Invoking the Warrior

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Overcoming darkness...
I'm frequently asked by awakening people how to deal with negative energies which may invade our consciousness as we become more open. In truth we are all influenced to a greater or lesser degree by an Opposing Consciousness that acts through the surrounding field causing us to make choices that are not in our best interests. Of course some will say it's important not to give energy to the dark and I would agree with the sentiment, yet we live in a relative world of real experience where we can be easily derailed and there are ways of combating this destablising influence. If the subject is important to you, then you might like to read on...

Nothing to fear
I should begin by making one very important point and if you take anything from this article at all , let it be this...

    There is nothing to fear from Opposing Consciousness except our fear itself

Opposing Consciousness plays on our fears. It creates imagery and emotion which constrict and limit our consciousness. However, we have a choice as to whether we allow that to happen. We can choose to stay open and to attune to the light within, in which case, opposing interference will likely dissolve just as quickly as it appeared...

    "Give evil nothing to oppose and it will dissolve of itself"
    Lao Tzu

Of course discussing the subject at all might in itself invoke fear and therefore be counterproductive. My intention is not to give too much energy to the phenomenon but to inform just enough so as to provide pointers for dealing with it. But if you feel you don't need or want to know anymore, stop reading now!

What is Opposing Consciousness and what is its purpose?
For me these are two of the most important questions of our time. I have had a very detailed and intense education into the workings and purpose of this malevolent energy. It is a deep subject which spans way back in our collective history. From my perspective it has shaped our very evolution for its own ends and is the creator of our society - an enslaving matrix in which many find themselves caught up.

It is an energy that you can't see, touch or feel until we become very sensitive and yet our thoughts feelings and emotions are influenced by it continually. I feel given to write about the subject in more detail in the future because it's not something that can be fully addressed in just one article. My experiences to date in themselves could probably fill an entire library!

Suffice it now to say, Opposing Consciousness may be considered as a sentient, multi-dimensional life form which exists predominantly in the fourth dimensional realm - the next one 'above' our own (in vibrational frequency terms). They are here and now all around us and using our energy for their own purposes. We're kind of like a food source to them and they've been 'farming' us for eons. They stimulate us into releasing energy by creating distorting and limiting behavioural programs just like the proverbial mouse on the spinning wheel.

You may of course write off this view as some kind of science fiction fantasy. For a long time I had felt this way myself and kept dissolving the experiences as some kind of figment of an over active imagination. But the experiences kept arising and synchroncitiy kept confirming what I was feeling. Over time my doubt was dissolved and in working with many others through our workshops and one-on-one, the same patterns kept arising of people being limited in very similar ways by the opposing influence.

So how might we become more aware of the interference and deal with it?

In the interests of brevity, I'm only able to provide a brief overview here. I suggest if you require more information, advice or help, you contact me personally about it. So here is a list of counter measures you might take...

  1. At the risk of sounding contradictive, the first point would be not to give too much energy to Opposing Consciousness. If we slip into fear or worry, this tends to release emotional energy which is the very food source which attracts them in the first place. Be aware but don't unnecessarily dwell in the thoughts and feelings. The less incongruent energy we have in our system, the less able Opposing Consciousness is to stick around in our field - it needs energy just like the air we breathe and if there is no 'air', it can't stay.
  2. Be aware that there is the potential for our thoughts, feelings and motivations to be distorted in some way. This is effected through the chakras, flows directly into our consciousness and feels as if the source is our own. Continual chakra attention, opening and cleansing exercises will help. To some this will seem contradictory - in spiritual circles it is often considered we should close down the chakras when under psychic attack but this is exactly the limitation that Opposing Consciousness is seeking.
  3. Be in the place of the Observer of our thoughts, inner feelings and emotions as much as possible. Notice that each moment invites either a lower truth feeding the ego or a higher one glorifying the soul. Make it our purpose to continually unravel our feelings and seek to always express the higher truth - the more we do this the more we will see the patterns of distorting influence and be able to resist them.
  4. Begin to notice tightness within the bodymind that may arise from time to time. It could be that we get frequent headaches or debilitating migraine for example. It may be that we find ourselves getting stressed or angry. Notice when such things arise and deal with them as soon as they do by bringing attention into the feelings, letting them flow and relaxing into them - becoming awesomely okay with them. Over time they will begin to dissolve of their own accord
  5. If we perceive we're being attacked in some way, seeing dark visions, feeling tightness in the head or solar plexus, feeling anxiety or worry, seek to become "nothing in it all" by remembering that this is all an illusion. Don't provide a target by fighting - don't feel the need to defend against it (unless it is an authentic choice that arises naturally without efforting). Become the disappearing shape-shifter by continually dissolving into pure awareness in the face of it. Invoking energetic visions will greatly help - so literally see ourselves dissolving perhaps into golden light.
  6. Once we have mastered being unattached and being nothing in it all (and ONLY then), we may begin to summon inner warrior (Ray 1) energy to counter the effects of Opposing Consciousness. The Ray 1 energy arises naturally but we may intensify it by invoking powerful thoughts, feelings and emotions. If we're continually open, spontaneous visions and feelings will arise that build internal energy to direct the opposing energy back from whence it came. If we feel tight in the solar plexus for example, we might visualise and feel a burning sun melting away anything that shouldn't be there; or perhaps a mirror to reflect the energy back. In other circumstances we may feel to fight energetically by invoking powerful warrior type images.
  7. If the feelings and visions invoked are from the soul (rather than being simply ego driven), we have the ability to manifest powerful energies within the 4th Dimension which can in itself have a strong combative effect on Opposing Consciousness - in other words we can learn to destroy it. I realise to some this may seem to be against compassionate and gentle evolutionary unfolding. I realise my writing is unlikely to be widely accepted or popular. The point is that this energy is real and diversionary. It has little or no compassion for our natural state of beingness. It has subverted and manipulated us for centuries. The Ray 1 warrior energy is as much a part of our make up as the Ray 2 of surrendered openness and if it arises naturally within us, it would only be an identity that denies it.

So my advice would be that if we naturally feel we should fight (without efforting of course), then be not afraid to go with our authentic feelings. I know many gentle women who experience natural urges to engage in the martial arts for example. If this is not suppressed (which unfortunately often tends to happen), then the authentic Ray 1 warrior energy can be powerfully invoked and used to to dispatch Opposing Consciousness where necessary.

Personally I find music, visual imagery and film coupled with movement a perfect way of activating and enhancing the divine Ray 1 gift. I remember one experience having been psychically attacked for some hours taking myself up onto the Glastonbury Tor allowing martial arts type movements to keep me in strong present awareness and then suddenly battle scene images from Lord of The Rings flooded my consciousness and the soul stirring "Nessun Dorma" by Pavaroti began playing on my personal stereo - its always invoked soulful feelings within me and on this occasion, during the closing crescendo, I felt a powerful bolt of light shoot outwards from my third eye upon which the Opposing Consciousness was simply obliterated. So in closing for now, it seems appropriate that I leave you with the maestro himself and ask you "What is it that invokes powerful Warrior Energy in you?"

from my heart to yours


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