Spiritual inspiration

This is a very beautiful video and inspiring song.

I choose love!



Indeed it is a wonderful video. Thankyou for posting it Monica. It also demonstrates, for me at least, one of the most difficult paradoxes to grasp on the ever unfolding journey of the soul.

When we make a choice of love or fear, in actual fact it is an identity doing so and it actually takes us further away from the truth. If instead, we can accept life as it really is, embracing our true feelings as they really are, then overtime we release that which doesn't serve us. Identity is peeled away and the possibility arises to drop into the space of pure presence - the Seer - which is what we truly are. In this place, life is perfect - both light and dark. Without either, life itself would simply not be possible.

Furthermore, in this hallowed place, we touch the purity of the soul. We reconnect with the journey back to true oneness. In so doing, the barriers to progression simply melt away before us. We don't have to choose at all. We align with the flow to ever higher degrees of harmony, oneness, and yes, love.

As Rumi so eloquently put it, the key is not to seek for love, simply to remove all internal barriers to it. Then love simply happens of its own accord.

That's why in our video "Gateways of Light", we speak of "attuning to the light". By bringing our attention directly into what is arising for us, whatever it is, we release the shackles of identity and natural attunement to the light simply unfolds.

It is a vital distinction to make. Efforting to create love is holding many people back right now. I speak from personal experience. It happened to me!


What a beautiful song. Thank you so much for sharing - it's wonderful to see you here again Monica :innocent:

In removing all the barriers, I make my choice. There is no question that I feel brimming with Love.


This post and your response Chris has offered me a beautiful opportunity for some deep exploration – thank you. It’s been a good reminder re being present and exploring whatever is.

Your reference to the words of Rumi reminded of a favourite quote from A course in Miracles
“Seek not for love; rather, seek to remove the blocks to the awareness of love’s presence”

One area I explored was that of choice, what choice do I have and what does it mean. So for example, a number of years back I made a “choice” not to have a television, on the surface this felt like a decision through avoidance to choose love rather than fear. However when I delved deeper, I realised that the impulse not to watch tv came from somewhere deeper, an inner knowing, maybe as you describe an “attuning to the light”. An alignment rather than a choice!

Then the Universe provided a wonderful synchronicity - last night I went to a music gig of a friend. He sang a song for the first time, amazingly about choosing love or fear. The second verse was about spreading love as walking down the street (or similiar) and it reminded me of a thread on the site a few months back about the importance of being authentic. It seems that the answer returns to living authentically and allowing whatever is to be. My choice is to be true to whatever is!

With gratitude and (authentic :)) love, Fi

Yes indeed Fiona - spot on!

I know its likely to push a few buttons out there, but in absolute truth, ultimately, choice is an illusion. Why do I say this?

Because the flow of the universe just happens. It arises from the source and simply flows. That's how the bigbang happened - a flow of inevitability.

And who are we then? We are the invisible surfer riding the wave - the "Seer". The Seer is pure presence. It doesn't make choices, it is simply present within the flow of the universe.

Except that is of course, when the Seer identifies with something - a blockage somewhere - like a personality or an identity; an identity that thinks it needs to make a choice; an identity that is still trying to do this or that.
For instance, to manifest love or abundance.

But all such choices are ultimately self-defeating. They come from a sense of lack; of not possessing those things internally anyway. Whenever someone wants to make a choice, it's because a part of them believes they don't already have the outcome of the desired choice already manifest inside of themselves. In which case, they're really saying "I don't already possess that" and the universe replies... "that's right, you don't", such is the power of the "I" statement.

There's only one thing more powerful in the universe than the statement "I" or "I am". That is pure presence. Even "I am" is an illusion. When faced with pure presence, even "I am" unwinds itself eventually.

So what is it exactly that we have to do? Nothing at all! Yet when you say this to awakening people, frequently "doing nothing at all" becomes an internal efforting to "do nothing at all". It can be very subtle, but all too frequently it is there.

For instance, you step out into the road by mistake, the no.9 bus is approaching really quickly, are you efforting to do nothing now? Are you efforting to get out of the way? Or do you just get out of the way?

The key is to be present in centredness. To then watch yourself tighten as the apparent choices confront you. Work to release the tightness - this is the only real choice you have. To choose to unwind that which limits the magnificence of who you are.

