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The Openhand Level 3 Transfiguration course is a completely unique experience, never before done in this format. This year it blends the previous levels 3 & 4 together and encompasses the ever evolving new work that is unfolding through Openhand. This year we have the most international group ever, and will be joined by guests from Florida, Canada, Sweden, Australia, Netherlands aswell as from the UK. We feel so blessed to have created the highly energetic and safe space here at the Openhand Retreat Centre, to offer this profoundly life changing and deeply catalytic experience. We can go as deep down the rabbit hole as our guests are ready to go...

Some of the course highlights

  • confronting, healing and dissolving inner child identities
  • undertaking 'radical forgiveness' both for ourselves and others
  • activating and integrating kundalini, uniting higher and lower self
  • confronting humanity's past life karma and unwinding the intervention
  • discovering, unveiling and radiating your profound, authentic beingness

Open will be leading the work, supported by Lesley and myself. My role is to let divine inspiration flow in the kitchen, (an important part of the energy, I might add)... and to offer friendly support outside of the workshop space. Being the official Openhand 'photographer' and film maker n'all :) I'll be taking the opportunity to get my camera out regularly. I am absolutely delighted and thrilled to be a part of this. Please feel free to join us through the ether, to enjoy the energy too.

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The preparations have well and truly begun (well, they started ages ago actually)... I was out with the camera yesterday as Open and Lesley began building the sweat lodge with willow.

Open and Lesley preparing the sacred sweat lodge...

Just how deep will the rabbit hole go?

Who would guess that cutting string could be so exciting...

Something really satisfying about seeing this come together...

Kim and I are cozied up in a hotel in London... Arrived early this morning =). We are getting some good sleep tonight and feel so ready to be with you all in person!! See you all soon! With love, Jenny and Kim

We absolutely LOVE getting this space ready to share with you guys. Here we (Lesley, me, Open & Ben) are peeking through the hobbit fence about 10 minutes ago after our team meeting this morning.

So thrilled that you are already in the UK Jenny & Kim. I can't tell you how pleased I am to be meeting you guys tomorrow!

Absolutely delightfull ! most people wouldn't dare to dance at work or in the street for example . That's an ampowering short clip encouraging natural flow in the now & bravery . Sara Bereilles did an excessive smart work . Congrats .

Wow, loving the photos & blog Trin...I can feel the energy vamping up wonderfully. So many beautiful souls being called from all round Gaia.
As Lesley put it recently a truly magical journey is about to begin.
Love to you all

I can feel the energies from here. Wishing all of you a very powerful journey. Will try to tap into those energy waves if possible. With you in spirit.


Yes it's going to be powerful.

Trin and myself have been preparing - besides the endless work getting the place ready, and meditation etc etc, we needed a bit of R&R and energetic activation - so we went to see "Edge of Tomorrow" again...

    "I'm gonna tell you a story. The first time, it’s going to sound ridiculous.
    But the longer I talk, the more rational it’s going to appear."

So fasten your seatbelts, cos it going to be one helluva ride!


Our first level 3 course in our own space. I almost can't believe its happening! Its soooo special to have our own venue now, where everyone can relax and settle into the Openhand energy before the course actually begins, even more so as so many are coming from across the globe to be here. Six wonderful souls are here already, many of them enjoying seeing how the space has changed and evolved since their last visit. I feel part of a very special family, with many of us gathering to take a precious journey together.

Let the magic begin!

I am absolutely delighted to be here, part of this. It's feels so sacred and divine to have put so much energy into this space. It's awesome to be connecting with our guests, who've already started arriving. These are people who are so committed to this deeply transformational work. Many of them have traveled along way to get here for this, moving mountains. It's an honour to be sharing. I was up until almost midnight yesterday connecting with Kim (who so proficiently helps to organise the Florida Openhand events)... kindred spirits connecting - so much to talk about and could have gone on for hours.

