Embracing Spiritual Abundance

Submitted by Trinity on Mon, 03/11/2013 - 06:54

In the many years of awakened life I have witnessed abundance spoken about in a myriad of different ways. I’ve noticed that in all its different guises, there are two main ways in which it is interpreted:

    1. Having lots of what we desire


    2. Seeing the divine in all things

Having lots of what we desire

The first way is dictated by our wants and desires. Being abundant in this sense means having ‘a lot of’ stuff, resources, money, property, land, people or anything tangible for that matter.

It’s the type of abundance that seeks gratification and a sense of happiness from the outside world. Of course, everything is energy, so there is nothing wrong with having ‘stuff’ if we are meant to; if it serves/assists our journey of self realisation or if we are not depending on it for our sense of abundance and personal self worth.

The possession trade off

Acquiring sense of personal achievement (or abundance) by having lots of stuff always has a trade off. Eventually, possession based satisfaction leads to a ‘lack of’ feeling. How ironic! If it is not abruptly taken away from you (which often happens), then it's as if there is something missing that you can’t quite put your finger on. A soulful searching, reaching, yearning, bubbles away, growing in intensity until we either break down, suppress with something else (drugs, alcohol, comfort foods, TV etc) or surrender to it. The longing of the soul towards its own liberation and expansiveness will eventually have its way - maybe not today, maybe not even soon, but inevitably in some lifetime or other. The soul is like a river flowing back to the ocean. It will either keep evolving to ever higher levels of consciousness, or it will simply dissolve back into the source.

Deep inner peace and spiritual liberation can never be fully attained by the attachment to stuff. This is an illusionary abundance, that is always doomed to fail.

I imagine this is why so many spiritual people give up all or a lot of their possessions when they really start walking the spiritual path. It stems from an authentic urge, to lighten the burdensome attachment to the load.

Seeing the divine in all things

The second type of abundance is what I would term true spiritual abundance. I mean ‘true’ in the sense that it transcends the matrix of mass conditioning, whilst embracing that which is beyond the veil of illusion.

True abundance is shown by an authentic, omnipresent gratitude for the divinity in all things.

This is typically prolific for those who have awakened spiritually to unity consciousness.

The experience of true abundance is rarely an intellectual one. The experience exudes a deep gratitude for the moment, for breath, for existence, for experience. Those who have truly touched unity consciousness see the divine in all things.

When you are blessed enough to see the divine in all things, you can connect to the flow. They go hand in hand. Everything is divinely given. Everything is an opportunity to BE. We want for nothing, because we embody the knowing that we already have everything. Our true nature expands through the entire universe; through and beyond all things. We become both everything and nothing. You can only really know this once unity consciousness has been fully embodied and you've expanded into presence.

When we see the divine in all things, we might not have two pennies to rub together; we might lack a home or a family. Yet we are filled with the very divine energy that we see in all things. We are truly abundant!

Less is more

It’s no coincidence that the less people have, the happier they tend to be. Of course not everyone is like this, but I have definitely noticed a general trend. People with less learn to make the most of what they have. They learn to be more creative and resourceful. They learn to make stuff, repair stuff, to find joy in the littlest of things. They learn to work together, pool resources, play games, laugh more, understand one another more and entertain each other through dancing, singing and creative arts. It’s a fact that those with the least money will typically be more charitable to others who are less fortunate than themselves. They don’t tend to hoard or protect what they have, but rather trust that they have enough. They understand how they have been blessed with what they have and gain more inner abundance by sharing that. I have seen this time and time again. I have seen people possessing very little in monetary value, who are infinitely more abundant than their wealthy cousins.

The measure of true spiritual abundance

A great measurement of our level of abundance is the amount of unhindered peace we feel within.

The more aligned we are with the flow of higher consciousness, the more we allow the divine to flow freely through us. The more the divine flows freely through us, the more we feel profound peace at the core of our being. I have found this to be the most effective gauge of abundance.

If we have profound inner peace - what more would we want anyway?

I’ve met some of the most amazing people who are a divine embodiment of true spiritual abundance. You know when you see them, because they exude a pulsating energy of clear light. If they are open (and not jealous or threatened by another) then this pulse makes others around them touch true spiritual abundance within aswell. It's contagious. It's a free flowing wealth, available to all who trust in it.

Leaving matrix based conditioning

Most awakened people initially dance between ‘possession based abundance’ and ‘true spiritual abundance’. Once the spiritual path appears fully on the horizon, an increasing dissatisfaction with anything that is not divinely inspired becomes noticeably prevalent.

It is inevitable, that as a person becomes more and more aligned with the divine flow, they will become an increasing embodiment of true spiritual abundance.

True spiritual abundance is your destiny!

So, if you need some encouragement to fully embody true spiritual abundance - take inspiration from anything that resonates in this sharing and let it flow. Embrace the divine within you until it starts to bubble over and flood into the world!

Soul to soul

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Beautiful reminder Trinity, thank you... :-)

Just yesterday I came across this picture, I share it here too since it matches your theme of today.

I'm reading your Hawaii diary too, always a joy!
Keep on shining! For the benefit of all of us.

With sisterly love,

Thanks for sharing that Reka. Perfect! And how true and fitting.

Wonderful also that you are able to share in some of the positive energy from my trip here in Hawaii. Warms my heart to know you are tuning in.

You post reminded me also of one of my favourite Lao Tzu quotes:

    "When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you."

with Love

Hi Trin,
Loved to read and absorb this piece.
One comment, inner peace and tranquility seem to be, in our 'new age', something to aspire to. But the Mind can play with us here. An inner peace can be just as deceptive as a firey vortex. We are here to observe and experience. Sometimes that might require us to be in pain as we watch people and children dying of starvation when we know of the tons of food that are thrown out and disposed of as garbage each day simply because the expiration date is nearing. And we can do nothing to stop it! Naturally, it's hard to remain in a state of inner peace when we experience such and many other tragedies around us.
The abundance comes from the 'growing knowledge and awareness' that we humans are walking a path and the experience of it. The abundance is the greatness of our common target: a society where we feel the love for all and act as responsible and accountable citizens of the world.

Hi Michah,

How wonderful to hear from you.

I am sure that you know of course, I am not talking about a mind based construct of 'new agey' inner peace, I am talking about serenity in the storm. Not something to aspire to but rather a state that arises naturally when we are purely present. It's is not negating true and honest feelings either. Yet, we are not attached to them; we honour our feelings, yet we are not defined by them - nor are we confused about who we are within it all.

There is a difference between what we are both talking about.

Thank you for sharing. Always welcomed Michah.

with Love

Thank you Trinity for another timely reminder... Whilst here in Guatemala ive found many of your posts inspiring.... Gratitude,trust and simply allowing that which is, to flow or to be more present to the ever present flow of abundant grace... i can of mine own self do nothing..... love and blessings on you travels xx

Hey Matt,

Speaking of abundance and Guatemala - have you found the so called "Hall of Records" yet?

Have a fascinating time.