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When creating the Openhand event menu's I usually feel inspired by the moment, never quite knowing what is going to land next. During our latest 5 day residential event in Glastonbury I felt moved to come up with an extra special first night treat... I closed my eyes and all I could see was blueberries and coconut. Inspired by my conscious kitchen angels, I created the most deliciously healthy blueberry & lemon soft fudge. It went down a real treat!

Blueberries and lemon are a match made in heaven. They dance and twirl on the taste buds creating an exquisite medley of flavours. In this recipe I've added them to one of my all time trusted and favourite ingredients: 'creamed coconut', to create a decadent, soft fudge. It's very rich, yet you needn't feel guilty, because all of the ingredients are good for you. It's easy to feel satiated with only one or two small squares too. They make an excellent treat or gift and with only 4 ingredients, are quick and simple to make.

Introducing creamed coconut - one of the magic ingredients

I had a real laugh with all of our North American friends about creamed coconut when I published my book Trinity's Conscious Kitchen. No one had ever heard of it! However, it turns out that it is easily available in all good health food stores. It comes in a solid block and is easily chopped or grated.

Creamed Coconut(not to be confused with ‘coconut cream’) comes in a pure, solid, concentrated block that melts on heating. It is the unsweetened dehydrated fresh meat of a mature coconut, that has been ground into a semi-solid white cream. It solidifies at normal room temperature. You can find it along with coconut milk in health food stores and it is often available in the world food section of a supermarket too. Unless you live in a hot country, you'll have to melt it before making this recipe. Chop it up or grate it to make it easier to melt (instructions on the best way to do this below).

Creamed coconut versus coconut butter

Creamed coconut is very similar to coconut butter (which is different again to coconut oil) - it is however, quite a bit less expensive to buy than the butter. You can use them interchangeably. The creamed coconut may have a minimal amount of solidified coconut oil in the pack, although this works fine in recipes.

Time for fudge

Now we've got the coconut straight, I just need to mention the importance of using an unwaxed, organic lemon to get your rind. You don't want to have any pesticide and wax nasties in your delicious conscious cuisine. Go for organic blueberries for optimal health and nutrition too.

Blueberry fudge_3

OK, we are ready to create this delicious blueberry & lemon fudge...

Trinity's Blueberry & Lemon Fudge Recipe


  • 300g creamed coconut (or coconut butter)
  • 100g fresh blueberries
  • 1 loose teaspoon of finely grated lemon rind
  • 2 tablespoons maple syrup
  1. Roughly chop your creamed coconut block.
    Melt the creamed coconut block on a cooker or stove top by putting the creamed coconut (or coconut butter) in a small, oven proof, glass bowl; and then by putting that bowl in a small pan containing an inch or so of hot water. Keep the hob/stove burning on a low heat. The heat will then transfer through the bowl, enough to melt the coconut. Give it frequent stirs to assist the melting process. Don’t keep it on the heat any longer than it takes to melt it.
  2. Grate a teaspoon worth of unwaxed, organic lemon rind.
  3. Once melted add the blueberries, lemon rind and maple syrup and blend together. I find this easiest to do with a hand (immersion) blender. That makes the cleaning up process so much easier. You may have to transfer it to a jug if your glass bowl is too big to get in there with the hand blender. This would also work with a small food processor.
    Note: If you are using frozen blueberries, then you'll need to defrost them before blending otherwise they'll set your melted coconut before you blend it. You can always toss them into the bowl when you are melting the coconut.
  4. Press down the blended mixture into a parchment paper lined loaf tin and then pop it into the freezer for about 20 to 30 minutes to solidify. Alternatively just pop it in your fridge and give it a bit longer to turn solid.
  5. Once firm, slice into squares or triangles.
  6. You can enjoy this right out of the freezer as a very firm 'fudge-like' treat or out of the fridge as a gorgeous soft fudge.
  7. Enjoy.

One final note about creamed coconut

Coconut can get pretty confusing, with so many different forms of the stuff available these days! So before I sign off I thought I'd mention the kind of coconut I am talking about for this recipe along with some images of the boxes, to make it easier for you to find if you haven't already discovered it...

Organic Creamed Coconut in North America
Since it is such an important ingredient in this recipe and to save any creamed coconut confusion (and I know there is often a lot of confusion around different types of coconut), here is the creamed coconut that I use when I am catering in the USA and Canada.
You can find it in good health food stores or buy it online via this link:
Let's Do Organic Creamed Coconut, 7-Ounce Boxes

Organic Creamed Coconut in the UK & Europe
And this is the creamed coconut I tend to buy when I am in the UK. This or similar versions are easily available in good health food shops or supermarkets. You can also buy it online via this link here:
Biona Organic Creamed Coconut 200 g

I do hope that this recipe inspires you to create some delicious, healthy sweet treats. Do feel free to let me know how you get on in the comments below...

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Thank you Trinity for this recipe! The ingredients also make this sharable with the dogs and horses and birds :-)


Hi Trinity,
This fudge looks amazing! I'm really having problems finding creamed coconut here in Austria. Might have to pick some up next time I'm in England. Can I put a cheeky request in for some of this fudge during the Transfiguration workshop in June? :)

Thank you for the kind words guys :)

Richard - that's so funny! You can make all the requests you like (ha ha), but it will be the moment and my conscious kitchen angels that decide. I do feel some divinely inspired dishes coming on for the level 3 though.