dreams and darkness

Hi Openhand

There’s something I’m experiencing that I would appreciate your insight on.

A couple of nights ago I had a very intense dream. In the dream I received a box at my door step and before I even picked it up I could feel that it was of very dark energy. The box was open and as I glanced down into it , it seemed to contain tools, manipulative tools, I could see some letters and other things (which I recognised in the dream but not now) that all felt deeply manipulative. I could sense the energy that had sent the box and it was depraved and vulnerable and desperately trying to manipulate to feed itself. It felt like it had come from a hollow darkness (that felt debauched and sick)– I could see a form and it was hiding out and looked vulnerable but clever in its desperation. I thought to throw away the box but realised that it may get sent back to me because my name was on it, or someone else may pick it up. So I decided to take it back to the sender, I found the residence and was convulsing as I took the box and left it at the door. I then woke up shaking and covered in sweat and pretty freaked out. The thing is since the dream, I can feel this energy lurking around me, and at times right in my face. I’m not fearing it now, but when it grabs my attention I feel a strike of dizzying sickness - a real yuck feeling, today I saw how this energy has experienced a complete lack of love. The paradox is that even though I see and feel it as part of the ‘self’ the ‘me’ doesn’t know what to do with it. I have experienced entities before and they leave once I don’t give them attention, but I’m a bit confused by this because it’s deeply dark and just there hanging out in my field, strangely it’s not affecting me too much though - but I’m not sure what this wants from me....I’m realising this is a never ending journey ;-)

Thank you for reading, much love Katie


Hi Katie,

It's pretty clear this is an experience of what we refer to here as "Opposing Consciousness". I'd say as your vibration rises because you're evolving and expanding into higher dimensions, you can feel this energy now around you. The feelings you describe of nausea and dizzyness are quite classic.

There's a couple of really important points to make. Firstly, you're not drawing this because you're more evolved, EVERYONE is influenced to a certain degree in emotions, feelings and thoughts. It's just that now you're becoming more sensitive and evolved enough to deal with it.

The second thing is that once we feel it, we already have the power to dissolve its influence. And that it can only influence us because our own inner darkness and tightness. That's what draws it.

The key is to confront your fears about it as they arise. Feel the tightness and the darkness inside, confront your thoughts and emotions and then expand into the inner contraction. Let go. Become as nothing in it.

When you truly don't need it to go away, then you'll intuitively discover the power to remove it and let it go. You'll have processed your own inner darkness - represented metaphorically by the box with your name on it - and so the outer mirror represented by the Opposing Consciousness will dissolve.

You may find this article I wrote a while back with related links of help... Removing Energy Implants

I trust this helps

Chris :wink:

Thank you Chris, this helps very much.

I feel like i'm in a whirlwind of fear tests, when it calms - it really calms and I feel not much more can unsettle me - but then soon after another 'box' is opened and out jump all these other unexpected things. This all takes stage upon a back drop of bliss though, it's not all bad. I really feel like I'm burning much of the time. (I wander sometimes how much the body can take of this burnt out bliss). I guess it's not called the chasm of fire for nothing! ;-)

Hi Katie,

It does seem that this is the journey for some of us, with no way out other than through the heart of the fire. For some, this is often a journey of extremes. It is a really good sign that you can at least feel peace through it as well. For me, I would be feeling the raging fires of hell followed by the amazing serenity of heaven, perhaps similar to what you experience. I realised that with each experience I was cleansing my field of karmic energy. So, I really see it from a positive perspective, since clearing our karma is a necessary part of the journey of spiritual evolution. Of course, it is never really easy at the time.

It is likely that you feel the karma of incredibly challenging past times. External energies can only compromise your Soul if you are holding onto something within yourself. I find it invaluable to always address anything within myself that I might be holding on to above all else.

Just a few words anyway... with Love

Thanks Trinity

From raging fires of hell to amazing serenity is just as it is for me. Somewhere in the space beyond it all, i realise it's all ok though. And to know I'm traveling down a road travelled by others encourages me to let go further. I sense a miraculous intelligence within this as somehow I'm still able to function and look after my children and work enough to live - I read somewhere that awakenings are perfectly attuned to each soul, and its current situation, I really feel that. Some of the intense experiences tend not to occur when my children are home - none of this is in my hands - the spontaneous nature of this used to frighten me but I trust now in the all knowing grace. The 'trust' element in the 5 gateways is so so important.

Deep thanks - I always feel I can surrender more after reading words from you both.

Indeed! Trust in that which we are given is an important part the unfolding process.

I have often noticed that we each receive exactly what we need depending on our configuration... that means the right experience at the right time and place, with the 'right' people (if anyone) involved. I often marvel at the divine order of things.

You are very welcome Katie. I have the deepest respect for your courage and commitment to this journey.

with Love