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Jai & Samya (Sweden)


Millions of people have come to a critical point in their physical and spiritual development - they are ready to step into a new way of life, directed by the longing of the Soul rather than all the needs of the ego. Are you one of them? We invite you to be at the forefront of the spiritual movement going on around the world.

    We envisage a movement of individuals and groups in the coming years that will manifest what our souls are really longing for; waking up from the experience and belief that we are only physical beings who must fight and struggle for survival. The intervention of our planet holds many left in separation, suffering and fears, but its possible to break free from this and liberate our Spirit.

The truth is that we are all one with "The One" and our natural energy is love, inner peace, and freedom. Therefore - our world can be a world where we see all of us as brothers and sisters - a world where we spread goodness and manifesting Oneness. To achieve this, we need the courage to look inward at ourselves in depth. We need courage to face our fears, the darkness within us and liberate us from that. We believe that this is possible. But, Oneness is not a goal, it's a progress of awakening.

The Openhand Philosophy has helped us develop higher consciousness and given us great tools that we combine with our own from 20 years of work experiences in the Spiritual and personal development field. We frame our work against the five steps set out in Open's book 5GATEWAYS: The Awakening, The Realignment, The Transfiguration, Enlightenment and The Resurrection.

What we offer

Sessions with Samya:

  • Soul Coach
  • ICF Coach
  • Openhand Facilitator
  • Hyposynthesis Therapist

Sessions with Jai:

  • Soul Manifestation Coach
  • Openhand Facilitator
  • Hypnotherapist
  • Mindfulness Instructor

Pricing & Contact

We prefer personal meeting's but also do Skype Meetings. We speak both Swedish and English. We charge 90 EUR / hour including 25% Swedish Taxes.

Feel free to contact us at:
jai@loveit.se, +46 735 344 550
samya@loveit.se, +46 0703 445 552
Web: www.loveit.se
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/loveitcommunication

Stage 1 Facilitators:

Jai and Samya are two heart-warming, loving and charismatic figures. They have a wide and varied colourful approach to spirituality, which is deep and practical, yet down to earth. In true Openhand style, they're very able to help people process inner density and quickly break through. They have a very empathic, kind and loving approach to spirituality. Openhand is blessed to have then a part of this network.


Open's picture

Hi Jai & Samya - how wonderful it is to have you both on board. I have many fond memories of your time with Openhand. Like this one Samya, when you courageously crossed the fire for the first time. It was deeply moving...

A warm welcome to the facilitator network.

Open Give rose

Per Ola's picture

Thanks Open - it feels great to be a part of Openhand family Smile

Samya's picture

Hi! Thank you so much! Wow it is so wonderful to be so warmly welcomed.
Oh yes Open that moment is a memory for ever in my heart.
And I still remember your support that gave me the clarity to take the steps

Thank you again!

Fiona Reilly's picture

Hi Samya and Jai,

Lovely to see yer warm smiling faces here - fantastic.

With love, Fiona

Per Ola's picture

Thanks Fiona <3

Richard W's picture

It's lovely to see the both of you on here, as our family grows. It was a pleasure to meet you both recently and I look forward to many more encounters.

For me you both seemed so passionate and ready to dive into life, yet holding that inner wisdom to look from the higher perspective. And you complement each other very well in your energies.


Per Ola's picture

Thanks Rich - and it was a pleasure to connect with you. Looking forward to se you soon again Smile

Samya's picture

to get new friends like you. Smile
Thank you so much for your warm, loving words. I really hope to see you soon again and keep on building on our new friendship.

Love and Blessings

kim's picture

Jai meeting you at the transfiguration three years ago during a time of such pivotal change for me will always be remembered and appreciated. It was a pleasure connecting with you and I welcomed your support and the wisdom you shared with me. It really helped carry me through some tough times. I look forwards to connecting with you both however that presents in the future. Hope to meet you Samya in person someday. For now a big etheric hug and kind wishes to you both.
With love,

Per Ola's picture

Hi Kim - thanks for your appreciation - I am often thinking about that course and all the deep work we did. I enjoyed the meetings with you Smile We will for surely meet in the future - here or at Openhand - and until then a big hug, peace and love to you!

Samya's picture

All those meetings at Openhand is so very special. To connect and se the deeper meaning and then take it out to the daily life, wonderful.

Yes Kim, it would be great to meet you Smile I hope to.

Peace and Blessings


Margaret's picture

So good to see you both here! Smile

Your presence among the Facilitators made the Network feel more tangible. I pondered what to write to you here and what keeps coming back is how your intense presence makes me feel heard. Together and individually you bring in the depth of understanding that encourages me to look deeper and stay with what wants to emerge. I'm grateful to have met you.

Love you both! <3


Per Ola's picture

Thanks for your nice words - it´s so great to be a part of this family, this community. And meeting and working with you felt amazing, so thank you! Much love from both of us!

.Jen's picture

Welcome to you both <3 <3<3... Many will be truly blessed to benefit from your diverse experience and beautiful energy. Much love, Jen

Per Ola's picture

Thanks a lot - so nice to see you here, I hope we meet at some Openhand event in the future.
Peace & Love

Michelle Boyle's picture

Dear Both, it is so lovely having your beautiful energies within the team Smile

Samya, it was an honour working with you at the Fire Retreat; your beautiful expressive energy and compassionate way of being, create safe space in which to delve deeply and truly and to share and express freely and completely without judgement or sensoring, a space in which truth and feelings can be explored and expressed and blockages unravelled, you bring a beautiful gift.

Wishing you guys love, support and blessings for the journey, Michelle xx

Samya's picture

Oh so wonderful words Michelle. Thank you so much. I remember the Fire Retreat with so much love in my heart. It was both scary and the best experience Smile
And to you my lovely friend I say, it takes one to know one.
Your beautiful energi is a blessing, it was so lovely to meet you again this december.
I hope we will meet soon and that we will have some more time Smile

All my love and blessings to you
Samya xx

Per Ola's picture

Thanks for your welcoming - it feels great to be in the team. I wish I have been there myself for the Fire Retreat when Samya got home and I noticed the change in her! beautiful!
I hope we all have a possibility to meet in the near future!