What's your favourite spiritual movie?

What is your favourite movie? Does it have a an underlying spiritual message? Does it stir your soul? If you have a favourite you tube clip feel free to post it too (or send the link and I'll embed it for you :-) )
Please share...


I still can't believe I saw what I saw and heard what I heard. Creepy - yes, but... I don't have words...

As if somebody's talking to me, all the movie...stirred so much things...



I'm so blown away, that I even can't remember everything, there was so much...but here are some of the points:


creating reality or perceiving it through filters,

efforting and loosing 'yourself',

self-exploration and realisation process,

breaking through images of 'ourselves' that restrict from getting to see what's there inside, whatever it is, and then using it, expressing it selflessly and thi way reaching 'perfection';

keeping going no matter what happens and how scary it is, and what others think/say/do,

I citate ~ from the movie: "The only person standing on your way is you"...


Well, there was much more, so I'll see it again for sure.

Hi All,

Recently been exposed to quantum mechanics and getting interested in it. Watched these two movies/documentaries and really liked them wanted to share with all...

- What the #$*! Do We Know!?(What the Bleep Do We Know!?
- The quantum Activist

There is lot of work done in the area of meeting of Quantum mechanics and Spirituality and these are one of those.

This is very interesting and enlightening that how Science and noted scientist are coming to same conclusion which were reached many times by many seers in last thousands of years..

Chris please comment if you get time..


Hi MB, I've never delved much into the science side of things, but I feel quite sure humanity is going to have a breakthrough in the unified field theory that will enable humans to mathematically describe all phenomena in possibly very near future. The key challenge right now is that not many theoretical physicists are enlightened, they're still trying to understand phenomena as if they're separate from it. Ultimately there's really no separation between the observed and the observer, all phenomena are not independent of the basic state of awareness, unless this realization becomes the breathing and living experience of the physicists, the complete understanding of all physical phenomena is quite unlikely. Right now it seems much of the new science (at least from what I know) are pretty much stuck at the law of attraction phase.


I am called a scientist :D
and I would like to say something about science, if I may...

1. People like to put systems, people, situations complicated and diverse in one small box with a label. It has a calming and organizing effect, I agree, but usually far from true. Even in the simplest cases, in everyday life, each person and situation is a totally different story.

There are many types of scientists at the moment - those who work for money, for respect, for fame, for self-esteem. Many are in the loops, BUT! There are MANY MANY those, who I call free-explorers with open minds! And they are not stuck with anything. And usually they have DEEP insights in general. Every little subject/section in science is a micro-world, full of amazing things and surprises. And now there are plenty of subjects being explored, theoretically and experimentally.

What is law of attraction? :S I didn't hear about it even once in my recent years in academy on not even one seminar/course/presentation.

2. We all explore this reality and ourselves in different ways. None of them is better or worse. And we all know that 'mistakes' (learning experiences) are made by us all, no matter it is experienced through scientific research or spiritual (the same for me). It so happens, I'm doing it on this site at this moment. Later I'll do it while digging into effective temperature of the small non-equllibrium system I study.

I don't have to call it ANYTHING!! Spirituality, science, art, personal relationships... I really see people now coming from so different 'fields of evolution', they feel the same, but call it different names...

3. People refer only to quantum mechanics when talking about some parallel to spirituality, even though I prefer to call it reality.
I and more people find 'God', not only in quantum theory, but EVERYWHERE in science, even the most simple things, when you understand how it works, it just leaves you speechless (of course, I talk about free-minded explorers). We FEEL it there, impossible not to. And also I can see the parallels with everyday life, from the physical/chemical laws/phenomena. Amazing!

So, there is MUCH more in science than quantum science. It's just some sort of trend everybody is talking about and interpret (without even understanding the theory, funny), use words in a funny and unrelated way, like "Let this quantum energy enter you" hhhhhh So, while it IS inconceivable how much in it agrees with what spiritual masters say now and said ages ago. But...


Just like Lei said:
"there's really no separation between the observed and the observer, all phenomena are not independent of the basic state of awareness...".

It is ALWAYS true, in my view, be it in the kitchen, in the lab, or in spiritual work.

For example, let's say that this reality exists without us which is really not trivial, like - if there's no me, then does it exist? (old philosophical theme). And you explore it, in different ways. One goes right, the other - left. What's the surprise that when two people explore the reality they find the same or similar results?

The other option - that reality is not real, but only happens in individual or collective perception/experience.
Then it is not surprise at all, that YOU build a reality which will approve itself. For example, how many times we see 'approvals' of what we think, like YES!!! but then after some time we see that we were 'wrong'? (The real meaning is that we were 'right', at THAT moment, but now it is not relevant anymore)...

5. I'm personally already not surprised to see how things confirm each other from different perspectives. If the question is ego-lead, then the mind and sub-consciousness and filters will do the job. If it's soul-lead, then again, the reality will build itself according to inner dynamics and synchronicities is what you get. Same mechanism working on two different levels.

This is why now I don't look at these things as on external, but as a sign to what I am inside now, what's MY reality now?

I don't make any conclusions, like "YES! THIS IS TRUE! OR REAL!!! HOW GREAT!", compare things, etc. Because I already saw not once how I shift, and aware that 'reality' is rather a fragile thing.

Even if we all now look at the same cup and everybody agrees - THIS is real! I say - and what if everybody around is MY illusion? Of course they will approve that this is real if I really believe it is! The same here...

Even if, let's say we now see that this is real, and assume for a moment that it is, who knows what we will find after we all collectively will shift? Maybe more surprises are awaiting us about the reality and the world?

