'Mists of Avalon' Chakra Meditation by Openhand

This is a meditation that frequently came to me earlier in my journey, shortly after I moved to the Sacred Isle of Avalon in England. It's a spiritual journey from the the lower paradigm of the 3rd density, through the mist, into a higher vibrational paradigm. We transcend through the mists, as it dissolves from around us, unraveling from the crown, one chakra at a time; until we are fully bathed in a world of higher consciousness.

  • Duration: 29 minutes total
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Thank you Trinity for this beautifully guided meditation, I found it very powerful,peaceful and uplifting. Your voice is like an angel. I shall be listening to this one many times! Thank you.

with love Myrax

Being here in Oz, I haven't had a chance to sit with this yet Trinity. But knowing you as I do, I'm sure it will be divinely transcendent!


Thank you, Trinity for this wonderful meditation, you are a beautiful guide.
with love,

Thank you for sharing that guys!
It's an absolute joy. It feels rather divinely given to share these gifts and deeply touching to know that they are being received well.
I'm feeling to create more, as it flows.
Love to you all!

I'm sitting here chuckling at the perfection of the image!! The first few times I did this meditation I experienced some resistance at the throat. This morning I saw my tongue tied - literally and tightly - with very fine but strong filament. No wonder I've had sore throats, strep throat, swollen glands and a sore jaw all my life!!! My first impulse was to take a pair of scissors and cut away, since unravelling wasn't touching these stitches!! I'll be doing some releasing of entities meditation for sure and look forward to seeing the stitches soften and release. Mind you, if they don't, I have those scissors at the ready!
A beautiful gentle meditation. Thank you Trinity for sharing this.

I have always been fascinated by the invisible realm of Avalon , yet to be discovered by coming there soon .
It's been really interesting to dive within this mediation lately . The funny paradox i experienced lately is :
By practicing the " Ascension meditation " in a sacred spot close to my home in Belgium ( nearby a natural water spring / a place where Virgin Maria appeared in the 16th Century ) I suddenly saw Myself standing on the top of a hill in Glastonbury . As i have never been there , it felt really sweet to be brought there without any particular intention . Thanks so much for your soothing voice , it helps greatly to soften within any tightness or blockages .
Love to you all

Hi Jean Michel,

It would be wonderful to welcome you here in Avalon.

It feels as if by transcending the 'world out there' you are tuning in to something far deeper with these meditations. It's a pleasure to know that we can help.

The energy here is really strong - feels like it is calling you. Perhaps you were here before, in another life time. Or perhaps a place within your own depths that resonates the same frequency has awakened. Whatever it is, it feels profound.

with love

Hi Trinity - I am still working away with this meditation - it is so inspiring. Can you tell me what the beautiful music is please. Thank you. with love Myra x

I am so pleased to hear that Myra.
The music is a track that I bought with special rights to use so that I could publish with this meditation... I'd have to go through my media files to find the title - I have quite a few and don't remember the names off the top of my head - would have to delve into my media files.
with love

Thanks Trinity -I know you are really busy - so if you come across it sometime please could you let me know. Thank you. withlove Myra x

Thank you Trinity,

I've been reading Divinicus after I started reading the 5 Gateways. The experience feels overwhelming at times because I can feel a connection deep in myself as I'm reading. Today I was so moved, I sobbed uncontrollably and had to stop reading for a bit, feeling every muscle in my body tighten. I felt an immediate desire to meditate. Meditation is new for me. I didn't know what to do so I came to Openhand and opened Mists of Avalon. I meditated hoping to release this painful tension. As I let go and went inside myself, I felt a smooth energy that made me feel like everything would be okay and to just relax and continue my journey and that when I'm ready I'll have the strength and guidance to deal with whatever I have to. I still feel a bit of tension, but it's changed and I'm okay with what's coming.
So, thank you for this meditation, I really needed to feel okay again in the moment!
With lots of love and joy,

Thank you for sharing Janeen. It warms my heart to know my meditation can be of support to you on your journey.
With love

I was meditating with this guided meditation yesterday and I felt so much resistance in my head like something was squirming and didn't want to let go.. I allowed it to be and went to bed right after the meditation. I woke up today and felt the urge to do it again and it was such a beautiful and blissful experience! This is truly divine what you do Trinity and I am so grateful that I found Openhand!
Big hugs,