience. I've encountered many conscious and wonderful people and my heart has been touched deeply. These are not necessary what you might call 'spiritual people'; they are ordinary people reconnecting with their spirit and the spirit of the land. From the farmers in the local market switching to organic crops and wheat grass, to the plumber lining my hosts water tank, they're all aware of the monumental changes that are already taking place all around us and the need to realign with the universal flow of energy; the need to change from the inside out...

13/09/09: "Mutant message from down under..."

Hi Openhanders!

Ever read the book "Mutant message down-under?" Inspired by truth, Marlow Morgan describes the plight of the Aboriginal 'real people' as they struggle to live in a world steadily being destroyed by the 'mutants' (you can guess who she's referring to!). Its a powerful tale of people completely at-one with their environment and their interconnectivity with all life - an authenticity that lies at the heart of everyone of us. Currently I'm staying close to Byron Bay on the east coast of Australia and I'm finding myself increasingly reminded of the book as I watch the paradox of life here playing itself out...

2/2/09: "Walking the Path..."

Hi Openhanders!

What does it truly mean to be 'walking the path'?
We're really excited to add a new course to the Openhand repetoire. "Walking the Path" is for anyone having already done "Way of the Heart" or "The Transfiguration". It's about helping you apply the Openhand approach and our inner guidance to every day life. It's all about finding our highest truth in every moment. We know sometimes this can be very difficult especially as we engage with society and all of its conditioning, limitation, deadlines and expectation. What issues arise for you when you walk your path? What buttons get pushed and how do you deal with the tightness, anxiety, doubt or even fear that might arise? The course takes place at Openhand's exciting, new, eco-friendly studio in Glastonbury from 27th-29th November...find out more

11/08/09: "Ego well and truly crucified..."

Well what can I say?
"Crucifying the Ego" turned out to be the most deeply experiential event to date - as it was always meant to be. As Jamie quite rightly pointed out, this was no course. It was a change of life. Who will ever forget the deeply transcendent experiences we shared together? Who will ever forget 'walking the blade edge of reality'? Who will ever forget the reunification of the 'ancient ones' - our lost tribe? Of course there's not too much we can share - we'd like to keep the experiences as a special secret gift for future participants. However, I have posted a few photos in our forum thread. Much love to all my reunited brothers and sisters...click here

28/07/09: "Openhand down under..."

Hi to all you open-hearted Antipodeans! (in other words, Openhanders 'down under')...

We're absolutely thrilled to announce the first ever Openhand events in Australia taking place at the end of the summer. On September 11th, we'll be giving our "Gateways Seminar" in Byron Bay Community & Cultural Centre between 7-10pm and this will be followed on the 19th/20th with a two day Ascension workshop in the awesome Rock Valley, New South Wales. We'll be 'pushing the boat out', giving of our best, divinely inspired to share the message about our Journey of Ascension we feel given to. The event will be filmed and later posted freely on the web. So if you're 'down under' at the time, perhaps you'd like to join us? If not, stay tuned for the film, the book and the tee-shirt (just kidding folks!). For full information, read on...