6. For me now what is happening more and more, is actually the blurring and disappearance of definitions, of rigid borders. Like this is real and this is not, this is spiritual and this is not, this is right and this is wrong, this one is pleasant and this one is less pleasant and this one is really not pleasant... Everything turns to continuum...

THIS is what the free-explorer IS - FREE, open, out of the small boxes in the mind. And surprise!!! I learned it from my scientific research in previous year, and then it took me time to understand that I can use it in my other way of evolution, this one.

If I can do it there, why don't I do it EVERYWHERE?

To sum up:
1. If anybody interested to read a serious book about quantum mechanics and 'philosophy' behind it - Heisenberg's "Physics and philosophy" can help.

If anybody wants to know what quantum mechanics is - Cohen-Tannougji's "Quantum mechanics".

After reading the first one and at least seeing the second one, I think many misconceptions will fall away and one will be able at least to have the idea what he is talking about when saying "Quantum mechanics".

2. Talking about how ballet is danced without being a ballet dancer is a bit problematic. I stick to not talking about something I myself didn't experience and explore deeply. And even if I did, I allow myself some space to understand that it is MY personal experience and perception, it doesn't mean that everybody else is like that.

3. This one remains constant and solid - there is nobody 'outside', therefore, no point to look at it this way, but rather ask a question: "What is it there for me?", "Why is my attention brought to this?", "What does it tell me about MYSELF?", etc etc

Love and hugs,

Hi guys - yes the subject of science and spirituality converging is going to keep coming up in the years ahead - fortunately I'd say.

I was blessed to have studied quantum mechanics within a Natural Sciences degree at Oxford University. Although I can safely say that I didn't really understand a word of it until I actually started experiencing it! To hear that matter consists of strings of energy that exist everywhere and nowhere at once - how does one truly process that in the mind without feeling it too?

It was not until the car crash I had where reality really started to bend and warp for me that I could understand what the professors had been pontificating about. Suddenly I found myself expanded into multiple dimensions of reality. It's like I knew I still existed in this physical plain (I didn't leave the body), but in higher plains, I could appreciate how everything connected together and was interrelated - it just unfolded instantly as a knowing within me.

So in the physical plain, everything continued to appear random and hap hazard, with no organising energy shaping it. But in higher plains, I'd see that nothing happpened (even in the lower plain) in a disconnected way. Every event was part of a flow of consciousness. What's more, there were many different levels to this experience, each getting finer, subtler, more sensitive, more connected.

I realised that there were 11 dimensions in all. That reality is created by two opposing and interlocking flows of consciousness - of energy. One flow was outwards - what I call Separation Consciousness - and the other was inwards - what I call Unity Consciousness. The whole of the universe is formed of the interplay between the two. In my consciousness they appear like two huge interlocking 'doughnuts', one green and one bluey lilac (sounds weird I know but others have also described very similar!).

The two membranes (doughnuts) flow through each other like oscillating waves sometimes cancelling each other out, sometimes forming a big wave. Where they interfere with each other constructively, you get a dimensional realm forming - like the physical one in which humanity (mostly) now resides. It's like consciousness gets dense - it con-denses. Because we have physical bodies, we are a part of that realm and reinforce the reality of it by what we believe it to be. Our constant observation of it sucks us into it (until that is we also start observing higher vibrational phenomenon).

Recently, I watched a BBC documentary on the nature of reality. It was absolutely fascinating because it described how three quantum scientists got together on a train one day and began to contemplate the latest 'string theory' - why is it that science had no less than five apparently separate string theories to describe the universe? Surely if everything is one, then there must be only one theory to describe it? Then eureka! They remembered that another scientist had for the last 30 years or so been talking about there being 11 dimensions of reality - he'd been ridiculed and castigated by the world science community for postulating such preposterous ideas!

They realised that if reality was indeed arrayed in 11 dimensions, then suddenly, all five string theories come together into one unified string theory. Amazing! They came up with the next evolution - Membrane theory or "M Theory" for short. In brief they considered that reality was formed between two interlocking flows of energy - Membranes (or doughnuts as I describe them) - arrayed in 11 dimensions.

When I watched it, I was literally blown away. I'd been a pretty uninterested student at Oxford - spent most of my time rowing - but suddenly I was having direct experiences of what the latest quantum science was postulating. Incredible.

Like you Lei, my view is that you can only really 'understand' how the universe is formed when you actually experience it. However, I also believe that it's fantastic that science is getting there through the intellect too because that's where a large part of humanity is currently languishing - in the intellect.

Here at Openhand, I often find in the courses we do, I have to meet someone at the level of intellect to form a bridge with them before I can help guide them into direct experiences. It's like the mind keeps wanting to talk people out of the experience. So I use mind to create a roundabout with no exits for their intellect - then there's no choice but to go inwards!

I believe that's exactly what quantum science is coming to within M Theory (doughnut theory) - a mental roundabout with no exits. Ultimately they will realise there's no place else to go but into the direct experience of it. You have to eat the doughnut before you can truly taste it!


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Hi Chris,

what an intellectual comment ;) hhhh

I wanted to ask something...

I look around and see that people have insights, shifts, realizations without doing anything else, but living their lives. Sure, this option is not for me, I am aware of it, but there is an impression I get that many think that THIS is how it has to be done.

I also used to think that one HAS to do something 'special' in order to evolve, rather than just live life and that's all, but now when I see all this happening, I am really beginning to be 'convinced' I was wrong. It seems that the opposite is A truth.

