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05/08/11: "Trust in Benevolence..."

How do you find trust?
Trust is an interesting thing. You can't tell someone to trust. It's not something you can 'program' inside yourself. Although perhaps various mind programming techniques might try to persuade us we can - and might be relatively 'successful' for a time before eventually the illusionary bubble inevitably bursts. No, to me, trust is something we have to find by confronting those times and issues where we don't feel we can trust. But what are we trusting in exactly? That's an important question. Understanding it could offer the key to riding successfully the turbulent transitions happening all around us right now...

26/07/11: How do we apply spirituality to everyday life?

Hi friends
We're often hearing from you that the way spirituality is sometimes portrayed seems detached from day-to-day living: as if it's a great thing to do if you've got the time and money..."but how does it help in day to day life?" The point is that every single choice we make is influenced by different internal impulses that are frequently at odds with each other. If we can't find internal harmony and alignment with our true feelings, then we're going to manifest that incongruence into our lives. If however we can learn to spot when past conditioning disrupts our creative flow, we'll make increasingly aligned choices that are supported by the universe, which can be utterly priceless...

25/07/11: "Stepping out of our shell..."

Let's be us and shine
In these challenging times, with all the difficulty we see around us in the world, it is enough to make one feel like contracting into a shell. Or else to deny what's going on and paint a rosy picture of denial over the landscape. But at the same time, the panorama offers enormous opportunity too. When the reflections in the mirror are so strong, a courageous soul will see abundant possibility to peel away anything that contracts, that closes down, that denies or identifies. So we have enormous encouragement to open up, to step outside, to just be us and shine the light...

15/07/11: "True Joy..."

What brings you joy in life?
It is a common human trait to look for joy in life. Alongside love, it seems to be something that drives many things we do. So why is it that so few people really seem to find it? What is the real secret of experiencing joy in our lives? To me, finding joy in every moment, is a constant conscious choice. It depends entirely on what I am attuning to...

1st-8th July: "The Transfiguration, a rolling journal..."

The Transfiguration closing,
But the heart still goes on:

As with so many of our experiences on this amazing gathering of souls that was The Transfiguration 2011, our parting was a heavenly paradox of mixed emotions. We had bared our souls and found an eternal bond of connection. We had gone deep into our darkness and discovered an eternal light. Join us then with a few final words to sum up our feelings as the course closed until next year. From Trinity and myself, we'd like to offer a profoundly humbling and heartfelt thanks to those who took part physically, and of course to those of you joining us in spirit through our virtual community Openhandweb. "Near far, wherever you are, I know that the heart does go on"...

04/06/11: "The challenges of Gateway 2..."

Learning to follow our "Spiritual Compass"
Right now, I'm hearing from lots of people within our virtual community who have awoken and are beginning to step onto the spiritual path in earnest, they're being drawn to Gateway 2 - the "Realignment" - as we've termed it. It can be a very challenging yet profoundly rewarding experience. In essence we're making a quite profound shift of consciousness inside. Prior to this shift, like most people in the world today (even many awake ones), we create our lives really by making decisions about "how to move the external pieces on life's playing board". But afterwards things change dramatically...

02/06/11: "New Openhand Facilitators Program..."

How can we serve the light and help others evolve?
The Openhand Philosophy and Approach to Spiritual Enlightenment is helping evolving people around the world make sense of what is really happening in their lives and how to catalyse their next evolutionary step. We feel given to extend our help to the evolving human consciousness by training and certifying facilitators who feel very aligned with our Five Gateways core philosophy.

If you resonate strongly with the Openhand Approach and feel a compelling inner calling to facilitate in the global shift of human consciousness, then maybe it is appropriate for you to become engaged in our newly launched Facilitators Program? Here in overview is what the program is about...Openhand Facilitators Program

25/05/11: "Gateways Facilitators Course beginning tonight..."

Hi friends,
We're gearing up right now for our first "Gateways Facilitators" course to begin tonight to a focused enthusiastic group. It will be our first course of this format and designed to initiate facilitators to assist in the evolutionary unfolding of others. It will be an interactive course covering how to empower others by using intuitive questioning and self realisation techniques. It will blend in a thorough understanding of the Gateways Philosophy to 'diagnose' where someone is at on their journey. Finally it covers building a 'Spiritual Business' that you can ethically and successfully live from through creating a "Community of Common Interest". We're getting interest in our Five Gateways Philosophy from all around the world so we feel to expand our reach by creating a global network of facilitators (over time of course!). So maybe it's something you'd be interested in for the future? You can find out more here...Gateways Facilitators Course

19/05/2011: "Forgiveness and the art of letting go..."

What does forgiveness really mean?
Of course in spiritual work, it is so essential we master the art of forgiveness. Without it, we create or hold in place an identity - an ego - which is being the victim of particular events and circumstances. However from the Openhand perspective at least, true and lasting forgiveness can only really happen if we find the deeper meaning in the event in the first place. We won't solve it simply by pretending "everything is okay now"...

17/05/11: "The story of Openhand (so far!)..."

Hi friends,
I'm frequently asked by people who come across Openhand, "exactly what is it, where did it all come from?" Interestingly Openhand has never been something that I intended to create. It has always had a life entirely of its own and thus far, it's been a magical mystery journey. Its organic evolution has taken me in a direction to strip away conditioning - any notion that things "should grow this way". The moment I started to structure anything, immediately the brakes would slam on..."What do you think you're doing Chris? Do you think your mind is running this show?" I've learned to laugh loudly at myself, to keep dropping out of mind and back into the heart. But I do believe Openhand is now flowering into springtime. I do believe I can safely say what it is and how it can help evolving people everywhere...


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