Mists of Avalon Chakra Meditation

Submitted by Trinity on Sun, 12/01/2013 - 19:28

Avalon is a real place, a sacred space in the heart of Somerset, England. Yet its mystical energy is tangible for anyone, anywhere, who can reach, if only for a moment, beyond the veil of illusion. Living in the Vale of Avalon, as I do, can be somewhat other-worldy. The energy draws people from all over the world, with a myriad of different ideas about what spirituality is all about. Once we move beyond the weird and wonderful things going on here, we can feel something incredible sacred whispering from beyond the mists; the gentle angelic whisp of higher consciousness calling us home. The veil is thin here. It sounds incredible. It truly is awesome! Yet many people who come here, for more than a couple of weeks, often find the thin veil too intense to bare. The sheer intensity brings everything to the surface. There is nowhere to hide. Senses are often blown wide open to the vast swirling cauldron of different energies that scramble to find solace and inner peace within Avalon. It can be intense, to say the least! Yet, if we can find inner stillness for a moment, a divine path opens to guide us through...

When I first arrived here, many moons ago, I experienced a rapid, divinely given learning curve. It was wild. I soon attuned to higher consciousness and found the sacred pulse of the land here, whilst transcending the infamous mists of Avalon (both metaphorically and literally). At dawn I'd often climb the steep 1000 feet high Glastonbury Tor, with it's 7 symmetrical terraces as we wound our way through a thick layer of mist. I'd emerge like a pilgrim at the top of the hill, by St Michael's tower to find that I'd risen above it all, standing above a vast sea of cloud; with nothing in sight but white softness glistening with gold from the freshly dawning sun. Magical!

I'd like to share this energy with you with our latest meditation, appropriately named 'Mists of Avalon'. This is a meditation that frequently came to me earlier in my journey, shortly after I moved to the Sacred Isle of Avalon in England. It's a spiritual journey from the the lower paradigm of the 3rd density, through the mist, into a higher vibrational paradigm.

We transcend through the mists, as it dissolves around us, unravelling from the crown, one chakra at a time; until we are fully bathed in a world of higher consciousness. It's a powerful meditation for evolution. We've made it freely available to play on Openhandweb, for all to benefit from. Click the image below to go open the audio meditation and please feel free to share your experiences...

Soul to Soul

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Many times throughout history Glastonbury has been an island, surrounded by shimmering waters, the Isle of Avalon. The spirit of the land here is strong and needs to cleanse herself every once in a while. It's only a matter of time before it happens again...

    "There is on the confines of western Britain a certain royal island,
    called in the ancient speech Glastonia,
    marked out by broad boundaries,
    girt round with waters rich in fish and with still-flowing rivers,
    fitted for many uses of human indigence, and dedicated to the most sacred of deities."
    - St Augustine, 600 AD or so