What I see actually is that humanity evolves not in discrete components and processes, but as one organism with continuous activation/relaxation diagram. And still each one contributes with his individual part. Another thing I see that this awareness that so many techniques are proposed to develop, has its own 'life', and is not controlled or encouraged. It seems it is spreading independently on anything, like the clouds or wind. Just some energy is blowing all around, infecting and filling everything.

I then don't understand what is the point of separating it all to 'mundane people', 'intellectuals', those who 'do meditation, read spiritual books and sing mumbayumba on weekends' and those who do not. I still am not in peace with the idea that something needs to be done, or that somebody has the choice to open to the energy, but more see it as a natural filtering process. Like when the certain type of flowers is dying when the weather is changing.

Why do I feel some sent of separation when you say "these people", or humanity is now residing... Were you yourself once not one of these people? Did you have a choice then you think? I don;t feel this way. For me anything that happened to me was evolution too, THIS was truth, THIS was one of the bricks in the wall, one of the shapes in a puzzle, and THIS is not less me then this other creature now, it was my skin then, now the skin is changing. OK...

Somehow I feel (maybe this is my stuff), as if there is some kind of nonacceptance and restrain, maybe evasion even from the way society is now. Why? Isn't it nonacceptance of some part of us? THIS is us, what we see there, too. Old skin, yes, but why to reject it? to force it go, to tear it from the body before time has come? Instead just see it going off naturally, with gratitude and love? Not trying to pull it back and cling to it, yes, but, you know...

I think I made it clear...

Thank you

Hi Chris, that's fascinating things you share in the above post. Actually many years ago I did become quite interested in theoretical physics, but at some point I decided i was not going down that route, I had the insight that it will get me nowhere in the end. Now I feel blessed to have you explaining to us your insights on the subject, I feel like i've taken a shortcut. :) I will go inwards and feel the truth within, and then one day I'll just pick up a layman's book on unified strings theory and completely get it, that will be my way of going about it..

Hi guys

its fascinating (to me) how this has come up now. Its something I’ve been feeling a pull to explore and getting into the last couple of days!

I’ve been recently reading about the delicate symmetry of the Universe, about the order/disorder balance. Something you mentioned in your post Chris. When I read about it I found it really profound, and also that it related to synchronisity etc. Also I’ve been reading a little about ‘string theory’ and how it recognises there are likely 11 dimensions rather than 3 or 4 at any point in space-time, though I’m still unfolding the implications of that. Its quite inspiring.

Yesterday I was also reading about how science recognises that nothing can be said to exist, essentially because the ‘present moment’ has already gone the moment we try to observe it. So you are not really reading this at all because the light takes time to travel to your eyes and then be interpreted, and by that time what you thought you were reading has subtley changed! and that’s the same with everything we observe around us! It takes time to observe, and therefore the thing observed has already changed by the time we observe it!

One of my conclusions from this was that essentially science already recognises that there is no past or future and for that matter not really any tangible present moment that exists. So I concluded that the only thing we can ‘know’ as real is our true Self, in this moment. That which is beyond experience! I was inspired how deep ‘science’ has and is taking things, and I agree that I feel we’ll see more and more of these mergings and overlapping of the boundaries between science and spirituality, perhaps until there’s the realisation as Yulia suggests that its all one anyway. Labels won’t separate it.

Hi Yulia

I resonate with your last post too. Again I’ve been contemplating it. Why the need to ‘do’ anything special or specific in regards our spiritual evolution etc. Evolution it seems has happened naturally and continues to. And It feels to me that even the exploration of this is a natural part of our evolution. As I look around I see more and more people ‘waking up’, finding interested and energy in the ‘spriitual’ (I know ‘labels’! ☺) looking more within, seeking and finding answers and truth.

I agree with you, I don’t feel we really need to ‘do’ anything specific in order to realise our True Nature, or even just generally.

Yet it feels this ‘movement’, this revolution, is happening naturally, so perhaps the invitation is neither to put effort into owning or going with it, yet also not into denying it.
I feel, as I think you do that our ‘motivation’ perhaps (words don’t do it justice perhaps) is to be ourselves and to know Our Self. and so paradoxically perhaps in trying to do anything outside of that we move away from ourselves/Self!

Yet I also see the potential for distortion in this – the potential to deny what we feel to NATURALLY do/be, because it appears to be an efforting or a specific road or path. Does that makes sense?

So I feel there IS an invitation to let go of the effort or subtle striving to be spiritual or accelerate our evolution, move away from society etc, yet at the SAME TIME there I feel a natural pull to work in these processes and to engage with these and other things. So if I am living naturally and honestly and this is what I feel to do, then I feel the invitation is to do it. and if one was to feel to be a movie star or a home maker or scientist etc and not obviously engage in an exploration of spiritual or evolutionary things, then I feel that’s just as valid as well. I feel ‘evolution’ is naturally unfolding, and our choice is not about whether we choose to facilitate that or live in a way that we think ‘spiritual’ but rather to choose to be who we really are, as much as possible, in whatever form. We can recognise our place in the Universe or not, but it feels like the Universe is evolving, and perhaps as part of that natural evolution is our recognising our True Self.

with love


Hi Ben,
Its funny you're writing just what I was thinking about 10 minutes ago on my way to the university...

I felt how my mind running anxiously - but what, but how??!!!

Should I or should I not???!! What to doooo???!!! What is my path and what is not?


And then I reached out for info from the outside, and I got this - relax! You'll be fine and loved no matter what you do! So really, explore freely and know that it will be just fine! "All the roads lead to Rome"...it's just the matter of time and suffering. You can suffer some more, which would mean you enjoy it in a way and that's why you choose it, or you can suffer less if you find the way of least resistance. But since in 'real reality' suffering is not something so bad, but people define it as bad, so there is really no problem...