As you unwind the tightness within, the blockage is removed, the flow re-engages and your new consciousness shapes the world around you.

So the only really choice is to confront the moment, confront the difficult choices, resist having to make a choice, instead unwind the tightness in relation to the apparent choice and then follow the flow of the moment as it re-engages.

"Do you have the patience to remain still?
To wait until the dust has settled and the water is clear.
Can you remain unmoving until Right Action
arises naturally by itself?"
Lao Tzu

For those interested in understanding and reading more, here is a more indepth article on making difficult choices in life...Making difficult decisions easier



A sweet video - speaks to me of being fluid and gentle around spiritual practise! A reminder of the importance of integrating spirituality into all aspects of life... love the last clip, feels like they really found the flow :D

A song I posted in facebook following the "Adjustment bureau" theme... about listening to the real-self's voice(I add - through distortions, mechanisms, habits, masks, despite all the fears) and finding true love, self-love leading to love of ALL...


Don't be afraid
Open your mouth and say
Say what your soul sings to you

Your mind can never change
Unless you ask it to
Lovingly rearrange
The thoughts that make you blue
The things that bring you down
Only do harm to you
And so make your choice joy
The joy belongs to you

And when you do
You'll find the one you love is you
You'll find you love you

Don't be ashamed, no,
To open your heart and pray
Say what your soul sings to you

So no longer pretend
That you can't feel it near
That tickle on your head
That tingle in your ear
Oh, ask it anything
Because it loves you dear
It's your most precious king
If only you could hear

And when you do
You'll find the one you need is you
You'll find you love you

'Don't be ashamed, no,
To open your heart and pray
Say what your soul sings to you'

Say whatever your soul sings to you

Be it in 'light' or in 'darkness'


In reply to by Trinity

I felt exactly the same!

The contrast! the automatism and enslavement in it and the free, joyous and 'improvising/flowing' authenticity :D

This video is actually called "Hyperactivity is normal"! :D

And is a protest against the attempts of the society to make it a disease, suppress and 'cure' it (so sad). I see in this hyperactivity the 'close system heating reaction'. For just how long they will try to keep people in a robotic mode?

So kids just won't fit, won't accept and under the suppression the soul literally blows out and takes the form of hyperactivity. This is a sort of freely evolving inner children with free spirit phenomenon :))

I was crying when he is shown being sent to Earth... a really moving moment, as if here he will get his freedom, this is how I interpreted it rather than as a punishment. She is indeed very beautiful and hospitable and in a way at the moment IS the land of opportunities, just make your choice and nothing can stand on your way. The whole planet is going through it, and the whole universe will stand on ones side :'D

hlip hlip

so sad and beautiful.
it feels timeless. like another world.

I studied animation, and when I contemplate it now that's one of the awesome things about it - its the creation of another world, a whole creation process contained within it. From the idea, to the finished piece. Its like we could conjure worlds from the space within.

and the part where she dissolves into 'a thousand' butterflies. wow.


This video touched me so deeply. I feel that so many things are in there: sadness, grace, freedom, surrender, vulnerability and it is just simply beautiful. Such things bring tears of joy and make me feel that it's all worth it.

Angels Aliens or Fallen angels....


I found this film Knowing to be very interesting in parts.The scene I think depicts some kind of New World Order a Regeneration which all religious texts have reference to. A quantum leap of human consciousness a realighnment with mother Gai of which humanity has been disconnected from.
The Mayans call it the Great destruction and Great Purification in which the Homo-Luminious will be the torch bearers choosing to evolve and using consciousness as the guiding direction of DNA- and speak of an eclipse at the centre of the galaxy where we will be cut off from a a certain energetic sustenance or way of living, so change has to happen....

Interestingly in the Bible there are many references to alienology and of course evidence that was indeed a higher evolved civilistion being guided that came and left the planet. Could they return ? Or have they already?-the Annakin on Planet Nibiru X ?

And as the Summarians believed could the Annakins have translated from Hebrew(those who came down from heaven to earth) have been responsible for alien genetically engineering humans? In Genesis we have the story of Adam and Eve and how Adam was created out of clay and Eve out of Adams rib illustrate a simler version of more more complicated stories of Babilonian stories of how there were powerful non human God like beings making us for specific purposes...

