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Return to Light Meditation NEW Trinity Bourne (2017)

This is an Angelic meditation that came to me many times earlier in my journey. After finding a comfortable position we work through the entire body. We allow everything we are ready to let go of to fall away into a white Angelic net. This meditation is deeply cleansing and healing as it unveils the light of our souls whilst helping us to effortlessly attune to the higher paradigm.

This is a completely new 2017 recording of this popular meditation.

This meditation is available as a high quality mp3 download (listen to the short introduction below first). The cost is only £5 (approx US$6), which is invaluable for helping us to fund the continued running of this website.

  • Duration: 25 minutes total
  • To listen to a short sample, click the play button arrow below
  • Download to your computer or MP3 Player £5 GBP (approx US$6.00)...

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Trinity's picture

For anyone who listened to the older version of "Return to Light" (which I recorded some 7 years ago) - you'll be delighted to know that this is a completely new, updated and improved 2017 recording.

If you resonated with the old version, you'll love this one.

Thanks for tuning in.

with Love

Fiona Reilly's picture

Hi Trinity,

This is awesome! You're meditations are so blissful and take me to a beautifully divine place. This one sounds simply fabulous, thanks for spreading the light Angel

Wow, the sounds quality is amazing!

With love, Fiona

Trinity's picture

Thank you for your beautiful words Fiona - that means a lot to me.
I am glad you rate sound quality on this new edition too - I worked quite hard at that technical element Smile
Big Heartful of Love to you

Js's picture

Last weekend i was thinking to myself how i wanted to message you and ask if you could come out with a Relaxing, Serene Meditation, Your Voice is very soothing Smile and when i met you I loved your Energy and who could forget your Wonderful sounding trademark laugh! Smile

I will be getting this medidation very very soon Smile


Trinity's picture

Ahhhw that's really touching Steve.
Reflecting your own amazingly beautiful soul right back to ya!