Salvation of the soul

I have a simple question which came up for me concerning openhands view on salvation of the soul. It does seem like many steps backwards, but a few backwards is a leap forwards

The word salvation taken from the wikipedia is defined as- ''saving the soul from sin and its consequesnces in a religious context. It may al;so be called 'deliverance'or redemption from sin and its effects.Depending on the religious tradition, salvation is considered to be caused either by the free will and grace of a deity (in theistic religions) or by personal responsibility and self-effort (e.g. in the sramanic and yogic traditions of India). Religions often emphasize the necessity of both personal effort— for example, repentance and asceticism —and divine action (e.g. grace)''.

For Christians it's through Jesus, but I would imagine openhand have a more internal response to salvation in that the soul saves itself (as Christ is within) and can only come top greater self realistaion? Is self realisation salvation in openhands view?

The questions which arose were that if nothing is percieved as good or bad through Source and that there are never any mistakes along the way- how can the soul be truly saved. For example there is an emphasis on processing out all the dark stuff, the things we surpress, deny-it may be anger that needs to be processed and there is an emphasis on -if you feel mean - be mean, and then ask does it serve later.

But in this process of self discovery and of knowing we are eternal energy- surely this would cause us to go into possibly dark areas and sin (from a Xian viewpoint) and well nothing needs to be forgiven only the lesson to be percieved in a different light. I alighn very much with most of openhands outlook, but what I percieve through discovery is tye possibility to sin- to flaw the soul (even if there is potentiality), it may be that choices are made to refrain from wrongdoing.

Sometimes it seems to be counterproductive to go down the road and explore only to realise that many things decisions did not serve self or for the betterment of all, lower the vibration and may create more karma......even if for example such thigs could be a natural impulse of the soul (and may not be bad- but in the process could hurt others and or lower vibration. I know when I go into my dark ugly stuff my vibration lowers, I process through most times (without hurting others) and then try to shine the light

I know I am writing very balck and white at the moment. It is a simple question how does openhand percieve salvation of the soul. Is there such a notion in openhands eyes.
And also I am wondering if the energy I have been feeling was never my own energy and that I just pick it all up like a sponge. So resistance can be agood thing can't it ? Can the soul really save itself as it is in a way acting as ''One'' on a higher level.

Just looking at people we can see the light in anothers eyes , just as we can darkness.


Is self realisation salvation in Openhands view? Great question Teresa.

In short I would say yes! What causes the soul to attach to circumstance and get 'pulled down by it' is lower self realisation. When we realise our completeness in the face of identification, the soul is 'saved' (so to speak).

    You also ask: "The questions which arose were that if nothing is percieved as good or bad through Source and that there are never any mistakes along the way- how can the soul be truly saved?"

I'd say that in order for nothing to be perceived as 'good' or 'bad', we have to make the journey through the judgments of 'good' and 'bad' in order to realise the truth of the soul beyond such judgment. Then a soul becomes eternal.

    You also say: "what I percieve through discovery is tye possibility to sin- to flaw the soul (even if there is potentiality)".

Before self realisation, there can be actions regarded as 'sin'. Afterwards, we realise they were simply judgments beyond which we have expanded. To the fully enlightened soul, it becomes more now the question of 'where is the rightness'? - in any kind of action.


Thank-you, that clarifies some points for me.One other question ( as I seem to be having some religious influences around me a little bit at present),regarding the nature of the soul. Might openhand say that the meddling from an alien opposing consciousness goes back to orginal concept of sin (for example the fallen angels, being kicked out of heaven) and am refering to the book of Enoch), in that we were all once living in our true divine nature and are refinding that which was meddled with more so during this ascension shift.In this way sin is really reffered to as wrong action which only the soul can ''self realise'', as itself ,so by going into our stuff we come to ''seé'', the true nature of our soul.

In my eyes the shift is all apart of the divine order, in that Source is allowing Mother Earth to replenish and heal herself and we as part of it have no choice but to move with it.

The original concept of sin and the 'fallen angels' is another very interesting concept.

I see it more as a polarity. When you have a natural evolutionary process, and souls moving from lower to higher dimensions, then you must also have the opposite - a 'decension' process.

So some 'angels' hold the establishment of form, whilst others continue their journey. Ascension happens by letting go, the opposite by control and manifestation.

One polarity demonstrates and provides continual change and evolutionary growth. The other has its advantages, in that we get to experience the consistency of physicality. But when either get distorted, then life moves out of balance - just as the physical realm is right now. Disharmony and disorder is felt and interpreted in the mind in pretty unpleasant ways.

That is until the tension is unwound and the natural balance restores itself.


Aha..! Thank-you for reminding me. That makes so much sense.
Often I get stuck in my evolution on one end of either polarity.Literally ''stuck''for ages.... And true that religion can be such a prison to not let the soul unfold naturally- Openhands energy never fails to make me remember it's all about balance unravelling itself in each step we make and expressing the true authenticity of the soul, yet there does seem like there is an interplay of higher beings in other realms co creating and giving us the freewill toi liberate oursleves.