If so does that not make us all alien, or if some are cross section,then some apart?

Interestingly too the Merkabah is an Angelic Chariot (Ezekiel Cpt1;v5) which looks like some kind of ufo type thing.
In the book of Enoch andf the Hebrew Bible speaks of the Fallen Angels interbreeding with humans (against God's direct will)

Gen 6 .2;4 ''There were nephilim on Earth in those days and also after that when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of man and bore them children''.

The nephlim could be an alien life form.

Another very interesting film I am watching in parts is ancient aliens. I post a very intersting clip below about other intelligences in the universe.

This is quite something to wake up to, but gets more and more interesting !!

Hi Teresa,

Thanks for posting. I think it's great that this idea is becoming more mainstream - in my knowing, and the through the supportive feedback from past life regressions, it's certain that our evolution was shaped by an intervening (alien) consciousness. Right now, I'm assembling physical evidence - including that from our genetics - that strongly supports our spiritual experiences.

As you point out, the story has been around since man's early writings and from cultures all over the world. Unfortunately it's been much misunderstood and so can make the subject a quite incredulous in the beginning. Our challenge is to express accurately so as not to turn off tired and skeptical minds!

There's loads of films, ideas and postulations coming forth on the web right now. In my view, most are limited by the need for 3D evidence to support their entire story. That's what makes the stories incredulous because there's only partial physical evidence.

However when we escape the bounds of the physical dimension and contemplate the stories again but from a multi-dimensional perspective, then everything begins to fall into place.

For example, how can an alien being travel through space faster than the speed of light? Actually it's not hard. Evolved people do it frequently - astral travel through the 4th Dimension. Speed of thought is much faster than light - it can be instantaneous. There's a great story of a yogi visiting Jupiter and telling of the rings around it. The story was ridiculed at the time because Jupiter appeared to have no rings. It wasn't until space telescopes actually confirmed the story that it became clear the Yogi was correct. It proved he must have 'traveled' there.

There is also a body of scientific evidence coming forwards from Russia right now showing that DNA can be changed (from one creature to another!) simply by the projection of Lazer light embedded with DNA frequencies. They actually change the developing egg of a Frog into a Salamander! In my knowing that's how our genetics were engineered to change a Homonoid into Homo Sapiens. It's not that difficult to imagine since our genetics are about 97% the same. Within the 3% though - huge physical differences can be manifested.

You also have to look at why Humans have several thousand genetic errors considering our supposed advanced level of evolution. You don't see anything like this in other creatures. We're just so poorly adapted for this planet - unless that is, you put us in a highly technological and controlled system. Then humans function quite well according to a particular agenda.

When we look deeply into Human genetics, some key changes have been instigated which could not possibly have happened by natural evolution. The odds are literally zillions to one against it. This evidence will come to the fore in due time. It will clearly show our evolution is not what traditional science thinks it was.

Later this year, I'll be giving a seminar in Glastonbury called "Homo Sapiens - a correctable mistake." I'm planning to write a free downloadable ebook about the subject and hopefully we'll film the seminar.


Hi Chris, sorry for this, but I get a bit confused with the alien/implant/genetic theories, and the consequences for us. I understand when you say that the implants have negative consequences, in as much as they are an attempt to block our spiritual evolution. However, what about the DNA changing? I've just read up on the frog/salamander experiment, and this lead to finding some info on the recent and upcoming DNA transmutations that we have apparently been subjected to (with the photon belt). Are these good or bad? The site I read suggested that the current DNA changes are 'upgrades' to assist with our 'ascension'. But how do we discern the intentions of the agendas facilitating all this?

Thank you for your input on this very important subject,

Personally my advice would be to focus on one's own spiritual evolution - at a soul level. So unraveling what are the true impulses of the soul and aligning with these until we become that unfettered expression.

Infusion of soul will positively influence our DNA. It is the soul that truly shapes our vehicles of expression in a truly destined fashion. So I'd strongly advise coming from our core beingness. Then the bodily vehicles will naturally harmonise over time in a positive way.

I know you're not saying this, but there's a wider implication that we need to change our DNA in order to evolve. I think it's the other way around - we evolve and our DNA changes accordingly.