Here are a few more piccies of the Openhand centre.

This is a new addition to the space - a bespoke built conservatory using local wood and a whole lotta love...

One of the many evolving garden views...

The structure of the lodge blends in perfectly with the garden...

Awesome work by Open there, who spent time consciously weaving in the willow to create a brilliant structure.

Thank you for sharing these pics. They clearly convey the sacredness of the space. I have a feeling that many of us will be there in heart and spirit if not in body.
Thank you Openhand!!!

Welcome, welcome to everyone tuning in and joining us in spirit!

The course has gotten off to an amazing start with our initial acclimatisation period, before the intense work begins in the morning. So much joy, connecting; such a tribe-like feeling amidst kindred souls here. More to follow - but a few snaps shots first of some of the group enjoying dinner last night on the veranda and in the gardens...

We don't want to share too much detail of the work - wouldn't want to spoil it for when you come!

That said, in general it will be a button pusher in a big way. It's purpose is to get to repressed and denied aspects of the soul through a deep process of transcendence. Through guided meditation, self realisation exercises and sacred ceremony, we direct people deep into inner layers, peeling away the veils and then expanding out into the fullness of who they really are.

Today, through various means, we'll be confronting them with the "Pain of Existence". When you take away all external and internal distraction, then your 'stuff' surely bubbles to the surface. There's simply nowhere to hide!

Stay tuned friends, you're bound to pick up the energy.

Open *OK*

I woke this morning with a beautiful image of a silver wolf, who spoke of guiding me on a journey into shadowy depths...

I haven't been able to do much other than sleep, eat and spiritually process for a little while now due to a pretty debilitating physical illness, which has come at the same time as selling my house.

It is through this physical, emotional and sometimes mental pain, that I feel so blessed and expanded for the opportunities which are being presented yet at times I feel like I can't take any more; it is touching the depths of my core.

So in identifying and confronting shadow aspects and karma galore and processing attachments to the house etc. I feel that I will be tuning in and taking this journey with you guys; it feels so right.

Thank you and wishing you love and support throughout xxx

As I wake to the cooing wood pidgins, ook up to the gently dappled pink skies and wash my face with dew, on the second morning of our gathering, I give thanks for being incarnated, and wonder anew at the glory of mother earth. She makes me feel loved and supported.

reading your words:

"It is through this physical, emotional and sometimes mental pain, that I feel so blessed and expanded for the opportunities which are being presented yet at times I feel like I can't take any more; it is touching the depths of my core.

I feel the true spiritual warrior speaking, I celebrate your depths of understanding and surrender, and send you heartfelt love and support through the ether.

Lesley x

Here are a few photos of the 'first day proper' - not wishing to spoil the energy for future participants, we feel only to share a few insights into what's going on.

The studio awaits...

So the first day is all about bringing people deeper into their inner senses, through various means.

Who turned the lights out?...

What happens for you when you take yourself out of your typical daily routine and go deep into your inner feelings? When there's no external distraction, what resistances do you have to overcome?

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Hi Michelle,

Great to hear from you - awesome that you're approaching the challenges you're currently facing head on.

Keep going, keep digging, keep delving - you know it will all clear.

Everyone's with you in spirit.

Open *OK*

The Openhand Studio emanates a very beautiful, open and personalised space. And it great to see the very real process of the natural alchemy.Nothing gets done without hard work.

''If your're going through hell, keep going'' Winston Churchill.

OK here goes - the course is REALLY intense. It's all part of the unraveling experience to help truly unleash the soul. In our free time, there is always lots of laughter and an incredible unity between people.

And dinner time is always inspires a fascinating source of conversation, inspiration and laughter. So, just sharing a few light hearted vibes...

Lunch today was a delicious medley buffet of sun-dried tomato & ginger salad, raw sprouted sunflower seed pesto, curried chickpeas, sun-dried tomato tapenade, red pepper hummus and mint pea soup. Went down a treat...

