Freeing the Spirit

Submitted by Trinity on Thu, 10/25/2012 - 20:38

When the soul speaks, we often feel an upwelling that compels us to do something out of the ordinary. Moments of vision take us into a realm of awe and wonder. Limitations dissolve. We melt into infinite possibility. Immortality of the soul dawns. We are boundless. We are free.

And just as we get going - something snaps us back in to the ‘real world’! The dream is obliterated. It seems like a far fetched fantasy. The mountain is insurmountable; so we carry on as before...

In my experience, contrary to conventional belief, the ‘real world’ is actually the first scenario. The likelihood is that the extraordinary vision was an upwelling from the soul. It is the opportunity to free the soul from the walls we needlessly build to protect it.
So, what is it that snaps us back from following the Soul?

Talking ourselves out of it

More often than not it is self doubt, fear of the unknown or self imposed obligation to something or someone. These are all anchors preventing liberation of our soul.

One of the biggest reasons I discovered for 'talking myself out of flowing with the Soul', was that I was afraid of becoming ‘me’! I mean, even as a confident evolving being, I still found a part of me holding onto some kind of anchor.
It may sound most odd, yet becoming who we truly are is possibly the most daunting thing that we can experience as a human being. It involves letting go of everything!

Contained in a bubble

    Imagine that your spirit is contained within a bubble,
    the walls of which nothing can permeate.
    Imagine that bubble floating like a balloon.
    Now see that there are lots and lots of ropes that
    firmly anchor this balloon to something.
    That something is your human experience.
    So life goes on merrily (or un-merrily)
    as we go about our daily business with our spirit
    restrained and bound in a bubble.

Most of us reading this have reached a stage in our evolution where we are touching our soul. After awakening and connecting with the soul, we begin to look at our ‘stuff’ in varying detail. Every time we overcome part of our baggage, we untie one of these anchoring ropes. Our 'balloon-bound' spirit begins to experience more and more freedom as the ropes loosen. We’ll feel more and more freedom - at times we even momentarily transcend limitations altogether, feeling unrestrained and universal. As long as there are still ropes anchoring the balloon though, we will always snap out of the experience and have something else to unravel.

Why don’t we just sever the ties?

In theory, we could just wield the universal sword and severe all the ties in one fell swoop. But we don’t. Of course we don’t. Once all of the the ropes have been cut, the balloon will be released, the impermeable wall falls away and we are unleashed into absolute freedom. Whilst is sounds extraordinarily awesome - and we might think - "right lets do it now", there is a part of us that still holds on. There is good reason for this. Such freedom of spirit is like nothing we would have known before; so a gradual assimilation is often the best way. It’s not until we have relinquished every attachment that we undo the last of the anchors.

Absolute trust

To be so free and unrestrained involves 100% trust in the universe. This is one of the last remaining doubts to go.
Even as evolved beings who have resolved most ‘stuff’, the reason we ‘snap’ back from experiences of sublime beauty is because of lack of trust. In order to trust we have to let go of every expectation, desire, hope, dream, belief, in fact every everything. It’s a pretty tall order!

Life will never be the same again. Yet we will be awesomely fine with that. We won’t know what is coming in each moment, yet we are ready for whatever that is.

    Becoming who we truly are takes a cataclysmic leap of faith into the unknown; unrestrained surrender into the divine flow of the universe in every moment, unleashing miraculous happenings that we never imagined possible. To feel the whole, completeness of our absolute authenticity, is the liberation, yearning in our deepest depths. Yet to experience this, we have to close our eyes to the world and start seeing with the eyes of the Soul. We begin to feel the space between the spaces and communicate in alignment with the flow of the universal life energy.

Profound self honesty

The best way to begin is to allow the upwelling to arise and follow the pull of your soul. Feel the truth in your heart. Listen with profound self honesty. What does it really say?

    By doing this, the 'anchoring ropes' will begin to fall away one by one.
    Keep listening.
    Keep trusting.
    Keep unfolding until all of the ropes have undone.
    Then you will soar like a bird released!

with Love


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Your writing Trinity has a wondrous simplicity. You achieve the almost impossible: bringing heartfelt feelings to life through written word, that then impels the reader to soften into the space between the spaces.

To anyone reading, the gift here is not to read with the mind, but instead to read with the soul. In which case, you can't fail to be touched.

Thanks Trinity,

The article and video brought tears to my eyes, my soul has also been touched.

Much love and gratitude, Fiona

That's beautiful to hear Fiona.
I often feel that 'no-one' really reads or gets what I share... so to hear that you were touched, makes it worth it, even if just for one other person in the world.
At times, I feel that I might just retire myself from all of this - there are so many other things I could put my energy into.