Thanks Chris, your comment on the direction of cause and effect (our evolution changes the DNA) feels a much better potential option than some unknown entity making all the decisions about what happens to me!!!
There is an incredible amount and variety of info about lately, concerning DNA changes, complex breathing exercises and merkaba/lightbody meditations. It's easy to panic that you're not 'doing the right thing' in these times of quickening. But I guess, like you say, it just all comes back to the simplicity of inner focus. I guess i have to get into a habit of regular tuning in and trusting what feels right for me.

Best wishes, W.


This is a very beautiful Greek song.
Here's the translation


One day a tarantula-woman came to the village.
And everyone rushed to see her.
Someone threw bread at her, others threw stones
To save themselves form her ugliness.

And a child gave her a red flower as a present
A child,
Asked her to sing a song,
And she said:

She said: "Never tell them how ugly they are
Those who think you are revolting, but who keep on looking at you, anyway.
She said: "Never look at others in the eye
Because you'll turn into a mirror and they'll shatter you."

One day a wounded angel came to the village,
Carried there locked in a cage.
And the wild crowds bought tickets
To glimpse his beauty.

And a child as beautiful as a tear, a cherub,
A child,
Asked him to sing a song,
And he said:

He said: "If you wish to be saved from your beauty,
Take an axe and a sword and sever your wings."
He said: "Never look at others in the eye
Because you'll turn into a mirror and they'll shatter you."

Here's another very soulful and inspiring song about twelve women fighting injustice in East Timor I felt like to share.

You who see injustice all around
Yet have not the courage
Or the will to fight and stand your ground.
We who see but are too scared,
There are not enough of us prepared
To put our lives at risk time and again.

And then comes a drop of rain,
To the parched lips of the world
That needs to feel hope again.

"We are dying as a people and a nation,
A third of our people have been killed
In twenty-one years of illegal occupation."

Ten UN resolutions requesting Indonesia to withdraw
They chose to ignore.

And a woman cries:
"If you are really human,
You'll stop them sending
These weapons to our shores."

With my hammer, I break the chain,
I will not remain in silence.
I will stand and I will defend my right
To fight against violence.
No prison can contain
The freedom that we gain
When we move through fear.

The laws of our civilized land are quite clear:
Selling weapons to dictators who murder, starve,
rape and torture, is illegal.

But there is timber there is oil on Indonesian soil
And there's money to be made from the arms trade.
"Our boys need jobs," you shout it from the rooftops.
But not one word of the lives lost or destroyed.

I cannot believe you continue to
Deceive yourselves in this way.
Or the people that you pay to make the jet fighters.

To think, to plan, it took a year to build trust
To work through fear.

Then at three am on a cold January morning
At BAE Wharton.
No one saw them, no one gave the warning.
Hawk jet ZH955 came alive
To the sound of singing hammers, the hanging of banners,
The scattering of seeds and ashes on its wings.
And the women waited to see what Justice brings.
For two point four million damage done,
Thirteen million for a new one.

We are not martyrs or heroines,
We owe so much to our friends,
Who held our courage in their hands.

And after half a year in gaol
They came before a court of law
And the truth the jury heard and saw
Stunned them into silence.
Then the verdict came - not guilty.

Justice had been done.
The celebrating could begin again.
Dancing, laughing, praying, weeping, crying.

And in East Timor they danced
And laughed and cried some more.
And as the seeds of hope begin
To settle on the ground
A gentle rain begins to fall...


I was divinely guided to this creative video which I found to be particularly inspiring and graceful with some recent talk about Chris’ ‘’soul motion” movement which I have seen something of at the Openhand workshop( and freeing ourselves from constrained inhibitions. The purpose I see of the soul is exactly this --to free itself…beyond limitation, my experiences are certainly showing me this one like never before in life. My feeling tells me just as the mind immerses more and more in the flow, so too the body ceases resistance to the flow. We become the flow ….. When I see yogic dancers like this let the flow take them, it makes me want to get up and move, enjoy the feelings of dance and movement, to feel my body more and to feel my feelings flow in my body more. This is something a person cannot simply have when they are not in the truth of their feelings or out of touch . It has become so clear for me to see this in people’s bodies and to feel this ourselves in our own. Children are the greatest teachers of liberation in movement of dance style exploration.
.It also alighns with Trinity’s very inspiring thread http://www.openhandweb.org/250112_retrieving_lost_fragments_soul_my_inn… which explores the underworld journey. I just felt it resonated with Openhand and with some recent talk about everything being about ‘’letting go’’.
It touched something deeper in my soul as I infuse more soul beingness & more wisdom whilst still journeying underwater which can only be transformed through growth and pain - if you click on the writing just below the video you will understand what the dancer is dancing about, if it draws you to!