I am positively loving feeding everyone with tasty high vibrational foods...

It was Lesley's birthday yesterday, so we enjoyed some tasty vegan banana & chocolate chip cupcakes to celebrate...

Just want to post to say I'm here and tuning in even though I can't find the words to convey, to express, whatever it is that's feels quite hidden away at present. Much love to you all and gosh, the food! :) x

Awesome, yummy birthday cakes, I felt so blessed I had to choose the biggest one ;0)

Thanks all!!!


Too right lesley :)

Big hug to you both Amy & Michelle. And everyone tuning in.

A few piccies of the day from both myself and Lesley of deep contemplations...

Caroline focused...

Marjolyn letting go...

Open with Joann unraveling and unwinding during a session today...

After lots of unraveling Kim decides to contemplate with a hard earned cup of tea...

Contemplating inner child identities today, what better place to go than to climb a tree and sit in the tree house. Well that's just what Martin did...

Abi such a gorgeous being...

And just incase we get lulled into the seriousness of such intense work Per Ola lighten things up a little...

These guys are ALWAYS laughing and smiling...

See what I mean :)

A couple more shots from Lesley this evening.

I just love it when the rhythms start happening. Per Ola gets out the banjo for our Aussie audience Megan & Graeme...

And it's really catchy...

Just awesome fellas!

Lovely photos - capturing a very warm energy - a very warm group of souls.

What the photos don't show, is the deep processing we've been doing through very intense self-realisation experiences. It's simply awe inspiring when people come together and dig deep.

So far we've been going deep into the inner child, repressed and buried darkness, plus the true meaning of self forgiveness - processing fear, guilt and shame where we blame ourselves for the things that have happened to us.

We are not to blame for the distortions we came here to work through. They feel real yes - but we're protagonists - actors in a drama where consciousness is working through unconsciousness.

So whatever happens to you in life, is not your fault. When you can truly confront that bottled up emotion and victimisation, then it empowers you to be free...


Wow, powerful video clip!!

I could feel the depths of processing yesterday through Abigail's photo - so beautiful and so true - I so much love that in Abs, her bravery, deep honesty and truth. Connecting with love and support with all of you beautiful souls!

I have recently experienced some weeks of intense karmic processing, observing shadow identities, physical illness, OC attack and several synchronistic path crossings with people of old. Meetings which have highlighted buried; inviting me to remember, feel in truth, release and see through eyes filled with the deepest love and appreciation for each person / situation - in order to let go of some last stuck fragments of my 'inner adult'.

I have been feeling pretty exhausted, then yesterday I had a breakthrough:

In the morning there was a moth sat on the table, it spoke to me of being in the cocoon, of needing to go deep within so that creation can come into new light. To stop efforting (my mind / ego wanting to own or shape the process) to be still and allow things to unfold naturally, to 'feel' and surrender.

That is exactly what happened. I processed out what I feel to be the last of the karma, my heart feels so clear, so expanded and connected and with inner knowing / understanding. I heard to give away my most treasured material object yesterday; I do not feel any attachment anymore, representing all falling away.

After this process I was drawn to watch Gateway 4 - yes, yes, yes!!! Then I clearly heard to put on my new knee high hefty walking boots bought and affectionately termed my 'disaster boots'. I thought it strange but know to trust!

Within minutes it went from gloriously sunny to the heaviest rain and so I stood outside in shorts and t-shirt with the rain dripping off me, symbolically cleansing away the processed energy. I received guidance about times to come and my role - from an expanded place of truth like nothing else!

Later on I received confirmation; again through the moth who was still in the house, although flying this time - as I entered the room he flew through the archway and straight upstairs circling the light, a globe shaped light shade made up of many crystals with many facets, to me representing unity and separate consciousness and of course this was illuminated! I tried to save it / coax it out of the house but it wasn't having any of it - it was exactly where it wanted to be!