This line
"I feel ‘evolution’ is naturally unfolding, and our choice is not about whether we choose to facilitate that or live in a way that we think ‘spiritual’ but rather to choose to be who we really are, as much as possible, in whatever form."

Is like WOW! Absolutely!!! Hit me right in the button :D
And if you couldn't then it's OK TOO!! Universe always gives 2nd, 3d, 4th,...Nth try ;)

And what I see is that usually it's both. You both just keep being what you were and at the same time you are all the time finding your real self. So for me it's about balance, not to fall too much to neither side. What I mean to say - it's not about trying to run away from who you ARE NOT, but be it TOO, and at the same time, see who you ARE. I think it's about integrating both somehow.

But that's what I see at the moment.

I also contemplated on this: after all the real self is NOTHING, so even this REAL ME is something temporary, just a small light in the darkness to show some direction, but it is not really who I am.

This process can be real fun, like a game, didn't work? Try again! I'm almost sure that this is ME who is making it so tough and hard and tricky...But I feel it is changing! It DOES become more and more fun, more and more free and all the suffering and processing and pain, are just part of the game... Oh! You shot me in the leeeg!!! hhhhh Good one! Good for you! Hohohohoooo...I got the message, thank you!

By the way, this new movie "127 hours" (Danny Boyle's) portraits this very well, I felt really resonating. Humor and playfullness even in most hard situations... aha

And to sum up: I am really sure that I am loved no matter what I do and how, and therefore I can maybe finally realx and enjoy and not be afraid to try and make mistakes. And also, a last point - my big realizations came from where I expected least! From 'ORDINARY' situations, 'ordinary' people, 'ordinary' life.

Thanks :)

Let me ask you this: is someone who works hard building houses being authentic? How about someone who works really long hours grafting in the fields to gather in hay or some form of crop? What about a sportsman who trains seven hours a day seven days a week to fulfill a passion? Are they not also an expressions of the soul in some form?

And so what about a natural aspiration to evolve? Because if you consider ALL of the examples I quoted, I could easily point to a quality of beingness within each which is about evolution. And so what if for some people the aspiration is so strong within them that they're working with evolution 24/7? Perhaps because they realise there's really nothing else going on.

It's all a question of what is truly authentic for you and how you feel to express that. If you're driven by a passion to explore, let that unfold - I'd say that was an intrinsic nature of the soul, which in some people, gets drowned out to a degree by anothe rnatural characteristic - to accept the innate perfection of things exactly as they are.

Yulia you asked me if I was in some way aware of these things before I awoke? As I look back, I realise I got to about the age of 12 and then something shifted. I was totally disatisfied life (even at that age), I was always looking for something but didn't know what. When I discovered sport, many of the answers started to come - it was more about self perfection. Yet I was still looking to achieve something, to reach some kind of level.

When I had my Gateway 1 Awakening (the car crash), I discovered how to keep looking, keep aspiring, but without efforting simply by bringing full awareness to situations, circumstances and events.

Another question you ask Yulia is about the atate of humanity. It is clear to me that there is a definite 'parting of the waves': some seem just not interested in looking at the bigger picture at all, whilst others - a much smaller group - are. As you say, I think it's just the way it is, some crops will make it and others won't. I'd love all of humanity to evolve and ascend into the 5th Dimension but everything that is currently happening, points to that not happening. I've learned to be okay with that.


i think we're agreeing with each other, just saying it in different ways! excellnt! :lol:

Hi Chris,
thanks for all the answers, but the questions I asked still remains:

When you say 'them', people, do you separate yourself from them?

Because the way I see it - they are sort of parts of me. Whatever I recognize outside, in my view, really resides within me, otherwise I wouldn't notice/resonate with WHATEVER is 'outside'.

Therefore, parts of ME will stay, while others will die, out of in-necessity.

About the 'choice' (again :D ) - you say you felt something is wrong. I know this feeling, but still can't say it gave me any choice, I kept living this life, WITH the feeling. It was so until something happened. And then there was a shift. For example - the first shift was when I met somebody who insisted that for him the world is great and fun, while till that point I was SURE, that everybody is suffering and that the world around is the ultimate hell!
The other was my suicide attempt with the following hospitalization... then meeting Dani and being introduced to Kabbalah, then finding your site, and so on...

What I mean to ask is this:
Did you feel you HAD any choice BACK THEN? but to live just exactly the way you lived?

I feel I DID NOT.

And I therefore extrapolate it further on 'people' outside, whom I see as my PREVIOUS states, for reference, and not as somebodies who are to follow me or to change or anything like that. And at the same time, if I feel to say something, or to 'help', I do so. That means for me, that these parts are still 'not cooked', and it is really ME who I am talking and helping to.

By the way, I see people like you as my future states hhhh, this is my more evolved me is talking to me hhhhh

What a 'kookoo-land'! :D
Thanks again :)

Hi Yulia,

I definitely see a division happening within humanity. I see it all around me. The journey of evolution is not an easy one. As you know, even when the realisation dawns that there is a spiritual path, many are still too conditioned or afraid to follow. Yes, I see the ascending group as separate. It is comprised of people seeded to make the journey and committing to that. So yes, to me, a separation is happening.

In terms of choice, when I turned 12 thereabouts yes I knew something wasn't right with the world, or at least I knew there was something beyond that I needed to find. I didn't know exactly what that was until I discovered the path of self mastery.

