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Fear not. Everything is Perfect!


Here at Openhand we're truly blessed to connect with kindred spirits in the awakening movement around the world. Whilst we're all on a unique path, so many of your stories bear the hallmarks of similarity: many of us are looking at the mess humanity has gotten itself into and wondering how we're going to 'part the waves' and find passage to a new shore. To me, everything is going perfectly according to the divine 'plan'. Yes there's certainly more financial instability on the way, yes climate change is accelerating and yes natural resources are dwindling and getting ever more expensive. But to me, these are exactly the conditions we need. It's not the status quo that needs to be preserved - not business as usual - rather the system needs to breakdown to provide more freedom for expansionary growth...

The carrot and the stick

I have to admit, sometimes I look at the enormity of the task we lightwarriors have taken on and it makes me balk a little, I have to step back for a little breather. I look at the way our society is still rampantly destroying our natural environment, I notice the disharmony and discord between people and I notice the apparent injustice of the rich getting materially richer whilst the poor get increasingly poorer.

    Yet as I look deeper, I see the perfect conditions gathering. We know that society doesn't really serve us don't we? We know that the controlled, conditioned and compartmentalised lifestyles only dehumanise and strip us of our divine sensitivity. But still there's the allurement, still there's the apparent dependency - the carrot and the stick - which makes people keep plugging away, nose to the grindstone. So if the situation begins to fragment and fracture, surely that's a good thing?

Life is changing, we are changing. Bit by bit the old reality is beginning to crumble and the new one coming increasingly into view. But you can't necessarily see it with 3D eyes. We have to look beyond the unfolding physical drama and intuit the story within the story, both in our own lives and on the worldwide stage.

For each a reason

Every single moment has a reason, a purpose, no matter how challenging or difficult that moment might be. We lose a job for example, relationships get difficult or break up, physical possessions challenge us like the car, the computer or the TV. Inconvenience seemingly messes with our lives. But there's always truth within the inconvenience.

When people come on our Walking the Path course which is all about aligning with and following the path, they often complete it with a deep inner yearning to truly follow their destined pathway in life. So as the course ends and they're about to drive home or catch the train, what so often happens? Yes, the car won't start or they've missed the last bus!

    Immediately there's the temptation to jump right back into the old patterns... get a little irate, rip the bus ticket up, kick the car wheels... "Why does that always happen to me?" Why indeed. Then the realisation returns, maybe this is all happening for a reason? Maybe I should stay a night longer before going home? Maybe I shouldn't go home! When Trinity and myself first visited Glastonbury together, on the morning we were due to depart, her very reliable German car wouldn't start. That was seven years ago and we're still here!

Expand into the moment

So when (supposedly) 'negative' things happen to me these days, I resist the temptation to get tight, I drop deeper into the feeling of the moment within my body and expand into it. Often a wry smile arises spontaneously from within "Okay, so what spanner in the works has the universe sent me this time?" "What am I supposed to get, what can I learn?"

    I let go of any perceived need for an outcome and instead look for the deeper meaning. I don't resist the flow, the natural organising energy of the moment. Instead I work with what exactly is happening using ever increasing sensitivity to intuit the new lessons, the new possibilities.

Always but always it works. It may challenge me yes, but then I know I wouldn't develop without the challenge. And I've learned to trust. I have an idea of what I'm here to do. Even if what's currently happening doesn't at first appear to be taking me in that direction, I realise that the thousand mile journey would not be completed without each step, without every twist and turn.

Ever deeper into presence

I've realised that the one true thing that can solve all our problems, unwind all our knots and balance all our equations is increasing presence. The moment purposefully reveals our blind-spots - where we identify, where do we get owned by the illusion? So I look for those places and drop deeper into them...

    Dear friends our discomfort is a priceless gift!
    Society so often wants to take it away,
    pop the pill, desensitise ourselves,
    but the pain is our passage to freedom and evolutionary growth.
    Whenever you hit the 'blind spot' and tighten down
    it's exactly this situation which provides a priceless
    opportunity to evolve and grow.
    So don't fear it and push it away,
    instead embrace it, soften into it, know it intimately,
    then we'll reclaim the priceless empowering gift
    that it is concealing.

When I do this, the flood gates burst wide open, unity consciousness flows like a torrent through the previous constriction. The flow is flowing again. In fact I realise I wouldn't have known this expansiveness and awesome freedom of the flow if I hadn't first known the constriction blocking it.

