Travel Tips for Maintaining a High Vibe...Particularly for Sensitives

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Travel can enrich the soul and broaden horizons, opening our hearts and minds to new possibilities. In today’s busy world however, it can be somewhat overwhelming for those of us who are empaths (or highly sensitive) as we sense and feel everything around us, within ourselves. If your senses are on over-drive and your awareness is heightened, busy cities, chaotic airports and so much new stuff can send a highly sensitive person into meltdown.

How do you best deal with that?...

As an empath you will likely at some point on the journey be kicked into fight or flight mode. Having to process the energy of so much new information and feeling the melting pot of other peoples energies requires special measures. The good news is that there are quite a number of things that we can do to make sure that we are prepared, to minimise hyper-stimulation and enjoy the ride EVEN if we are super sensitive.

Owning your sensitivity - embracing who you are

The first key is acknowledging to ourselves that we are sensitive - not fighting it. It’s not about making our sensitivity go away. It’s not about trying to be like other people. Our sensitivity is our greatest gift. Our sensitivity means that in the end, if we are able to surrender into the incredible beauty of new places, we will have a far more divine and soul-stirring time than we could have imagined. However, we have a different set of functionality rules to those who aren’t empaths. The days are gone when we had to hide our gifts whilst trying to fit in with societies expectations. This is about loving yourself and honouring what is right for YOU!

Taking the pressure off ourselves - the balance between planning and spontaneity

Whatever your reason for travel it likely involves some sort of organisation such as… flights, buses, car hire, accommodation, change in climate, what to bring, what to wear, how to get around, change in currency, different language, what we are going to eat or the best place to be located for our needs. These things can cause a lot of stress on our system, although they needn’t do if we give ourselves a little space to allow them to unfold with ease.

With so many things to think about, it can help to be organised ahead of time. Take time to work out the essentials, so that you can be more comfortable when you are there.

I see the planning all as part of the adventure. Personally, I find that it takes a lot of the pressure of me, so that I can be sure to relax into the whole experience as the trip happens.

I print off maps ahead of time, so that I know where I am going. Something to ‘fall back on’. I find out how I am going to get from A to B when I arrive at my destination too. Am I hiring a car or taking a bus? What do I need to know to make that run smoothly? If I am hiring a car for example, I’ll research a little about driving in the area I am going to and figure out how I can make it as easy as possible for myself. Every country has different considerations and sometimes it might be better to take a taxi. If I am taking the bus, I check the timetable and route ahead of time online (it's helpful to know if the buses run only every few hours). I also check online to see if there are any health food stores or veggie restaurants in the vicinity and figure out how to get to them. I often don’t like to plan my actual activities ahead, although I tend to buy a guide book (or look online) so I can see what options might be available. It feels important to me to create space, so that I am not ‘doing-doing-doing’ all of the time, but allowing for rest and relaxation. Something I love to do is hike in stunning places. I make sure that I am prepared for the various weather conditions (hot, cold, dry, wet), so I check out ahead of time to see what the climate is and what I might need to bring with me. Your nature of travel will determine what you need to check out ahead of time.

Planning isn’t about being fixed either, it just helps to even out the load so that we don’t end up feeling burdened with a million unforeseen details at the last minute. It’s about minimising stressful factors so that we don’t go into sensory over-drive. Crucial for empaths and sensitives! We can change or abandon plans that don’t feel right to us whenever we want. Planning simply allows us to feel relaxed enough so that can enjoy spontaneity whenever it feels right too. I love spontaneity, although I find that I ONLY enjoy it when I am not already on hyper-stimulation over-drive.

So finding the balance between planning to take the pressure off ourselves, yet knowing that we can change plans if it feels right to do something different when the moment arises - is really helpful for an empath on the road.

Being in busy places as an empath

Airports and cities can be particularly chaotic for a highly sensitive person. There will be lots of anxiety in the air as people fret over arrangements, plans and problems that arise - and if you are an empath, you’ll feel it all! I know that I can become particularly ungrounded in busy places, so if I sense that it may become too much, I’ll take a moment, close my eyes and feel (or visualise) my connection to Mother Earth through my feet. That alone can make a massive difference.