'In the morning there was a moth sat on the table, it spoke to me of being in the cocoon, of needing to go deep within so that creation can come into new light. To stop efforting (my mind / ego wanting to own or shape the process) to be still and allow things to unfold naturally, to 'feel' and surrender'
You speak to me Michelle.

I've been following closely. What an amazing journey. Thank you for sharing with those of us that are not there physically. Trinity, your food for the soul is absolutely beautiful and inspiring. I can feel the processing that everyone is doing. Michelle, what an exquisite breakthrough you had, thank you for sharing with us. Many of us are with you in spirit.

Love to all,

Many of us are there, appreciating and experiencing with gratitude (and sometimes a degree of discomfort!!!). Thank you everyone for your comments thus far - I echo the sentiments.

What a great bunch of folk gathered there and no doubt the explorations are deep, the insights profound and the expansions marked. Sending some light and blessings through the ether.

Thank you for sharing Michelle, sounds like transformative times for you too :)

Love Fiona

Yesterday was another powerful day. It began fairly lightly with a lovely sun-kissed tour of Glastonbury sacred sites - meditating, connecting with the various energy vortexes here. Glastonbury in itself is a multi-dimensional portal, the area known by some as "Avalon". But to us, Avalon is the higher paradigm aspect itself. Here in this vicinity, the veils to it are much thinner. But there are other energies playing to block and distort that too, so you have to feel carefully, work sensitively, and not necessarily go for the immediately obvious places. The energy shifts - an interdimensional dance takes place.

Later in the day, we guided the group on an amazing astral journey together. Dropping through the density, the studio becoming as a 'space ship' - an energy vehicle taking us into higher dimensions, then regressing souls many thousands of years into their past: the seeding of humanity, the intervention, experiences of Lemuria and Atlantis. It was fascinating how people with little previous conscious awareness of these things, then suddenly begin having flash backs and internal reactions to their own personal story through those situations and events.

Much deep healing took place. The portal we created, facilitates the engagement of benevolent light beings, able to cleanse through people's fields, agitating and removing density that they're ready to release. It's incredibly expanding and uplifting. It was a truly amazing experience had by all. Beyond words.

Maybe you'll come join us here on the shores of Avalon one day. We would welcome that...


This is an amazing group a real soul family tribe feeling. Those who've really connected with us already, I can really feel you here with us in spirit...

A powerful meditational walk yesterday...

Bringing a powerful energy to Glastonbury Lanes with a singing chakra meditation...

A sneak peak inside one of the sessions, group and partner work...

Absolutely gorgeous group!!

Where are you? I'm from Houston Texas USA...I follow you and open earnestly and will continue this. I believe in the Openhand way philosophy.. I thirst for more information than I am able to gather. If you could get more information to me I would be so grateful. I would like to come there and meet you and experience what you have found. Eagerly awaiting your response...thank you <3peace

I'm there in spirit. I didn't actually realize the transfiguration was going on right now but after a particularly intense few days I found my way to this blog and I see now why I've been mega processing! I simply love the way the energy can be felt across oceans! The retreat house looks amazing! So beautiful with a simple, natural elegance that makes it look so inviting. Missing you guys and all the good that comes from being in your presence, Love and light to all x

Good morning transfigurators...I send you my love & support the few short miles down the road.
Today must be 'day of the lodge' i can feel the magic unfolding & the new world awaiting you.
So many wonderful memories being stirred up from your beautiful blog & photos Trin, it feels such a part of me yet almost life times ago...time really isn't quite the same in an openhand world.
Much love Jaq x

Yes. There is a deep silent resonant magic in our gathering together again in the energy of this week. What has amazed me has been the touch of that clear clean energy arriving out of the blue through the ether. Beyond time and space evidently.
I have been mired in density and exhaustion and this week the process connected me. Yesterday, connected again I walked in the woods. I felt to stop. To sit by a tree. I asked where and realised that the glade I was in had a presence of expansive clarity. I closed my eyes to feel the place and when I opened them a deer was standing looking at me quite close by. I softened into presence and she stood and I stood. I closed my eyes again and when I opened them a second male deer had arrived. We spent ages, and I really mean ages, in each other's presence. totally awesome. They even accepted my gesture of leaping deer soul motion. Now I give thanks for reuniting with you, my tribe, this sacred week.