So no, even in these frequently confusing times, there's no need for fear, everything is perfect. Just perfect!



First of all,

Many thanks for the great article, and it is so in time!

It sounds so easy, just be centered and present and non-identified (piece of cake! hhh). Also when you finally get it, it does look easy, after the blockage is behind...

But it is almost impossible when I first hit the 'spot'. And here I often remember what Danny told me once. That when we face some difficult or challenging situation for the first time, we get lost and don't know what to do. Then we look at it retrospectively and learn. When it happens for the second time, we might get lost again, but are more aware.. and so on, until one day - we know exactly what to do and how to be in it and it just doesn't touch us anymore. It brings a great comfort to me, when I don't manage, I know that one day I will laugh about it... but it doesn't make things any less hard.

I have another difficulty these days. Earlier on my path I was supported in my life changes and explorations of my truth by the surrounding people. Now I feel an increasing resistance, and am surrounded by people who challenge me and I feel very frustrated lately. I am being laughed at, degraded, people around try to drag me into the matrix, say things like: "I wonder if I can make you eat meat", "you should wear this and that", etc.

I am trying to see what is going on. Is it about letting go any tightness and rigidity around what feels right? It is very difficult to both keep aligned with my truth AND not being tight and defensive about it in this environment. I feel constantly attacked. So what is your way of dealing with this kind of 'exercises from the universe'? Smile

And the last one. I feel more and more sad about my life. I feel I would want to flee from this ugly, cruel, fake modern world, to see the beauty of the earth (even that I am afraid a bit). I am here, in this body, for almost 32 years, and all this time I am deep in the denseness and tightness and all that is wrong. I am at war since early childhood, there are many things that happened to me because I didn't want to obey and fit in. I was spilled hot porridge into my shirt, I was beaten, left alone in dark room (in the kindergarten), etc... I resisted until I was crushed and bent, through physical violence, at school.

I feel I am entrapped within humanity's prison. I would want to travel, to be free, finally... I want out! But here I am, still here, frustrated with my life and all this. I feel I have so little of real here, a couple of trees, sea (when garbage is not floating on the surface, because then I can't be joyous). I won't get out of my place, I am hiding here and feel imprisoned in it. But there is nothing but noise outside. I feel sick in this environment, and I am deeply unhappy. And I don't know what to do.

Now, the funny question: is this normal? Biggrin

So I don't know, maybe it is all perfect, but I don't feel so, you see. It goes on for almost a year already and I see no end to this...

What is your perspective on this kind of situation and experience? Is it because I myself still hold on to the system? Or is it because of the transition, so I am not here and not there, stuck in between? And maybe this is exactly the place to be at? In between? And learn to enjoy all these pains and frustrations? I don't know.

Note: is there some kind of victim stuff in the background?...

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Hi Yulia,

The 'problem' is that such effects you're experiencing are likely due to fragmented aspects of the soul hidden subconsciously yet impacting on your life. So they draw you to a particular area and location until they're processed out - until the fragments of soul are reintegrated.

So there's more digging to be done!

Open Wink

Aaaaaaaaaah, another little dig! Come on! Hhhhhh

(This is me talking to myself)

Suddenly I feel funny about it. There has to be something really valuable at the next 'bottom'! Even if there is nothing, but just me again, I will appreciate the humor lol

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Hi Chris,

The article is great and Yulia's comment as an addition further stirred my mind.
It is still very polemic in my head a type of dualism. Yulia, I understand how you feel in a sense. I am absolutely sure that, you are consciously aware that the density of the matter is not the same on every corner of the world and western way of thinking needs to take this into account. I do not want to put some sort of wall between us and them, but we also need to be real and consider that the harsh grip of the matrix varies. That being frustrated while cut waiting on a queue or tailed back driving your car is fairly insignificant compared to places where people are counting their last pennies and wondering whether to buy bread or pay the heating bill because is winter and you and your kids are freezing.
How can a conscious being thrive in such an environment? And moreover how can you convey this knowing to others when survival is the main word of the day on a mass scale?


Hi Ilina,

I feel great empathy and compassion towards all people, both those whose BMW's are not new enough and those who can't find water. To me there is no difference.

We all have different experiences and we all suffer because of our attachments, because of our individual and collective karma. So to me, there is no point of separating the picture to pieces. I am kind of holding it all and feeling the misalignment of the whole system. My awareness can be brought to different aspects and points of this whole map, but I am not comparing anything with anything. Like this is more awful than that. I feel whatever I feel and I am living that, and not thinking: oh, what am I feeling sad about? There are people somewhere there... etc... To me, this is something to be careful about, because this kind of attention diversion can be a runaway from what I am brought to look at within my consciousness.

