Being brutally honest

Since the facilitator training it has become clear to me that my honesty (transparency) is a gift. This explains why I get so frustrated with people who are fake. I also don’t like liars - what is the point of lying - people always find out the truth and lies are difficult to remember?! Lies can also really hurt people when they find the truth.

This leads me to something that bothers me about this forum sometimes. Whenever I speak it's almost like there is no filter from brain to mouth - I speak my truth. However, I feel that there are quite a few people posting who do a fair amount of re-tweaking and manipulation of their posts before pressing send and that just does not resonate with me - this is not your truth, this is you adding in your conditioned filters in order to appear something other than you are. Perhaps you want to appear 'correct' to be more acceptable to other people? But why ...... surely this is the place to be honest about your shit? I thought that is what Openhand is all about - airing the shit in order to learn, evolve and grow. But if there is a level of dishonesty then I feel you do yourself and the other readers a disservice. The only reason I re-tweak is for grammatical errors so it reads fluidly.

My ray 4 (the diplomat) is not all that strong - it is something I'm working on but I love honest and transparent people because life is easier that way. There is a small part of me that thinks perhaps I should be more tolerant of liars and fakers …..

Isn't this technically what the matrix is all about- liars, fakers and manipulators?!

I believe that living your truth will set you free....
So I hope by speaking my truth I give you permission to do the same :)


Do you know what. 

I'm good
I think I've finally worked it out

For many years I have swung between awesomeness and fearfulness which has many other forms which have patterned throughout my life so fa and it has  caused distortions such as:

Extreme judgementalism of self and others

Aggressor or Victim

Lots to work on. It is actually me that is the liar and the faker because I have had all these different faces trying to be liked by everyone and really I should simply be me.

It feels like it's a big journey ahead with many distortions and fragments of soul but that also somehow feels ok at last!

Hi Etta,

Big respect for you for going through this process and sharing it with us. Thank you.

A couple of times you have mentioned that you are ready to die. You also mention that you swing between awesomeness and fearfulness. It sounds very much to me like a death experience - essentially letting go of an old outdated aspect of yourself, of part of your identity. SO it's natural to experience periods of fear around this as well as times of being awesomely okay as you transition and let go. You may also experience some grief I don't know.

I've just finished writing a series of three articles on 'overcoming fear by embracing death' Here they are if you feel like checking them out.………

Hope it helps. Much love