How much do you really trust?

Submitted by Trinity on Sun, 05/20/2012 - 08:48

To trust or not to trust?
Do you trust that if you do exactly what your soul is guiding you to do, you'll be in exactly the right place at the right time and get exactly what you need to be who you truly are? Do you trust enough to do what you are 'meant' to do?

The world is in pretty uncertain times. If we look throughout history, we've undergone huge transition periods through different eras.
Unthinkable things have caught unsuspecting people off guard, heart-wrenching their lives. Throughout the ages, royalty has been overthrown, good men, women and children have been enslaved, currency rendered useless, war, disease and famine have wreaked havoc. This list is endless. What makes us so different now?...

Opening our eyes

Personally, I don’t think that any of us are immune to this type of thing! The world at large has had the wool pulled over its eyes for so long, that the majority don't even see what is really going on. Most have long since forgotten what it really means to follow the path of the soul and see through the eyes of authenticity.

I feel Heaven in my heart. It is indescribably divine, providing the deepest inspiration during my journey through life. I see it reflected externally too, but in no way do I reside in a utopic 'La la Land' where I negate what is going on in the world. I see the beauty in things, yet I sincerely acknowledge that there is pain and suffering in this world too. I see the path to liberation for all sentient beings. True freedom IS when we follow the path of the soul in every moment.

I can't help but notice these days how most people are still carrying on as if nothing much is happening to the foundations upon which society stands. It's like we've built our house on sand and expect that when the floods come and the hurricane blows, that it will still be standing there. Look again!

Where did I go wrong?

Imagine this scenario...

    Mr Pleasant has worked hard his whole life to ensure security for himself and family. They own a nice detached urban house, with a little garden and have even paid of the mortgage. The only problem is that his entire dream is built upon the foundation of an unsustainable society, (like millions of others).

    One day, inevitably, owing to the exploitation in order to create this lifestyle, society collapses. Food imports stop. Conventional trade stops altogether. Mr pleasant is completely dependent on the supermarket a few miles down the road for food, but can’t afford the fuel to get there. He decides to walk only to find that the food stocks have ran out and the doors are locked. He hears that there is no way to produce, package or transport more of the food, so it doesn’t look like there will be any more soon.

    People begin to loot stores, taking whatever they can, not quite yet getting that it is all worthless. There is general fighting over what little food that can be found.

    Back at home, although his garden looks very pretty, there is nothing edible in it, nor is there much space to do much even if he wanted to. His house is worthless and he is stuck in an area with thousands of other people, where they can’t get food or fuel.

    Mr Pleasant now begins to wonder where he went wrong. What happened to his secure life, all the insurance policies and the safety net of the matrix? He’s devoted all his life to making sure he is financially secure, warm and fed. Now they are starving, cold and the house is worthless. Nothing of the world they created means anything any more.

    He’s one of the lucky ones though and decides to abandon his home to seek refuge with his brother in the country, where they are already growing food and using local sustainable goods. He and his family now don’t own a thing, they can only take what they can carry by hand.

This might seem like a far fetched sketch, but it is something that is actually looming in the air in the industrialised world. Similar circumstances are happening to many people in different countries through war or corporate greed, as families are torn and displaced right now.

Sheltered from the harsh reality

Western countries have been sheltered from the harsh reality of what really goes on in the world, building a dream of modern comfortable, secure lives. But let’s think again. The fabric of modern society is already crumbling - things are about to get very hot. Don’t settle for deception any more. Most people don’t really want to know as they hold on to what ever ‘security’ they perceive. For most people, it will only really become clear once they are thick in the midst of it - at which time it will sadly be too late to do anything other than scrabble in the chaos, save for a few lucky ones.

This is very real.

'Trust' IS your insurance policy

I don’t have all the answers, but I do know that we each have our own. Fear will only take us down a blind alley. Are your choices based on fear or are they based on heart felt guidance of the soul?

What is your soul guiding you to do RIGHT NOW? What your soul is saying is the ONLY thing that resembles security that we have! Listen to it with all your heart. ‘Listen, and follow the guidance’.

And I’ll see you there!

With Love

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A soul felt Thank-you Trinity. This article spoke deeply to me and my fears. Trusting the divine in such uncertain times of the shift - without a need for outcome……There will be a time when we do indeed transcend all what we distinguish as good and bad, dark and light. When we truly walk the path of the soul and not the mind this is where we find it. It is coming to my awareness that it doesn’t seem about following the one which makes us most happy, yet this one could be the one which the soul desires for and can and often does override and create a hazy blanket over other paths. It seems to me at toimes that every path is equal to each other. We are somewhere and nowhere .