Also, I have realised long time ago that somebody without clothes and food can be happier than somebody who has it all. So I am not looking at the external parameters.

You can't measure pain and scale it, you can't measure suffering and scale it. To me, I can't decide who deserves my empathy and understanding and who is not, and put it on a scale. Feelings, empathy, compassion and in which direction the awareness goes now is not something invited, imposed or designed. It is just happening. Wherever and whoever I look at, I accept it without questioning. If this is what is happening in this moment, then this is exactly what I need to look at.

This is how I am experiencing things.

I feel like adding an example here:

When I was 13, and was living in Ukraine, we had gas, electricity and water cut off. It was winter, around 15-20 degrees Celsius below zero. We were very cold... Very!

Also, we had two weeks with no food when my mom ran into some tough situation. Two weeks, no food. I was 12.

Today I have it all. I am never hungry unless I choose to. I can control the temperature, make it colder or hotter in my place. I have everything the body might need and more!

And today, I feel much more pain than back then.

So, which one of 'Yulias' should I look at now and bring my attention to? I had no problem with hunger or cold. But I did have a big problem when I was forced to do my homework. You see? This is why I never judge by how things look.

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Hei Yulia,

You have a case definitely and I appreciate your point of view. Smile it is all about perspective.
I guess my environmentalist humanitarian heart cries sometimes from inside to meet at least the physical needs of the people first, which for me is essential for a healthy and thriving spiritual life. Coming from the proverb - Healthy spirit in a healthy body. When you are in survival mode, you are much more prone to activate all the survival instincts inside, where all your intentions, thoughts and actions operate on a very low vibrational level, where fear ultimately resides. I mean if you starve and your brain thinks only of food, then food will be the only thing that matters to you. As soon as you basic needs are met, like in the cases of transition and developing countries ( although I do not like this classification ) that is when we start expressing other needs like love, belonging, fulfillment in what we do etc. Here is where for me conscious living really kicks in. And here is also when simple things in life ( warm room and food, clean water, sanitation, energy to write this to you ) gets lost on the way, as they are taken for granted. We get more concerned with what we put in our brain, to get us the job we want to, to get the money we need to buy the stuff we do not need and let the rat race begin. The fear of meeting the basic needs gets substituted for a fear of knowing ourselves beyond the basic needs past that left a scar on our soul. Fear saying, keep this rat race circling unless you want to lose your toys, lose your identity and eventually starve. Is like stacking up fears on top of each other, each residing in different times of history but so embedded in the subconsciousness that we do not even realize them.
The point I am trying to make here is that these cultural and historical aspects cannot be disregarded when we speak about expansion and consciousness.
As if the matrix/system we live in is like a loop. The virus of materialism spreads coming from the west and it will die there first like a fruit rotting from inside out. But before it reaches the outer levels where societies and countries that have not yet experienced this material wealth, meaning did not get a grasp if its futility and absurdity, they will yearn for it, dream and desire it more than all the good that they already have around them.

Is like a scream of every post consumerism conscious being sending out there. Stop you do not need to go as far as me to reach the truth I came to know in this painful way. You do not need to poison all of you water, air and land to enslave yourself to get the toys and ultimately be miserable. But it seems that none is listening.

My only hope is for a severe and painful collapse to happen. Nothing else could possibly substitute the material collapse sobering effect.

All I feel is to ask the following questions:

And what if humans don't really need food?

And what if humans are not meant to survive?

And what if most of their souls won't make it?

And what if it is not up to me to interfere and take the suffering and people's experiences from them? And what if it is their soul's choice to experience these things?

And what if I am the only one who is responsible for this reality of consumeristic lifestyle and therefore the only one to look at and deal with?

And what if your feelings are not my feelings and your purpose is not my purpose?

And what if my attention goes outwards only because I don't want to look inwards? etc Or what if what I see outside takes me inside and what I see inside takes me outside?

And so on...

Questioning the truthfulness of my view, my experience and my actions and looking on my motivations constantly is one of the components of my journey here, and despite all the distortions honesty about myself and my contribution to what I am seeing was probably the key for my evolution. Maybe it is not the same for you. And this is great. We are all different and this is why we can never know what others 'should' be/feel/act like.

