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<i><strong>Revealing your truth</strong></i>

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<p>The way of Openhand is to be free of all mental contructs and conditioning - to free ourselves from the matrix of controlling thought forms so that we may live in truth.</p>
<p>The articles on this web site are designed to challenge traditional thinking and rigidly held viewpoints thereby demonstrating that all belief systems depend on a model one might hold of the world and are thereby redundant in connecting with the truth of the moment.</p>

<p><ul><i><p>“Rigid belief systems and imposed codes of behaviour are as necessary as telling a bee how to collect nectar"</i><br>

<p>Please browse articles under the categories in the <strong>SIDE NAVIGATION</strong>. Feel free to comment on any of the articles by clicking the 'add new comment' button below each article.</p>

Discovering your own truth?

The Openhand articles are designed to shake traditional concepts and ideas to break the chains that bind us to help you express the truth in your own unique way. Subjects include enlightenment, ascension, meditation, truth and universal life energy. Go to... articles

Wish to connect with other awakened people?

At Openhand we recognise it is amazingly helpful to share our experiences and questions with others. In our forum we deal with a wide range of issues including enlightenment, meditation, truth, ascension, the true self, universal life energy, telepathy and kundalini. Go to ....forum