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Bringing in the Divine - are you grounded?


Coming back to Earth

I have always been somewhat 'ethereal' in nature, very comfortable in higher realms. In the past, it always seemed that I only need to close my eyes to transcend the limitations of the third dimension. Now it is with me always.
Being ‘etheric’ presented a lot of challenges in the early days of awakened life. Something that I learned early on (the hard way!) was the importance of being grounded...

The Earth connection

Without being earthed, these powerful transcendental experiences had a tendency to short circuit my system sending me into a tail spin, often taking hours (or even days) to recover from. The truth is, that when I first started having conscious higher dimensional experiences, I was ungrounded to the point where I didn’t want to return to my body. When I did, I would 'crash land' without a frame of reference to relate to the world. I neglected to maintain my connection to the Earth. I guess, when you have wild and cosmic experiences as I did, it is understandable there might be quite a resistance to being restricted to the limitations of a human body.

Unnaturalness of being earth bound

For some, being connected to the Earth isn’t natural at all. It is a process that has to be learned. This is really common in people who feel that they are ‘starsouls’, ‘starseeds’, ‘indigos’ or simply just don’t feel like they belong here on Earth. Nearly all starsouls feel more comfortable in an ethereal state of consciousness than a third dimensional one, so they usually discover early on in life that they can easily dissociate from being human. This makes for a perfect state of ungroundedness!

Mother Earth

The wonderful irony for me, was that despite my inclination towards the etheric realms, Mother Earth was (and is) one of my greatest inspirations. With the unconditional love of a true Mother, she has constantly been by my side, guiding me through this incarnation. I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher.

Our physical bodies are made of the same stuff that Mother Earth is. In this sense, we are all also children of the Earth. When we go out into nature our energetic frequency begins to oscillate the same frequency as Gaia. This brings us to life. It breathes us. It restores and rejuvenates our energy field. The frequency of Gaia is incredibly healing. It's perfectly configured for optimal human beingness.

There was a point when it dawned on me that without infusing my experience of higher consciousness with an Earth connection, I was just floating around like a bubble in the wind; which is all very well, but it didn't really serve a purpose. I often felt blissed out, yet incoherent. My spiritual experiences were amazing, with the most powerful of realisations, yet drifting aimlessly; lost in the ether. I realised that my efforts to bring in the divine were fruitless unless I gave it a firm ground to land upon.

Becoming Earthed

The answer was surprisingly simple... to ground myself and consistently reaffirm that connection until it became second nature.

I've since discovered many techniques for grounding energy. The most effective are often the most simple. Walking in nature is a powerful, as well as anything that helps us feel our bodies (i.e dancing, singing). I find that being bare foot instantly rekindles my affinity with the Earth. Here's a very easy method of grounding if you are meditating and have a tendency to drift off:

    Bring your awareness to your connection with Mother Earth.

    Feel your energetic 'roots' sink into the Earth, through your feet (if standing) or base chakra (if seated).

    When you feel connected allow her energy to flow up through your base allowing the infusion of Earthly energies throughout your body.

    Allow energies of higher consciousness to permeate through your body as appropriate.

    The ethereal and earthly energies will begin to dance together and infuse.

Soul to Soul

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Réka's picture

well, and the happiest for you today Trin, in this incarnation of yours on earth... what a timely article in this respect Smile

and I'd just like to add to the "earthing" methods listed up there the wide ranging issue of food and diet... I find a huge fluctuation in my stability and groundedness depending on the diet i keep (or not). personally, i really need to keep an eye on my Vata (airy, spacey, ethereal, nervy, always changing) constitution: when it gets imbalanced i drift off in ALL kinds of directions... and yes, definitely, pretty heavy physical exercise (fast walk, run, dance, etc.) all help me remember that i actually have a body... my yoga these days is more about energy, so these i need to add to my every day routines...

how do you find raw in this respect? just curious...

Trinity's picture

Yes indeed Reka - movement or anything that reminds us we have a body can be excellent ways at grounding us. Although, having said that, I used to do yoga many years ago and it often had a cosmically un-grounding effect. It all depends on our configuration/where we are at on the journey/ and what we need to learn to self-realise. Always important to honour what is right for us.

When I was a 100% raw fooder 10 years ago, my diet consisted of a lot of fruit. This left me feeling incredibly ungrounded too - although it wasn't until seven years ago, when I became Transfigured that I became earthed.

Now, I find that eating raw food is perfectly earthing especially if I eat lots of greens, seeds and nuts. I don't struggle with being grounded at all these days, which leads me to wonder if the link to eating raw food and un-groundedness is simply offering an amplification of where we are already at.

So, my feeling now is that if we are grounded in the first place, then raw food won't make much difference to our state of being grounded - we simply hold that space with presence.

Raw food, rather tends to open us up cosmically, which means that if we are ungrounded in the first place, as we become more cosmic, it would give us the sense of hyper-ungroundedness. UNTIL we learn to become fully earthed.

I would actually recommend drinking raw 'green' juice (freshly juiced greens such as kale, nettles) as a method of grounding.

I suspect everyone's experiences would be different, depending on the myriad of variables that are there. I must admit though, I once did assume that eating raw food = ungrounded.

Now my experience is showing me something different - although I am in a very differently place on my journey. I have fully infused and earth here.


Well, interestingly, raw food has a grounding effect on me, because I feel much less discomfort and pains in my body, so it becomes more easy for me to get into it. With cooked foods I have several problems. And I can't feel any benefits at all to it, except the tastes and the textures I miss and have cravings for.

One of the problems is that I eat the whole pot and I still feel not satisfied, whereas with raw food it is absolutely not the case (assuming I eat what I feel to eat). So I just can't ground with cooked, because I can never get enough. For me it also depends what food. For example, broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower cause me acidity in stomach and bloating in their raw state and are great when steamed.

I don't know. In general, I just flow and eat whatever I feel like. I know there is a connection for me between eating what makes the body ( and not my taste buds) feel good and grounding. So I have periods of 75-100% raw food, and rare periods of cooked food.

I have read some articles recently, and watched a couple of lectures, that there are toxins, that accumulate in the body that grains and legumes help deal with and provide the necessary nutrients to help the body detox from specific toxins that raw food can't.

One of the lecturers said that we live in a polluted environment, so while he finds raw food being the best for humans, but he recommends to have periods of cooked food, like 2-3 weeks in several months, inc. non-wheaty grains too, to help to cleanse the body.

Anyway, I can see this 'pattern' in my life. It was interesting to see there might be a 'reason' why hhh

About movement: this is the first I do in the morning after drinking water, brushing teeth and meditation Smile Absolutely vital for me. I also found that yoga for me is more a meditation and processing tool. So with time I added something that is just fun for the body and make me feel alive: very intense short workouts. Dancing is not intense for me. I have to gt to the edge of my ability and then go beyond. Then I feel this is it. And it is just IT, the thing that was missing.

And sleeping well and a lot is also VERY helpful in grounding me.

Trinity's picture

Beautiful differences! I find raw food grounding now too, although I wouldn't have said that 10 years ago when I was totally in the clouds.

There are lots of different theories out there about raw food and what best to eat... seems like the best way to find out what works id through our own experience.


Thankyou Trinity, I did know about grounding, but its just sunk in, another piece of the jigsaw!Ruthxx