Trinity's Conscious Kitchen New year Retreat January 7th - 12th 2018

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Inspiring Soul in the Kitchen

Trinity's Conscious Kitchen Retreats are Back! I will be holding my New Year "Inspiring your Soul in the Kitchen" Retreat, in Somerset, from the 7th - 12th of January 2018. That's 5 days of divinely inspired, soul-infused, delicious time together. What we eat takes on a whole new meaning when we realise that every morsel plays a role on our spiritual journey. The energy of our food becomes a part of our being, it goes soul deep – flooding into our cells; directly impacting our vibration by either lowering or raising it (depending on what we choose to eat). We are spiritual beings in physical, human bodies – aspiring to ever higher realms of awareness.

Eating compassionately has the power to heal and reconnect us to the universal flow. It can unleash trapped energy, free the soul and raise our vibration. That's what this retreat is all about - it's inspiring your soul, unleashing your spiritual beingness in the kitchen - because, let's face it, we all eat, every day and if we make the art of creating food part of a spiritual journey, we are going to be skyrocketing ourselves forwards. What a fabulous way to launch yourself into the New Year. To start as you mean to go on! With over 23 years experience of creating conscious cuisine, combined with my depth of spirituality and inter-connectedness with sentient life, it promises to be an uplifting and soul-inspiring week.

What sort of things will happen on the retreat?

The retreat begins with a delicious, Conscious Kitchen dinner on Sunday night. Followed by a guided celestial meditation with voice and crystal bowl sound healing. This offers the perfect time for you to settle in, let go and unwind before we begin our culinary adventures together on Monday morning. We’ll look at creating tasty conscious dishes from Monday morning through to Thursday dinner time, whilst exploring the following topics…

  • The importance of preparing food with love
  • Why each type of food has a different vibration
  • How to eat consciously to raise your consciousness
  • Listening to your own inner kitchen wisdom
  • Integrating conscious foods into your daily rhythm
  • Learning about herbs, spices and the chakras
  • Learning which herbs, spices and foods dance together

It will be an experiential, hands-on week, where we’ll explore how we can turn our kitchen endeavors into a joyous, moving meditation. This retreat will take you on a culinary dance, designed to inspire your adventuresome spirit in the kitchen. As well as creating tasty, conscious dishes, we’ll be tuning into the energy of the key ingredients and understanding how they guide and speak to us. This week is a celebration, of love for the inter-connectivity of all life, with foods that can help to heal, inspire and raise our vibration.

Who is this event for?

This week is suitable for anyone who resonates with what you are reading here. It doesn't matter if you are new to making food in this way or if you are already experienced in the kitchen. Remember, the vibration you put into your body, is that which you're mostly going to feel in day-to-day life. So let's create those good vibes together with conscious cuisine!

It's all about being YOU and finding light & joy in the kitchen

There'll be lots of laughter and joy (I insist ha ha). We'll do varied activities, such as making edible mandala's with our lunch. We'll learn to connect with the essence of each ingredient and see who it 'speaks' to us. Here's a short video I made of one beautiful lunch making session  on my first conscious kitchen retreat a couple of years ago...

There is no right or wrong during this week. This is all about being YOU! And finding your own unique expression in the kitchen (and that expression is different for us all). Weather permitting (and depending on what everyone feels) we could also take an afternoon or two to explore the local area (perhaps admiring incredible arial formations of the millions of starlings that gather every evening at dusk, just a couple of miles down the road!).

Retreat accommodation

The retreat will be held in a gorgeous location in the Somerset countryside in the South West of England. We have a beautiful and spacious converted retreat barn, with a large farmhouse kitchen, two living rooms and a big conservatory/sun room. We also have private walled gardens (only a glimpse of which is captured by these snapshots)... The venue is located 15 minutes from Glastonbury, near Wedmore. It's only a 30 minute drive from Bristol airport. Accommodation is very comfortable and is limited to 6 guests to keep it personal (plus myself). There are 2 private double rooms (used as 'single' rooms) and 2 shared 'twin' rooms.

Retreat Prices

Retreat prices vary between £395 and £525 depending on your preferred option of accommodation. As well as the daily retreat workshop activities, this price also includes 5 nights accommodation and all meals. Please see options below (offered on a first come, first served basis)...

£395 per person: Twin room (with adult sized bunk beds - just like being a kid again ha ha) - includes a shared bathroom with a big bath and shower (shared with one other person). Best budget option

£445 per person: Twin room (twin beds with private ensuite bathroom)

£495: Double room (with double bed - with a shared bathroom which is shared with one other room)

£525: Double room (with double bed and private en-suite bathroom with shower and bath)

Booking a place or expressing interest...

If you are interested, have more questions or would like to book a place, please do email me right away (please also give me a contact phone number, just incase my reply goes into your spam folder). Remember places are limited. Just go to my contact page here: CONTACT TRINITY I will reply within 24 hours, so if you don't hear from me, please do check to see if the email has been gone it to your spam folder (hotmail and gmail seem to do this a lot these days). You can also message me though My Facebook page. I look forwards to welcoming you here soon! Trinity

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Trinity this looks absolutely marvelous - you're really excelling yourself with your Conscious Kitchen Venture - it's soul stirring and heart-warming - awesome!

I wish you every success with it.

Open *OK*

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Thank you for you kind words Open. I am absolutely thrilled to hosting this event. It will be the first of many to come.

Being able to share the gifts that I have found myself and inspire others to have a much deeper experience of true, profound beingness is a real joy. And blending that with Conscious Kitchen endeavours seems to make the world a better place *dance4*



This sounds and looks so good!
I got to taste some of the good stuff you do mmmmmm Lucky me :D

And... there is so much happiness, passion and love between the lines. This is yummyyyy!!!!

<3 <3 <3

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Really feeling it Aspasia! Thrilled to feel your enthusiasm. Thank you so much for allowing that to ripple outwards. I know when it comes to love for all sentient life we are kindred spirits indeed.
with love