I also make a conscious effort to draw my boundaries. Asserting boundaries can be as simple as bringing awareness to them ‘this is me and everything outside is not me’. If it is really busy and there is no chance of peace and quiet, then I put my headphones on and listen to my favourite music (this is an excellent way of creating a personal boundary as you attune to the inspiring vibes of the music rather than everyone else around you). I regularly find quiet spots to recharge too, whenever possible, where there are less people. In the city I will seek out any green or natural places. I will visit them whenever I need to re-balance or recharge. I must admit that when traveling I do tend to naturally avoid busy cities wherever possible (or visit them only briefly).

Tips for managing energies in busy places as an empath

  • Make a conscious effort to draw your boundaries, by simply bringing awareness to them.
  • Use an ‘Instant Calm’ meditation technique for breathing in peace and calm whilst breathing out any tension or stress. Check out my video here for a very simple technique that you can use at anytime or any place: How to find instant calm wherever you are
  • Draw an invisible chalk line around yourself to keep unwanted energies out (whilst still allowing supportive ‘universal life energy’ to flow through as usual).
  • Put headphones on and listen to your favourite, inspiring music to help zone out from the busyness outside of you.
  • Find quite spots to recharge and use them regularly.
  • Seek out green places, gardens, woodlands to rejuvenate and raise your vibration.

Five tips for empaths on flights

Flights aren’t always the most comfortable of experiences. As an empath it’s helpful to take measures to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible. On a flight, you'll be in close proximity to a lot of people and there is just no escaping it. Comfort is not just a luxury, it helps to keep your own energy in check so that you are better able to deal with the more challenging experiences of feeling everyone’s energy. Here are some tips for dealing with flights…

  1. Take earplugs. They may not block the noise out completely, but they tone it down and allow for a more restful experience.
  2. Drink plenty of water. On a flight you may be tempted to drink less so that you aren’t up and down to the loo all the time. However, flights dehydrate us rapidly, which causes unnecessary stress on our system. Staying dehydrated helps us to stay centred and balanced. If you are concerned about going to the loo and not wanting to clamber over other people, be sure to select an aisle seat in advance.
  3. Bring your own food if necessary. If you think that the inflight food won’t agree with your system, be sure to bring your own. Being prepared can take stress out of the journey. Eating well when traveling also helps to keep your energy rejuvenated and fresh.
  4. Wear comfortable clothing. It sounds obvious, but if you forget, you’ll be uncomfortable, making for an unpleasant trip. Being comfortable will help preserve yourself so that you have more energy to deal with other more challenging 'empath' things that might come up.
  5. Make a conscious effort with boundaries. This is definitely possible no matter how close you are to other people. You can comfortably withdraw into yourself on a flight by closing your eyes whenever you want. Use soothing music on your mp3 player if it helps to help zone everything else out and focus internally. Breath in peace and calm and exhale and tension.

Travel tips for empaths (video)

Thanks for tuning in. I do hope that some of the tips in this article or video have been helpful.

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Your article on travel tips for empaths and highly sensitive persons is much welcomed, Trinity. I relate to much of what you experience when traveling. I print off a bunch of maps, research restaurants etc. beforehand. My daughter is an HSP who easily feels overwhelmed when travelling, so I've passed on your article to her.

Thank you! Much appreciated!

x Cathy

Great article Trin *OK*

I'm traveling at the moment. I find it's essential to be disciplined so as to maintain a high vibe - so you don't get sucked into lower consciousness. Here are my five top tips...

  1. When flying: always where earplugs to keep out invasive noise; meditate as much as possible, which reduces impact of jetlag (carry a blind fold to help); avoid aircraft food where possible; do plenty of Openhand soulmotion at the back of the aircraft.
  2. Food in general: get used to preparing your own food rather than succumbing to the chemical filled junk you often find on the road. Take vitamin supplements to boost immunity. Carry food supplements for vitalising smoothies.
  3. When in hotels and BnB's: unplug unnecessary electronics in the room. Sleep with your head away from the wall (which is usually packed with electrosmog). When booking a hotel, try to book onto the higher floors, which have reduced electrosmog (and usually reduced wifi).
  4. Stay tuned to the flow as much as possible: So if you're in need of something, ask "show me" - be attentive even though taking the extra time might seem inconvenient.
  5. Always travel early if you can: that way you have more time to make conscious choices. Take the time to do plenty of exercise, yoga and meditation whilst on the move.

Open *OK*

Fabulous. Thank you for sharing tips here too. These additions make such a significant difference.

