Maca Smoothie for Natural Hormone Balance by Trinity

Submitted by Trinity on Thu, 08/03/2017 - 18:41

Maca has been one of those foods that have made a big difference in my life. I swear by the stuff! Like many of us, I am somewhat sensitive to the hormonal shifts in my body, feeling every nuance of these ebbs and flows. I also pop into 'fight or flight' mode easily - it's just the way I'm made. I feel overwhelmed in crowds. I feel everyone's stuff. My 'time of the month' always used to feel like a plunge into the fiery depths.

Don't get me wrong here, I am actually a pretty calm person (in general) - largely due to the fact that I have learned to find my centre, to stay present, grounded and spend a lot of time on my own. My lifestyle is thankfully usually conducive to being calm and relaxed - that's the way I've created it . Being wired with a super sensitive system means that hormone balance is something I have to constantly stay on top of though.

Natives from Peru have used it for centuries

Maca changed everything for me. Not only does it help with the obvious hormonal things, it supports me with stressful situations, where my fight or flight mode has a tendency to go into total overdrive. Natives from the mountains of Peru, have actually used this plant to counteract hormonal issues (including menopausal and post menopause symptoms) for centuries.

Maca for all-round hormone support for everyone

Sexual and reproductive health and libido are usually the first things that spring to mind when we think of hormones – all of which are greatly supported by maca – however, they are just the tip of the iceberg. Hormones are in fact chemical messengers that tell our cells what they need to do, regulating the balance of our entire body. Hormone function includes digestion control, sleep regulation, brain development, mood, heart behaviour, blood pressure, fat metabolism, skin health, mental health, immune system, reproductive health, sexual health, bone maintenance. Hormones also manage our fight or flight response, induce calm, and control the rate at which we age. Maca’s powerful ability to balance  hormones make it one incredible plant-food to include in your daily life. Personally speaking, it's the best I've ever found. There is a lot to contend - for all of us - with in our unnatural world of unnatural everything, chemicals all over the place, distractions, demands chaos. The stress is on us all!

I eat gelatinised maca every day for my hormone health

I include maca in my diet every single day for maintenance purposes. A heaped teaspoon, usually in a smoothie usually does the trick. If I miss it out for more than a week in a row, I notice a difference in myself too. I use gelatinised maca powder, because it is more concentrated and easier to digest than raw maca and much closer to the form that native peoples would consume it. You can read my in-depth article about maca for lots more information on it (including the difference between raw & gelatinised and maca's ethics, history etc.) here: All about maca and it's amazing benefits

Anyway, I think it's time for a maca smoothie!

With many different smoothie blends that we can make, today I am sharing one of my favourites. I also include flaxseed, tahini, ginger and mangoes in this one - which are all full of nutrients that help to regulate hormones. This recipe is delicious, nutritious. Drinking this sort of thing daily, coupled with a healthy, plant-based diet, can really help with hormone balance. Ingredients

  1. 200g frozen mango
  2. 1 ripe banana
  3. 1 heaped teaspoon maca powder
  4. 1 teaspoon ground flaxseeds
  5. 1 tablespoon tahini
  6. 150ml plant-based milk (or water)
  7. 1 teaspoon ginger (optional)


  1. Finely grate the ginger if you are opting to use it.
  2. You can also use fresh mango for this, although you might want to leave out a little of the liquid if you are choosing not to use frozen (frozen keeps the smoothie thick).
  3. Put all of the ingredients into a blender.
  4. Stop and scrape down the sides if necessary.
  5. Blend until creamy smooth.
  6. Enjoy immediately.

Where to get your Maca Root Powder from?


Your health is important, so be sure to buy...

  1. Certified organic
  2. GMO free
  3. Peruvian Maca

It might be tempting to cut corners and go for inferior products for convenience, but it’s not worth it. You would probably only use between a teaspoon and tablespoon every day. Therefore a 500g (1lb) packet could last you up to three months. A small price to pay for such healthful properties. I only recommend products that I have used, tried and tested myself. The following two companies both have excellent ethical standards and I’ve been in touch with them personally.

Here are my suggestions... UK and Europe
My favourite company in the UK is Sevenhills Wholefoods. They sell the maca that I use almost all of the time. Sevenhills are very much in contact with their farmers, and are proud of the direct-supply line they have established, with ethics, fairtrade, organic and sustainability as priorities. Their price is very good value. Check it out here: Sevenhills Wholefoods Organic Gelatinised Maca Powder 500g



North America My favourite brand the USA is now Terrasoul. I was looking for an alternative to the Sevenhills one that I use, for my mother who lives out there. The grown it with small family-owned, organic farms high in the Peruvian Andes and selectively harvest their roots. I've used this when I visit the USA and love it Check it out here: Terrasoul Superfoods Organic Gelatinised Maca Powder
Please feel free to share your experiences or ask any questions in the comments below.






with love
This recipe originally appeared on my website here: Maca Smoothie for Natural Hormone Balance by Trinity Bourne
22 years ago Trinity had a profound spiritual awakening that interconnected her with the deeper consciousness of life. What followed was a journey of compassion for all sentient beings, and a passion to share conscious eating for the benefit of all. Trinity is an integral part of the Openhand Core Team, supporting with the energy processing, design, publication of books and film, and is also the Openhand retreat chef. Trinity recently published two recipe books: Trinity's Conscious Kitchen & Angelicious - Food for a New Paradigm. Find Trinity here on, and here: Trinity's Conscious Kitchen Website




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Thanks for this, Open and Trinity. I've been slip sliding away from the Maca, lately, so this a good reminder to re-imbrace it. Yes, definitely feeling off hormonely. Pulled a tarot card just now that recommends emotional restoration due to burn out. The forest fires continue here in B.C. with lots of hot weather and smoky air with Air Quality warnings. Symbolic of the density in the field making it challenging to breathe in Spiritus. I've had a massive headache this past week. Gonna buy some frozen mango this afternoon. Also important to have some fun to rejuvenate, so I'm off today to do just that with a few others.

x Cathy

haha! Paul Simon's song, "Slip Sliding Away" just began playing on my iPod! Got it!

Thanks Trinity . Yesterday was particularly challenging but so has the last week . I am feeling into deeply unsettling sensations in my root chakra and have been unable to focus to meditate . I am currently reading with much interest the 'implant section ' of the website . I have been drawn to it today . It has never made sense to me before but now I think I need to do the implant removal meditation .
The last few days I have been working with the mirror emphasizing how I love all parts of myself. Many childhood wounds and selves have come up to be healed and I have expectedly been very weepy . I am feeling like this is essential part of my inner child healing right now . Every time I express my feelings ,I am feeling a strong pulse into my chakras that makes my body move . I am shaking a lot during meditation as well . What does this mean ?

As part of my work I am also attracting a lot of very rare pathologies ( 1 in a million ) kind of cases and I am trying to work with those babies with a lot of compassion as well( I am a neonatologist in 3D ) . I find that this occurs whenever I am processing deep stuff within .
I would be grateful for any insight in that regard .

Edit : I just meditated and it struck me how one of my babies perfectly mirrors my situation . She has a bone infection in her back at the exact place where I can feel implants / old conditioning that needs to be healed . It is an extremely rare condition and now I know why I'm involved in her care .