At this point I'd say I didn't have a choice as to what to do. I was drawn by an inner compulsion which kept getting hooked on various physical aspirations or goals. So no, I didn't experience a choice. Although I felt like I was choosing my goals, in fact they were choosing me!

But when the first Gateway presented itself during my car crash many years later, it definitely was as a choice. I've since heard many people speaking of confronting death during accidents who still made the choice to identify with the circumstances - to get lost in them and still being fearful. For me, I experienced letting go and surrendering into the situation as a definite choice that I could so easily have turned away from.

And I see this around me all the time. Through the Five Gateways work, I often encounter people who are confronting Gateways: they're being presented with opportunities to step through those Gateways. Some turn away, some embrace the opportunity. So for me, the Gateways definitely present as choices right up until quite far down the path when the realisation dawns that even choice itself becomes an illusion. There is simply alignment with what wants to be - no longer is there anything resisting.


Hi Chris

I had a question which I was going to raise on a previous post about purpose/choice/the 'plan' etc. In a previous post you mentioned that really there was no plan or design for creation as that would imply a creator or planner. Yet you've also mentioned being aligned with the 'plan' at other times.

For me I see almost paradoxically as if there is both a 'Plan' and yet no Planner (or the planner is also the plan maybe?!) Because I experience a natural flow of the Universe heading in a certain direction, unveiling and unwinding specific things, evolving etc. and that doesn't mean the flow is fixed necessarily, but when aligned to it it seems as if there is a clear direction its moving. To me it seems then that in some ways this IS a kind of design or plan, just maybe without a designer. I'm not sure if the flow ever reaches centre, because maybe there is no 'centre', or nothing at the centre. Its no longer flow in that 'place' perhaps. Maybe the 'direction' of the flow is a 'Plan' or model in some ways? The idea of people's ascension for example appears like a direction or 'design'. Yet maybe without a designer.

I also am aware of a question for me about the seeming paradox around the idea of 'purpose' andchoice. You seem to express a strong sense of 'purpose', drive, commitment (that I find inspiring) for example; and then I contemplate this around the idea of there being no purpose, choice, plan etc as you've previously mentioned, so it almost feels like a paradox. I see your sense of purpose arising spontaneously from being, yet it still FEELS like a sense of purpose that arises. It has direction and motivation. So what are your feelings on this sense of purpose? It still feels to me like in the aligning to the flow there is a hint of a choice or 'purpose' involved somewhere, even if just because there can't be an action without non-action (e.g. black and white etc). So the expression of this beingness arises from somewhere. It has direction. Does that make sense?! :-)

So do you also feel this as a paradox? Could in some ways the direction of the universe be some sort of design without designer? Might there be authentic individual 'purpose', and perhaps that may mirror an overall 'purpose' as well. Without this what would inspire anything to arise?


Hi Ben,

Yes they're great questions indeed - questions that when thoroughly explored take one deep into beingness.

In my reality, there is no design for the universe in the sense that it was pre-planned. Yet it has an order to it which one could describe as its 'design' - in other words it looks like this and acts like that. This is what I mean by design.

Yet it is not even as simple as that. It seems that the dimensional realms in which we live came into being naturally. Yet various intelligent life-forms now occupy them. It's like our intelligence happened, our consciousness then realised a particular part of the design seems to be a certain way and can provide particular experiences - like the materiality for example.

So then a group of us - humanity for example - explore together a whole bunch of questions. In the exploration of which, they shape and bend that reality - they formed the Matrix for example. I'd say each dimensional realm is like that - with ever increasing sophistication.

And there's an even deeper aspect to the question in terms of purpose. When we truly understand the lessons of a particular evolutionary level, I sense a strong yearning to move past that level. It's like I recognise that I've been held back by that level.

This leads to a greater letting go, a greater unraveling which takes one deeper still. Now who is deciding to unravel? In enlightenment there is just pure presence. Yet at the highest levels of experience, at the highest levels of evolution, there is beingness helping to hold in place the highest dimension (the 11th). They also work to unblock blockages lower down (like on earth for example). This is the energy I know as Openhand.

In holding beingness in place, its like they (and we) take on subtle identity. But this identity has one very important characteristic (self design), which is continual surrender to presence. It's a choice to keep evolving, to keep moving on, not to be held back by identity. In itself it is still an identity which I call the 'heart'. That's why here at Openhand we talk both of the heart centre and the soul. The heart centre is that aspect of beingness which is continually surrendering to the path - making a choice if you like.

I believe this quality is what makes beings eternal. Without which they'd simply dissolve right back into the source.