Cathy - thanks for sharing. I am pleased it's helpful.

with love

Hahaha Open. Love the picture of you doing soul motion at the back of the easy jet flight to La Palma!

Oh wow! Trinity - this is an AMAZING article and video!!!! There is always this self-respect and honoring in your sharings. I have been travelling so much more over the last few years and along the way have found so many of the things you mentioned really help me. Once I let go of the inner need to be someone who can fly by the seat of their pants and "wing it" all while being cool as a cucumber, I now travel with a great degree of comfort. A major thing that you mentioned that helps me out is knowing the logistical flow of things...where transportation is and if traveling in a big city I have even looked over the maps to visually get my barings and what the area will look like. I love to travel with a sense of what's around but then let things unfold with how it feels.

One of the challenges I have experienced is that I tend to be quite social early on - meeting lots of people in the airport and in town - I really love meeting people and hearing about their lives...I also enjoy going out and dancing and being in exciting environments, but I also need to balance that with quiet time alone because I feel drained and shut down otherwise. Communicating with fellow travellers about needing down time/ alone time in advance of travel is also helpful...this is the part I find hardest...because the part of me that loves to be engaged doesn't always listen to the part of me that needs some quiet nurturing.

The key that you emphasize and helps me a ton is to really honor myself and what works for me.

The invisible chalk line raised a question for me. I imagine being in a place of non-judgement of the energy that you are not wanting is key. I have up to this point understood that any need to keep energies out is me creating an identity that says "I can't handle that energy". I have been pondering this part and realizing that one may not be resistant to an energy and yet still feel big impacts on your energy. In that case it can then be helpful to stay in the sense of "this is me"....this is a grey area for me. It's helpful to read this. Would love some elaboration on this if I am not getting this.

Big thank you! Great article!
Love, Jen

Thank you Trinity for the article. Perfect timing as I'm walking part of the Camino de Compostela at Easter. A map may be a good idea although the shells are meant to signpost the way. I will look be looking for time on my own as well as meeting new people. Getting the right balance depending on how I'm feeling in the moment xx

Felt to share my gratitude for your article Trinity, which is so rich, detailed and beautifully presented. The video is a work of art indeed. :)

The tips you offer are very useful and varied so that people can pick and choose freely and according to inner and outer conditions. To me your suggestions refer to the ‘horizontal’ interconnectedness of world lives.

Open, your tips definitely complement Trinity’s and offer depth and - to me again - refer to a ‘vertical’ interconnectedness of multidimensional lives.

When I travel I totally enjoy the excitement and adventure of it all. And I confess that I mostly enjoy travelling on my own. So, depending on conditions, I enjoy two things:
‘Playing the game’ and ‘Spontaneous heartfull connections with strangers’.

I play a game with myself. When I am at the airport or elsewhere waiting (well, that could be between 1 to 4 hours!) I immerse myself in walking meditation (translation: Openhand’s 5 senses walk + inquiry onto the nature of things) and at the same time observe people. I may end up exploring the whole airport, walk miles in say 1 to 4 hours and encounter the lives of hundreds of people. Upon observing I inquire what this person’s passion might be. I guess. Sometimes, depending how I feel, I actually find out whether my guess was close or not. Other times, I just let it float as another phenomenon to observe.
I also stay open to meaningful encounters with people. In fact, last June I travelled abroad and while I was waiting at the airport and doing walking meditation/observation etc, this man would stare at me from time to time. Part of me got a bit cautious but felt to keep my energy open. Well, to cut the story short, our encounter at the destination was a beautiful, heartfull exchange plus he helped me a lot in finding my way to where I wanted to go because I couldn’t speak the language. How cool! :)

In reply to by Aspasia

Thank you for sharing you experiences Aspasia.
What a wonderful 'game' of observation and awareness - feels like a 'dance'.

And yes indeed, in the article, I did focus on the more helpful human elements of how to keep your vibes high when traveling; considering people on all levels of the spiritual journey. The video touches more on the meditative and 'spiritual' aspects.

In reply to by Trinity

Thank you Trinity, good to share.

Yes, that's exactly what I appreciate in your article/video and you do it SO gracefully!

Richard thank you too. Its lovely you resonate and you want to make this your own play and art adding your own strokes to it :) Chuffed. Look forwards to hearing about your experience perhaps sometime down the line :)

Much love

Hi Jen,

Thanks for your kind words.

