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A Celestial Journey Meditation with Trinity Bourne

This celestial meditation encourages transcendence of the mind with integration of a deep primordial knowing, beyond thought,to unfold your true spiritual nature. Trinity's approach is gentle, yet deep, with an ethereal quality that acts as a bridge into a higher paradigm. Her own expansive affinity with unity consciousness, sentient life and innate connection with the angelic realms, allows for a celestial journey beyond the veil; a soul to soul communication that transcends words, inviting the unleashing of divine beingness.

This meditation is available as a high quality mp3 download (listen to a short sample below first). The cost is only £3 (approx US$3.75), which is invaluable for helping us to fund the continued running of this website.

  • Duration: 40 minutes total
  • To listen to a short sample, click the small arrow bottom left.
  • To download to your computer or MP3 Player £3 GBP (approx US$3.75)...Add to Cart
  • Check out our other Meditation Downloads here...Meditation Downloads Page


Moonbeam's picture

Wow, Trinity. This is one of the most powerful guided meditations that I have experienced. I didn't want to come back!... in fact - I am not sure I am back. I had to really focus on grounding back into my body again.
Outstanding... thank you again for all of your gifts.
Much love,

Trinity's picture

It's a real joy to share the journey with you Jan.
Who would want to come back from the Celestial Realm Smile

.Jen's picture

This was a beautiful journey. I loved that it was a longer meditation and it guided me into a space of lightness and connectivity. I felt tingles from head to toe =). Thank you Trinity - your voice and intuition are the most beautiful guides. with love, jen

Colin Gilbert's picture

Trinity, what an awesome journey, I have absolutely no idea where you took me off to as my memory just went blank as we started the journey and came back on line as we came back! I really felt held and in a warm supportive place. I must say Trinity, your voice has a very very special frequency that seems to resonate deep down inside - keep on using it and allowing others to benefit. Thank you, with love a gratitude.

Trinity's picture

Thank you for sharing your kind words Jen and Colin.

It warms my heart so much to know that this takes you guys on an awesome journey with to the higher realms. That is what I was made for Wink
Your soulful comments encourage me to create more.

divinespark's picture

Boundless and free, floating and flying, and twirling in peace in the celestial realms. I especially enjoyed the twirling. What's not to love?! This is such a welcomed meditation, Trinity, with a heavenly guide like no other. Your soft, soothing, ethereal voice and angelic spirit melts the density away. I must say though that I retracted a bit when you were guiding me back to Gaia and the earthly work my soul has committed to. It's hard to leave the peace and love of the higher realms. So I will do this wonderful meditation frequently for respite from the many challenges of this 3D physical and emotional world and to refresh my body and soul. Many thanks and lots of love to you, Catherine

Trinity's picture

Just found your message here Catherine a few days later - couldn't quite keep up with the new year retreat happening too Smile

Your reflection back to me is so touching. I really feel your sharing and am so happy that you were really able to embrace this special journey with me. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to sharing more of these journey's in the future.
with a heart full of love to you

Lesley Lord's picture

Forgot to say what a sublime experience it was for me too!

Thanks Trin,


Sky.'s picture

I love this meditation Trinity...you voice is so angelic! There was a whisper in my dream last night that said "follow me through the ether" Smile

Thank you,
Maureen <3

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