These questions and answers about true beingness,purpose and plan ,togher with todays article on there is a higherb order(which alsoheard also from the other side today) are all in alighnment right with where I am at present.The same questions raised and the answers given are somehow confirmed in my higher consciousness .I've been taken right back to questioning what do I really percieve higher benevolent consciousness to be and most of all how to make sense of the opposing consciousness-flowing througnhumanity on a smaller and wider scale. In theistic terms how to reconcile the problem of evil with a benevolent LIght??.All the basic questions that need and should be asked to make sense of how we are truly being and the authenticity of how we choose to live our life and why.
.It's taken me on a journey right back to zero again as to what I really feel to be the building blocks of creation. What are the origins, and there are many amongst openhands philosophical theory(or route map), way to live etc...I do feel openhand is coming right from the heart, (the cosmic christ) and the unity consciousness as interlocking rings.The heart being the stronger magnetically.
I have been asking the question -What is really real to me anymore ?Does it actually matter, since depending on where we are there is no real objective reality? The answers lie I feel really do lie in quantum physics, so I found the Doughnut theory pushed me in to doing a little bit of research , which is all beginning to show the light again at different levels of my journey and understanding of my experiences with the Light.I realised again that there really is is no objective reality.I also experienced for the first time ever the notion of questionning my own existence as real phenomena and this is happening more and more to me, as if I am experiencing a taste of what it isto step out of time/space for a while and past (of what seemed should be a continuum of present)and future suddenly did not exist. Yet at the same time all realities were existing simultaneously,I later found out. I experienced this not as a concept or understanding, but as a reality. A synchronistic reality which showed me that the only thing true was the moment,the self,''the imbetween'', which can not really be defined by anything or one- and then I even doubted that for a while! A little but like one might feel if their soul had been hijacked. I have had other experiences like this .Where was I in that moment ?? What is really real, and is this happening to me more often than I actually believe to be my true existence? It pushed me into reading upon space time, quantum physics... and I am finding some explanations to my questions. So Thank-you for that!

The source of all creation I feel to be is pure abstract consciousness and we are fragmnets of this...and I see now that there is no distinction between good and bad, that in a sense God is amoral, and good and bad infact bad are infact mind led limitations,that we can only understand when the one is absent.There is just Pure ultimate consciousness , but we have been fragmented into lower denser levels, just as atoms become stuff,we also have.. So when Chris speak about not really having a choice in the goals/ plan, that it was choosing him, might that really be suggesting that it is really just being apart of the Source What differentes a person who works to their highest purpose,whether(and I use examle already given) of a sportsman,or a wheat gatherer and a spiritualy awakened person,since both come from aspects of the soul.

Might the universe be operating just at different levels,through different layersof the dynamic exchange(perception) and interplay of the Unity/Separation consciousness.There does seem like an organising power behind it all, which orchestrates the universal dance of life, when we do surrender and emerge into that divine flow.In this way we are the co creators.We are the divine plan.But how I see it is ,that there could be just many layers to the universe which is operating simultaneously or (parellel to) a plain of infinte possibilities of choices and 'plans'. MIght there be an ultimate plan ? If so, I can only see this as enlightenment, which whilst here I think involves the dualistic nature of being human i.e having fears, anger, love etc and simulaneously being enlightened through all things. What does it matter if we are spiritual or not, because there is a higher order going on, just depend on how one changes their perception?Or wake up in spiritual terms Are we not talking about some form of spiritual humanism in a sense, whilst still maintaining a belief in God, which is Unity Consciousness.
And it really depends on where we are by ''pure chance'', since isn't this what may be the outcome when we feel the pull to do this or that........ It directs us into a field of multiple potentialities/possibilities.Incidently, I saw this the other day as shoots of white arrows, across a field coming in all sorts of directions.I just saw a dichotomy between predestination and free choice.I realised depending on where I was standing at that time determined my reality, that I chose, or did I? If I was alighning to the natural flow of the universe , anything could happen. My son could have ran across the road to get his football and at that moment a car could have raced around the corner.....At that point I realised I had NO CONTROL, to determine the potentiality of the future. That there is no set plan, so why make one and constrict reality?
But somehow ther dpoes seem a higher intelligent higher deeper purpose co existing,wheteher we align or not.So even when we don't choose and simply just be, are we not also playing the Divine Order/plan ? Who is the chooser here ??And is not simply alighning to that flow, also intention or rather ''a higher consciousness led intention'',allowing us the freedom to explore and CREATE our highest potentiality?To push all limits. Limitless potentiality and outcome.
I also have ridden ot old beliefs that being spiritual does not imply innate goodness, so if we feel the pull to do whatever we like, then what if it is not intrinsically good, what if it may hurt other people ??.Is there really a difference , I am beginning to wonder between spiritual people and those who apparently have not woken up...?? What matters anymore??? If those who are not alighned to the flow, WILL BE EVENTUALLY. IT'S INEVITABLE!!!!
Everything is evolving anyway. So again the question what matters anymore??

So for me I am questionning What is really real to me anymore ??? It's like I feel the mind prison I nurtured myself in is shattering. It would do so eventually, so now is a good time.
Trusting is part of that order and flow I feel,no matter what happens. For me somehow I feel my basic trust in life somehow went wrong. It is the fear of the natural flow that somehow we must learn to make a friend out of rather than an enemy, because there is innate wisdom in it, when we become it.....In this sense Choice becomes apparent, crystal clear....there is no question anymore just the flow as co creators and becoming the DIVINE PLAN itself.... but of course we get stuck in those eddy currents,which blurs our vision as we come to face deeper aspects of our TRUE SELFand the shadows, the places of being stuck with our true selves.

ARe we not talking about a deistic plan, that continually aligns us on the path to evolve and show us something about honouring our TRUE BEINGNESS,and how we are being as a unique expression of that seer in external circumstances which we really create ourselves, as a bridge to create our own plan or navigate our own field of a MULTIPLE OCEAN OF PURE POSSIBILITIES, coexisting at many different levels on many different realms depending on where we are in our spiritual evolution?. All having a unique intelligent divine order in all??? So does it matter really what we do ???? Responsibility together with Right Action I can see is part of alighning with that flow ,naturally going hand in hand.And if it's all about self realisation, is this not really based on a kind of altruistic ego, for the higher purpose of ALL.Since we are Pure Presence everything and Nothing. This raises the question well who is really choosing here, since we are One with the Light?!I have found that when I have alighned with the Higher order and divine flow that eveything does make sense, that synchronisties occur and it just becomes very clear I feel it to be RIGHT and it does feel like I am unified with Unity Consciousness- At the deepest level of consciousness there does seem order and purpose and that we know we are indeed all One and united at the core essence. So when people wake up, they are changing the way they percieve reality based on higher vibrational experiences(or lower ones)..