To me it always was and is the same now: this whole process is SELF-realisation and not about saving the world. It is probably hard to get it, how can it be I care, how can it be I want to see the earth and all beings free, but at the same time I don't need anybody or anything to change, but myself. But this is what it is. Through this self-realising process, I feel more and more, I am making a change, There is a clear influence on people close to me, but I never intended anybody to change. I was just myself progressing and refining my own self.

And another tiny thing: The more I let the intellect, the mind, with its ideas, moralities, perceptions, AND my emotions (not feelings, emotions, coming from all those patterns) go, the less they define me, the more I feel exactly what I need to feel and the more this deep experience becomes impregnable by others and their opinions of what I should feel like and about what, including my own opinion...


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I was reading your words... and suddenly this came to my mind.
Maybe it resonates with you?:)


Very strong song!

I love this part when you wrote:
"this whole process is SELF-realisation and not about saving the world. It is probably hard to get it, how can it be I care, how can it be I want to see the earth and all beings free, but at the same time I don't need anybody or anything to change, but myself. But this is what it is."

Oh yes you are so right:)
For me it was and it is so many times still a challenge to get that point right.

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It's walking the blade edge Thesa.
Being in it, but not of it.
Caring, yet it doesn't matter!

Open Wink

Thank you, I love it!!!
I have now another song to dance with and go wild hhhh Smile

About what you say, sure, it IS pretty tough to learn to always go back to myself. No matter what happens, what I am seeing, feeling, reading, hearing, no matter what situation I am in - always back to myself. What am I being shown about MYSELF? What aspect of my true being is revealed? Or what blockage? Now I am learning to do all this without tightness and effort. And it goes really fast and is just amazing!!!

I feel it is like with push ups. In the beginning - so much effort... but then it becomes easier and easier until you barely feel any effort at all. It's just the matter of practice, I find.

And still, I get lost rather often, sometimes just for a moment, sometimes for hours... Now I am already aware when I try to put my nose where it shouldn't go hhhhhh usually to avoid looking at myself, taking responsibility and learning new ways, more aligned ways to be.

Today I am not worried about losing it. I do my best. Also I accept that there might be things I am still not ready to see and face. And even if I have a blind spot, soon it always becomes obvious. You know that feeling of feeling drained and tired when trying to make the stream go my way or resisting? This is just funny. It can never work. So I pull my nose back, listen very carefully what I am really meant to deal with now and then - I immediately get the fuel, it's like some purposeful energy infusion. I just know I am on the wave, even if I am whining about it hehehe

Much love,
Yulia <3

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I feel like I am living with one foot in the dirty waters of the matrix and my other foot is in a vibrating alive reality. I look around and I see the construct that most people abide by. I can SEE and FEEL those parts of myself still constrained. It is as if my light being is made up of beautiful colors of jello and I am slowing pouring through a small opening. A tiny opening. I can see the game "out there" and it is HUGE. I feel our beautiful planet is being wrapped tightly in masking tape. I open to what is as much as I can today. Tomorrow I only hope it can be more. The "old' does not matter anymore to me. The newspapers. The television. The governments. So I am at this place and often times it is lonely. I can't run around asking people "Are you awake?...you are? Let's talk!! So...I meditate. I practice mindful listening. I do breathing yoga. I started an Intenders group for sending out intentions for our highest good. And I am grateful for finding this site. I plan on visiting more often. Namaste.

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I see you are fairly new to this site too. I have only been here a couple of weeks myself. I wanted to extend my hand in welcome and share the mutuality of that sense of straddling "realities." I don't pretend to know the answers, but I am confident things are unfolding just as they need to. And finding this site and this community is but one drop in the sea of revealing for me. May your journey be well lived.

Many Blessings,


The illusion owns this planet like a big net webbed together with rules to confine the discourse of truth. Fear locks it in place with subtle craft, the idea of different is in itself threatening because non compliance comes in many forms and from presence it penetrates all. The illusion is no more when silence is left to become awareness, through that doorway perfection always is.
It's funny that in reading and writing right now I am realizing that I have been moving towards wanting to become the ocean and not letting the waves bother me. However in doing so I haven't fully been engaged in the waves, perhaps a shadow of avoidance, owned by the illusion and so miss the essence.
It is the uncomfortable loops that come from the compromise of the soul that holds offering, quietly awaiting recognition so as to show the hidden door to new understanding. Fear not and the illusion fades and one by one reconnection to the miracle manifests and I keep smiling and walking and loving and over time I am a gentle Oak that sways mighty in the wind dancing with perfection.