About the poem which the yogic dancer expresses; Inanna is an ancient prolific Sumarian Goddess She is a goddess of love , beauty and war and has has no difficulty to confront her own inner demons and embraces her shadows and liberates self and makes PEACE with it . She understands the importance of the descent downwards into the underworld and the cycle of life and how it leads us to let go of ‘’attachment’’ and ‘’identification’’, as she has to sacrifice and let go of her goddess adornments and becomes stripped , she sees her own rawness & confronts her shadow self (which is her dark sister) and rebirths through a series of transformational initiations of 7 gateways . Her dangerous descent enables her to gain the greatest power of all that is “To know herself ” and let go her identity, fully aware of her vunerabilities and the strengths created from them.

The poem of Innanas’ descent reminds me so much of the Openhand way and only by going into the womb of the cosmos and surrendering to Gai’s pain (as our own) and symbolically dying to ego can we retrieve those ‘lost aspects’ of the soul to rebirth and transform it alchemically into a wellspring of self knowledge and wisdom. It is a story which for me I could identify with and empowers me to embody more of that feminine wisdom and painful but necessary journey to understand the authentic nature of the soul. It’s a story of descent and return a forerunner of Jesus’ resurrection….It is a beautiful yogic dance with no inhibitions whatsoever. Pure soul expressive dance movement and surrender to the flow.

Thanks for sharing Teresa, I was deeply moved by the video and approach.

To me it speaks of mastering and harnessing our primal power. The movements felt so centred in the danten (pelvic region). Interestingly I'm writing about this right now. In my knowing there has been a quantitative easing of the denser suppressive frequencies within the surrounding field. I'm witnessing the effects not just in myself but others - it's causing us to become re-acquainted with the divine masculine.

It's something we have to be very careful of though. The lid is lifting off that energy and it can become uncontrollable at times - I believe that's why we've just witnessed what we have in Egypt (the football violence). So we need to heal and transmute this masculine energy through practices such as in the video.

Nothing that we have to learn for eons though, rather a redirection of energy into something primal but productive. I'll be writing about this shortly.

Thanks again for sharing - very valuable

Chris :wink:


“Energy moves in waves.Waves move in patterns, patterns move in rhythms. A human being is just that, energy, waves,patterns,rhythm.Nothing more, Nothing less. A dance.” Gabrielle Roth (5 Rhythms)

I just love this video….I can relate so much to it. I see how so much time is wasted by being a ‘’talking head’’, and worse over I see this devastating pattern emerge in very young children…… no wonder children develop so many so called dysfunctional disorders…
The systems forces us to be so much in our head and think so much and there is always some kind of disconnection in the root chakra as a result. As young children we are forced to sit for long periods of time in seats and chairs that do not support the spine, and with not enough light and exercise. Naturally we begin to develop the mental body to early…. It’s surely heading for an extinct race unable to survive harsh conditions or even being able to walk bare footed for 5 minutes…..

I like the way Gabrielle Roth explains we are now living in a time dominated by the rhythm of chaos and to learn to move with it is our survival art.

What went wrong ? !!!

It's interesting and rosily heart-warming yes I agree, but also I'd say slipping into this rapidly arising delusional idea that somehow the planet is going to support 9 Billion people all living sustainably with abundance and in harmony with the universe.

It's a dream that will soon pop. Then we'll be left with a deeper reality to find. The true meaning of our spiritual nature. Catastrophe is going to bring us to the very core of who we are. And no rose tinted envisioning and manifesting will be able to avoid that.


I saw this one yesterday too.
It's a heart warming concept, although it does leave more unanswered questions than answered ones.