I hope this does not seem too off the lines to the above discussions you were having, as you can see my mind (lower self)is having a little argument with my higher alighned self which is in the flow, as I am meeting the shadows of dissolving my false self. Which questions the whole experience.I think it is a case of listening to what feels right within, and the magnetic place to lisyen to for this is to align woith the heart of the universe,the Cosmic Christ Consciousness within, which somehow I feel we will be divinely guided , because we are that plan ,in a realm of seemingly multiple possibilities and outcomes. So what matters? Why should there be an ULTIMATE plan for this incarnation?.Is that not just the fear of living fully in this body,or might it be the opposite?. .Somehow or another it does feel that it matters, and that there is purpose in the play of universal potential realities or posssibilities. Any views on the field of ''a universal ocean of potentialities , '', ALL alighned to a higher purpose and in that universal flow of higher consciousness??Is there really a plan, or are there not rather a probablitity of many possible plans.....

Wow Teresa! Plenty of deep contemplations. You seem very aligned indeed with the Openhand approach - and yes, the Christ Consciousness flows through the core of what we do - but I hasten to add, not a religious energy by any means. And it is one that is open to all, irrespective of background or belief.

You say...

    "But somehow there does seem a higher intelligent higher deeper purpose co existing, whether we align or not. So even when we don't choose and simply just be, are we not also playing the Divine Order/plan? Who is the chooser here ?? And is not simply aligning to that flow, also intention or rather ''a higher consciousness led intention'',allowing us the freedom to explore and CREATE our highest potentiality? To push all limits. Limitless potentiality and outcome.

I had a very powerful and rapid opening once (one of several). It was during a sweat lodge. Suddenly I found myself expanded into the highest realms of consciousness (at least that's what I knew was real for me). I found myself within and a part of a group of highly evolved 'beings' - except to call them beings would be a misnomer. They didn't have form at all. There was simply nothing to see. And they communicated telepathically, sometimes as one and sometimes individually. There were nine of them and called themselves "The Group of Nine".

I was made aware that they had humanity's interested deeply at heart - indeed all sentient beings. I understood that they 'guided the divine design'. In other words, they intuited what was meant to be - what was flowing from the source. It was as if they 'sat around the flow from the source' and 'tweaked the tiller' every now and again to bring everything into alignment.

I intuited a deeper purpose - of theirs. It was to help bring all sentient life to a place of 'nirvana' - where the two flows of Separation Consciousness and Unity Consciousness are harmonised with all blockages removed. So in this way they're helping bring everyone and everything into alignment.

They do this with Humanity by helping to create mirroring experiences - sychronicities - to bring our attention to the higher truth. But they don't tell people the answers. They simply reflect and invite self realisation. So they're helping but not spoon feeding.

Some other people have also spoken of the Group of Nine working with humanity right now, but only a few. Sometimes you may hear of the Council of Nine, but to me the descriptions of this are quite gross distortions and I know that name is not supported by the group themselves. I was given to call the energy "Openhand".



I was really asking recently to show how it is to live through the soul, i.e. how to allow the soul to live/experience/express through the bodymind?

So I was sent many tips, hints, answers and help, but yesterday I saw this movie. I didn't expect much, I thought that my soul just wants me to have some fun and relax, but during and after and still today I feel WOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!

THIS is another hint, only through example. I enjoyed every second of this movie. Jack Sparrow, the main character is not attached to anything, doesn't want or need anything, doesn't plan anything, it seems as if he is totally in the flow, and saying/doing things absolutely spontaneously and authentically, and doesn't care about the consequences. So open and free and trusting, and funnily everything is shaping just ok around him, he's always assisted, played with and laughed with...

And in general this movie is like no bad no good, no moral, no evil, everything looks so natural there. There were a couple of 'romantic', maybe just too sweet for me moments I had some problem to deal with, but it's also something to look at in me and work on it.

I had such fun!!!!
I'm so grateful and joyous :D


This is a briliant movie about finding what is really important in life through whatever circumstances may be there. It has a soulful and native American influence that lends itself powerfully to the remind us of the true spirit within us all.

Not only is Princess Mononoke one of my favourite movies ever, its also a very spiritual one. I get a lot of feeling from this film, and it gives me that mystical connection with nature and spirit. Spirited Away is another great film by Hayao Miyazaki.

Bram Stoker's Dracula: Dracula becomes so upset from the seperation of his loved one that he turns dark. He stays with this immortal darkness so that he can reunite with her in another lifetime. I really like the magical powers and occult science in this film. And I really resonate with that longing to be reunited with ones beloved. Also the cast is awesome!!!

Kung Fu Panda: already mentioned, but for me is probably the most uplifting movies I have ever seen. I see my true self in the panda, a kind and gentle heart.

Speaking of Miyazaki i was shaken by Nausicaä.
If you like Princess Mononoke and haven't seen this one, watch it and let me know how it's making you feel :)


Yes Alex I have seen Nausicaa, A few times actually!!! I love that movie, itt gives me that mystical feelings as well! The part with the golden field reminds me of that place inside that feels like home.


I found this to be quite an inspiring movie about 2 people who initially have a resistance to follow the pull of their soul and eventually follow the flow of it in which they find peace and discover what we thought was our plan turns out to be something very different.....