In the NOW, for me I feel everything is surfacing, all my fears, all my truths that I was pushing to one side, its all risen and bubbling. It’s like I am at a huge crossroads , but the worst thing is that each direction seems to be signposted ‘’nowhere’’. Either I once walked them and they did not work, or I want to try them again to see if I will see a different outcome and that all the time it was me who had to change…. And the path I am on at present also seems a path to nowhere. It’s like every direction I look (without sounding too pessimistic), makes me in my mind predict where it’s heading and all of them seem to be heading nowhere………… so the question of what makes me happy is becoming abstract and almost childish. Questions of stability are always number one, but then I start fighting that one as I see that stops the true unfolding of my soul and keeps me stuck. Because then you are actually living in fear. And jumping out for the sake of stability in these times also could be in direct conflict with what is wanting to unfold from the soul. So it may be that the true unfolding of the souls destiny is to walk completely into the unstability and chaos. Who would opt for that?. Well, at a deep soul level the soul would I feel!!! I have seen it happen and take lives!

Besides following ones soul is a different matter with children as they always come first. So I may want to be elsewhere but literally feel like I stay in a place for the security of my child and the unfolding of his life rather than my own. Mine feels like its going nowhere

Perhaps it’s true that indeed I am going nowhere. But every road eventually gets to somewhere. It’s the somewhere that I know only I can make happen when I jump out of my comfort zone which in turn leads to unstability. But say if you just don’t know what to do RIGHT NOW and each is marked with fear including the more comfortable one you are on right now which feels like its leading to nowhere.

Besides should we be trusting in others, relying on others ? It seems that people need each other and working together is stronger than on one’s own.
Perhaps it was meant to be this way. Nothing is stable.It’s a fantasy to believe otherwise doomed to shatter right in front of our very eyes.

Hi Trinity,

Thanks for your article. I read it with interest and have to agree that we are heading for interesting times. But I have to admit to being confused. Like many others, I know I live more in my head than my soul, so I am always ready and willing to listen to what those who are further along the path have to say.

For me, these times offer an opportunity to change how we live as individuals and as a society. Yes, people do need to open their eyes to what is going on, but I am optimistic that when they do, they will not bury their heads in the sand. Perhaps what is to come, will in fact quicken that process. And yes, we in the West are mostly concerned with our own comfort and security, but we are also quite amazing at pulling together when times need (for instance, it always amazes me how much money is raised during Comic Relief and the like, even in times of recession).

If I'm honest, I have no idea what my Soul is telling me, in which direction it wants me to go, but my head says that its time to try and change how we be, in all its manifestations - maybe my head is more aligned with my Soul than I give it credit.

During recent year I spoke to so many people about this and what I found is that nobody is expecting things to be ok, and also most of those I was talking to were not denying anything, but... they just don't care, their words.

And this took me back to years ago, when I was telling Danny how can people live this empty life? Every day? Don't they get it that they can die any day? And he said this thing that I knew it is true: that deep inside people don't care to die, they don't care that their world will be destroyed; that they are destroying it and themselves every day. They know smoking is not good and might be deadly, but they keep smoking. They know sugar is bad and keep eating... etc etc; and they just don't care. Nobody cares.

I was overwhelmed by this, but then I knew, that if I feel different, then probably there are more people who feel different, and I was right. I meet more and more people who do care, but they are few.

Recently I 'went down to people', stopped hiding in an academic or spiritual bubble, to see what is really going on with them, and what I see is that nothing is going on. Rather shocking. When you are coming in touch only with developed or aligned people, you think that the whole world is like that and can do it, but... I don't think so. There is NO WAY these people even will want to know or see or anything different from what they know. And even if they open in my presence, then shortly after they block it all, rationalise and push away as if it never happened. They just want to live their day as they are used to live it and they don't mind it to be destroyed tomorrow, it is still a passive resting state. They will deal with stuff if and when it comes.

And then I looked inside myself and I saw it. I am just like them. I do what I can and want today and that's it. And then I have this feeling inside that if I am to die or to be destroyed, if my soul will be lost or something - then it's ok.

And this question is bugging me: when I am in their company- their reality feels real, when I am reading spiritual stuff - this is real too and it feels as if it is a joke! Some kind of crazy joke!! What is real then? How can I be sure that THIS is real and not another subjective bubble? It feels as if I am just adopting other people's realities and perceptions.

So I again step back and just do what I feel is now to be done and dealt with. No big ideas about the world, reality, truths, it is just me, my feelings and my stuff. This way things become simple and I don't see at this moment how anything other than this can be more real. All the rest - I don't know and I am not sure I am in a position/state to tell others what is real and what is not...

Yes, I forgot and Matt's comment reminded me, thanks :)

This is another thing that I also felt. These days I am not sure what is guiding me at all. I feel like walking in the darkness. I feel like a small child left alone in the middle of a huge city or jungle, but at the same time I feel something is protecting and taking care of me. But I have to find a way on my own.

So I am going, but I am never ever sure if it's the right direction.

So you ask do you trust your soul...? I do trust, but I can't really distinguish it yet, and sometimes it says nothing, I am just lost and that's it.