I cannot conceive that Earth can support so many people either. Mankind really does have an elitist/speciesist view of itself! Why do we pressume that we can be the only species on the planet to over ride the natural ecosytem? I'd love to see 9 billion people harmonising and becoming at one with the eco system of the planet. We would rapidly become incredibly humble. Are we really this blind?

I think it is positive that people are going for it with this type of thing. It will be very interesting to see what happens to the world in the coming years.

I saw that video long time ago, but as much as it sounds very pleasant and promising, it has always felt like something is missing, something that is unique to Openhand.

To honestly confront all feelings emanating from the core of each being. One thing common in these love/light movement, as previously mentioned many times here is the over indulgent and emphasis on love/light with little regards to the balancing forces.

It paints a beautiful picture which quickly appeals, but a picture is not what humanity needs. It only serves to increase the polarity between light and dark instead of integration of all.

Several videos found here serves as a good reminder..



    Do you want to improve the world?
    I don’t think it can be done.
    The world is sacred.
    It can’t be improved.
    If you tamper with it, you’ll ruin it.
    If you treat it like an object, you’ll lose it. -Lao Tsu

        Thus we are not meant to “create a world of peace”, but rather we are urged to “be at peace with the world.”

      I'm feeling very curious as to why Yulia has posted that video here.. Does she not know it differs from Openhand's view on things? I'm sure that she does.. Perhaps she just enjoys an illusory bubble from time to time.. :D

      I don't see any of what you guys are saying in this video. I even watched it again. It is amazing! Not even a hint. So first of all, I am not here to protect the video hhh I have no interest in it, but there are several points I feel necessary to relate to:

      1. I didn't hear anybody saying in the video that we all are going to be here tomorrow. All I heard there is a description of the fact: many people feel uncomfy with what's going on in the world, but don't really know what to do about it. It is true, isn't it?

      Then there is a call to align with our inner calling and follow it, as a tool to harmonize with our surrounding and bring a change into what they feel is wrong. What is wrong about this one I also don't see. I can now find a dozen of similar quotes here on the web (such as "be the change", and so on).

      2. Neither I have got the impression of humans being an earth elite, but we do know that the choices of humans affect the state of the planet, do we not? Yes, we are different from the rest of creations on earth in this sense.

      But maybe people might appeal to birds and bears too if somebody finds it helpful and to ask them to change the perspective and realize that there is another way of being/living on Earth :D I won't rebel against that hhh

      3. I don't know how you feel , but I am absolutely sure that only a really small part of humanity is able to even hear the message in this video, and even smaller part is able to do something about it. And even if so, what is wrong in 9 billions aligning withe inner call? Since when is it a privilege of 'the chosen ones'? Who would dare to say they don't have one? at least as long as they are alive...

      4. Now one day most of humanity might be wasted, but hello, these billions are still here! So why pretend as if they are not? I do believe that even a tiny change, a tiny spark in these 'billions of unnecessary people' could make the transitions smoother. And even that it might be too late, I would be very happy if I die with the feeling I did what I could, or at least tried... are you all so perfect? Everything on your path is all perfectly aligned and right? I don't experience it this way. I am not enlightened, so my path is taking me to all kinds of people, practices, places, that an enlightened person would find transitory for my evolution, nevertheless, these transient experiences can be absolutely necessary. I wouldn't be on this website if I didn't study Kabbalah for 2 years and yoga for health for a year. It just wouldn't be possible.

      5. I don't believe that everybody here is designed to do the work you or I do in a way we do it. I would say that despite my deep resonance with the OH approach there are things that just don't fit no matter how I try to utilize them. It just doesn't. So what? This approach is serving me and my evolution, and not vice versa.

      These people have their own potential to reach int he time given to them, they have their own function, as long as they are here. I also feel too humble to decide how the universe should run 'its business'. Here we have a bit different perspectives. I don't see how the universe is separated to benevolence and malevolence. In my feeling everything is serving, otherwise it wouldn't be here, and I trust that if it exists, it has a sanction from the source, it is not separate from the universe. It is part of it and it has its function, at the least to enable conscious creatures to make their choice.

      In general, I am in favor of living what is happening now, and not tomorrow, and now we have billions of confused lost people, most of which are unable to even understand what you are talking about on this website.