Wow Jane, I feel your energy - what a beautiful gift, co-creation on many levels.

I had a message yesterday of how this period / process has been a rite of passage, the stages:

1) Separation
2) Transition
3) Re-integration

Things feel different, in small subtle ways externally; as I experience them internally through a deeply connected and resonant expansion of energy.

Things are still landing and integrating but yes, a truly blessed and sacred re-union; for which I am so full of love and gratitude.

I honour and reverence each nuance in each moment of this beautiful process xxx

WOW! It reached the point where I just couldn't keep up with posting photos everyday - so now we have LOADS! This was the best course EVER!!! An amazing Openhand Tribe gathering. There are some of you out there who are part of this awesome group (even though you couldn't be here in person) and we totally felt you there in spirit connecting through the ether.

Sharing's will follow as return to their other lives - many take a while for some though :) Adventures continue for most people too.

This was another powerful group sharing in the garden...

Though the course was incredibly deep and transformational, it was balanced with tonnes of laughter and light heartedness. Such an incredibly blend of inspirational energies...

Sweat lodge day was beyond words... the pictures can only catch a small glimpse of the sheer magnitude of what we experienced on that day.

Building of the fire by Open, Lesley & Ben, placing the rocks in the center. Later these rocks emerged in a dark, womb-like lodge glowing red...

Open builds an awesome outdoor shower that proved to be a great hit after the lodge...

Jen was divinely inspired to create spiritual warrior paint with the charcoal that was emerging in abundance from the fire. A past life memory perhaps. We loved it... an awesome tribal way to connect and adorn each other before the lodge...

Lodge warriors...

Well it was an exceptionally powerful "Transfiguration".
Although lovely and amusing, the photos cannot do the gathering justice.
This was the first time we did the course at the Openhand Centre. We wondered if we'd be able to capture the essence of the wilderness that we'd experienced out in Snowdonia in previous years. But we need have had no concerns.

Avalon is a very special energy portal in itself, and when you know how to work with the energies, then the whole universe opens to you. And that's what we experienced. The most outstanding for me were the astral journeys we did together - meditations guided by spirit which weaved individual stories together into a collective exploration, uncovering the karmic past, and insights into our future. There are no words for what we experienced together.

The gathering climaxed with an amazing Shamanic Sweat Lodge ceremony. Wow! How intense - there's nothing quite like these for bringing you right onto the blade edge of life. Who will forget the sense of transcendence, the sense of other-worldlyness. And then immediately upon emerging afterwards, how awesomely real life felt, lying naked on the wet grass in the rain, the sound of the birds, the miraculous taste of honeydew melon!

We were truly blessed to come together as a group in this way. It's inspired a change of emphasis for the course in future years. I get the sense next year it will be called "Alchemy of Transcendence" in alignment with the upcoming Divinicus work.

Thanks for tuning in everyone - we felt you with us.

Open *OK*

This week has moved my soul deep down into the core of my being. The very real "rebirth" I experienced coming out of the sweat lodge is completely beyond words! It totally took me to another dimension of life. And the best of all, the new me is still here. I'm newborn and so grateful to the Openhand team and all you beautiful group members that sweated along with me.

I also want to send the most grateful and loving thoughts to my wonderful wife Katha who has kept up with me for some rough years during my transformation. Of course, it has started her processes as well. I want to honor both her patience with me and her courage to deal with her own shadows. Together, we have helped each other to shape and polish our diamonds, which sometimes has been very painful. But it has been worth it all, without doubts, and I know i speak for Katha as well.

