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'Hiding No More' by Mike Dickson

Introducing 'Hiding No More' by Mike

We're blessed to have had Mike travel with us on the journey for over a year now. When Mike is about a good ol' music jam is never far away! 'Hiding No More' is a real soul inspired infusion of energy from one who is really finding the courage to keep unfolding through the challenges of the spiritual awakening. It's a message that invites us to embrace the darkness as a blessing; to take a deep breath when we stumble; to unveil ourselves and step out, no matter what. The soul is calling. I was so moved by his new song...heartfelt thanks to Mike.

Click the small play button below and enjoy!


Fiona Reilly's picture

Wow, I'm taken back to the common room in Cae Mabon and my heart is full!

Thank you Mike, love and blessings, Fiona

Lesley Lord's picture

Yeah, me too Fiona, what great sing-a-longs Mike inspired in the barn and around the fire. Awesome, Mike, with your guitar as companion on the journey, you have a great blessing, and you've blessed us Openhanders,
many times with your creativity and generosity of spirit.

Sending love across the oceans, Lesley

Ahh my beautiful friend, I feel your soul, your heart and your power in each and every word. Bless you - you are Seen, Heard and Loved! <3

.Jen's picture

What brave and honest lyrics! I can feel you shining through them! Your song feels like ocean waves to me - moving, strong and powerful, deep and full of life. Thank you for sharing - totally inspiring =)! xo Jenny

Open's picture

Awesome Mike. Deeply touching. Interesting that dear Pete Seeger passed on recently. Do I detect a hint of passing inspiration here?...

Open, I am indeed inspired by the Pete Seeger's of this world, as I am inspired by all of you. I am learning to express the inner and I encourage each of us to let the uniqueness of creative beauty come out.( I know many of you do already) In whatever form, there isn't one of us that doesn't have the magic within. Thank you Openhand for allowing me to share here, being on course over the past year with all of the beautiful souls has started my own unwinding of expression and I am humbled by the experiences.
When I heard Lesley plucking the banjo last June in Glastonbury, it reminded me of Pete Seeger and here we are full circle. Much love and thank you all for your kind words. Mike

jdoran's picture

Beautiful Mike. It is not easy to not hide. Or rather once we do uncover layers, others are not always able to see us. Great we have our Openhand community. Thanks for sharing!

Cynthia Sham Rang's picture

Beautiful Mike thank you - and thank you Openhand for providing a safe space for honest self-exploration and self-exposure.

Michelle Boyle's picture

Ahh Beautiful Mike, listening and feeling expands my heart and connects my soul, truly beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing your gift!

Is your song from level 3 on You Tube? It popped into my head the other day and I felt to play it to Gabriella and Jayden but couldn't remember what it was called... It takes me, it takes you, it takes us all...

I'd love to hear it again!

Sending you lots of love xxx

Michelle, I have a video of this amazing song that I recorded on my iPod touch.I'm still trying to find someone who can post it to an Openhand forum.Will persevere! xx

Trinity's picture

You could put it on YT and then embed the sharing code here Lisa (although I'd check in with Mike first Wink )

Myra's picture

Heartening words Mike - its soul stirring - thank you. Much love and hugs Myra x