So thank you for making it worth it for me today.
with Love

Dear Trinity, I must apologise for taking so much for granted. I get so much from the postings on the site. You and Chris have your own unique styles of communicating, but they have a profound impact on me in their different ways. They express things in a way that I lack the ability to, and move energy in me. Your connection with nature is so deep and your ability to simply convey things is a gift. Don't stop please. :) Mark

Hi trinity

just because you don't see it doesn't mean someone's not dancing somewhere! It feels like each of your sharings is wonderfully soulful and beautiful. truly. It flows from the Heart. and keep playing that music I say!

I loved the metaphor you used in this article. I really felt the energy for what you expressed here. :-)
with love


You guys are so lovely!

There are just so many things that stir my soul that I'd love to express myself through. But I am such a private person - I often see myself in a cottage (or a mud hut) in the middle of nowhere, with wildlife and nature as friends.

Yet, it does seem that I am not meant to float away just yet.

I am aware that I have travelled a long way on the spiritual journey and I only really share so that perhaps, by sharing might make a difference to even just one other Soul.

Thank you for sharing you beautiful Souls!

with Love

Thank you Trinity for this beautiful article! It came at the right time for me and I am missing the words to describe what this stirrs up in me, but it is like an inner knowing of: yes...that's the patient...keep going...time will reveal everything
thank you

I can feel that Sandra - no words required! You are welcome.

You always strike me as a spiritual warrior... in for the full ride, embracing life's challenges. Rising up through the storm. You go girl!!!

I started reading your message yesterday Trinity, and found it VERY interesting. I read it over and over again though it meant so much sense to me. To day I looked again continuing reading all the comments, realizing that I was not the only one. So now I gladly line up in the row of Openhanders, saying. Thank you Trinity for making all your posts and great mini movies. It makes great change for me, and many more!

Thank you Martin! That means a lot.
I'd like to keep it all flowing and would love to write more.
Am hoping to start work on our next short video this week... it's a real passion of mine and an absolute delight to hear that these things are warmly received.

Hi Chris and Trinity,
Last week I had a profound letting go and release of attachment to my old life. I was walking my dog in a local wood and an amazing letting go experience happened. At that moment I felt intense happiness and harmony and I knew something profound had happened, the feeling was bliss, I didnt want to leave the wood! Since then Ive been feeling the peace that the letting go has given me, but yesterday and this morning I seem to have come across another obstacle, it seems to be what now! There seems to be a hole and that brings uncertainty a feeling of the unknown, I did say to myself this morning trust the universe as I do everyday, but I think your video clip explains that and it has given me a reassuring message so thankyou in my hour of need again! Ruthxx

Yes Mike - it's a big one - something we're encountering on the Facilitator's Program too. People have generally built false lives and lifestyles for themselves based on the false self. When you feel your soul embodying and 'speaking' to you, then you begin to know what authentic being really feels like. And if you express that, then you become aware how it challenges everything and everyone around you to now move with you or else fall away. And that can be pretty daunting.

Yet the old way we've related to the world was only illusion. We'll realise that once we've opened the door to the future there's no turning back. We may vascillate in the doorway for a while, but ultimately we realise we just have to step forwards in the new beingness no matter what then transpires. And actually this is the most compassionate thing we can do for all those around us.

To cause someone else to live in the illusion of who they think we are, because we're afraid of the impact the new self might have on them, is not compassionate at all.

    "Be true to yourself and it must follow as night the day,
    thou canst not then be false to any man."

Freeing ourselves encourages all others to be free too.

Open *OK*

Thank you for this. I am finally stepping through the door and am at the point there is no turning back. I can see how long I have been in the doorway but was unable to trust and let go. A much needed message for me right now. Much love to you all.

Ha! Apparently the words I wrote above were not received!! =) put more simply this time...Kim, Your strength at this time is so inspiring for me and points to the knowing that we all have these places we have not been willing to go and though they appear different crossing through them takes a lot if courage, commitment and trust. I see all if these in you and I am sending you lots of love! xxx jen

Ahhh - that point of no return.

Feeling the fear, yet knowing the truth at the depths of our soul; knowing that there is no other way; knowing that easy is not an option; allowing our soul to guide us; trusting.

with love

What a glorious day I had after being pushed to the edge and not being afraid to fly! The universe was speaking to me like never before and I found myself smiling all the time...rare for me. Joy was bubbling up inside...and such a profound sense of peaceful trust. Darling Kim, you are already flying... Love to all. xo

The thing to remember about fear, is that it's largely a biochemical reaction that stirs up loads of scary emotions, images and internal reactions - concerns about what may or may not happen. We react to these veils.

But actually probably all of these veils of anticipation are illusionary. What we tend to do is project into the situations and actually create the fear based reality which others also respond to.

So how does your being react to the fear? What goes on? Then to deal head-on with the emotive reactions by feeling into them - softening into them. It was covered briefly in the Five Gateways Book...