      6. You don't, but I do believe that if each of us was taking exactly what he needs to live and would harmonize with nature, earth wouldn't have any problem to hold 9 billion people (it is actually practically possible, by rather simple calculations, and people already did it, whether the earth would 'want' to do that or whether the universe is flowing in this direction is another question). But even if not so, hello, they are still alive! Would you rather them to keep going the way they are now?

      7. From my observations, people tend to believe that their way is the only way. And it is ok, and after asking many times why it is so, I got the answer that it has to do with the feeling of purpose, which gives passion, commitment and devotion. It gives energy to the message and it is great! But isn't it strange that so many think so? That their method IS the method, even if in reality it is obvious that not everybody is resonating, interested or able to follow it? This guy is saying something, and there might be people out there that will get inspiration to do something about themselves as a result, or at least try. What is rosy about it? It is not rosier than the message of most spiritual teachings: to get aligned with the inner and outer worlds.

      8. It is not about improvement, but about a change. The world is evolving on its own and one of the ways of it to evolve is to express itself through humans - those who feel that something is changing and want to find the way to take part in this change.

      And I got to all the possible techniques including the OH website by following the inner calling. Nothing else has brought me here. And surely not people who told me how I should be or evolve.

      So if anybody would ask me to say how I got where I got, the only sincere answer would be - I followed the "inner calling", and I keep doing it this way. This is the most important thing in my life. All the rest are just tools to do it better.

      This is my view, anyway. It might change some day, but this is what it is now.

      We all see things in accordance to our own karma and filters don't we? Even if we feel or get a sense of a possible future aren't things shaped step by step and things unfold as our consciousness changes and evolves?

      For me I have been working with 'Openhands view' on things and holding it within me and see what comes up, ALOT of fear comes up when I read any article, fear of death, fear of letting go of everything as I know it ...it has catalysed a lot for me recently about loosing attachment to any particular outcome.

      So maybe its not about any particular persons view being 'right' but what is it bringing up for us? Maybe that's the whole point of it ...to process all of this stuff regardless of the outcome...destruction of the human race like the dinosaurs or humanity learning to live in harmony. I really don't have any answers to these questions.

      Well, these are the only things I got from the comments. Surely something to look at..

      But... I don't have any hopes for humanity and I already saw a couple of things in my life happening for real, I have no fear of a complete disaster and ugliness flushing the streets. Children raped, elders killed, people living on bread and water for months and years... all of that.

      So no fear. And no rosy illusions either.

      I just do feel there can still be a smoother way, and that each and every moment, for each and every person can make a big difference, and also I find a big value in speaking with people their language, language they can understand, and let them do things they are able to, and not only the special forces chosen ones or whatever.

      My mom told me from her years of experience in the kindergarten with kids, that it just doesn't work to tell people how they should NOT do or what is wrong with what they do. Neither it helps to force them make it your way. The only thing that effectively works is to show how you do it and allow them to choose which way they would want to try (even if it is wrong). This is how development is happening... And I don't see how it is different in spiritual development.

      I resonate with a lot of what you are saying here Yulia! I also don't resonate with the notion that there are a chosen few spiritual people who will ascend to 5D and thereforeare worthy of salvation. It seems its the spiritual people who often see themselves as the elite ones! We shut ourselves off from 'normal' people and society and put ourselves on spiritual pedestals so often and I am recently learning to integrate with the world AS IT IS NOW and accept it fully, which seem healthier to me that separating myself from it all.

      Yulia.. I feel exactly the same way (in this moment at least).

      I think it is healthy to explore different things and feels fine to post this here. It is interesting food for thought. I like CE (who made the video). We each have to find what resonates within.

        soulexpression wrote: "I also don't resonate with the notion that there are a chosen few spiritual people who will ascend to 5D and thereforeare worthy of salvation."

      Me neither! Interesting implication.

      I feel that message in the video is clearly quite mind led. there's just too much emphasis on creating a future & having an action plan, for example. From a higher perspective I see everything that happens is for the evolution of souls, to some extent I think it truly does not matter if humanity eventually survives or not because there's a greater scheme of things. I see clearly in that video (many others like the Thrive, for example) there's an attachment to a certain future outcome. It's not about weather their point of view is right or wrong, but i thought it's interesting you posted it here as I see it's clearly not aligned with the Openhand view on things.