Honey, I'm home now. Love you so much!

but I will try....the experience of embodying one's soul is a felt sense and no matter how much I may have thought I was there I only knew I was when I felt it! The magical journey we were on together, facilitated and shared by seasoned soul travellers, created the ideal space and energy for the alchemy that took place. Stripping away, digging deeply, not afraid of what we'd find, we travelled into deep,dark, shadowy places to reveal enlightened spaces. My layers are many...I cannot know what I do not know but the shedding has begun. As I said in the beginning, embodying soul is a felt experience and while I was certainly present and shedding and unfolding, I was not embodying completely until the very last day spent in magical Cornwall with Lesley, Graham and Megan. There time ceased to exist as I got lost in transcendent moments. If hunger, facing fears, extreme heat and mirrors everywhere did not facilitate the full experience...the divine forces saw to it I had the catalyzing experience of diving into a freezing cold waterfall with the arms of an earth goddess holding me. Again...words are not enough...I now KNOW/FEEL what it means to be fully alive in my body/mind. Back in Canada, alone, the challenge will be to keep that flow alive and aligned. The greatest gift of all is knowing I have the Openhand Soul Family to be able to communicate with and stay real by connecting through this forum, skype and the ether...My soul family, I love each and every one of you and thank you from the depths of my being for the mirrors, the honesty, bravery and truth you all shared. Individual special thanks to follow...but shouts out to Megs for awesome photos, helping bring out my colour, so much love and manifesting! Much love and appreciation to Jen and special roommates and manifestors! And to beautiful Bethan for taking such loving care of us on our stay in London. And of course, the amazing Openhand Team...Trinity, words won't ever be able to describe your contributions, from the food to the sound healing to the laughter. Lesley, the Earth Goddess and caretaker extraordinaire; Ben with your gentle warrior strength of holding all of us in the space and providing the HOT rocks...and to I'm really at a loss for words...profound gratefulness and love. Your contributions to the world at large are immeasurable and indescribable in earthly language. Much Love. xoxxo

It feels so dense being back out in the Matrix, OC quickly found me after I left.

Nothing looks or feels the same. Things are unravelling more each day. It feels like there just isn't time to be at work, it feels so wrong, like I don't have enough space to be me, to feel, to honour my true pull within this. A yearning to break free is in me, I feel so strongly that this 'job' is not serving my soul, this isn't my purpose here.

It feels like it is time to put some energy to that to see what unfolds and how that wants to change to serve my highest self.

Sending a huge hug and buckets of love to you all. Linking in, feeling the connection is literally like my snorkel, allowing me to breathe beneath these heavy murky waters.


Sending you the biggest heart full of love Abi! I've been away and am just starting to catch up online again.
I know that it can be really challenging once you start breaking through. Joann gives awesome advice there - breathe deeply. Keep finding your centre and remember that it is the greatest challenges in life that really help us break through all of those aspects of beingness that we are ready to let go of.
Keep tuning in here and sharing.
Reaching out with deepest love.

Really love your sharings Martin & Joann.
Stay tuned into that divine energy that is unfolding.
Love, love, love

p.s. looking fwd to receiving piccies from Per Ola and Megs when they surface again. I know they got some good ones :)

it doesn't feel so divine to be back in the matrix! I feel alone and confused and miss being with people where I can be totally real and know that I am understood on a deeper level than the physical. Work has presented mirrors and I am afraid I cannot see what the "wisdom" is in them. So, I will use the teachings...soften, feel, watch, listen and be open to the divine message. It's about trust at the end of the that it will be revealed because I can give many reasons why I feel I am right and my position can be supported by others but I recognize that as the game. So, I will trust what needs to unfold for my highest good will do so! Coming here to write these thoughts has helped me be clearer. Much Love. xo

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Dear Joann,

At times when we make such big shifts the world we know just doesn't seem to fit anymore. Sometimes there is something to learn - sometimes, we're being invited to make some changes. The most important thing is that you allow your soul to guide you - WHATEVER that means.

