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02/06/11: "New Openhand Facilitators Program..."

How can we serve the light and help others evolve?
The Openhand Philosophy and Approach to Spiritual Enlightenment is helping evolving people around the world make sense of what is really happening in their lives and how to catalyse their next evolutionary step. We feel given to extend our help to the evolving human consciousness by training and certifying facilitators who feel very aligned with our Five Gateways core philosophy.

If you resonate strongly with the Openhand Approach and feel a compelling inner calling to facilitate in the global shift of human consciousness, then maybe it is appropriate for you to become engaged in our newly launched Facilitators Program? Here in overview is what the program is about...Openhand Facilitators Program

21/03/11: "Five Gateways" - a universal truth being unveiled...

Hi friends,
I can't tell you how relieved we are to finally release the "5 Gateways" documentary film. It's been nearly four long years in the making. When we shot some of the original interviews all that time ago, I just knew it was really important to get the message out freely through video. Clearly it's a medium that can convey energy very quickly and effectively. I simply know in my heart that "5 Gateways" represents a universal truth. I know that it's importance to humanity has not been fully grasped or understood yet, that it can provide many of the answers to the seeming intractable problems we are facing right now. But I do believe that over the coming years, the profoundity of the route-map will gain traction and evolving people everywhere will benefit enormously from it...

19/03/11: 5GATEWAYS documentary...NOW SHOWING

Free for everyone!
Well finally, after almost four years of hard and resourceful work, 5GATEWAYS goes on general release. We've always felt that the message of the Five Gateways represents a universal truth and of enormous benefit to mankind when properly understood and integrated into our journey. But don't take our word for it of course, check it out for yourself. You can watch the film here on Openhandweb in full, or in separate chapters to give you time to digest each section. We do trust you'll derive benefit and then if you feel to, share with your friends. From our hearts to yours...Play full film

18/05/10: "5Gateways movie trailer release..."

Friends of Openhand,
You may know we've been working hard for the last couple of years compiling a documentary film about the Five key expansions of consciousness on route to Enlightenment and Ascension. There have been countless twists and turns on the path to completion, it has at times felt like climbing the north face of Everest! Well, despite the challenges we've had to surmount, I'm absolutely thrilled to say we're now nearing the summit. The film is going to be premiered around the world in September and October and on 11/11/2010, "5Gateways" will go on general release. Just to whet your appetite, we've compiled a trailer which you can view at the bottom of this post. We'd love you to watch it and spread the interest far and wide...

11/05/10: "Five Gateways Book release.."

Hi Openhanders!
We're thrilled to announce that the update work on our book "Gateways of Light" is now complete. The new version is being released today as "Five Gateways". It feels divinely given to now bring more focus on the historical account of the five key evolutionary transitions that we believe is encoded in all our hearts. Hence the new version emphasises more strongly the priceless and age-old nature of this profound route-map. We've also secured a direct relationship with the international book distributors "Lightning Source", hence we're able to offer it today at only 50% of the recommended retail price. We know in our hearts "Five Gateways" contains the blueprint for our Ascension. We say as humbly as possible, it can provide the solution to many of the problems humanity is currently facing. Find out more about the book...

15/03/10: "Five Gateways, a renewed global standard..."

Greetings friends of Openhand
We've just completed our first "Five Gateways" workshop with a full house of participants from many varied spiritual backgrounds. It was without doubt the most enlightening Openhand course to date. Five Gateways is a profound model of Spiritual Evolution that spans back through the history of mankind. It is a route map which has been coded into the lives of countless spiritual masters from the Buddha to Jesus. It is a hidden code which has been misunderstood and misinterpreted by humanity for thousands of years. Well now we're dusting off the pages of history and bringing the teachings into a new light. We know in our hearts, Five Gateways will ultimately take its place as a global standard for Spiritual Evolution...