  • (i) If fear is arising confront it: In the choice we are being invited to make, imagine the outcome we are afraid of and go deeply into it. Ask “what is the worst that could happen?” Realise that we are the eternal, which will always be unaffected by the outcome; nothing can change our inherent completeness. If we can accept this, it liberates us to be fully engaged in the moment without being consumed by negative thinking.
  • (ii) Breathing: When we experience fear, worry or the nervousness of desire, the chest tightens and the breathing becomes harder. It causes us to identify more with the unfolding drama. In this situation, practice deep, rhythmic breathing, bringing the energy of the universe into all areas of the body.
  • (iii) Tense and relax the body: In fear, worry or nervousness, the body tightens and builds negative energy which influences our every action. The best way to release this tightness is to tense and relax the parts in which we feel the tightening. This way, the stress can be dissolved and a greater level of relaxation restored.

So feel the fear and soften into it. This enables you to more readily take the authentic step. Then you find your energy draws in the support of the universe. Things become a lot easier than we might have imagined.

Open *OK*

Interestingly, this morning Open,.I have been working on the subject of fear and reclaiming the base chakra, so felt a connection and felt to share. I think what you write is very helpful, although often challenging to actually apply in life when overwhelmed by bodily sensations and blockages that have the potential to freeze. I guess as with everything there must always be a state of ‘’spiritual readiness’’.

. Although fear is the demon of the first chakra, it is also a ‘’sacred adversary’’, a presence that has much to teach us. To combat fear is to strengthen the base chakra. To live with fear is to weaken it. Those feelings of safety and security.
But fear exists as an ally of self-preservation, teaching us of our own importance and the need to take good care of ourselves, and only when we acknowledge this demon as an ally can we truly become masters of it……..this I feel to be so important to recognise and often we can’t see it and get overwhelmed in the ‘’Allness of it’’

So to work through these bodily feelings and release , integrate the instinctual responses to fear, and work to overcome the demon of fear is strengthening the base chakra itself and understanding’ fear’ itself. Yet, somehow, understanding fear is often just not enough, because fear can be so locked into the body. To work through fear is to learn how to relax and feel these subtle energies of the body as you have suggested Open. For example does it make you want to run, hide ? Or angry and activated, paralyzed and confused? Hyper vigilant, restless, anxious? Like we are jumping out of our skin …….in my understanding it disembodies and disconnects us from the environment, it cuts us off from the very universal flow itself.
Where does the original trauma actually come from? Was it from childhood? Or are they just survival instincts that lie at the base of the
‘’ collective unconscious’’ that have developed in the human psyche through evolution?
Most importantly. i.e. How does it serve? What part has it played so far in our arriving ?

If danger for example was a frequent presence of growing up, then fear pervades our base line program for survival. So we may feel safe only because we are hyper vigilant and become even more uncomfortable when we try to relax. So the sense of fear could be our only feeling of safety, as paradoxal as that sounds… only need hear of stories of people growing up in extreme cases of war and still suffer from PTSD(Post traumatic stress disorder), a condition where stress reactions continue to occur long after trauma is over………..
I was reading an extract about Ernest Holmes, who founded the Science of Mind Philosophy describing that Fear and Faith, (which I understand as TRUST) has similar qualities. Fear being a belief that something awful might happen, while faith/(total trust, in my understanding) is a belief something good (or bad in my understanding) will happen and we are equipped to cope/accept/embrace it. Although results are different, the causes are the same- both are beliefs that govern our behaviour and influence the way we may feel, so if we can replace unreasonable fear with reasonable trust than we have a natural antipode to our base first chakra……….

So, by reclaiming our base chakra, we an live harmoniously with our basic survival instincts without being unconsciously or overly ruled by them to the point of freezing up. Without an anchor of basic trust which is reliably there within the structure of the universe or at least a building of that rainbow bridge into trust to liberate the true authenticity of the soul, little can be accomplished.

In conclusion,from the soul I say,…………. Ride these waves of sacred energies of whatever springs forth from the empty womb, the ocean of life itself and allow them to move freely, fluently through you like unbridled tidal waves of grace and serenity, slipping away and away and away …….further, fully felt, fully let go of, paving a way, a path on which to walk forth boldly, anchored, trusting in Source and understanding that life itself. Is the ‘’messenger’’, is the teacher!!

I do hope the OH , can appreciate my viewpoint and perhaps what I am working through, but may not choose to share so overtly my experiences as directly as it happens to me. But choose to share in this manner, perhaps it will strike a chord with a somebody, somewhere!!

Joann - you are a real spiritual warrior - I'm right there with ya, jumping off that cliff - trusting that, when I am open, with absolute vulnerability, that my wings will unfold and take me exactly where I need to go.