Your challenge of being social early on and finding that balance of alone time reminded me of my recent flight from Seattle to Hawaii. I have a blend of being insular and sociable. During the flight I was feeling more internal. Half an hour in the lady next to me starting talking and within about two minutes she began sharing all her issues. This doesn't normally happen to me anymore because I don't give the cues to invite it. However I got everything - and we're talking massive issues!!! It was fascinating to observe myself holding the space, offering insightful reflection but without getting emotionally bogged down. After an hour (or maybe two) I did need to zone out, so I got up (went to the loo) to gently break the connection - I stayed up for a little while, sat down with my ipod and meditated for the next three hours. I felt incredibly peaceful. Near the end of the trip the lady started sharing again (same stuff) but also added that I had helped her enormously. She'd been in an incredibly challenging place and it made it all worthwhile for me to know that it had been a very significant sharing for her (with me a total stranger). The fascinating thing for me was to be able to go to such depth with a stranger yet STILL holding my boundaries. It was like the universe was testing me ha ha.

You mentioned that the invisible chalk line raised a question. I completely agree that non-judgement is key in the first place. It depends where a person is at on the spiritual journey with that too. I originally wrote this article for empaths who really struggle with external energies - which case, having a visual like that can be invaluable. Sometimes it's fine just to say 'keep out'. We have free-will. Even in drawing an energetic line we don't need to be judgemental. Saying 'this energy really doesn't work for me and I am not allowing it in my field' can be simple discernment ;) It's just another way of asserting a boundary.

with love

In reply to by Trinity

Hey Trinity!

Love the story about your flight - the breaking of the connection is the challenging part - I like how you physically made a gentle break and then made an obvious move toward being inward. It's energetic as well as I have had the experience of people trying to talk to me even while I have headphones on and eyes closed and am learning to pull in more after having some very uneasy advances from people - I feel like the question I asked and the inner confusion around that is what sends the mixed message and invites too much approachability.

It was perplexing for me to feel the confusion around the idea of keeping energy out...seems I had a fixed idea around "I always have to be able to take it all in and deal with what it brings up in me" Though of course it's no different then telling my children, ok, this is my quiet time now, or turning off the wi-fi in the house etc - I have no problem discerning what feels right for me in those areas and lots of other ways.

Where I feel I got stuck is in the fixed way of being ...whether that's buiding protection to always keep stuff out (as some do) or the opposite of a need to always let it all in (as I have felt) - the key is discernment and feeling in the moment what is right - not an always this or that of course. It makes sense that it's fine just to say "keep out" - whatever is there for me will be there still - I don't have to push myself so hard. The permission in your last paragraph here just brought such peace - thank you. <3

hey and lookie there I get a chance to practice all these awesome travel tips in just two days time - en route to Seattle soon! wahoo!

Lots of love,

Thank you Trinity for this extremely insightful article. I travel many times a year and love the experience, the sense of adventure and spontaneity is amazing, it's something that I really relish. However, I do have a tendency to retreat into myself. I rarely interact with others unless they initiate it, or if there's a very strong pull to do so. And I think people sense that and tend to leave me alone - it's not that I@m sending out an unfriendly vibe though I don't think.

Your observations about planning are spot on. FOr me it adds to the adventure and even makes things more spontaneous - like you said if certain stresses are taken care of it allows more room to be adventurous, although I do have to be careful that it doesn't just turn into a head game instead of feeling the energy and the pulls.

Aspasia - I loved your sharing about the game you play while waiting at airports. I may try that one myself. It may well open me up more to the environment I'm in.

Richard - How lovely to feel you tuning in Richard. I can just imagine your energy being 'retreatful' into yourself. Feels like a very natural thing for some people. I resonate with that a lot too. And yes indeed there is a balance with planning - checking in to make sure it's still a free flowing dance.

Lisa - how delightful to see you here! What a fab adventure you have ahead of you.

Aspasia - ahhhw you are so beautiful!

Jen - I completely understand how you feel in asking those questions. It's something I've explored myself for the longest time. It's so liberating when finally we say 'keep out'.
And YES! I am flying out of Kauai in the morning en route to Seattle. Lot's of travel opportunities to practice our presence. Looking fwd to seeing you very soon.

with love