Not easy - I am with you in heart and spirit.
Sending love

I'm with you Joann. Being back feels like I'm in jail. I want to smash it all to pieces but I know that would not be the best for everyone involved. I am in a bubble suit that does not fit anymore. I have been sleeping for the past few days so much more that usual. I just keep connecting to the part of me I came to know so well while in such a clear space. There is no going back now just feeling the way through.

I remember that place back down the path, having come into a false reality for me. I know it may look like a mountain to climb - what steps to take and what will the effects be?

Actually we don't have to think about that at all.

You've found an authentic energy. Keep focusing on that. Keep attuning to it and bring it more and more into what you do. Assume you're getting help - because you are. Always ask for "how to be in this moment now", then be it. Be that energy and keep coming from that place. Then change will happen all by itself. You have to take the steps yes, but bit by bit, they become obvious and undeniable.

Everything is going to be fine. How do I know? Because actually its as natural as falling off a log.

We're all with you.


This has been an incredible ride...into the grip of the blocks and distortions that have created a prison around full expression...that have scared me from expressing myself verbally, emotionally, physically...I witnessed from within a robotic expression that felt so trapping and the sadness of feeling the weight of it and how it seemed to confine really being me. Thank you Lesley for holding the space while I sobbed at the breakfast table with the realization that I don't know how to be and the unsettling feeling of the false self being shaken up. Every interaction with my Openhand friends provided such beautiful mirrors for me...Abi - your reflection shook me to the core and broke the walls around my own feelings...the tears we shared - the seeing of ourselves in each other - the honoring of the beauty and the pain that we could see in ourselves through each other...there aren't words for how it felt =) ...thank you. Per Ola your honest expression that night in the living room and the mirror it reflected to me created an absolute earthquake inside...I felt the undeniable urge to go deeper in the conversation with you but just the few words I said, caused a complete firework display inside and I lost sight of what was being offered in our conversation...your words were expressing my inner reality and I could not see it at the were speaking of boundaries and what I was expressing to you was what I needed to hear and be myself...thank you for giving me room to make these mistakes and accepting my apology for the projection. You are a loving and delightful soul =). Ben thank you for the impromptu facilitation when allowing myself to speak my own truth casued such an explosion was deeply healing and integrating...your sensitivity and nurturing support were heartfelt. Joann my roomie...Joann your honest exploration and willingness to approach everything with a real curiousity and innocence was inspiring to me - I so look forward to seeing you again in October! Graham and Meggin...from the moment I met both of you I felt I had known you both for a thousand years...may our paths cross again sometime soon! Kim - I love you and am so grateful to be on this journey's not easy but I am grateful to have a friend that will confront me with honesty and to share the ups and downs with. All the beautiful transfigurees...I saw me in all of you...I saw me in the distortions you shared and I saw me in the truth you expressed...thank you all for lighting the way!

Open and Trinity - this journey was more than I could ever have anticipated...being in the beautiful space, feeling more and more freedom arising as the distortions were exposed. I found incredible joy in just putting on some music and dancing...I feel my body like I never have before...there is sensation, there is aliveness, there is a willingness and an openness to explore and to express what I feel. I am finding myself being quite assertive right now...noticing how my children have really been allowed to enter and impress upon me energetically in a way that is too much for me...for years I drank to numb it, then for a few more years I detached from it all and floated up in la la land and now I feel empowered to take back my space in a way that is honest and expressed in a simple and loving way and to help us all feel out boundaries that work for us. I feel an openness in my relationship with my husband that I have never experienced before...the physical shutdown that I have experienced especially over the last three years seems to have lifted and I feel totally natural and open to connecting intimately. That feels incredible and I feel so much gratitude that the universe provided this partner that not only gave me space from sharing intimately when I felt it was impossible and quite scary for me, but has come to a place where he won't hold onto me - he will let me be me, no matter what - even if that means at some point he can't be with it and we won't be "we".