This is a great movie very aligned with the Openhand approach on feeling the pull of the moment.

"I pray for the moments yet to come, knowing that they're there, waiting in the field." - Bagger Vance

Wow Lei, you're in the flow. You cannot imagine how that clip has just touched me. It's a big clue in a conundrum I've been wrestling with. "Feel it with open hands!"



I'm really glad what it did for you, Chris. ;) I actually wanted to post it a while ago, then I forgot and then last night that thought just popped into my head again. :D

That is totally awesome.
I really adore the way that the film maker has capture this energy with such soulful artistry.
Thank you for sharing...

'One flew over the cuckoo's nest' from 1975, I just saw it the other day and it just broke my heart into a billion pieces... Its the best movie I've ever seen, without the smallest doubt! I´m gonna watch it again tonight.

Yeah, well I saw this movie while having quite an emotional ride... basically, to put it short; I felt like I just couldn't find any smallest amount of sanity anywhere on this planet, and then this movie came along, as a gift from benevolence. I was VERY present while watching it, and guided to notice some very subtle, but amazingly significant details about the charterers, the flow of the moment, and my own situation here on this planet. That simply blew my mind.

So; call me crazy ;-) but I find this movie to be very spiritual, and after seeing it a second time; still classified as one of the best I´ve ever seen.

And yes Chris, it was indeed very empowering!

Thanks for being here guys, much love to both of you :-)

I want to share this deeply moving and thought provoking movie here. I feel it's a perfect movie to help us to reflect on the current world situation we're in.

Interesting Lei.
Thank you for sharing.
I watched a movie called 'In Time' a couple of nights ago that you may find of interest too. An interesting metaphor for what we see going on today.

Greetings Everyone,

This is one of our favorite films. We have watched it up teen times and could watch it again and again, and we are still awed by it precisely because it never loses its flavor so to speak.

Because of its minimal use of dialogue it allows for many interpretations, the mind seems to be bypassed so the heart can listen and observe.

To me this is a Masterpiece of beauty and a story that parallels all our lives in subtle metaphoric ways and how Karma can be a highway to empower the Soul.

It is a Korean film with subtitles. For those that don't like subtitled films don't let that scare you away!

This film is an Initiation in itself...Enjoy.


I loved "Spring, ....". I saw it a while back, but it left its trace, very deep.

I know it sounds very funny, but I was avoiding seeing Twilight for years, until I saw New Moon, the 2nd movie, by chance. It brought me to see all four parts:Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn Part 1. And I am watching them repeatedly lately. And for me personally it is like one huge source of metaphorical and direct messages as if personally for me, one after the other.

Somehow it has both the dark and the light sides and was just pushing all possible buttons and has shown me so much about both simple "ordinary", almost 'boring' life on Earth and the spiritual part of it. I was and am still absolutely positively overwhelmed :) Not to mention the pleasure, I just enjoy watching it so much.

So I don't know if it will be as 'spiritual' as it is to me, but I already saw it 5 times (every part) and didn't finish to dig all the gifts from it yet :)

And the songs there... the lyrics... Wow! Well, here's one of them:

A powerful documentary, a very deep exploration of what spiritual (or soulful) activism is. It seems a perfect movie for the current time we are in. Watch it full screen and enjoy!

Hi everyone,

We watched Cloud Atlas last night and it's still with me. Watch it if you can. I'd love to hear what you think! I think it might be a new favourite along with Avatar and The Peaceful Warrior.



Hi guys I just wanted to give a mention to a movie I just saw that I found very moving and soul stirring. Here is a trailer:


It has been a little below the radar but is in cinemas now if you fancy seeing it.

:) Jamie

edit whoops just saw Hilary's post above! oh well it gets double recommendation then!

Hi Jamie - nice to hear from you.

Trinity and I saw it a couple of weeks back before she went off to Hawaii. Amazing film indeed - personally I found the first hour a little challenging - to stay connected to the various stories. But as they all hotted up and then finally merged together - awesome!


Love it too Jamie!
It had some deeply symbolic meaning in it, keeping me totally engaged. Rather epic 3 hours long if I remember correctly.

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Haven't seen Spring....S,F,W...spring yet but caught the trailer the other day on a film rating website. It looked just the most beautiful piece of film making & story telling. Thanks for the confirmation it really felt like it would be a nurturing of the heart meditative experience.
Love Jaq

I saw Cloud Atlas a few weeks ago too. I was so excited having seen the trailer, it promised so much about past life connectedness, and working through your Kharma....I really enjoyed it although (You can probably hear the BUT coming a mile away right!!) for me it initially disappointed on a couple of points. I found the different characters & plots hard to follow for the first half too. I really hoped the film makers (From The Matrix) would go further with the subject...it felt a bit tame & subtle compared to the trailer.
Although I think that might just have been me because it did have a profound effect the following day as I think energetically I got it far more than on a cognitive level, so I researched it a bit & the penny dropped intellectually too. Tad embarrassing but I didn't realise all 15 or so of the main actors played 6 parts each, I got the obviously ones but totally missed the fact that there was that much symmetry in it. A pretty amazing achievement for the actors & the whole production I thought! It left me really wanting to see it again to take in more of the layers of appreciation I clearly missed.

Ps. Love Hugh Grant as a cannibal, it was just hilarious :)
Didn't realise 'Mr Smith' was English & if I admit to falling asleep for the shortest cat nap ever when Tom Hanks & Haile Berry met in his office, you'll probably understand why I didnt get it all ;)...quite a key moment I've since realised.
It is very exciting where filmmakers are taking their art!