Practical spirituality:Bushcraft

Survival and Bushcraft

The term Bushcraft to me means living off the land and within the rhythms of nature and has both practical and spiritual connotations. The term Survival is more about staying alive in unplanned circumstances. The two have seemed to combine together for me to my awareness over the past months in the sense that I feel urgency for myself and son to learn how to survive off the land and to learn these skills. I have had nightmares about a collapse of society and seeing empty shelves in shops of food. It came to my awareness as always that it is also about knowing the right people in these kinds of situations and learning how to work together more so now. In survival situations where people would be hungry and fearful would certainly create some dire situations. I know for example how I start feeling and my moods, personality changes when I am hungry and cold. And that’s just in a day!

But I do imagine and think often about a world after fossil fuels have depleted and the economy has collapsed. I am aware this is a huge topic, you only need to read a few headlines from the news… and Openhand speak often about how unsustainable it all is and have a forum on survival tips. I also feel it too. I also realise that in my background it doesn’t seem to be going away, it does not seem to leave me and I feel like many people are sleepwalking, which makes a change cause usually it was the other way around!!. If anything these thoughts are making me prioritise - what is important to me right NOW. What do I already have? And my dreams, my passions seem to be fading away. I can’t say this is an over joyous place that I find myself in, on the contrary I feel that my mind is becoming so real, my bubble far away…..

So for me in my personal walk I feel a tremendous calling to explore survival skills and how to live off the land, off the grid. So I am seeking high and low for a well informed survival bush craft course/camp. And strangely enough (or is it strange), often from the tutors I have spoken to have mentioned that this topic often comes up).

We have come so far away from the land and her natural rhythms and so poorly adapted. But can we really do it. I mean we could survive for a little longer, but for how long??

Questions come into my mind for example if people store food then most of the sell by dates is not so far off!!! And one would need to know where they were going. Which wood? They would need to know what is around that wood and at that time. Everything would become so animalistic, primitive. So those raw primitive aspects of human beings would rise to the surface without a shadow of doubt!! Humans would
Certainly not be as they behave in a normal work day situation!!

Shelter would be a first priority. A healthy human can survive for several weeks without food and water. But shelter seems to be first on the list. Those that have trained in the army have a priority in this case. Sometime I think all English girls at 15 should also train in the army like in Israel to toughen them up and awaken them up. I even put my son on a scout’s camp to wake and shake him, and was so spaced and hungry from it all!

The motto ‘’survival of the fittest keeps coming up for me’’ and physical health, stamina energy thus strength also!
So for me I am concentrating on getting tougher and changing my perspective, my mind. It has something to do with adaptability and acceptance of a situation. And the best place I feel that can happen and start is RIGHT NOW, what is happening in outlives RIGHT NOW. What do not accept and how to surrender more into it…..

So, I enclose a couple of really helpful clips on bush craft and edible foods and an amazing clip of drinking birch sap. A survival manual will be my next step. But having the right equipment also seem a necessity-!!

It would be great to continue a forum on peoples knowledge on bush craft, for example how to make soap and shampoo., how to filter water. .I know there was a forum at one point on survival tips (which caused me at the time a lot of anxiety), but now I feel I can cope!!! So maybe the forum can be refund to continue at some point???

Edible foods

This is also really informative (regarding birch tapping)

So I am continually asking myself how well equipped would I be. How can I train my son and bring him more and more into the third dimension? It seems my sense of spirituality keeps shifting and having ones head in the skies or a colourful bubble was never going to ever teach me about the practical aspect of spirituality.
I guess it’s all about the incarnation of a ‘’human being’’. I was once told we had feet to be on the ground and not wings to fly….I now see it is possible to have the two. For many spiritual people it is a very tough and resistant shift to come down!!

I am pretty sure the realities of such survival circumstances wouldn't be as jolly and enjoyable as the courses!!

Again I have to tank Openhand for waking me up and helping me to accept my resistances . For me it’s all about a return back to nature, but again in a much more practical way I have yet to learn!!!