How to find serenity in the storm in a chaotic world

Submitted by Trinity on Tue, 02/21/2017 - 21:11

Just breathe!
Sometimes it’s the simple things that can make our day a whole lot better. Often the answer is so obvious, it has been staring us in the face the whole time. Finding instant calm in our hectic, challenging or busy lives can be so simple if we allow it. It’s all about the breath. So simple in fact, that most of us don’t even give the breath a second thought. It happens automatically, so why would we even need to?

The breath is a gift. It is pure Life Force, Mana, Chi. It sustains us. It inspires us into being. Breath can transform a hectic, challenging day into a haven of peace and calm.

Focusing on the breath makes all the difference. Focus has an incredible way of bringing us right into the present moment. It transports us to the here and now, unwinding and unraveling tension. Simply focusing on the breath takes you to a place of non-judgement, allowing you to see the world with fresh eyes. It helps us to take challenges in our stride as we feel the world around us from a place of peace and calm.

Deep inhale… and just breathe!

Try this practice for finding peace and calm…

  • Close your eyes and inhale deeply. This creates a defined pause as you being to focus on your breath.
  • Relax your shoulders. Let go of any tension through your body.
  • Focus on the rhythmic rise and fall of your breath as you inhale and exhale fully. How does it feel as it infuses into your being. How does the void within feel as you empty yourself with each out-breath?
  • On the out-breath, exhale any tension that you feeling.
  • Allow your being to be filled with peace and calm.
  • Feel yourself centring, balancing and becoming present.
  • Carry on with your day from this space of calm, presence.
  • Repeat as often as necessary.

Whenever you notice that you are stressed or have lost your centre, stop what you are doing and repeat the steps above. Before long it will become natural and effortless. You’ll feel a massive difference that will benefit yourself and those around you in so many ways. It may even change your life.

Soul to Soul

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There is no better way then what you describe above for finding serenity and calming the storm of chaos in our lives. You know Trinity, it is like you say,(Before long it will become natural and effortless). One thing I did notice listening to you guide us through this wonderful meditation, was for me anyway, easier to find love and peace. Thank you for this beautiful reminder.

Much Love *YES*

This is a beautiful video Trinity! It really is important to oftentimes just breath! I was just telling a new person I met this past week that sometimes in life you just have to stop and just breath and just know that this moment in time is just exactly that. Just a moment in time and it to good or bad will pass. What one takes from it, is what one takes from it. Simple really!!! Even if it's just, breathe in slowly while counting to 7, hold it while counting to 7, breathe out counting to 7.
Or if one has a bit more time, just be calm and take a moment to meditate.
Thank you for this video, its very beautifully calming!!!


Thank you Trinity for taking that moment to breath with me (metaphorically Speaking) :)
Your Voice easily sends me into calmness...


Steve & Wynde,

Thank you so much for the kind words guys! I am happy to be there. It's the simple things in life :)

with love

Thank you Open - and yes, I love that endorphin article, well worth reading.

Big Love to you Eddie - that really touched my heart.