I also feel a deep sense of myself around other people...this use to be quite hard and I could only really feel me when alone...somehow it feels like the presnce of others helps me feel me even more and I feel different things activating inside in the presence of others...this is very new to me so not sure how to put it in words =).

Thank you all for your wonferful sharings and you all have a special place within me.

With so much love for you all,

Sending you a big hug...know that you are so supported and so loved. xoxo Jen

I've felt a sadness for a few weeks now that has deepened its grip as time has passed. Whilst I've tuned in I've not felt the longed for connection until now. Thank you all for your honest sharing. It helps unlock what has felt closed for awhile and finally the tears have come. And the energy that comes through the photos is truly amazing. I don't need to be there to find my connection again, I can do it from here, and the words, images, love.... they are felt and appreciated.

What amazing sharings, Joann, Jen and Kim. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences so openly. It touches me deeply to think of you all back in the matrix, confronting so much that no longer feels aligned. It can be tough, but the only way out is through. One step at a time, that's all it takes, sometimes we get up enough steam to run, other times its a bit of a slow grind, but one step, then another is all it takes. Its not necessary to know beyond the one step, that will lead to the one after in its own time.

It was so wonderful to have you all here, its funny how it seems so natural, like all Openhanders live here, just not all at the same time.

Joann, the waterfall is a memory I will always cherish. And the singing together afterwards. So blessed!

Much love to everyone,


I feel so blessed and grateful for my Openhand family! Thanks for all the support and love. Trin, I just made your banana muffins...sth. to remind me of Avalon. Lesley I'll float into that loving memory for a long time to come. xo

Lesley said "It was so wonderful to have you all here, its funny how it seems so natural, like all Openhanders live here, just not all at the same time."
ditto that! I agree wholeheartedly. I felt a deep sense of communinity and right-ness at family coming together and sharing space, (while working, unravelling, unfolding, integrating). It felt special to spend time with the group and to help support even in little ways. a pleasure and honour.


Today I am on my own with the kids after a three day weekend and I am experiencing the tightness that comes up when I am in the midst of the noise and the requests and the absolute intensity I experience in the nervous system at times with our togetherness... Which has turned up even more as a result of me being less willing to be run over. I was told two separate stories by different people today about breaking the bones in the right hand. This spoke to me in a couple ways... One there is a destructive constructive force at work as Things shift. I also contemplated what causes a bone to break... Force and rigidity... This is how I am being... It occurred to me that I was pushing and imposing my will on others...which is what the kids are also reflecting to me. I realized I wasn't pausing and feeling for a response that I was believing I need to have the answer and need to be in absolute certainty... Shortly after, my sunglasses were dropped and the left lens fell out... Felt like ok I am seeing this more clearly... Let there be a pause slow down and feel for a response... I have space... I can move into it more fully and see how to be. xo Jen

Powerful realisation Jen.
Feels like it really helps your integration process to share - and help others with that at the same time :)

Amy - (((big big hugs)))


Just a note to tell y'all that I am your true subscriber and I truly appreciate all you do for me. I am living life the openhandway everyday 24/7. You have helped me so much. And I don't know where I would be without you guys. Love and peace:)<3

Michael, thank you for sharing.

You are really welcome here. I know it's not always possible for everyone to come and join us in person all the time... so we have created this on-line portal so that all who resonate can tune in 24/7. It's an offering from the depths of our souls for the journey; and warms our hearts to hear how much it means to you.

You are in Texas right? The closest that Openhand will be to Texas in the upcoming future is Florida, this October. The Divinicus level 1 course is booking up quickly at this point, so if it is a possibility for you to be there, then please feel free to drop us a line.

with love and peace to you too